LINCOLN SA 200 PIPELINE WELDER with a WISCONSIN 4cyl air cooled ENGINE hard to find stick welder runs excellent it is mounted on a Trailer it's a oldie but goody even has the hand crank to start it

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Author akhunter75 (5 years)
my dad has one of these too! i was hand crank starting it 20 years ago ,
and the crank sliped off the pin and hit me in the face. I have scares to
prove it too! Nice welder guys !

Author krwilliams01 (5 years)
nice old welder would love to have one would you like to sell it to me

Author star2067 (2 years)
Just beautiful!

Author tractorman2cyl (4 years)
I had a welder very much like that one. The one I had dident have amp
control on it. It had three post you had to change for current and rev the
engine up and down for fine control. They told me that it was a pipe liner

Author scott zagu (3 years)
very cool old welder.

Author safetyfirstintexas (3 years)
cool old workhorse. wisconsin seems to have a slight miss at idle. might
check the choke butterfly is all the way opened just slightly past
vertical. MY machine is a 1945 Hobart brothers 300 amp dc with remote.
Wisconsin v4 from 1965. smooth as butter and can arc gouge with an air
compressor. anyone know how to set up an auto idle for my machine, as it
has a constant rpm governor now. safetyfirtstintexas, gmail, com

Author cobraZ25 (5 years)
really i dont know how much its worth, but it is a nice piece of machine,
im not sure what year that machine is but i have a newer version of that
one some people call it "short hood" mine is a 1956 i think, not a 100%
sure but it nice also right now its getting overhaul. go check my welding
rig out.. texas pipeliners rig !!!

Author sackcheck (4 years)
Man, you see those 4 banger Wisconsin's everywhere

Author musclecarpower (4 years)
The new welders will never outlast these old ones.



Author 1944johndeerel (5 years)
man that engine sounds sweet!

Author cobraZ25 (5 years)
god all mighty!!!! that is one of the best ones so much you
want for it

Author jstrunck (5 years)
Nice restore job! John

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