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Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@taytmw you being born was a fail

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@CoCoMaNRePs 2 late bc this is the best

Author rubbbbsy (4 years)
tight bro!

Author ccloudff7 (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin all the pictures online are blue, my models eye color is
blue and the color of his eyes on my box set of dragonball gt is
blue...check it out

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@benymen10 i love dbz and the creator, so you can kiss my ass and find a
nother video to bitch on

Author funnkid (4 years)
Change the name to SS4 'eyes' emblem.

Author Denzel Mabry (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin just make a how to video >_< !!!!

Author ikill2win (4 years)
Really good only if you had one more layer to make the outline of the eye

Author ThePhilly12345 (4 years)
can u make a tutorial please

Author FrankDHpEpisodes (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin Dude you did a really good job. There aren't that much Dbz
emblems on Black Ops except the Dragonballs... I made mr popo, and i gotta
say it looks better than i expected lol.

Author AsslessProductions (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin Libbed that guy

Author emergedmonkey (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin plaese man i want to know how to do it man jus dont
understand the eye bit

Author taytmw (4 years)
eyebrows are wrong. supposed to be

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@emergedmonkey sorry bro not going to do a tutorial for this emblem lol,
try to come up with you own dbz/dbgt emblem and post it to me

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@SpecTacDenzel i can right now even if i could lol, psn.....

Author flybossmrswagg (4 years)
go hard

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@SpecTacDenzel ehh a camera and a tv?

Author BIGdar2020 (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin sexy goku dude try using fangs for the hair you would be
able to get the red outline around the eye

Author MoshuaDeath (4 years)
and his eyebrow isn't black. fuck gt.

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin actually i might do a tutorial

Author TheBoredomL (3 years)
@11Cheeseballa11 Gogeta, Vegito is made from the potara earings and his
hair is shorter, Gogeta is a fusion of Goku and Vegeta but if they do it
whilst in super saiyan 4 Gogeta gets crimson hair colour. :)

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@julianholguin Yes i call people uncreative when they cannot find their own
way to create the emblems and make it Fit and look well on black ops emblem
creator. Poeple that dont bother to try it themselves an figure it out i
call Uncreative, "The ones who just copy" like i said i can create any
emblem i want so go bitch on another video, i made a dbz emblem bc its
popular and many poeple liked the show. hop off plz

Author Denzel Mabry (4 years)
how u make this make a video!!!!

Author aricyaboy23 (4 years)
i gotta bone stuck in my...............huh

Author FattyMunch100 (4 years)
yo tell me how to make this make atutorial its beast yo props

Author MeatY .Roll (4 years)
i got ssj2 goku eye lol

Author emergedmonkey (4 years)
thats awsome need a tut for that cuz you would be able to do a super sayan
12 and 3

Author c roque (4 years)
lol "but i ran out of red"

Author 11Cheeseballa11 (4 years)
its gogeta or vegeto

Author CCredwing37 (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin Yo can you do a tutorial on this?

Author Demetri C. (2 years)
yeah, more layers!!

Author 0015039544 (4 years)
YES I have done something similar :D nice idea

Author NiNjAmIkE1170 (4 years)
they need to make it a bit more complicated in some ways add mroe layers
and pictures then it would be beast

Author Oberyn Martell (4 years)
@CoCoMaNRePs What? I have had my emblem as long as yours... Also mine isn't
a character emblem and no yours isn't the best because it is SSJ4 and
therefore doesn't count.

Author Migzly17 (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin you have a point there

Author Denzel Mabry (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin i mean howto make emblem lol

Author Gabriel Arias (4 years)
Raw brah..tutorial???

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@Migzly17 its pretty much like that for every emblem

Author Blast Mode Processing FX 7 (4 years)
That's tight dude

Author ccloudff7 (4 years)
not bad only thing else wrong with it is that gogeta's eyebrow is also red
and his eye color is blue..change it and see if it looks better :)

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@ss4adib its the moon

Author benymen10 (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin Fu lol you don't even understand

Author zibeddy (2 years)
can ya do this for blops 2? my psn is actually supersaiyanlvl4

Author Migzly17 (4 years)
it's honestly not that hard once you figure it out

Author Demetri C. (4 years)
@SpecTacDenzel lol i cant explain it it all but mostly simple shapes,
shaping the eye is the hardest part, but its easy after awhile

Author z money (4 years)
cmon tut plzzz

Author BIGdar2020 (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin sexy goku... i had fangs for the hair if you try that you
could get the red outline around the eye... either way it looks great

Author julianholguin (4 years)
@AintDoingMuffin Way to be creative and copy an emblem from an tv show.
Seriously, how creative can you be if you need an idea from TV? This isn't
your emblem. Anyone can copy a drawing, but it takes true creativity to
make your own. Quit calling yourself creative you little insignificant
phony artist.

Author oceancity8324 (4 years)
wait, my question its... why are there two hairs on ONE eye?? theres
usually a hair an eye...and you need red eyebrow's too. and yes, the eyes
are blue. super fail.

Author Raggle Fraggle (4 years)
dude im pretty jelly nice job screw the trolls just let them listen to
their trolol

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