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Author Gloria Acosta (27 days)
Ver y good

Author Gunay Selcuk (1 month)
Kızın adını soyadını bulana helâlinden 1000 lira 

Author Gloria Acosta (27 days)
Ver y good

Author Rocio Bonilla (4 months)
Я написал это с переводчиком, я хотел бы кто-то положил его в испанской

Author poletto06 (4 months)

Author texas1852 (4 months)
Your model is stunning! Can you post this video again with an English
translation? PLEASE?? =)

Author Rocio Bonilla (4 months)
Я написал это с переводчиком, я хотел бы кто-то поставил видео в испанской

Author Haarlem 023 (8 months)

Author Адмирал Пуканъ (7 months)
у меня лицо лопнуло

Author Cindy Lombardo (7 months)
Wish it was in English

Author camille slipknot (7 months)
elle est malade o quoi wtf 

Author zinowor (9 months)
wow what a natural beauty this model is

Author Sano22n (9 months)
plz whats the model name ? 

Author anne bradley (10 months)
+Tyle Mar Facelift Without Surgery has given tens of thousands of people
magnificent non-surgical facelifts! It works fast! You can easily look a
decade younger WITHIN 30 DAYS! Results can already be seen in as little as
4 days of starting this face yoga system.

Author Alexandr Crasnosan (10 months)
Дуть обязательно? :)

Author sepideh daliliyazdi (11 months)
good video

Author jizzy Lurwenski (6 months)
Damm girl u so pretty!!

Author Basic Leite (7 months)
Jennifer Lawrence is amazing

Author ramos he (1 year)
Exercise #2: (Exercise also strengthens the lower eyelids). Place the
middle fingers on the outer corner of the eyes. Put your middle fingers on
the inner corners of the eyes. (Gentle pressure!). Point the view on the
forehead. Begin to screw up one's eyes (10 times). Look up and don't stop
screwing up one's eyes, as if you have something to ponder. (40 seconds).
Relax and blow through the mouth. I'm sorry for the mistakes!

Author Beatalian (2 years)
Usually I get lost in the cats videos on youtube. But this... this is a
whole new part I never been before.

Author DT (2 years)
Well, how is it gong? :D

Author Shevly Paul (2 years)
does this reduce fat in cheeks??

Author Zhak7 (1 year)
hehe lol same here ^^

Author tignac marti (1 year)
the software realplayer or downloadhelper on mozilla

Author EricaYE6 (1 year)
Gorgeous face.

Author cody johnson (2 years)
how much is she?

Author ggirl471 (2 years)
I'm so glad I stumbled on your video....I'm getting up in age and this is
just what I need thank you!

Author David Obregon (2 years)
por favor necesito la traduccion a español. gracias

Author Del Marsay (1 year)
FitStrongand50: great point, couldn't agree with you more!

Author sahithi sri (1 year)
Iam thin and weigh 54 kgs and my height is 5.4 . My body looks thin but my
face looks. Very fat.. If I do these excercise my problem will be solved .
Plz give me reply...

Author larmntsk (1 year)
Q bonita cara

Author azertification9 (2 years)
thnx :)

Author yamilethmercado25 (1 year)

Author Shamili Kadali (2 years)
thank u somuch i vl try this nd u r awesome

Author Katerina Kakaosporos (2 years)
like if you looked like a fish!

Author BewitchedFae (2 years)
thank you for the upload! Here's a link just in case you would want to give
it subtitles. All you have to do is type it in and it waits for you while
you type. It has instructions on how to use it. Very easy really. It could
be for this video or future ones you put it if you like. Cheers!

Author Farah Afiqah (1 year)
she's hot!

Author joeblowthehot (1 year)
why not show an older woman who has had success with this program instead
of a very young girl.

Author AKLd95 (2 years)

Author foxxy moon (2 years)
what a lovely girl, I cant stop staring at those pretty eyes of hers x'D

Author Jira Grace Gomez (2 years)
any english subtitle????pls

Author drea lim (1 year)
Awesome! :) Anyway, she's really pretty :> Sooo pwetttteeeyyyy

Author mottie77ful (2 years)
She is really beautiful.

Author MolecularMoonlight (2 years)
She's so pretty, healthy and young - kind of makes me hate myself.

Author ramos he (1 year)
Exercise #3: (The continuation!) Continue to hold the eyebrows But push
fingers down (30 seconds). Relax and massage your eyebrows. This allows the
muscles to relax and get the best result of the exercise. I'm sorry for the

Author ramos he (1 year)
Exercise #1: "The Increase of the eyes". (Exercise strengthens the upper
and lower eyelids; reduces the swelling under the eyes; eyes become
more...) Put your middle fingers between the eyebrows above the bridge of
the nose. Place your index finger at the lower corners of the eyes. Gentle
pressure! Point the view on the forehead. Begin to screw up one's eyes (10
times). Close your eyes and don't stop screwing up one's eyes (40 seconds).
Blow air through the mouth. I'm sorry for the mistakes!

Author goinin45 (2 years)
that wierd part of youtube again

Author Hovno Hezke (2 years)
Slysel jsem ze smrdis :)

Author playtone22 (1 year)
I wish this had English subtitles

Author Christina Thomas (2 years)
i wish to look like her after a month of doing this..hahaha..she is so

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