Ocelot Life 3 - Craftronix Minecraft Animation

the story of the life of a sweet ocelot family in minecraft continues ! the ocelot girl is still trying to get better at jumping, will she do it better this time? Dont forget to like this video, if want more episodes of ocelot life in the future !



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Author xXShadowHexX Шадола ( ago)
много тъжно не пращай повечее

Author LazyFoxYT Gaming ( ago)
this made me cry

Author Nathan Roman ( ago)
the one time I feel bad for the zombie

Author Nathan Roman ( ago)
the one time I feel bad for the zombie

Author Laura-Ly Reits ( ago)
Kid lookiga on

Author Сонечка Сонечка ( ago)
мне нравится это выживание про оцелотов

Author TheHolyDiamondYT ( ago)
16:37 The bomb has been planted

Author Daki Online Mcp ( ago)

Author S Robinson ( ago)
suck my dick

Author Samantha Martinez ( ago)
Craftronix no is cute human is bad

Author Unlimited Taco Man ( ago)
Zombies Are Good They Are Just Hungry :3

Author Neidy Mendes ( ago)
:( it so sad is made me cry😭

Author olga Reyes ( ago)
esmuy triste😭😭😭

Author ChicaGamer Chica ( ago)
u look like SlenderMan its not a hate commet im just asking

Author tankchaser a ( ago)
if you look carefully you see the brother at the end of the path he is okay.

Author Yentl Kamsma ( ago)

Author Collin Arata ( ago)
Make more plz plz plz

Author Heavy Pootis ( ago)
stupid ocelots

Author Heavy Pootis ( ago)
why is the girl not dead

Author Heavy Pootis ( ago)
ocelots and cats are murders

Author Heavy Pootis ( ago)
ocelots and cat make me so angry

Author papusi frumoase ( ago)
mama pisica

Author papusi frumoase ( ago)
cel care a ucis mama este un porc

Author Mateusz Filocha ( ago)
to ci ty nagrałeś to jest naj gupsze na siwiecie

Author George Sequeira ( ago)
I HOPE OCELOT LIFE 4 will be soon

Author George Sequeira ( ago)
I Hope Ocelot Life 4 soon

Author Ника Полыскина ( ago)

Author Jenn Dohaylo ( ago)
its do sad im crying

Author Bheng Razon ( ago)
my cat died ;-(. noooooo! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 can I get 100 likes pls rip 😭😭😢😢

Author NatiYoda ( ago)
Part 4

Author YOUTUBE CAT ( ago)
donations for ocelot life


Author Maria Elenita ( ago)
gfbhsvhcbhgnmvmjvblbfkhvjkhghrzgJTzxtvgcyfcgfhrh fhevsypryrgdffgfhgfffghrrrrrrhitjufjhrrhjtbdzxfkbggbckynhngjnmngdlb

Author Jamaica Robledo ( ago)
at 10:33 Alex is riding a horse

Author Jamaica Robledo ( ago)
at 10:33 Alex is riding a horse

Author ORANGE FRUIT ( ago)
10:56 /e wave

Roblox wave

Author zuzie the animatronic cat ( ago)
Craftronix make ocelot life 4 plz

Author Grand jv ( ago)
11:26=hey i am the rain lol

Author Grand jv ( ago)
fuck this makes me cries

Author Fuzzy The Guinea Pig ( ago)
Reward=1000 diamonds

Author Fuzzy The Guinea Pig ( ago)
Looks like sitting and wagging your tail helps you jump

Author 1Kill 1Shot ( ago)
i like ocelot and i has ocelot

Author Fake Chickkey ( ago)

Author Fake Chickkey ( ago)
I love cat <3

Author Mia Ramos ( ago)
Hero zombie 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄!!!!!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Author tahani mohtasem ( ago)
If my comment gets 100 like I will do a give away on my channel

Author tahani mohtasem ( ago)
my favourite mob is the the zombie he's very helpful

Author น้ําอบ กลั่นยวง ( ago)

Author Влад Погребняк ( ago)
Хороший зомби!!!:-):-):-)

Author мулти евка ( ago)
я так расплакалась вообще капец

Author Анна Колесниченко ( ago)
я чуть не расплакалась!😢

Author Fizzy Boy ( ago)
I laughed so hard when the guy that set the fire in number 2 banged his head against the tree and than got struck XD

Author Fizzy Boy ( ago)
Why does the sister always regret too jump?

Author luna_lover101 adventures adventures ( ago)

Author luna_lover101 adventures adventures ( ago)
hahaha 11:45 throw 11:47

Author David Roberson ( ago)
but luckily the zombie grab the cat and threw up there before she would die but he almost dies because of the fire and it was a miracle then because it started to rain

Author David Roberson ( ago)
that cat has a fear of heights that's why she didn't jump god dame it

Author Rukhsana Bibi ( ago)
*cries* this was very very sad :(

Author Meme Memester ( ago)
BS wolves hunt in packs .-.

Author Luna Eclipse ( ago)
i cried😭😭

Author Luna Eclipse ( ago)
i cried😭😭

Author tomislav sokol ( ago)
i love cat

Author tomislav sokol ( ago)
why brother?

Author Kamryn Neal ( ago)
why u do dis im crying man its sad

Author Isis Arce ( ago)
I'm crying

Author tomislav sokol ( ago)
Ocelot life 4

Author carla velasquez ( ago)
like si lloraste

Author Catsarecool44444 no roplay? ( ago)

Author donato arroyo luna ( ago)

Author Диана Иличышына ( ago)
я заплакал а

Author Irka Kiss ( ago)
есть ли тут Rasha?

Author Simon Kunes ( ago)
good videos

Author Bang Ta Nguyen ( ago)

Author Ender Princess ( ago)
I think the brother is coming back in the 4th onetime if you agree

Author EuniceYTGamerXX Eunice ( ago)
I cried 😢

Author TheMega EpicKids ( ago)
Why do you make these sad videos!!!! I want you to stop now!

Author Irina Fox ( ago)

Author Little Skilar Adventures ( ago)
I love ocelot

Author Liroy Gafo ( ago)
never mind

Author Liroy Gafo ( ago)
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo like = if you cried I did DX

Author Zac Malto ( ago)
I wish I'm an ocelot with a family like them
Like if you want too

Author Peggy Deery ( ago)

Author Peggy Deery ( ago)

Author Anthony Coppi ( ago)
I love the ocelot life videos! please make a ocelot life 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Александр Должиков ( ago)

Author Norlito Paulo ( ago)
I cry

Author Adolfo Perez ( ago)

Author Nathan Neal ( ago)
It made me cry

Author Catsarecool44444 no roplay? ( ago)

Author Catsarecool44444 no roplay? ( ago)
oh no

Author GiftedGamer 0531 ( ago)
Please make #4 please and why didn't the zombie come hes my fav character in this

Author Mustafa Mawlanazada ( ago)
cat is good I love you

Author Wendy Yamilet Gomez ( ago)
casi me ase llorar :(,

Author xSwordxAssassin _ ( ago)
dogs better than cats

Author Nailynna 123 ( ago)
Anyone agrees with me that the zombie is nice if you do give me a like

Author Nailynna 123 ( ago)
Aww what a nice zombie

Author Luke Farrelly ( ago)

Author Aziza dxb ( ago)
stupid cats I hate cats, I only loves animals not cats, cats is idiot and evil

Author Kristin Oettinger ( ago)
You made me cry

Author Arzu Shah ( ago)
I literaly cried when i thought the zombie was gonna die in the forest fire

Author Tomick Stedman ( ago)
the reason why you probably didn't see their service because he though that man took them and the Lost episodes that the tree on fire and shot the girl ocelot or he just ran like there was no tomorrow

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