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1 and 3 were sped up for time


Author mzdiana16 (3 years)
lol... Meez Cheater's... Dnt mind me im Cheating too!! Next im doing
blockers lol :)

Author Esraa Ali (2 years)
@xBrokenxSoulx96x i did all by myself till i reached level 45 i can do it
no longer its sucking the life outtta me

Author JustChargeUp (3 years)
for meez im sporty_swagger add me the best games for you is bloxorz
starshine and granny in paridise

Author Tokidokitype5 (1 year)
I bet you more than 50% of the people who is watching this is only watching
this for Meez. And Im glad that something like this is on YouTube because
we are all actually too lazy for this jazz. c;

Author Tekeia Bookhart (3 years)
@xBrokenxSoulx96x i have a meez to what is ur username mine is aieket24
well that ones banned but here's another 1 -bytchy_girl- there

Author Neshon grandison (1 year)
WTF HAPPEND to level 24?!?

Author Lemonhead7321 (2 years)
I need level 26 D:

Author Savannah Boyd (3 years)

Author AmutoHeartChan (3 years)
Hey you know there's a cheat for this game right? Beat level one and went
it says next level hit it really fast like 5 times and you'll be skipped
many levels (;

Author AmutoHeartChan (3 years)
@audrey666girl yw. me and a few kids found it out. spread the word. lmao

Author Tekeia Bookhart (3 years)
@xBrokenxSoulx96x what is ur username mine is -bytchy_girl- my otherr one
is aieket24 but it's banned and it was vip poor me i got banned

Author Julia Dubetz (3 years)
i wish you didnt start over on level 24 =[ man messed my whole game up! my
old laptop broke and i was at level 40 and i have to start over thats why
im so mad but its ok im very greatful for this video for meez add me
beautifulhell and i glitch outfits free if you want it done

Author Drake Hill (3 years)
@CareBear33617 My friend has more >:D My username is goodguy01

Author 212sexiboi (4 years)
im trying to save up for dream car i got 8,241 i got the first 2 awards i
just neeed the last 2

Author audrey666girl (3 years)
@xBrokenxSoulx96x im playing it on meez too :O!

Author Nini The Destroyer (4 years)
i cant do level 23...

Author Katrin Vaku (5 years)
me too, but i havent reached so far.

Author audrey666girl (3 years)

Author Chuubunk02 (4 years)

Author xBrokenxSoulx96x (5 years)
how the hell do you get past level 40???? I'm playing this on meez, it is
so hard! could someone please explain it or something?? I'd really
appreciate it. thanks

Author Yessica Patino (3 years)
Ididint get this at all. You were going to fast for my little brain. P:

Author sydni96 (4 years)
i only have 29 awards. I had 3,234 coinz but bouqht the robot contacts so
now I have 523. Peoples Add Meh. isabella1918

Author Lemonhead7321 (2 years)
@xBrokenxSoulx96x I found out how to do it all but I dont have a camera and
it's so hard to explain so sorry :p

Author Superxdudez (3 years)

Author julia eva (1 year)
so is there like a video for levels 25-50 can't even find on youtube

Author Gaby Moreno (1 year)
wtf you had one fire u used it and u still had it

Author gdood2 (4 years)
dude i have 59 awards onmeez.... Check me out user name is
"Thewaylam" the l is not a capitol i....its a lower case l....but anyways i
might have more by then! Cya peeps

Author Drake Hill (3 years)
@HowToBeTriangle :I I got 55 awards and my username is goodguy01 but my
backup is swagg_master80.

Author sarahjoud (4 years)
i need help with level 32 to get 1000 coinz on meez then 2500 :DDDDDD

Author TruthfulxHaterz (4 years)
Whats ur problem do u have something up ur ass? SLOW DOWN

Author OnLyAmbEr90 (3 years)
nice cursor :P

Author CareBear33617 (4 years)
trust me i have way more awards than any one i no...i have 104 awrards my
user name is : xkitteh_go_rawrx

Author Rayhana Diallo (3 years)
yay i got 7000 coinz on meez thanks this was soo helpful

Author deathweilder90210 (3 years)
@Superxdudez They make it fast, because if they make it to slow, everyone
would get either bored, or wouldnt understand. Try and pause it during
certain places, and rewind to the right part, and play it slowly with your
mouse. Maybe youll understand more. C:

Author barbken13 (5 years)
Need help with level 28.

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