Stephen Colbert Goes One-On-One With Trump

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • In his exclusive and totally not-edited conversation with the Trump, Stephen asks the President about his first 100 days in office.

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Comments: 1 785

  • Mibocaj Utagum
    Mibocaj Utagum 16 hours ago

    Even Trump can't make Colbert's comedy great again. Sad.

  • Bicey
    Bicey 7 days ago

    As a Republican Trump supporter, I find this absolutely hilarious!

  • firstsando
    firstsando 8 days ago

    Not funny, shut up Colbert, don't watch anymore.

  • gky west erl
    gky west erl 8 days ago

    come on guys , you democrats have to accept and respect the free and democratic decision of AMERICA,
    donald trump is not a dictator ,he has been elected by popular vote ,So american citizens have chosen him as president .thats why you gotta respect him becasue he is the president of all americans (no matter if you are democrat or republican).And he is totally better than OBAMA.

  • Dennis Dunford
    Dennis Dunford 9 days ago

    Colbert is a jerk! He thinks of himself to be an American but is just amother windstorm from the left who has learned how to win the popularity of fools!


  • Alex
    Alex 11 days ago

    Why Stephen looks like a human alien ?

  • Shootzembu
    Shootzembu 12 days ago

    Lol pretty funny

  • ラファ MUSIC
    ラファ MUSIC 12 days ago


  • Shahaan Gill
    Shahaan Gill 15 days ago

    How did he get trump to do that?

  • Ralph Lopez
    Ralph Lopez 16 days ago

    Love it!!!!

  • Mars
    Mars 16 days ago

    This is so fucking dumb.

  • victoria ciolek
    victoria ciolek 17 days ago

    My family loves Stephen Colbert and his making fun at DT's expense..they are hilarious!

  • V D
    V D 19 days ago

    Uncomfortable to Watch

  • finster909
    finster909 20 days ago

    Colbert please explain again about why you used to burn the American flag in college protests. Your answer that "it was a long time ago" doesn't cut it with Vets like me!

  • Joseph Barclay Ross

    Thee's a difference between political satire and vicious character assassination. Google: "Colbert Pizzagate" to see the kind of moral fiber Stephen Colbert has.

  • Lord Shankspeare
    Lord Shankspeare 22 days ago

    "I will touch that"-Bill Clinton

  • Joel Gillard
    Joel Gillard 22 days ago

    stephen colbert has literally nothing to talk about other than trump and lord of rings. sack this boring cunt!

  • salim alam
    salim alam 23 days ago


  • Scott Hu
    Scott Hu 23 days ago

    Fake news

  • K3v1n
    K3v1n 24 days ago

    He used to be funny on daily show, now he is a complete tool for the political left. so sad, colbert used to have steam. now he is a sad hack collecting his fat pay check.

  • Todd Bradley
    Todd Bradley 24 days ago

    This ain't funny.

  • Shardic
    Shardic 24 days ago

    Perfect Clickbait

  • adzplus1
    adzplus1 24 days ago


  • Shanesho ooo
    Shanesho ooo 25 days ago

    wtf is wrong with these talk show people. still trying ???? its over shit heads.

  • Sonia Garcia
    Sonia Garcia 25 days ago

    Trump reminds me of the late Wally George. 😂😂😂

  • Nicholas NRG
    Nicholas NRG 25 days ago

    Stephen Colbert seems to have a secret crush on Donald Trump. His show is all about him nowadays. He won't shut up about him. He is so madly in love with him that he would fake meeting him for this video!

    CHARLES 26 days ago

    Finally, Trump is telling the truth in one interview!

  • reiwell del
    reiwell del 26 days ago

    For everyone who thought this was real. kys.

  • Funkotronimus Prime
    Funkotronimus Prime 27 days ago


  • Alex somo
    Alex somo 28 days ago

    This is so edited and fake people should not take this is as there news and should really listen to what trump says. He is good for America.

  • RUSSalka
    RUSSalka 29 days ago

    Can anybody tell me why people hate Trump?
    He seems like an ok Dude, he did a good thing by kicking out *illigal* imigrants.

  • RUSSalka
    RUSSalka 29 days ago

    oh shut up you liberals , 50% support Trump deal with it

  • RUSSalka
    RUSSalka 29 days ago

    Abortion should be illegal.

    Woman say " Its my body "

    Actualy its the childs body you are destroying.

    "But im his mother"

    Yes and the child also has a dad (assuming you arent black) , so his vote on abortion is just as equaly important, since he is the 2nd parrent.

  • RUSSalka
    RUSSalka 29 days ago

    Stephen is such a clown

  • buireolbg
    buireolbg 1 month ago

    It's fake but if they actually faced each other, and Trump was on sodium pentothal (truth serum) it's exactly what it would look like

  • Scott Gustke
    Scott Gustke 1 month ago

    Trump is your God

  • tarponcaster
    tarponcaster 1 month ago

    Colbert is a fuck bag.

  • PashtoonKhan ISI
    PashtoonKhan ISI 1 month ago

    2k more like 2k sore patheic losers

  • salty bugger
    salty bugger 1 month ago

    I hate Colbert. He is a real puke.

  • Owen McMushroom
    Owen McMushroom 1 month ago

    Insane! perfect

  • Shashank Ys
    Shashank Ys 1 month ago

    is it really Trump! or is it all for the sake of joke?!

  • carnafillian113
    carnafillian113 1 month ago

    Not trying to take away from the joke but It'd be nice to see a critic like Colbert ACTUALLY do a one on one with the president and get some of the people's concerns addressed.

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham 1 month ago

    Why does this remind me of a Tutweezy video? 😂😂😂😭

  • KidWithGoPro
    KidWithGoPro 1 month ago

    I want to kill Fagber very badly in front of his family

  • Diane Gilmer
    Diane Gilmer 1 month ago

    Can not believe Colbert not Colbair like he calls himself is a Sunday school teacher and is married with kids.the FCC should have fined him or threw him off the air. If he had said that about Obama all the media and the FCC would have fired him.

  • Lone Star Studios
    Lone Star Studios 1 month ago

    Fake news.

  • JASON P.  Roberts
    JASON P. Roberts 1 month ago

    colbert is unfunny and dickless

  • Edward Martin
    Edward Martin 1 month ago

    Colbert did a total 180 after he switch shows. use to be able to watch but now he just talks shit on absolute everything. funny how money switch channels and make money how fast he turns

  • Paperbag1124
    Paperbag1124 1 month ago

    Lol this can't be real but I'm dead

  • 1 D
    1 D 1 month ago

    trump we love u

  • Cuntaur Stroke
    Cuntaur Stroke 1 month ago

    Some of you cunts probably think this is real.

  • Oliver Baron
    Oliver Baron 1 month ago

    are you afraid to start a nuclear war
    - no ahahahaha

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar 1 month ago

    Colbert has balls lol

  • GG
    GG 1 month ago

    As always, he liked to grab pussies. Nothin new.

  • Truman Kingmaker
    Truman Kingmaker 1 month ago

    *Only liberals are stupid enough to have their opinions shaped by a fake video.*

  • Torraveli
    Torraveli 1 month ago


  • 友作前澤
    友作前澤 1 month ago

    haha reacts only

  • Phippsey3
    Phippsey3 1 month ago

    fake news bs

  • Bctrap House
    Bctrap House 1 month ago

    Stephen Colbert you sir are harming this country by being so negative towards our president.

  • Octavian Caesar Hibernicus

    Colbert's best piece ever, I demand more of these!

  • Richard Abad
    Richard Abad 1 month ago

    BISAYA SHORT FILMS presents "Colbert Parodying Generates More Lies #RoadToHellIsPavedWithGoodIntentions "

  • MRH20T
    MRH20T 1 month ago

    Yup, done with Colbert now. This is just brainless fake crap.

  • James Broad
    James Broad 1 month ago

    It's only FAKE NEWS when he tells the truth.

  • Alternative Facts
    Alternative Facts 1 month ago

    Our president is a very handsome man. I wish I could get a tan like that.

  • M Rijke
    M Rijke 1 month ago

    this is fake news for you 😂😂😂

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 1 month ago

    Smashed it

  • Nagag Salka
    Nagag Salka 1 month ago


  • Rebecca Vocal Athlete

    Trump town

  • Lennard Covarrubias
    Lennard Covarrubias 1 month ago

    fallow the rubals....

  • tweepy123
    tweepy123 1 month ago

    "I love your show too! It's HILARIOUS!" *repressed tears*
    And don't use such big words like "ramifications" Stephen!

  • Fredy Matias
    Fredy Matias 1 month ago


    • MG3
      MG3 1 month ago


  • Patrick
    Patrick 1 month ago

    I would vote for that man, he seems to speak the truth.

  • Doctopus
    Doctopus 1 month ago


  • BackToSquare1
    BackToSquare1 1 month ago

    XD how

  • Gingerbread Cookie
    Gingerbread Cookie 1 month ago

    Trash TV

  • Antiinequity
    Antiinequity 1 month ago

    fuck Trump but hey, this show used to be the best with letterman. now is all about Trump. it's not funny anymore.

  • DarthHater100
    DarthHater100 1 month ago

    Fake. Can't believe how dishonest liberals are. This is clearly edited to fool other liberals into buying into the leftist agenda.

  • Bala P
    Bala P 1 month ago

    Colbert :
    1. It is not funny and it is sarcastic.
    2. You are unpatriotic and doesn't know the respect others.
    3. Misleading the people with connivance against an individual.

  • O'DoyleRulz
    O'DoyleRulz 1 month ago

    Fake News! Fake News! Fake News!

  • 9uvwxyz
    9uvwxyz 1 month ago

    FAKE NEWS! That's an actor. Left wing liberal media snowflakes will stoop to any low to make our perfect president look bad. Russia is a myth, has anyone ever actually been to Russia? No. Because it doesn't exist. Obummer made it up while he was pooping in our water supply to make it rain his poop. Look it up sheeple! Left wing propaganda. I refuse to watch any media that disagrees with my preconceived notions. #MAGA

  • They call me Polyglot Jones

    I was really hoping this would be real for once before I clicked on it but even if it were real he still probably would've said those things 😂

  • Cesar  Guzman
    Cesar Guzman 1 month ago

    Haha very funny skit

    KING ALI 1 month ago

    is this real?

  • Derek Cartman
    Derek Cartman 1 month ago

    Who got the Xyzal ad?

  • Kevin Tourdeau Mad
    Kevin Tourdeau Mad 1 month ago

    this world is becoming a joke

  • Joel Enrique Gonzalez

    Oh thanks to the God's for Donald Trump!
    He makes my day go easy and faster...

  • tasnim kasim
    tasnim kasim 1 month ago


  • TheDeadlyAvenger
    TheDeadlyAvenger 1 month ago

    The sad thing is, this could be a real interview.

  • machete91
    machete91 1 month ago

    this is great hahah

  • DesertStorm Gaming
    DesertStorm Gaming 1 month ago

    Stephen Colbert better than the Fox News guys

  • Patrick O'Riley
    Patrick O'Riley 1 month ago

    Take a bunch of carefully chosen Trump clips, mix in a few smart-ass remarks from Colbert, add a little editing, and the result is a pathetic video for loser libtards to wank off to! Sadly for them, this type of childish fantasy is as close as they're ever going to get to taking down President Donald Trump! LOL!

  • HappySwedishPancake
    HappySwedishPancake 1 month ago

    You mean Stephen Colbert did a Randy Rainbow without the singing?

  • morgan bighia
    morgan bighia 1 month ago

    Go tuck buckford yourself colbert

  • morgan bighia
    morgan bighia 1 month ago

    Oh this was so funny.. Wah

  • Shubham Dhiman
    Shubham Dhiman 1 month ago

    who else clicked thinking it was a real interview

  • abubakar mohammed
    abubakar mohammed 1 month ago

    watch Trump call this fake news when it's clearly real

  • Investor
    Investor 1 month ago

    Even though it's a joke it's basically slander.

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