How to make Bavarian #Crochet #Blanket Part 1 Tutorial #CrochetGeek - Caron Yarn

How to make Bavarian Crochet Blanket Part 1. #CrochetGeek Crochet for Beginners.

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Author Lucy Previsic ( ago)
I get lost because all of the sudden you have nothing on your hook.

Author Onehappy Sunshyne ( ago)
Hi Teresa

I've been following your channel for years, you've been by number one
crochet teacher!

I have a question on the Bavarian Blanket. Would it be possible to make a
center square of another pattern pattern and then join this stitch to
continue the pattern? What I'm trying to do is make a Sophie's Garden
Square and then finish the blanket with this stitch. The Sophie's Garden
square has 82 stitches on end of row on each side (ending at row 35), but I
can modify the stitch count to fit the proper count for the Bavarian
pattern. How would I make a foundation row, and beginning row to attach the
Bavarian stitch to the Sophie's Garden?

Thank You!

Author wilmot nikki ( ago)
Phyllis I disagree, a happy balance needs to be found for beginners and
intermediate hookers. I think that balance has been met. Some of this
pattern has such a volume of stitches u could pause the video

Author Patricia Kesinger ( ago)
excellent video, thank you.

Author Violetta Schmieder ( ago)
Do you have to make them so big? I wanted to make a blanket using varios
diferent kinds of granny squares, and they are all much smaller then yours

Author phyllis patrick ( ago)
You go way too fast. You forget we don't know what you are doing, and are
trying to keep up. You are not the only one who does this. Mikey has
always been so great but he forgets also. I am not totally new but lately
UTUBE is not helping me much. Even with stopping a lot it gets tedious.
Some things a person can go faster but patterns like this please SLOW
down.I am not trying to be grouchy just trying to learn a fun project.

Author Lynn Roitt ( ago)
At about 9:56, when you are explaining how to start round 3, there is a
skip. You say to join the new color in the third stitch back, then suddenly
you have a chain and are talking about some 7 treble crochets... please
fill in what is missing, as I'm stuck. Thank you!

Author Jessie Happy ( ago)
Have done bavarian square and want to know how to join them please Olaligi

Author rmpbklyn ( ago)
where do I start on round 3?

Author Sunfrog Shirt ( ago)

Author Yvonne Pearsall ( ago)
I want to use the one colour. How do I move to the next round after the
first round??

Author 55haywire ( ago)
I wish I could find this in written form!!

Author rita cassidy ( ago)
Great instructor I am your real crochet geek I have to admit. I try try try
still cannot see the little eye that I have to put the 10 try's crochets
into. Anyone has ideas how to locate them. I would be so grateful. Kind.
Regards. Rita

Author Cathy Matjazic ( ago)
Great job, but at about 9:50, you aren't really clear on where to attach
the second color. You went through that so fast, I can't figure out where
to go. :(

Author Vicki Mann ( ago)
you do a great job in teaching, thank you 

Author Sandy Altendorf ( ago)
Heard you might be deleting your videos...please don't! I love them!!!!!

Author Lois Evans ( ago)
When I add to, I don't know how or where to go to see the list

Author Adriana Manrique ( ago)
Exelelent idea and design.
Both will continue crocheting at the same time your explanation is easy and
clear. Thanks. 

Author Sarah Sanches ( ago)
I finally get it. Thank you! 

Author zeebs385 ( ago)
Are there different versions or variations of the Bavarian Crochet stitch?
I've also heard of Wheel stitch that looks very similar to this. Just
trying to decide on a type/pattern before I dive in and don't want to come
to find I don't like the outcome of the work.

Author Eva Grin ( ago)
never heard of such pattern. Thank you, you help me ti develop!

Author Женская Красота (1945 years ago)
Интересное видео!!!

I don't understand how to keep going after round 4 either. Do we go back
around the posts again to make the ridges?

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
Bavarian Crochet Stitch Crochet Geek

0:00This will be a square version
0:01of catherine's wheel
0:03i am in the process of making a baby afghan
0:05we will be using the back post triple crochet
0:08to create the ridge or lip effect
0:12this is the yarn i purchased
0:13from Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts
0:15it is four ply
0:17my contrasting color is the same
0:19i am using a size j crochet hook
0:24this a square where i have used red heart yarn
0:27you will have different results with the various yarn
0:30we will start with a chain of five
0:43chain three
0:49after we have completed the chain
0:51we will do four triple crochet
0:52through the loop joined
0:54insert the hook through the loop
0:56wrap the yarn over
0:57pull it through
0:58pull through two
1:00pull through two
1:01leave the remaining loop on the hook
1:03wrap the yarn around the hook twice
1:05insert through the center of the loop
1:08wrap the yarn over pull it through
1:11pull through two loops
1:12wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
1:15leave the remaining loop on the hook
1:17wrap the yarn around the hook twice
1:20insert through the chain loop
1:22pull it through
1:24wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
1:26wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
1:30there are four loops on the hook
1:32wrap the yarn around the crochet hook twice
1:35insert through the center chain
1:37wrap the yarn over the hook
1:39pull it through
1:40wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
1:43wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
1:46there are five loops on the hook
1:48wrap the yarn over the hook
1:50pull through all five loops
1:52and this is joining four triple crochet
1:56and this is going to be the basic increase
1:59throughout the whole square
2:02now we want to chain to join
2:07and then chain three
2:10so actually its a chain four
2:12but you do need that individual chain to join
2:16so thats why i said it that way
2:18chain to join and then chain three
2:24slip stitch through the center loop
2:31chain three
2:36we will do four triple crochet joined
2:44there's the first stitch
2:59the third stitch
3:06and the fourth stitch
3:08wrap the yarn over the hook
3:10there are a total of five loops on the hook
3:12wrap the yarn over pull through all five loops
3:15wrap the yarn over pull through once to join
3:18that securing all those stitches
3:20chain three
3:24slip stitch through the center chain
3:27we have two more to do
3:29we have completed two
3:31there will be a total of four when we are finished
3:33chain three
3:36wrap the yarn around the hook twice for the first triple crochet
3:41insert the hook through the chain pull through
3:43wrap the yarn over
3:45pull through two loops
3:47wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
3:48leave the remaining loop on the hook
3:51wrap the yarn around the hook twice
3:53insert through the center chain
3:55wrap the yarn over the hook pull thorugh
3:58wrap the yarn over the hook pull through two loops
4:01wrap the yarn over the hook
4:03pull through two loops
4:06wrap the yarn over the hook twice
4:08insert through the center chain
4:11wrap the yarn over the hook and pull thorugh
4:13wrap the yarn over the hook pull through two loops
4:17wrap the yarn over the hook pull through two loops
4:20leave the remaining loop on the hook
4:21there are four loops on the hook
4:23we have one more stitch to do
4:25wrap the yarn around the hook twice
4:28insert through the center chain
4:30wrap the yarn over the hook
4:32pull through
4:33wrap the yarn over the hook
4:35pull through two loops
4:36wrap the yarn over the hook
4:38pull through two more loops
4:40there are five loops on the hook
4:41wrap the yarn over
4:43pull through all five loops
4:45chain to secure
4:46chain three
4:48slip stitch through the center chain
4:55chain three
4:58this is our remaining set of triple crochet
5:02insert the hook through the center loop
5:05wrap the yarn over pull it thorugh
5:07pull through two, pull through two
5:10wrap the yarn around the hook twice
5:13insert through the center loop
5:15pull the yarn through
5:16wrap the yarn over pull through two
5:19pull through two
5:22there are two more stitches to do
5:40chain three
5:42slip stitch through the chain
5:48there is a little eye here
5:50its really difficult to see
5:52maybe i can pull it up here
5:54oh yah, there we go
5:56right here is the little eye where we joined
6:00thats the loop where we are going to be working
6:02ten triple crochet through
6:04this stitch of four triple crochet joined
6:07and the ten triple crochet shell
6:11are the increase
6:12now we will work 10 triple crochet
6:15through the center eye
7:27we will slip stitch right through the center ring
7:31over the previous slip stitch
7:38the four triple crochet joined
7:42and the ten triple crochet shell
7:45are what makes the increase to make the wheel stitch square
7:50it will make more sense as we go along
7:52further into the pattern
7:54now work 10 triple crochet through the center eye of each
7:59of the remaining 3 cluster of stitches
8:05theres 1
8:56slip stitch right through the center ring
8:59right over the previous slip stitch
9:03and now we have completed two
9:06there are two more sets of ten triple crochet
9:09to do in the center eye
9:11of the two remaining cluster of stitches
9:14i have finished my last shell
9:17i am going to slip stitch right through the center loop
9:23wrap the yarn over one more time to secure
9:25and i've already cut my yarn
9:27pull it on through
9:28give it a good tug
9:32and this is what we have for round 1
9:35and round 2
9:37this is the first part of the wheel stitch
9:40and this is the part that will be repeated
9:42to increase the square
9:45now i'm going to attach my new color
9:48to the third stitch back
9:52we will be working in the valley
9:54and working together 7 triple crochet
9:58the first stitch will be a post stitch
10:00we will be joining all 7 stitches
10:03insert the hook between the stitches
10:05to the front
10:07over the stitch
10:08to the back
10:09wrap the yarn over pull it through
10:11wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
10:14wrap the yarn over pull through two loops
10:18the second stitch will be done the same way
10:22inserting the hook from the back between the stitches
10:25over the front
10:26to the back
10:28wrap the yarn over pull through
10:30wrap the yarn over pull through two
10:32wrap the yarn over pull through two
10:36the third stitch will be done the same way
10:39insert the hook from the back
10:42between the stitches
10:44over the front
10:45and then to the back
10:48wrap the yarn over
10:49pull it through
10:50wrap the yarn over pull through two
10:52wrap the yarn over pull through two
10:55and you can see what happens when you go around the post
10:59this is crocheting the stitches around the post
11:02and we are trying to hide these over this lip here
11:04it creates a little lip
11:06and a neat little raised effect
11:11now we are going to be working the center stitch
11:17we are going to pick up a loop in the back
11:18we don't want it to show
11:21its alright if they do
11:22i'm just trying to hide them the best i can
11:25so i'm picking up the loop back here
11:26pulling it through
11:28wrap the yarn over pull through two
11:33wrap the yarn over pull through two
11:37now we will do the three remaining stitches on the opposite side
11:42working back post triple crochet
11:44insert the hook from the back
11:46around the front of the post
11:49and then to the back
13:29there are 8 loops on the hook
13:31wrap the yarn over the hook
13:32pull through all 8 loops
13:34chain 1 to secure
13:36now chain 3
13:38slip stitch in the same stitch
13:41that you just completed
13:47and this is what the post stitches look like
13:49they go over and around the post
13:51creating this little lip
13:55chain three
13:58now we are working over four
14:03we are doing a back post triple crochet
14:08we are making the little cluster
14:12pull through two
14:14pull through two
14:15we have two more stitches to do
14:18insert the hook between the stitches
14:20over the front and to the back
14:22wrap the yarn over
14:24pull through two
14:25wrap the yarn over pull through two
14:29insert the hook from the back
14:32around the front to the back
14:35wrap the yarn over pull through two
14:39pull through two
14:41there are five loops on the hook
14:43wrap the yarn over the hook
14:45pull through all five loops
14:47chain to secure
14:49chain three
14:52slip stitch
14:54over the post stitch that we just made
15:04this is what we have
15:06chain three
15:09we will be working 7 back post triple crochet
15:13joined through the valley
15:17that is quite a mouthful to say
15:23theres 1
16:33there are 8 loops on the hook
16:34wrap the yarn over pull through all 8 loops
16:39chain to secure
16:41now chain three
16:43slip stitch over the same post stitch you just made
16:47chain three
16:49work four joined back post triple crochet
17:28chain to secure
17:29chain three
17:32slip stitch over the post stitch
17:40chain three
17:44work 7 joined back post triple crochet
18:09now for the single crochet we are picking up a loop to the back of the
18:13since its not really a post
18:28now for the three remaining stitches
18:53there are 8 loops on the hook
18:55wrap the yarn over pull through all 8 loops
18:57chain to secure
18:59chain three
19:01and slip stitch in the same post stitch
19:08the remaining stitches will be the same
19:13for the corner and for the valley
19:17i'm finishing my last cluster of stitches
19:21on round three
21:18wrap the yarn over pull thorugh all five loops
21:21chain to secure
21:23chain three
21:27slip stitch over the post stitch
21:31and through the first stitch
21:36to complete attaching
21:40this is what we have
21:41to complete round three
21:49now round four
21:50will be six triple crochet
21:53right through the center eye here
21:55you can see it
21:56its small
21:58but it is there
22:02work six triple crochet
22:11and this is our regular stitches for the flat side
22:21theres three
22:44now slip stitch
22:46underneath the loop
22:48and through the top of the previous stitch
22:53and this is bringing them all together
22:55and around to the back
22:57this is what it looks like on the back
22:58how i have my hook placed
23:02what i'm doing is
23:04hiding my yarn
23:06going around the post of the stitches right here
23:10just like this
23:13and then doing a slip stitch
23:17and this will anchor the little ridges close together
23:21as you progress in this square
23:23you will be able to notice it a lot more
23:24i'm a little farther along on this piece
23:28and this is where we are slip stitching together
23:31on the piece i just showed you
23:34it anchors these little ridges together
23:39now work ten triple crochet
23:43through the eye
23:44of the cluster of stitches
23:45on the corner
23:52theres 1
24:46now we'll slip stitch the same way
24:49around the post of the previous
24:52around the post of the slip stitch
24:54but staying behind the purple
24:56and this is where the hook is going right here
24:58its hidden back there
25:01wrap the yarn over the hook
25:03and slip stitch to attach
25:08and you repeat round four
25:11with six triple crochet on the flat edge
25:1510 triple crochet on the corners
25:18this is where we just ended
25:22this is what it will look like complete
25:24with 10 triple crochet in each corner
25:276 triple crochet for the flat edge
25:30this is what i'm calling the flat edge
25:34in each corner from here
25:38will have the four triple crochet cluster
25:41and ten triple crochet for the increase
25:48and we end up with a square that continues to expand
25:52you can also do this the regular way
25:55without doing the post stitch if you prefer
25:58the post stitch to create this little lip effect
26:01is just another different technique

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
+alies Herreman Here is part two for the Bavarian Crochet Stitch

Crochet Wheel Stitch Square Part 2 - Bavarian Crochet Crochet Geek

Author alies Herreman ( ago)
How can you let this keep on growing? I don't understand the part after
round 4

Author Monica Clarke ( ago)
its a lovely stich

Author Jessica Thornbrough ( ago)
That's so cool, I have want to try this stitch. Your video help a lot.
Thank you a bunch. x3

Author Brandi Hinkle ( ago)
The only thing I am not clear on is where you are starting the new color.
(at about 10:03 in the video) I cannot tell where or how you attached it. I
understand the overall technique, I watched the video through before
actually getting out my crochet supplies. My confusion is: did you attach
in a stitch or to a post, then did you chain 3? I'm stuck at this step.

Author Janet Bequeaith ( ago)
I want to thank you for your thorough description of the Bavarian stitch.
Your version of the Bavarian stitch is my absolute favorite (I've tried 2
other versions). It is the most soft in appearance and feel of all of the
variations. Thank you for the time and effort you put into the videos. Your
technique and aptitude for teaching is excellent.

Author paul lynn ( ago)
you need to let me see how you start the back i can't get it i need help
and you need to go slow

Author misslittle1965 ( ago)
I love you as an instructor.

Author Maria Triplett ( ago)
You are a good teacher, but that still looks confusing. I would love to do
a small blanket in that stitch but no thank you.

Author Shabby Rose ( ago)
I saw a baby afghan done using this stitch and just knew I had to make one!
I just happened to have the perfect yarn for it. So I went on a search to
find a Youtube to teach me how. After watching a few that I just wasn't
connecting with I finally found yours! Amazing! You are so easy to follow,
your voice is so calm and reassuring and I love how you used the slow
motion! That was soooo helpful! I'm only on round 7 but I'm having so much
fun with this pattern. Thank you so so very very much! I sincerely
appreciate the time and effort you put in to creating this for people like
me! You're awesome! I can't wait to watch more of your videos!

Author Jan Gunning ( ago)
Hi Theresa.....wanted to thank you for all your time in efforts in your
videos. I have learned a lot and am paying it forward in teaching others. I
am paying it forward in teaching others. I am currently working on the
bavarian stitch afghan and wanted to notify you that for some strange
reason your video for it will not play. I had not had any problems before
until a few days ago. I also was wondering if you had the written pattern
for the bavarian stitch square. I am not a newbie so if you have the
written instructions I believe I can do fine. Please let me know and thank
you again and for a great job in writing clear instructions in your
patterns. You are appreciated! :-) My email addy is
Happy Crocheting!! :-D

Author Gloria Terrazas Baeza ( ago)
No le entiendo al.ingles

Author Camille Thomas ( ago)
Thank you for this tutorial! I also tried following a pattern explanation
to help one of my students and was lost. This was so much help to be able
to sit, pause, and follow it step by step.

Author guitargurl37 ( ago)
how many skeins would I need if i was using this pattern to make a queen
size blanket?

Author Tina Jarvis ( ago)
Hi I was wondering if this Afghan can be done by Double Crochet as well?
Thank you in Advance have a great day :) 

Author nellie23able ( ago)
Hi I have a question for you what is the different between bavavrian and
catherine wheel crochet?

Author Trina M ( ago)
Your tutorial says you are doing a "square version of catherines wheel".
Ive looked everywhere I can think of and cannot find a circular version of
catherines wheel. I like the raised and rippled effect of the catherines
wheel that youve shown, but I was hoping for something softer, more
circular, without sharp corners. Is there such a stitch? Can you show me?

Author Lori Berland ( ago)
I tried to follow a pattern of this technique but I just couldn't follow,
this is so much easier! Thank you for sharing!

Author Bella Stone ( ago)
I've been looking for a pattern to make a blanket for my boyfriend. I think
this one will be a good one thanks! And it looks easy enough too!

Author michelle roberts ( ago)
if i were to make a bed spread for a full bed , how many yards do you think
i would need?

Author Lilith BlackDragon ( ago)
Go to Creative Crochet Crew on Facebook and look at the photos of a blanket
one woman made with this stitch - it is absolutely amazing

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
Yes, you an use the magic circle

Author fl8848 ( ago)
can the Magic Circle be used for the beginning? 

Author Marie Rossland ( ago)
Lærer mye, her.

Author Danielle Montalvo ( ago)
Hi, have you attempted this? I can't get past the fourth row. My stitches
are not sitting right. 

Author Amanda Lutterman ( ago)
After watching I think I see what everyone is confused about in the
beginning of the second round. I think she meant the third post over from
the center valley stitch. So you have three stitches on each side of the
valley. Does that help?

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
Crochet Geek - Crochet Wheel Stitch Square - Catherine Wheel - Bavarian

Author srilakshmi kantam ( ago)
Teresa, Thank you so much for this wonderful video tutorial, for making
these patterns extremely easy to work on. I have learned a lot from your
tutorials and made a few projects for my family. Once again thank you so so
much. I want to make an rectangle one from this pattern, how can I modify
this. Please guide me. 

Author Bines 007 ( ago)
Can you do a video past round 4? This is extremely confusing and I am well
versed in crochet, have been doing it for years. Please, this is very
confusing and I would like to make this a blanket for my sisters baby.

Author Michelle Bischel ( ago)
I have been working with this stitch and would love to continue past the
first 4 rounds but I can't understand the next two rounds. The 6tc in the
valley change the count and I can't seem to wrap my head around it. 

Author Elaine Gilmore ( ago)
Thanks so much. Excellent tutorial. I will make this!

Author Lori Vargas Agnew ( ago)
I have the book but watching you is so much better Thank you so much it
really helps . It might use a lot of yarn but if you want the beautiful
result in the end its worth it but that's just my thoughts . Thanks for all
you do . I always know where to go if I need help. Take care 

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
Thank you very much.

Author Vicky Short ( ago)
AWESOME!! I love your tutorials! easy to follow and well explained. I am
now teaching my mum who is 81 to crochet, and its all thanks to you, for
teaching me!! :) x

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
Silvia - You are welcome.

Author Silvia Rodriguez ( ago)
Teresa, once again for taking time to teaching us with your beatifull work
!!!! i had learn a lot from your videos and made a few proyects for me and
my family. thank you, thank you. silvia.

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
You can work it with the double crochet instead.

Author Thessarabian ( ago)
I LOVE the look of Bavarian crochet, but do you have to do it with triple
crochet? It's my least favorite stitch and I know I could never do a whole
blanket with nothing but that. If I could do it with double stitch I'd
rather do that, even if it meant taking longer to finish.

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
That is a pencil grip. You can find them in any office supply section of a
store. I get mine from Walmart.

Author Audrey Draeger ( ago)
Love this pattern could I ask where you get that green plastic tube you
have on your crochet hook I have been looking for something like this.

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
It will use up a lot of yarn

Author anandazen30 ( ago)
it seems like eats up yarn.

Author anandazen30 ( ago)
Hello Teresa i have a question: Catherine wheel stitch is the same as
Bavarian stitch? it is a combination of two stitches? i don't understand.

Author SilverMyst3 ( ago)
GREAT teacher!!! Simple, clear, easy verbal instructions with clear visual
instructions too!! I'm making Crochet Geek my "go to" place for crochet how
to instructions!! Thank you!

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@marjs29 It's alright. Some crochet stitches go by several different names.

Author marjs29 ( ago)
sorry, nevermind, I need to pay more attention :-) 

Author marjs29 ( ago)
is this the same as Bavarian crochet?

Author Michelle (Michelle Q) ( ago)
Is there a way to work this flat without it being worked in the round as a
granny square? I'd love to try it if it's possible. Thank you for all your
amazing videos Teresa. I definitely learn a lot from watching your work!
Have a great day! Michelle K.

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@Knhmommy It does take a lot of yarn. I used 4 super size yarn skeins with
about 1000 yards each. It did have some left over. My yarn was a light
weight 4ply

Author LovinmeNatural Chelle ( ago)
THANKS TERESA, this video is great great great!!!! i've always wondered
about this stitch on how it works up and here it is. You're AWESOME!!!! i
was stumped on the middle valley stitch but i got!!!! All is clear to me!!!
making a pillow. would like to show you my work but i don't know how to
upload onto the video here. Cheers to you always!!!! :))

Author tmayo001 ( ago)
This video has done more to teach me how to do this Bavarian Stitch than
the book I paid $15 for... however, I would like to say I'm a little
frustrated that you don't do more to point out where you're talking about
placing stitches. My biggest confusion occurred during the second round) I
have no idea where the original stitches are to be placed ... what eye??
The video doesn't do a good enough job to show me where you are talking

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@maritate You are welcome.

Author maritate ( ago)
Very beautiful and original stich Thank you for posting it!!

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@josiejopink Thank you. Please share a video response or an image when you
get your project complete.

Author linda geraghty ( ago)
Hi again. No you got my point, i meant what would you do for the last row,
so you answered my question perfectly, thankyou. And i have to agree with
tinamarie, you are awesome!!!

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@josiejopink I finished mine off with the rounded edge, cut the yarn and
sew in the tail. I did not do anything extra. I may be missing what you are
asking when you say finish it off.

Author linda geraghty ( ago)
Hi, i love this stitch and it grows so fast, but how would you finish it
off if it were a baby blanket?

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@tinamarie19752008 I appreciate the comment, thank you!

Author Mara Silveira ( ago)
@tjw1963 I thank you for always sharing with people their beautiful work I
love to crochet, but I'm not an expert like you .... I have my difficulties
often with simple jobs .... but I am persistent, I help people pros my
work, I only do things that we have step by step videos ... I'm a fan of
your site and their work Congratulations always

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@silvepor Thank you Mara! I hope life is great for you in Brazil and you
continue crocheting! 

Author Mara Silveira ( ago)
I loved their work and the videos are awesome ... Congratulations, one
thing more beautiful than the other People like you makes all the
difference Thank you for teaching us I became his fan. Mara - Brazil 

Author crochetBonbon ( ago)
Wow, thank you so much for your tutorial. I just bought a crochet book on
bavarian crochet stitch last week and had to return it because no matter
how many times I tried, i still didn't get it right. I was so upset because
this stitch is gorgeous but then i found your video. Thanks again Teresa.

Author crochetBonbon ( ago)
Wow, thank you so much for your tutorial. I just bought a crochet book on
bavarian crochet stitch last week and had to return it because no matter
how many times I tried, i still didn't get it right. I was so upset because
this stitch is gorgeous but then i found your video. Thanks again Teresa. 

Author MsDreamangel1 ( ago)
@tjw1963 This video is are all your videos Teresa..thanks so
much for your showing, Camilla

Author linda b ( ago)
and also, how do i go from round 4 back to round 3 w/o changing color?
round 4 ends in a slip stitch between the last 10 TR and before the first 6
TR, so following the pattern on the blog i would skip 3 stitches and slip
stitch in the next to start the 4TRcluster, but to me that doesn't seem
right. is there a way to continue to R3 from R4 w/o cutting the yarn?
please let me knowif this doesn't make sense. i'm relatively new to
crochet. thank you so much for you time! 

Author linda b ( ago)
when repeating rounds 3 and 4, there are no CH3 on round 4, just round 3,

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@Aelnyana Third stitch of the shell.

Author Aelnyana ( ago)
Hi there! This was a great video and I had no problem following you until
you changed colors, when you said: Connect your new color "to the third
stitch back," at which point I asked, "The third stitch back from WHAT?"
*lol* Please clarify? :)

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@druidessincarnate Yes, you can work it in rows. You will work it all on
one side and cut the yarn at the end of each row instead of turning and
working back across.

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@tigrpixi I appreciate the comment, thank you!

Author tigrpixi ( ago)
Thank you for making a video for this stitch. It is beautiful! I saw this
type of crocheting in a book, but didn't want to buy it, and it is hard
trying to find directions online on how to do it. Thank you again for
teaching us!

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@arillas57 Yes, it is done with increasing in each of the 4 corners.

Author Susan Basset ( ago)
this is amazing, so if I have this correct you are just increasing on the
previous rows, not joing in squares or anything... I think I will try a
small baby blanket first. thanks so much... it is so pretty

Author grammissy ( ago)
Theresa, could you possibly go beyond the first 4 rows of this pattern? I
am having a hard time going beyond what you show on the video. I can start
it very nicely, but beyond that I am struggling.

Author Teresa Richardson ( ago)
@jacostley Thank you. The shell and afghan stitch together sounds really
unique. You are welcome to ask people on my Facebook page if they have seen
the pattern.

Author jackie costley ( ago)
I am glad you put this on you tube. I saw this picture of blankets and
didn't want to but a book. I've been crocheting for many years and am
always looking for new stitches and patterns. Was wondering if you know
where I can find the combination of the shell and afghan stitch. been
looking for a while since I lost all my patterns in a unfortunate flood. It
was a baby sweater pattern. 

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