Bavarian Crochet Stitch Crochet Geek Part 1

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 26:06
Comments: 203

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Author alies Herreman (2 months)
How can you let this keep on growing? I don't understand the part after
round 4

Author Jessica Thornbrough (2 months)
That's so cool, I have want to try this stitch. Your video help a lot.
Thank you a bunch. x3

Author ℬüттεяƒℓƴ (18 hours)
looks like a fractal

Author Brandi Hinkle (5 months)
The only thing I am not clear on is where you are starting the new color.
(at about 10:03 in the video) I cannot tell where or how you attached it. I
understand the overall technique, I watched the video through before
actually getting out my crochet supplies. My confusion is: did you attach
in a stitch or to a post, then did you chain 3? I'm stuck at this step.

Author Женская Красота (14 days)
Интересное видео!!!

Author Janet Bequeaith (6 months)
I want to thank you for your thorough description of the Bavarian stitch.
Your version of the Bavarian stitch is my absolute favorite (I've tried 2
other versions). It is the most soft in appearance and feel of all of the
variations. Thank you for the time and effort you put into the videos. Your
technique and aptitude for teaching is excellent.

Author paschall76 (1 month)
I don't understand how to keep going after round 4 either. Do we go back
around the posts again to make the ridges?

Author misslittle1965 (6 months)
I love you as an instructor.

Author jenny7583 (2 months)

Author Red Bird (2 months)
That is a very pretty crochet stitch. I like the lip part

Author Monica Clarke (2 months)
its a lovely stich

Author CROCHET GEEK (1 year)
Crochet Geek - Crochet Wheel Stitch Square - Catherine Wheel - Bavarian

Author Maria Oliveria (3 months)

Author paul lynn (6 months)
you need to let me see how you start the back i can't get it i need help
and you need to go slow

Author Veneta Todorova (5 months)

Author Maria Oliveria (5 months)

Author guitargurl37 (8 months)
how many skeins would I need if i was using this pattern to make a queen
size blanket?

Author Trina M (9 months)
Your tutorial says you are doing a "square version of catherines wheel".
Ive looked everywhere I can think of and cannot find a circular version of
catherines wheel. I like the raised and rippled effect of the catherines
wheel that youve shown, but I was hoping for something softer, more
circular, without sharp corners. Is there such a stitch? Can you show me?

Author Maria Triplett (6 months)
You are a good teacher, but that still looks confusing. I would love to do
a small blanket in that stitch but no thank you.

Author Shabby Rose (7 months)
I saw a baby afghan done using this stitch and just knew I had to make one!
I just happened to have the perfect yarn for it. So I went on a search to
find a Youtube to teach me how. After watching a few that I just wasn't
connecting with I finally found yours! Amazing! You are so easy to follow,
your voice is so calm and reassuring and I love how you used the slow
motion! That was soooo helpful! I'm only on round 7 but I'm having so much
fun with this pattern. Thank you so so very very much! I sincerely
appreciate the time and effort you put in to creating this for people like
me! You're awesome! I can't wait to watch more of your videos!

Author Jan Gunning (7 months)
Hi Theresa.....wanted to thank you for all your time in efforts in your
videos. I have learned a lot and am paying it forward in teaching others. I
am paying it forward in teaching others. I am currently working on the
bavarian stitch afghan and wanted to notify you that for some strange
reason your video for it will not play. I had not had any problems before
until a few days ago. I also was wondering if you had the written pattern
for the bavarian stitch square. I am not a newbie so if you have the
written instructions I believe I can do fine. Please let me know and thank
you again and for a great job in writing clear instructions in your
patterns. You are appreciated! :-) My email addy is
Happy Crocheting!! :-D

Author Gloria Terrazas Baeza (7 months)
No le entiendo al.ingles

Author Camille Thomas (8 months)
Thank you for this tutorial! I also tried following a pattern explanation
to help one of my students and was lost. This was so much help to be able
to sit, pause, and follow it step by step.

Author Tina Jarvis (8 months)
Hi I was wondering if this Afghan can be done by Double Crochet as well?
Thank you in Advance have a great day :) 

Author nellie23able (9 months)
Hi I have a question for you what is the different between bavavrian and
catherine wheel crochet?

Author Lori Berland (9 months)
I tried to follow a pattern of this technique but I just couldn't follow,
this is so much easier! Thank you for sharing!

Author Lori Berland (9 months)
This is wonderful!

Author Mercedes Monroy (10 months)
Crochet Geek - Crochet Wheel Stitch Square - Catherine Wheel - Bavarian

Author Bella Stone (10 months)
I've been looking for a pattern to make a blanket for my boyfriend. I think
this one will be a good one thanks! And it looks easy enough too!

Author michelle roberts (10 months)
if i were to make a bed spread for a full bed , how many yards do you think
i would need?

Author Catherine Foy (6 months)
I love you as an instructor.

Author Caroline Adams (7 months)

Author 박주희 (1 year)

Author CROCHET GEEK (5 years)
To continue making it larger, you will work at least 3 single crochet in
each corner on each round so it will continue to expand. If you find that
the corner are starting to curl, that will mean that there is not enough
increases in the corner.

Author grammissy (3 years)
Theresa, could you possibly go beyond the first 4 rows of this pattern? I
am having a hard time going beyond what you show on the video. I can start
it very nicely, but beyond that I am struggling.

Author winterzz2004 (5 years)
i just finished my lap blanket using this pattern and it turned out quite
beautiful.... thank you so much Teresa

Author calcrules (5 years)
I like the way this looks! I must say though, I never aquired a j hook, so
sad. I really must make this.

Author winterzz2004 (5 years)
Teresa ,,i was hoping in the future you could show how to do this without
the post stitch as well,im also hoping you show more of how you can turn
certain stitches into squares,,,you are a blessing with a wonderful gift of
crocheting..ive learned so much from you...

Author CROCHET GEEK (5 years)
You want to change over to single crochet or a stitch like that?

Author winterzz2004 (5 years)
ive been crocheting for about 10 years and i must say,,you are amazing..i
luv this stitch,,i didnt know you can make it into a granny square,,,i just
got to say your work is so beautiful

Author CROCHET GEEK (3 years)
@maritate You are welcome.

Author LYDISANC21 (5 years)
Just to be sure, is the center eye considered to be the chain that secured
the 5 stitches after the slip stitch?

Author sexy28slim (5 years)
very nice work

Author calcrules (5 years)
I like the way this looks! I must say though, I never aquired a j hook. I
really must make this. This looks as though it takes A LOT of yarn. Does it?

Author CROCHET GEEK (5 years)
You are welcome. Most crochet pattern stitches can be turned in to squares
and circles with some simple modifications.

Author CROCHET GEEK (5 years)
Thank you. I have not written instructions for this wheel stitch yet so it
is in my head and on video. It is the same an the basic wheel stitch with a
back post double crochet.

Author CROCHET GEEK (2 years)
It will use up a lot of yarn

Author Badia Ali (5 years)
Thank you Teresa dear I was looking for this effect, bless you :) badia

Author MsDreamangel1 (3 years)
@tjw1963 This video is are all your videos Teresa..thanks so
much for your showing, Camilla

Author Betty - Hannah Merchánt (4 years)
hermosísimo, gracias

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