13 Upcoming Games of June 2017 | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

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  • These are the best games releasing this June. They're top and hottest titles from the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, 3DS, Xbox One, Wii U, Switch, and PC. Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below:
    * ARMS https://goo.gl/RdNBDc
    * Cars 3: Driven to Win https://goo.gl/7WOqzh
    * Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! https://goo.gl/TGO7Tc
    * Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Action https://goo.gl/k5ckoY
    * DiRT 4 https://goo.gl/Q8k6CQ
    * Ever Oasis https://goo.gl/X5HNWx
    * Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood https://goo.gl/KXOaBJ
    * Micro Machines World Series https://goo.gl/AGuZvu
    * MXGP 3 https://goo.gl/2ZW9wI
    * Tekken 7 https://goo.gl/hqCNzh
    * The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - Morrowind https://goo.gl/gaEoU3
    * WipeOut: Omega Collection https://goo.gl/MqW9FH

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Comments: 208

  • Awfully Accurate
    Awfully Accurate 12 days ago

    I don't want to be that guy , but this month is weak in terms of games

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson 19 days ago

    Ultra Despair Girls is coming to PC as well as PS4 :D

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 18 days ago

      It is! We used to limit our videos to the top 10 games, though. But we stopped. You should check out our latest upcoming video. :)

  • jmadden9798
    jmadden9798 20 days ago

    I'm so glad this month has straight trash games, now I can same my money for a change.

  • Jerstah phucku
    Jerstah phucku 21 day ago

    So, nothing good?

    RIP gaming

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick 22 days ago

    All these games are old and are already out. All of these games are on Sega Dreamcast.

  • Tim H.
    Tim H. 26 days ago

    video games these days

  • Bogo366
    Bogo366 26 days ago

    Gaming Year 2017 sucks so far...a horrible Year....

  • Sen Madrona
    Sen Madrona 27 days ago

    shout out to all Filipinos who watching this and was able to guess that the host is Pinoy.

  • Zombie phoenix Gaming

    every month I atleast pick up 10 games

  • Emilio de Vicente Caamaño

    All of these Unreal Engine 4 powered games should be released for Switch right away!

  • Sean Comonsad
    Sean Comonsad 1 month ago

    I wish tekken 7 will come to the switch 😭

  • Pluralguitar580
    Pluralguitar580 1 month ago

    Why its saying battlefield 4

  • Maxitsu24
    Maxitsu24 1 month ago

    i love animals and all but slap those activists into face

  • Look Like
    Look Like 1 month ago

    switch needs lots of matured games with huge tits

  • LOTDL Fanboy
    LOTDL Fanboy 1 month ago

    Why so overly positive about every single game, just be honest.

  • Fantasys Gaming
    Fantasys Gaming 1 month ago

    This is Sengoku! this game look great !

  • junior vallejo
    junior vallejo 1 month ago

    tekken 7 for switch please

  • sami daher
    sami daher 1 month ago

    tekken 7 is the only game that I'm interested in

  • sami daher
    sami daher 1 month ago

    why is 3DS still exist
    I just don't understand

  • Adriam Fuentes
    Adriam Fuentes 1 month ago

    i cant wait for scalebound:V


  • احمد هيثم
    احمد هيثم 1 month ago

    shity games

  • Rafael Loki
    Rafael Loki 1 month ago

    Worse june since the birth of mankind. Only looking foward to Valkyria Revolution so far. But I think that's good since will save money to buy the games I dindt yet like Yakuza 0, Nier and Horizon. well Fire Emblem echoes will keep me busy for a while too.

  • bartonlightguy
    bartonlightguy 1 month ago

    danganronpa another episode ultra despair girls was already released in the west. the release dates are as follows

    PlayStation Vita
    JP: September 25, 2014
    NA: September 1, 2015
    EU: September 4, 2015
    AU: September 10, 2015

    PlayStation 4
    EU: June 23, 2017
    NA: June 27, 2017
    JP: June 28, 2017

    Microsoft Windows
    WW: June 27, 2017

  • Pete H
    Pete H 1 month ago

    I'm curious is to how dumb you are to leave out CRASH BANDICOOT N SANE TRILOGY

  • Suripto 55
    Suripto 55 1 month ago

    dead by daylight for xbox one!

  • Deltath Riylaan
    Deltath Riylaan 1 month ago

    Stormblood is not the first expansion to Final Fantasy XIV. It's the second. Heavensward was the first.

  • Fate
    Fate 1 month ago

    For the Patapon remaster, is it only the 1st game or all of them?

  • Alvin John Agulto
    Alvin John Agulto 1 month ago

    Is there a reason Josie Rizal is on the thumbnail? 😉😉😉

  • BennyXCross
    BennyXCross 1 month ago

    What girl is that in the video thumbnail?

  • Nick L
    Nick L 1 month ago

    Poor Roger, don't they know kangaroos are more deadly than bears? lol

  • Miguel Colon
    Miguel Colon 1 month ago

    well looks like im going to have time persona 5 new game plus

  • Christian Stober
    Christian Stober 1 month ago

    you guys are gonna play Arms for one day then start complaining how boring it is lol. I can't wait to dodge that bullet!

    • Keon Hobgood
      Keon Hobgood 1 month ago

      Gamers these days are funny they bash a game without knowing anything about it this is a Nintendo game they never show everything in their gameplay trailers but we will just have to wait and see how it turns out I doubt it will be anywhere near what you think it will be

    • Christian Stober
      Christian Stober 1 month ago

      I've never played Splatoon, but from the surface it looks like theres plenty more entertainment/features. Arms is a ring....2 players in said ring....2 players that throw spring punches at each other. End game.

      They can say the different characters vary with play-style, I can tell you thats a crock. They may vary visually, but gameplay wise...they are all throwing the same punches, moving the same. 90% of the video shows that. The exception being the rocket chick obv.

      Cool, boxing...I dig it, in theory. Reminds me of that old spring boxers toy. The problem is this is going to be a $60 game when morally it should be a small fraction of that. I guarantee they are making it appear much more than it is. They promised variety, but don't get your hopes up lol. There will be a few nerds who will dedicate their lives to Arms but the average player will pick it up for an hour or two and then never pick it up again.

      The same thing happened with Battlefront. Lemme tell you, it doesn't feel good to pay full price for half a game. Everyone, do yourself a favor and wait until it goes on sale lol...

    • Keon Hobgood
      Keon Hobgood 1 month ago

      Like we did with splatoon?

  • Infam0us Ph0enix - TEKKEN 7

    Tekken 7! ❤❤❤

  • Sincerely Yourstruly

    Tekken 7 needs to be in that switch !

  • Clever Username
    Clever Username 1 month ago

    Aww, you still keep Wiiu in your bio, how cute

    • Raggedy Exynos
      Raggedy Exynos 1 month ago

      We should respect it, for being one of the worse console ever created

  • Patrick Lange
    Patrick Lange 1 month ago

    MXGP 3 looks horrible! The graphics looks really dated.

  • Daria Morgendorffer
    Daria Morgendorffer 1 month ago

    Wipeout will never be released on 4k no no, dnt listen to this fake news

  • GGGaming
    GGGaming 1 month ago


  • Luuk Scholte
    Luuk Scholte 1 month ago

    haha did he say this june twooth instead of second!?! At the first game.

  • Moataz Seada
    Moataz Seada 1 month ago

    Funny that you missed my most anticipated video game of whole 2017: Crash Bandicoot Remastered

  • IMRavnos
    IMRavnos 1 month ago

    June looks to suck

  • MrDjBigZ
    MrDjBigZ 1 month ago

    RIP switch only 1 game for it and PS4 is getting so many Exclusives, awesome to own one

    • The energy player
      The energy player 1 month ago

      +MrDjBigZ​ you don't know nothing ps4 first year was knack, killzone shadow fall (really bad), the order 1886 (another shit), second son and driveclub everything else was ps3 ports and if a system is 3 months old is imposible to port that fast ps4 has 4 years devs had many time to make games

    • MrDjBigZ
      MrDjBigZ 1 month ago

      Wrong that would be XboxOne and Nintendo Switch and lol if a system is older it's easy to develop to it so you are so wrong

    • The energy player
      The energy player 1 month ago

      MrDjBigZ you know is hard to develop for a system that's 3 months old ps4 launch was way worse

    • MrDjBigZ
      MrDjBigZ 1 month ago

      Paul Theexpertgamer lol guess you are one of the poor research for it for sure don't have 100% also no games can have 100% on less everyone dumbass fanboy vote it up and make reviews for it so no also Horizon Zero Dawn has more then it XD

    • Paul Theexpertgamer
      Paul Theexpertgamer 1 month ago

      MrDjBigZ Really? It has the most 100% of any games. Do your research Pony.

  • Abdelrahman Rafaat
    Abdelrahman Rafaat 1 month ago

    @whattoplay is there any upcoming games instead of June because am gonna finish exams on 22 June please respond

  • DreadCannibal
    DreadCannibal 1 month ago

    uh..... this list isn't for me

  • New Records
    New Records 1 month ago

    free here #GoooFreee

  • 「Crewy」
    「Crewy」 1 month ago

    6:18 This KACHOW deserves a like :D

  • popthabro 22
    popthabro 22 1 month ago

    what to play you guys remember me

  • Godz29
    Godz29 1 month ago

    tekken 7 for switch??? im sold! also i want mortal kombat and naruto 😂

    • Godz29
      Godz29 1 month ago

      junior vallejo i hope so!❤❤❤ specially naruto shippuden ninja storm 4

    • junior vallejo
      junior vallejo 1 month ago

      Godz29 yess

  • sunsbookishgamesx
    sunsbookishgamesx 1 month ago

    sony and Nintendo are going in this year take my MONEY PLZ

  • BloodAngel Gaming
    BloodAngel Gaming 1 month ago

    what's the name of the second song in the video

  • strong independent maykol

    jesus christ I hate this guy's voice

  • breakabone
    breakabone 1 month ago

    Well done on the video mate. Hope your website will be up soon!

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 1 month ago

      Thank you for watching. And, yes it will be. We're very excited. :)

  • Green Fluid
    Green Fluid 1 month ago

    what is the playscore of Finn and Jake investigations

  • ey b0ss
    ey b0ss 1 month ago

    That accent lol

  • jcgamerlegend
    jcgamerlegend 1 month ago

    June is gonna suck ass :c

    • Keon Hobgood
      Keon Hobgood 1 month ago

      Arms will be good

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 1 month ago

      jcgamerlegend Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and Tekken 7 will be awesome, the rest are shit.

    • Infam0us Ph0enix - TEKKEN 7
      Infam0us Ph0enix - TEKKEN 7 1 month ago

      jcgamerlegend lol youre missing the best of the fighting games

    • jcgamerlegend
      jcgamerlegend 1 month ago

      Clorox Bleach not buying tekken I'm already getting injustice 2 and MvC , yeah maybe arms and crash bandicoot are good picks

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 1 month ago

      jcgamerlegend Tekken 7 comes out in June tho

  • Galaon
    Galaon 1 month ago

    Check out this MMO. Gonna be the best ever made. Please use my referral. Its free to signup for a chance at beta and alpha

  • RopeTastic
    RopeTastic 1 month ago

    I don't why but I kinda like your voice

  • Simcha Schneider
    Simcha Schneider 1 month ago

    Today is my birthday can I get likes pls.

  • Jay the 2
    Jay the 2 1 month ago

    I thought botw was the wii u's last game

      EXTREMEPOSTY O 1 month ago

      no they are still getting some indie and third party releases , most people will joke that zelda botw was the last because in their minds it's the last significant game to release.

  • Shadow561781
    Shadow561781 1 month ago

    Extreme hype for Tekken 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glassie Boi
    Glassie Boi 1 month ago

    filipino power

  • TheHunter Of Hunters

    The name Patapon sounds funny if you're a filipino
    it means trash

  • jrmann331
    jrmann331 1 month ago

    Was Valkyria Revolution in this video? The release date is supposedly end of June I thought.

  • ketsuryugan
    ketsuryugan 1 month ago

    praise the mighty patapon

  • Wander Trico
    Wander Trico 1 month ago

    I can't believe Cars is on this list but Crash Bandicoot isn't

  • Kim Garcia
    Kim Garcia 1 month ago

    PAtapon. !!!! Hahaha.

  • Jesse A-List
    Jesse A-List 1 month ago

    They Forgot Dead By Daylight Console Release On Jun 23rd

  • Amir Al-Murad
    Amir Al-Murad 1 month ago

    instant gaming have very good prices prey 46 % procent off and gta 5 for 27 dollars

    • Amir Al-Murad
      Amir Al-Murad 1 month ago

      but why it's nothing like g2a they?

    • Weasel329
      Weasel329 1 month ago

      Amir Al-Murad well, then it's not legal

    • Amir Al-Murad
      Amir Al-Murad 1 month ago

      Well you Can but Them for the prices i have writtwn

    • Amir Al-Murad
      Amir Al-Murad 1 month ago

      Well you Can but Them for the prices i have writtwn

    • Weasel329
      Weasel329 1 month ago

      Amir Al-Murad it's an OBVIOUS SCAM

  • Shitty Flute
    Shitty Flute 1 month ago

    PS3 :(

  • InformedStatue4
    InformedStatue4 1 month ago

    "this makes every fight dazzling..."

    *in daz's voice*
    HA! time for a tea partyyyyy!

  • Roen Foster
    Roen Foster 1 month ago

    Wait. They take out Roger but keep Puma and Panda in tekken 7. I don't use Roger but the reasoning doesn't add up. Unless they took them out too.

    • Roen Foster
      Roen Foster 1 month ago

      X-Ray 2k1 thanks, I don't know how I didn't see that

    • X-Ray 2k1
      X-Ray 2k1 1 month ago

      Roen Foster it was a joke by the developer

  • Zeevie
    Zeevie 1 month ago

    If I get another Zgirls app ad, I swear...

  • Me represent you
    Me represent you 1 month ago

    make roguelike games video papsy

  • ElementalIguana
    ElementalIguana 1 month ago

    you guys mention Cars but not Crash Bandicoot

  • 100%bioavailable
    100%bioavailable 1 month ago

    Wait...did I hear that right? they removed roger the kangaroo from tekken due to animal activists? what the...

  • Syke gaming
    Syke gaming 1 month ago

    What is the play score for rainbow six siege

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 1 month ago

      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege has a PlayScore of *7.87* on the PC, *8.14* on the PS4, and *8.72* on the Xbox One.

  • HardwareFoundry
    HardwareFoundry 1 month ago

    What about Crash Bandicoot?

  • BlackStarVega
    BlackStarVega 1 month ago

    Well ga dang... Nintendo Switch didn't have (won't have)- that many games in June when compared to the other systems...


    • BlackStarVega
      BlackStarVega 1 month ago

      Yeah I know. I'm just kind'a worried about Nintendo's Sales.
      Hopefully E3 will help maintain the "Hype".

    • Paul Theexpertgamer
      Paul Theexpertgamer 1 month ago

      BlackStarVega The games are coming. Just wait for the end of the year.

  • Jamie Hunt
    Jamie Hunt 1 month ago

    valkyria revolution?

  • joseph stearman
    joseph stearman 1 month ago

    PATAPON!! HELL YEAH! hoping for PATAPON 2 rerelease also!

  • Miguel Aparicio
    Miguel Aparicio 1 month ago

    The Cars movies were my childhood so i'm sad that the Cars 3 game isn't coming to pc :(

  • Rigo II
    Rigo II 1 month ago

    Man. Can't wait to play this on the pro I know scorpio is going to be more powerful but you gotta admit as a console playstation has more games.

  • Aidan Stern
    Aidan Stern 1 month ago

    Please do more Top ios games, thanks, luv the vids

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 1 month ago

      We definitely will. Thanks for watching!

  • Jinsei Cast
    Jinsei Cast 1 month ago

    I need to pick up Ever Oasis. It heavily reminds me of my time playing through Fantasy Life.

  • Felgrand Luciferiuum

    Tokyo Xanadu for the Vita ?

    • Myung Kou Kang
      Myung Kou Kang 23 days ago

      This exactly, and the fact we had Danganronpa Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls here in the west since September 2015 for the Vita and PS3. I can't believe this nut said we're finally getting that game in the west while ignoring Tokyo Xanadu.

  • V Antonio
    V Antonio 1 month ago

    Whatoplay please make another "Top 10 Ps4 games so far" list PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.And please respond whatoplay

    • V Antonio
      V Antonio 1 month ago

      whatoplay THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 1 month ago

      Hey you! It's coming up this week. See you then! :)

  • Mariovo5
    Mariovo5 1 month ago


  • ManuelGa05
    ManuelGa05 1 month ago

    No games come out for the switch

    • ApotolixGaming
      ApotolixGaming 1 month ago

      Cars 3 Driven to Win comes at Switch.

    • Hypernova
      Hypernova 1 month ago

      Rhyno SS2 One more than none.

      EXTREMEPOSTY O 1 month ago

      and the Wii U barely has any releases either, if a game is multi platform it's only fair to mention all the platforms that the game is coming out for

    • Rhyno SS2
      Rhyno SS2 1 month ago

      thats only 1.

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 1 month ago

      There's ARMS.

  • ItazuraP
    ItazuraP 1 month ago

    Stormblood for Final Fantasy 14 is actually the second expansion, the first one was Heavensward, which raised the level cap from 50 to 60

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 1 month ago

      Ohhhhh sorry about that!

  • bonifacio_kid
    bonifacio_kid 1 month ago

    Micro Machines do Black Hole!

  • Thegamerofall 9891
    Thegamerofall 9891 1 month ago

    what about XBOX 360?

  • Kim Eversole
    Kim Eversole 1 month ago

    cars 3 looks awful. more liscends garbage on outdated and current console.

  • Rareware0192
    Rareware0192 1 month ago

    What about Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy?

  • Jon Kotowich
    Jon Kotowich 1 month ago

    Arms will be amazing trust me

    • redboy360 khed
      redboy360 khed 15 days ago

      Jon Kotowich arm will be better

    • Luis García
      Luis García 29 days ago

      It looks like an enjoyable and fun game to play with friends, but, in all honesty, I wouldn't pay even $20 for a game like that.

    • Raggedy Exynos
      Raggedy Exynos 1 month ago

      Arms is just wii sport boxing minigame on steroids, in a good way

    • Ill9o
      Ill9o 1 month ago

      Jon Kotowich

      I think it has potential. Nobody should hate on your comment in my opinion, because they don't know much about it either.

      To them, it may "Look" bad or cringy, but in all reality, they haven't "played" it.

      I think it has plenty of potential

    • Jon Kotowich
      Jon Kotowich 1 month ago

      +Galactic blu And I should give a fuck because?

  • Ultimategamer132
    Ultimategamer132 1 month ago

    The cutting of Roger Jr., is absolutely dumb, especially if that's why it happened.

    • Ultimategamer132
      Ultimategamer132 1 month ago

      Kinda love how they (from how I saw it) stuck it to them through their reasoning for keeping the bear in (I forget his name).

    • yeahh buddy
      yeahh buddy 1 month ago

      Ultimategamer132 im shocked. its just a fucking video game. i mean its funny how its fine we get to kill people by all sorts in games but cant have this....

  • Dom Fass
    Dom Fass 1 month ago

    You for got God Wars- Future Past - PS Vita 6/20!

  • aaryxjot 4you
    aaryxjot 4you 1 month ago

    love ur vids... thanks for the preview

    ps first almost

    • whatoplay
      whatoplay 1 month ago

      Thank you and you're welcome! :)

  • nova/cody Perez
    nova/cody Perez 1 month ago

    fine whatoplay more more more thanks

  • Ciro Rider
    Ciro Rider 1 month ago

    pense que la 3DS estaba muerta :v

  • Christian Groff
    Christian Groff 1 month ago

    I can't believe this! I enjoyed and completed the original Patapon on PSP, I thought it was dead! Woo! ^_^

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