Kahsay Berhe Letishe

another lovely song by Mr. Kahsay Berhe

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Author Radum Jorn (5 months)
Hgdaf 4 ever

Author Mussie Tussie (3 months)
Mezekerta nay kokob

Author ze edagahamus (4 months)

Author Mussie Tussie (3 months)
Mezekerta nay kokob

Author Arkobkobay WediTesseny (2 years)
beal yemane gebreab, meneseyat ab gudgad asirkum sasu dea, one day you will
reap what you saw.

Author yordanos0 (3 years)
nice music i like it

Author dagm asfaw (1 year)
Betam das yamel zefen newa

Author Semadit (3 years)

Author EriFlower29 (3 years)
i love this song!!!

Author Semebelnio Awea Awet (2 years)
Yemane Gebreab wedi Dekala Agame Sah ah monkeyyyy

Author SADORHOOD (2 years)
its in sweden stockholm eritrean scandinavian festival :D

Author Mare Abram (1 year)
ለትሸ ለቲሽ!! እናፈለጠቶ እትውሽጠይ እቲ ባህረይ ቀናእ ምካናይ ተኻሒላ ሸነን ትብል ኣብዚ ቅድመይ

Author diana samo (3 years)

Author rodi surafiel (1 year)
Hgdef mendef :-D

Author Eri boy (2 years)
aye eri kuhulo beka beti ab sina beti kia danikera gin hanti mealti ala

Author Fiori Kahsay (1 year)
My last name is Kahsay :)

Author Tedros Mehari (1 year)
yemane (manki)Ajoka ! Tehaghos !!!!!!!! Lomi ghizeka eyu ! Tsbah ghn

Author angie lutell (2 years)
Is this Eritrean????

Author Semebelnio Awea Awet (2 years)
Kehsay ata Halay....Seine Tebeb Mexawetie AYkonen kab Beal Yemane Barya
Temharu....Neskium dema kem Delytekium...AYtekonu abe Metekelka Tnae Ata
hasawii....EMbery HGDEF Si fooo elomeka eyiom

Author Kalab Ghe (1 year)
eshum eshum yiakil atum hizbi lol

Author Semadit (3 years)
mr jimmy where did this event take place. pls tell me... i am dying to know
i love every single move of it....... i can't stop watching them conferting
each incredibly beyond fabilous.........

Author Hagos Berhe (5 months)

Author ze edagahamus (4 months)
Who dislike letishe? Ppl tell me plz, they must be xemamat

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