Part 1. Rep. Tom MacArthur. town hall in Willingboro, NJ. Republican Party. May 10, 2017

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  • Tia Pearson
    Tia Pearson 2 hours ago

    I am glad that the guy that works in healthcare stood up and spoke. He ripped this congressman a new one.

  • Yokie Miller
    Yokie Miller 2 days ago

    Mark your calendar: VOTE Tuesday, November 6, 2018

  • DEL292
    DEL292 3 days ago

    This guy is a real piece of shit.

  • jasontube22
    jasontube22 5 days ago

    This discrimination against FULLY KNOWN CONDITIONS & DISEASES is WRONG. In 2017 conditions & diseases are the reason people NEED their health care and these Republicans think otherwise. They think the problem is that young people who don't need insurance aren't buying insurance so they have to GUT the entire ACA to get young healthy people who don't need insurance to buy a plan? That is most definitely NOT the issue. The issue are for PEOPLE WITH CONDITIONS & DISEASES in this EVER GROWING LEARNING WORLD THAT MAKES PROGRESSION. These politicians are standing in the way of SCIENCE & PROGRESSION by DISCRIMINATING against each and every condition they can think of. They are not doctors, they are not scientists. They are the ones who are supposed to be listening to the people to make the laws which are going to be best for the people voted by the people. But they choose to work with the insurance companies who were deemed to be EXPLOITING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHICH IS THE REASON WE GOT THE ACA IN THE FIRST PLACE. Any human being who makes it their personal job to trick people into thinking their current health care system is bad is pure evil because republicans slandered it with the name "obamacare" either works for the insurance company or is being paid personally by insurance company money. It is downright evil and against the will of the majority of the American people and should be considered to be criminal at this point to try to deceive the American people about their very own health care laws and rights that protect them and give them a sense of fundamental security that any human being in the FIRST WORLD should have to prevent NEGLECT. NO ONE IS TAKING THIS LYING DOWN THESE REPUBLICANS THINK THEY ARE FOOLING SOMEONE THEY HAVE NOT GOT 1 PERSON INTERESTED IN HEARING THEIR SLANDER TO RUIN AMERICAN HEALTH CARE WHICH IS MORE STABLE THAN ITS EVER BEEN IN HISTORY. THESE REPUBLICANS ARE OPERATING AS FOR PROFIT BUSINESS AGAINST THE GOOD OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND IT NEEDS TO BE RECOGNIZED.

  • Erfahrungsbericht Heute

    I think that Trump should release his tax returns but I am against Congress forcing him to do that. lol

  • borgtennis
    borgtennis 8 days ago

    This mob are cowards!!!!!

  • borgtennis
    borgtennis 8 days ago

    Canada has a whole different mindset.

  • borgtennis
    borgtennis 8 days ago

    Tom MacArthur is doing well. It is easy to follow the mob!!! It's easy to say YYYEEEAAAA with the mob. Obamacare will screw you!!!

  • borgtennis
    borgtennis 8 days ago

    DNC will screw you and you don't even know it!

  • Ian Muir
    Ian Muir 12 days ago

    Get on with it then

  • John W
    John W 15 days ago

    New York is very close to implementing single payer. If you are a NY resident, tell your legislator to pass the NY Health Act. If it passes in New York, it will spread to the entire country.

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 21 day ago

    Tom McArthur a congressman shameful rich man unminding the poor and the sick he is rotten lier

  • Katie Shotwell
    Katie Shotwell 21 day ago

    He got "RIPPED" a new one!!! GOOD!!!

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 23 days ago

    and he's representing both sides.. by fukcing you both... vote republican again stupid..

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 23 days ago

    stop your complaining fools.. vote republican again.. you're all stupid anyway..

  • Timothy Kelley
    Timothy Kelley 29 days ago

    This man is in love with his own voice... How monotonous.

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

    Typical political tactic: When addressing someone who disagrees with you, hide behind those who do agree with you.

    Kudos to the guy (35:05) who said "Probably because they watch Fox News!"

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

    The man standing up with the glasses is right. An independent prosecutor is needed to investigate Trump.

  • Sandra  Jacobson
    Sandra Jacobson 1 month ago

    All I can say is when people's family starts dying, they'll remember this guy when they have lost everything.

  • integrity matters
    integrity matters 1 month ago

    Perhaps we should just all be Americans and stop letting these political elites pit us against each other - i voted for obama and trump - after being fooled and burned by the clintons. I am grateful to obama and trump for stopping them. Seth Rich is the source of the leaks for sure - not sure if they murdered him but I hope the corrupt washington elties are indicted and locked up.

  • Green Vein
    Green Vein 1 month ago

    So he takes a page out of the book of The Big Lebowski and responds to everybody with "Well, that's like your opinion, man".

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 1 month ago

    republicans are bad for American citizens, vote them out in 2018.

  • Empress Empress
    Empress Empress 1 month ago

    LIAR!! Another Pinocchio!

  • jesse j
    jesse j 1 month ago

    Mitch McConnell must go..

  • Richard Pepin
    Richard Pepin 1 month ago

    Even poor countries throughout central America and South America have universal health care. I thought the states is the best country in the world. oh Cuba has it too!!!

  • samson david
    samson david 1 month ago

    this is dull asshole never saying anything important

  • Mike will
    Mike will 1 month ago

    The sad part is he doesn't care about anyone in the room. As long he gets his Donations from Corporations, he doesn't care about the people. He is own by insurance, banks and Pharmaceutical lobbyist

    • Mike will
      Mike will 1 month ago

      Corvettekid You should check facts before you expose your stupidity AGAIN! The Crash of '08 caused the USA to have job losses of 2.6 million or the highest level in more than six decades, caused by Fraud, from the banks/investment Co. Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in America. Please, use some part of your brain, and stop eating your own shit or the shit that is fed to you.

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 1 month ago

      Right, at least those entities actually create jobs and useful products. Tell us about the welfare maggots wanting something for free ?

  • hmarkow1
    hmarkow1 1 month ago


    Hint: insurance.

    • hmarkow1
      hmarkow1 1 month ago

      if you don't get the point then you probably vote Republican.

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 1 month ago

      Yeah, and those companies got lots of $$$ from Obozocare.

      So what's your point, Sherlock ?

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan 1 month ago

    He never answered that rape is a pre-existing condition. He danced around it. Cause the answer - if he answered it honestly - is a disaster. That high schooler's question nailed it.

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 1 month ago

      A crime is not a condition. The high school moron is retarded.

  • Michael Franco
    Michael Franco 1 month ago

    Sounds like a fucking minister. Loves talkng about himself. Start talking about loving others then yourself.

  • Fuzzyfoot88
    Fuzzyfoot88 1 month ago

    Put the government on the same minimum wage ideals of the american people and things will change...overnight...

  • Katz B
    Katz B 1 month ago

    Being Canadian and watching these GOP lie too there voters saying our system is broken pisses me off! I have a story I found a lump 1 month ago in my breast called my doc I got in to see her in 2 days then within a day I had a mammogram, ultrasound, ct scan, blood tests and it was back to see my doc 1 week later for a pap test it cost me NOTHING except gas in my car! I need surgery in a few days but that will also be covered costing me NOTHING they don't think it is cancer but to be sure when in doubt take it out! Now for such a bad healthcare system where the government is responsible to provide us with great healthcare which comes from our hard worked tax dollars we pay for having peace of mind it will be there when we need it is the best life I think any human being would want for them and their children! Yes government runs it but we run the government they work for us and they know it!.. they can be replaced they know it,.. I feel bad for Americans cause If my MLA ever said I don't care what you want I'm doing what I think is best he wouldn't have a job at the end of the day! Social media is great because when these morons tell you its not working in other countries tell them I've talked to people in these countries and they would never give their healthcare up they work hard everyday to support their families without the worry of not having healthcare when they need it!

  • Pamela2961
    Pamela2961 1 month ago


  • spindaella
    spindaella 1 month ago

    Hmmm. . . . "Health insurance market is collapsing". Perhaps that's because they're shelling out the REALLY BIG BUCKS for lobbyists and political payoffs.

  • JFK
    JFK 1 month ago

    You people had you chance to hang him by the neck in the town square, but you blew it.

  • tara Aliyeva
    tara Aliyeva 1 month ago

    Republicans are the SCUM that walk this earth.

  • Leo Mathews
    Leo Mathews 1 month ago

    24:35 lol his only fan

  • None Ya
    None Ya 1 month ago

    Starting off with The Pledge of Allegiance? Allegiance to what, corporate and oligarch interests? Because, that's what our government is really all about. Freedom and democracy are illusions. Our politicians have zero fidelity to The Pledge and The Constitution. Patriotism and religion are the most common tricks politicians and shysters use to gain our trust.
    And, if this country ever fell into anarchy, the first to flee and salute foreign flags would be the wealthy and our leaders. They only worship money.

    • DatGrA2b
      DatGrA2b 25 days ago

      None Ya true

    • None Ya
      None Ya 1 month ago

      Eff you too, dumb ass. Wise up. Go read a book.

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 1 month ago

      Get lost, clown.

  • flanthemanable
    flanthemanable 1 month ago

    Let me finish is going down in 2018...

  • Pat Cavanaugh
    Pat Cavanaugh 1 month ago

    bla...bla...bla...after all the childhood tribulation, still no compassion for the suffering of others...

  • bob See
    bob See 1 month ago

    Fucking evil politician

  • Ivica Jaranovic
    Ivica Jaranovic 1 month ago

    Slaves to flag

  • Aubrey De Bliquy
    Aubrey De Bliquy 1 month ago

    Damn, Whore media propaganda is effective.
    Does everyone swallow this Russian nothingburger?
    Its just a designed distraction from the corruption that saturates the ruling elite across both parties.

  • Gina Whiteley
    Gina Whiteley 1 month ago

    Excellent questions. Single Payer is the only answer because there are no insurance companies and no multi-million dollar and billion dollar CEO salaries. Hawaii has Single Payer/Medical for all (same). California almost had it until the Republicans pulled in "the terminator" to veto it. As far as the rich or ignorant that have "different opinions," they are irrelevant!

  • Benny Hill
    Benny Hill 1 month ago

    Are these idiots aware who and what Hitlery Clinton is?

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

    MacArthur ducked the question about rape being a pre-existing condition. Twice.

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

    MacArthur: "...There are some people who would disagree with you."

    Unseen man: "Probably because they watch Fox News!"


  • burtosis
    burtosis 1 month ago

    Oh gee, be a smart consumer? Yes! Let's see how that works... I get a heart attack so now is the time to start reading brochures, comparing acrane prices that aren't even available to the public, and determine which hospital and doctor gets me the best value. When I've come to, and the hallucination wears off, I'll be screwed for $100k even with insurance. But wait there's more! If I try to get preventative care, it often won't be covered under this plan, thus leading to far more profits for companies, but death and crippling health issues for the masses. It's crap like this that dosent fly in any other developed nation in the world.

  • jaydeeh77
    jaydeeh77 1 month ago

    This politician is a fucking loser!

  • CorvetteKid
    CorvetteKid 1 month ago

    Single-payer is a cute buzz-phrase for liberal elites and the economically ignorant who have never taken a job in Economics or Finance or Business.

    It's supported by people who majored in English, Sociology, Women's Studies, Black Studies, Psychology, or Anthropology. Or never graduated high school.

    The same people who support Single Payer also thought we were running out of oil in 1980 and again in 2008 with "Peak Oil."

    People who think Single Payer is good probably think mail delivery would be better with a U.S. Government monopoly like the Post Office and eliminating Federal Express and UPS.

  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 1 month ago

    Didn't any of these mofo'ing repugnicans ever watch The Grapes of Wrath? They're all as ignorant as Trump who obviously never learned about Watergate. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Now truer words ever spoken.

  • youwatch2muchtv
    youwatch2muchtv 1 month ago

    34:00 and onward

  • Dan Ames
    Dan Ames 1 month ago

    but,but...Dump said Hilla ry required a special independent committee about her emails

  • Joan Meijer
    Joan Meijer 1 month ago

    Life stories of people without compassion are totally uninteresting - You cannot voted for a healthcare bill that provides no health care and give a rats ass about your constituents. The gentleman who said that this member of the house was the greatest threat to him and his family in America is absolutely right. And this man should lose his seat. So should my house member Steve Knight....

    • Empress Empress
      Empress Empress 1 month ago

      Joan Meijer The fact is that politicians do not give a damn about Americans. Without jobs in so many states, Americans are going to start dying and there goes the fall of America. This corrupt government keeps giving Israel billions of our taxpayers money each year and yet they don't give a penny for our domestic needs.

  • anthony toscano
    anthony toscano 1 month ago

    GOP feeding B S Spin for the 1% DENY, DENY, Corruption at work

  • Agueda C
    Agueda C 1 month ago

    Tom MacArthur...  a "Yes" man to the orange baffon..

  • Alfred Lampkin
    Alfred Lampkin 1 month ago

    lying congressman

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 1 month ago

    If you don't like Trump ,get the fuck out of America, It was you Obama Care that messed up everything,

    • Sean Flanagan
      Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

      That's the sign of a thin skin, someone like Trump who can't take criticism, who thinks his hero Trump is always right.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 1 month ago

    At last Trump worked for his money. Hillary just sold secrets to the enemy.

    • Sean Flanagan
      Sean Flanagan 1 month ago

      You're joking! Trump worked for his money? He was born into wealth. His money was inherited.

  • nrew eel
    nrew eel 1 month ago

    define "the market will fail" vs the market can't earn the billions it has been earning before obamacare

  • Allard Freichmann
    Allard Freichmann 1 month ago

    There will be no flag nor a coffin to bury the poor and sick.

  • Daniel Crimmins
    Daniel Crimmins 1 month ago

    Daisy Conaway 2036

  • Saralan Chen
    Saralan Chen 1 month ago

    For him to ask for respect must be an impractical joke... You do not ask nor are entitled to any respect when you are a hypocritical twat.

  • BonerMaroner
    BonerMaroner 1 month ago

    Fox Political entertainment or what I call propaganda central. This guy wants to create High risk pools for the government to pay for, to give insurance companies the healthy best risk for a profit

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 1 month ago

      No, because a small number of high-risks screws up the pricing for the rest of us.

      Thanks for showing your economic ignorance.

  • Sacred Grooves
    Sacred Grooves 1 month ago

    When $200billion is needed and this bill allocates $138billion... and suddenly another $8billion being added is this a success? What happened to mathematical basics?

  • redlightcivic
    redlightcivic 1 month ago

    All civility and respect has been lost. The Left claims the Right are the mean and hateful bunch. I couldn't sit through the entire thing. The part which I did watch was full of misinformation and hysteria. First, if you are employed at one company, move to another company and have a pre-existing condition, that condition will be covered. It has been that way for decades. ANY coverage that is part of a group plan MUST cover pre-existing conditions. The "pre-existing" mandate, or lack there of, would apply to less than 10 percent of folks. For the most part, we are talking about folks who chose not to endure the cost of health insurance and wait until they get sick to look for a policy. I say we force the auto insurance industry to do the same. Yep, drive around for years, don't purchase insurance and pocket the savings. Then when you crash your car, call up the insurance company and say, "Hey, I want to buy an insurance policy that covers the crash I had yesterday. PLUS, you can't charge me a dime more than the guy who has maintained insurance on his vehicle for years!". Man, this is awesome. Let's do the same with life insurance. "Hello, is this State Farm? I want to buy a life insurance policy for my wife, a million dollar policy." State Farm: "What is her age and how is her health?". Customer: "Well, she is dead, died yesterday. Make it a two million dollar policy." Sounds completely reasonable to me!

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn 1 month ago

    The only ones that have a bad brain is these people in the room. I'm for, voted for, and will stick up for president Trump. I'm for a wall. I'm for illegal aliens to go back home. I'm for babies that are murdered every day. I'm for laws. Not lawlessness. I'm for taking down the Democrats. I'm a born again Christian, and I know the signs of end times. I'm for kids going to college to not be brain washed by college professors. And I'm for Jesus my savior. blessings

  • TiLi C
    TiLi C 1 month ago

    Its obvious that the majority of people on the microphone are suffering from an extremely rare case of schizophrenia called "THE LEFT". What's worst is that there is no cure for that, at least for 4-years if not more.

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman 1 month ago

    This show just how fucking stupid the Democratic party is truly the party of disgrace with all the Shit Obama put on the American people let alone the Obama care disco screwed mess on health care The people of Willingboro, N.J. are really sick in the head mentally ill without direction you people are a disgrace to New Jersey.

  • Sue S
    Sue S 1 month ago

    If it was TomMacArthur's Mother or sister or daughter he would have a different view.This man is evil incarnate .....just sayin. what an asshole

  • Sue S
    Sue S 1 month ago

    Tom MacArthur is a total piece of shit who agrees with insurance companies who do nothing but paperwork verses caring for everyday ppl

  • Sue S
    Sue S 1 month ago

    Tom MacArthur is a corporate crony asshole who doesn't care about the citizens of this country

  • Sue S
    Sue S 1 month ago

    For real this guy can go and fuck himself...obviously...
    Small is no excuse with as many ppl there are in this fuckin country...we have far more healthy ppl than sick ppl. what a fuckin asshole

  • Allen Smithee
    Allen Smithee 1 month ago

    Viva revolution!

  • Vic deA
    Vic deA 1 month ago

    The representative from N.J's position on healthcare is truly unconscionable. But after hearing his horrific tragedy losing a baby daughter. It's baffling as well.

  • janet diaz
    janet diaz 1 month ago

    lets break this down simply.if u r in good health today some day u will get sick. u will then b moved into a healthcare risk pool when u need the help the most. this is what he is double talking around. if u like this please keep voting for theses liers.

  • Aly Reyes
    Aly Reyes 1 month ago

    you're in NJ representing NJ and you're ganna bullshit the people ..I'm glad they lit this POS ass up

  • OHIOspikey
    OHIOspikey 1 month ago

    Overall prices will decrease as a result of single payer system. Of course, under that system, for individuals it's a matter of taxes. However since the government would be the sole payer to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, this creates a monopoly that the government has. Monopolies have the power to dictate prices, not negotiate. Either they agree with the prices, or they go out of business. This is the power we need working for the people. What we have right now is the opposite. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries dictate what the prices are, and if you can't pay, then you suffer or die.

  • flyingrabbit
    flyingrabbit 1 month ago

    As I understand it -- people fear that under Trumpcare if they are raped and take preventative medication for HIV- they could be denied- it doesn't specifically say rape in the bill- but that it how they insurance companies find out and reject people. They can't do that with Obamacare, but they did that before Obamacare- and with Obamacare gone they will do it again. They also could reject people if they got any therapy after rape because that would be a pre-existing condition.

  • flyingrabbit
    flyingrabbit 1 month ago

    Medicare is the most efficient healthcare system with the lowest overhead- medicare for all would solve the problem- insurance companies- out-to-make-a-profit by rejecting peoples claims are never going to work.

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 1 month ago

      Medicare...forecast to cost $9 BB in 1990 back in 1965....instead it cost over $60 BB.....yeah, that's efficient.

  • Fiery One
    Fiery One 1 month ago

    "Is rape a pre-existing condition??" - Its not everyday you hear a total idiot asking a question and being applauded for that stupidity. No prob with grilling on legit issues..but really...

  • Beelzebob the innocent

    what a lying piece of shit tom is

  • Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art

    Single payer will eliminate insurance companies!
    They give GOP members a lot of money!
    Why would MacArthur and his Republican buddies want to do that?

    • Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art
      Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art 1 month ago

      Single payer would guarantee health insurance for all Americans and eliminate the chance of people losing their homes after getting sick!

    • CorvetteKid
      CorvetteKid 1 month ago

      Single payer empowers government. It's a government monopoly like the US Postal Service. No FedX or UPS.

      Why would liberals want that ?

  • Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art

    The GOP could care less about optics!!!

  • Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art

    MacArthur, if they are all affected by your crap legislation, they should all be able to ask you anything!!!

  • Tung Tran
    Tung Tran 1 month ago

    Put a tophat on MacArthur and he looks like every greedy businessman I've ever envisioned.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 1 month ago

    So happy that the shrapnel from the "Trump Hang-grenade" is wounding sorry politicians like Rep. MacArthur!

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 1 month ago

    "pre-existing" condition makes no grammatical, logical, ethical or medical sense. It's simply an insurance industry word to avoid payment.

  • Odie
    Odie 1 month ago

    He was trying to put everyone to sleep, but it didn't work!

  • Cyph3r -xx-
    Cyph3r -xx- 1 month ago

    I don't give credit to politicians who come out to see voters...these mofos work for us, 💩🙃

  • First Last
    First Last 1 month ago

    Tom MacArthur bought off corporate puppet.

  • genuineuni
    genuineuni 1 month ago

    Allow me to tell you about the Willingboro scum. It appeared their black female mayor instructed police officers to allow drag racing 100 MPH and betting. I can see why they HATE President Trump, since THEIR goal is to destroy America. Don't waste time with their Satanic minds.

  • Gary Sutphin
    Gary Sutphin 1 month ago

    What an arrogant, clueless DICKHEAD! .Rrepulsive lying
    piece of shit. I'm one of you. Horse-shit! Begging for sympathy.

  • Cedarflame
    Cedarflame 1 month ago

    Where is MacArthur coming from? Trump did not win the State of New Jersey.

  • Patti Barfield
    Patti Barfield 1 month ago

    Unless Rep McArthur can TALK me into a DR or Hospital when my family or me are ill, he may as well not waste my time.This healthcare HE VOTED FOR is junk. Vote him out.

  • Zombie Killa
    Zombie Killa 1 month ago

    this guy has a preexisting condition, cause he was raped by the people in this room

  • Margo McLeod
    Margo McLeod 1 month ago

    CORPORATE LOBBYIST FAT CAT REPUBLICAN STOOGE!! stop talking about yourself shithead! how about we take away YOUR healthcare!? GOP SCUM!!!

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