Future - Mask Off (Marshmello Remix) (Audio)

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  • Music video by Future performing Mask Off. (C) 2017 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment with A1 / Freebandz

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  • Runtime: 3:1
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  • Michael Peralta
    Michael Peralta 18 minutes ago

    This song makes me wanna eat cereal with no milk

  • Aurora Music.
    Aurora Music. 3 hours ago

    shit remix

  • HarroWin Injektion
    HarroWin Injektion 4 hours ago

    WAIT.... MARSHMELLO?! JERSEY CLUB?!.... never expected marshmello to do a Jersey Club drop

  • Nelly Estrada
    Nelly Estrada 12 hours ago

    not bad is 🙆

  • vincent wolfe
    vincent wolfe 12 hours ago

    chase a check, never chase a bitch.

  • Raúl Cahuana
    Raúl Cahuana 15 hours ago

    P e r c o c e t - Daddy Yankee.

  • Alex Migirov
    Alex Migirov 16 hours ago

    This songs makes me tell my parents they are adopted

  • Lorenzo Varini
    Lorenzo Varini 17 hours ago


  • Ace Gaming
    Ace Gaming 17 hours ago

    so does this go in my electronic or hip-hop playlist?

  • Laijla Lindkvist
    Laijla Lindkvist 18 hours ago

    This remix is FIRE🔥

  • SnowyNightCore 66
    SnowyNightCore 66 19 hours ago

    could u sub to me please?

  • Rasťo Podracký
    Rasťo Podracký 23 hours ago

    milujem toto

  • iKiss YourGirl GamingTV [MLG]

    My skeleton listened to this and now he is a human

  • Hacker swag gamer

    +1 who's like it❤😍

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon 1 day ago

    fuck it, jack off

  • Space Alien
    Space Alien 1 day ago

    i love hip hop but this is fucking garbage along with the whole mumble rap genre. crap music making kids fucking dumb.

  • Xence Last
    Xence Last 1 day ago

    Marshmello underrated

  • Anime Panda
    Anime Panda 1 day ago

    Song makes me want to read the terms and conditions when registering.

  • Nyc_jeffrey 13
    Nyc_jeffrey 13 1 day ago

    Idk if it's just me but I could already imagine someone going hard when the beat drops or doing something retarded

  • VOID
    VOID 1 day ago

    noone gonna mention how this a str8 rip of carmack's remix

  • Edmaje Gaming
    Edmaje Gaming 1 day ago

    What would you do if you were the only one on earth with only future or lighting McQueen, which one would ya choose?

  • O. Alejandro M.M
    O. Alejandro M.M 1 day ago


  • KiDKiWi
    KiDKiWi 1 day ago

    never expected this

  • Ana Carneiro
    Ana Carneiro 1 day ago

    Sorry bra I didn't feel it

  • Blue Vacktor
    Blue Vacktor 1 day ago

    this song made me phase through trumps wall.

  • Trap
    Trap 1 day ago

    This song make me to comment on this video oh yes and Wright the sentence wrong...

  • tatestudios510
    tatestudios510 1 day ago

    Wtf is the drop lmao

  • DeckyZalxa
    DeckyZalxa 1 day ago

    1:05 Spongebob and those squeeky boots😂

  • Uriel Garcia
    Uriel Garcia 1 day ago

    Twerk Twerk Twerk😂😂

  • -Movaero -
    -Movaero - 1 day ago

    why does it sound like a club jersey remix? 😂

  • SIX
    SIX 1 day ago

    The Video Description seems acurate.

  • Raphael Gomi
    Raphael Gomi 1 day ago

    expected alot worse! Sometimes it's better to not change too much when remixing

  • Alfonso Quiñones Vera

    This song makes me wanna dont answer to Dora the Explorer..

  • Stellar Pepsi
    Stellar Pepsi 1 day ago

    I originally thought the beginning was "Parkinson's, died of Parkinson's"

  • Alex Scoot
    Alex Scoot 1 day ago

    Iubirea mea nr 1

  • Ankur Goon
    Ankur Goon 1 day ago

    who else had the first thoughts that it was a face reveal

  • Sanaa-Rose Uyinmwen

    This beat is fire!!!!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎

  • vishal chowdary
    vishal chowdary 1 day ago

    wtf is this?

  • DCFanatic7
    DCFanatic7 1 day ago

    Who hacked Futures youtube and put this garbage on here?

  • Kiru.
    Kiru. 2 days ago

    I very very love this *-*

  • snowshark motovlog
    snowshark motovlog 2 days ago

    msk on

  • Taurus Gaming
    Taurus Gaming 2 days ago

    God dammit Marshmello shouldn't remix this song, wrong choice. Should have been another artist

  • Emeline Pioli
    Emeline Pioli 2 days ago

    Love it the remix 👍❤

  • Lost Forever
    Lost Forever 2 days ago

    Awesome Remix its lit af

  • Exo dus
    Exo dus 2 days ago

    lol this remix is horrible but I expected nothing good from marshmello

  • Aeon Olivera
    Aeon Olivera 2 days ago

    marshmello, "mask off"
    how ironic

  • Best Of it
    Best Of it 2 days ago

    MARSHMELLO brings out the bst🤙🤙

  • Joyce Medina
    Joyce Medina 2 days ago

    beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎭🎭🎭🎭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄🔥🔥⚡🔥

  • I'm the one Ye
    I'm the one Ye 2 days ago

    Marshmello should get his mask off mask off

  • kuroichan101
    kuroichan101 2 days ago

    The only thing good about this is the beat. ONLY THE BEAT.

  • for the boys
    for the boys 2 days ago

    this is so ass

  • Dustin R
    Dustin R 2 days ago

    dangdut be like

  • Abdullah Faysal
    Abdullah Faysal 2 days ago


  • Hey
    Hey 2 days ago


  • Bonge Sob
    Bonge Sob 2 days ago

    does mike wasowski wink or blink

  • NV DR
    NV DR 2 days ago

    This song makes me wanna eat my shit.

  • Dj Ercik Kral Hazretleri

    Molly purple sex

  • angel flow supreme
    angel flow supreme 2 days ago

    i have to admit lit

  • Wisse Klaassen
    Wisse Klaassen 2 days ago

    Sooo gooooooddd

  • Wisse Klaassen
    Wisse Klaassen 2 days ago

    What a song menn

  • GodzillaXAbudAwwal
    GodzillaXAbudAwwal 2 days ago

    is this a remix for white people because I ain't getting it

  • -Mine is very long-

    The new marshmallow mask is gonna be the skimask with marshmellows symbols. Watch I bet.

  • fueganese
    fueganese 2 days ago


  • Adam Basche
    Adam Basche 2 days ago

    Techno djs ruin every son

  • jeffrey
    jeffrey 2 days ago

    I'm better than this

  • Hotshot_9930
    Hotshot_9930 2 days ago

    this shit was too lit. every hit song should do a remix like this

  • Hotshot_9930
    Hotshot_9930 2 days ago

    wtf is a marshmall remix?

  • jacey nichols
    jacey nichols 2 days ago


    PLLAVCI PLLAVCI 2 days ago


  • Emilio Garcia
    Emilio Garcia 2 days ago

    I love marshmallow

  • Elijah Henderson
    Elijah Henderson 2 days ago

    lighting does not because he is broke

  • Pedro Pereira
    Pedro Pereira 3 days ago

    portugalllll ale

  • Hueva de Pescado
    Hueva de Pescado 3 days ago


  • Pigston545
    Pigston545 3 days ago

    Here before 1 million views (:

  • SIM
    SIM 3 days ago


  • Lil Nick TheThird
    Lil Nick TheThird 3 days ago

    Nice marshmallow remix I fucking like it it's fucking lit

  • İçinizden Biri
    İçinizden Biri 3 days ago

    Türkler +1

  • LittleGiant 27
    LittleGiant 27 3 days ago

    this song wants me to open my google chrome and search google :))

  • Kasia kasia
    Kasia kasia 3 days ago


  • What The?!
    What The?! 3 days ago

    I don't understand. Marshmello is such a good producer and then he produces this piece of shit. The drop really doesn't fit. He didnt even sidechain the song to fit on the kick. A heavier Marshmello drop with distorted sub bass would have been fit so much better.

  • Abel Claude
    Abel Claude 3 days ago

    The best remix of Mask Off thanks Marshmello

  • ProofStriker
    ProofStriker 3 days ago

    This song makes me relax :)

  • 86littel
    86littel 3 days ago

    watch fullscreen en type awesome :p

  • beating uncle over 9000

    Can a homeless man get homework?

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson 3 days ago

    this song made me want to be a Muslim and eat pork

  • Steven Khammo
    Steven Khammo 3 days ago

    pls send this video to marshmello so he take his MASK OFF

  • Tommie Ollie
    Tommie Ollie 3 days ago


  • SparkTM
    SparkTM 3 days ago


  • Dj Reaper
    Dj Reaper 3 days ago

    this video is to powerful holding back tears.:'(

  • Jerrod Maples
    Jerrod Maples 3 days ago

    Sounds like marshmallow remixed this in an hour...

  • Caldo Santo
    Caldo Santo 3 days ago

    something different cool thoe i got me a remix as well spanish

  • Rafa:v
    Rafa:v 3 days ago

    Neta te la mamaste Marshmello :'v

  • Lucy piola vos no
    Lucy piola vos no 3 days ago

    c'est fantastique

    NEED FOR WEED 3 days ago


  • Chris S
    Chris S 3 days ago

    Hey marshmello.... I could have made this. Stick to your sick future bass beats that's what you're the best at

  • Lelie Palacios
    Lelie Palacios 3 days ago

    Dang squid ward killin it 😂

  • raaffioly
    raaffioly 3 days ago

    basicly yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (A-Track Remix)

  • Paola Salazar
    Paola Salazar 3 days ago

    Yassss marry me future

  • Zsombor Pásztor
    Zsombor Pásztor 3 days ago

    my nigga future...what u doin?

  • Troi Fryson
    Troi Fryson 3 days ago

    This makes me want to stitch someones asshole shut and keep feeding them laxatives.

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