Prank Call (Your wife is having my baby)

Something heard on the radio :)

Nephew Tommy does a prank call on this woman's husband to see how he reacts...
and his reaction is priceless, lol.

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Author YourArgumentIsInvalid (2 months)
What an unfunny "prank". Could've easily lead to a murder case. Rightly so.

Author Mariah Tatum (1 month)
O that was funny!

Author Mariah Tatum (1 month)
O that was funny!

Author Tanya chigz (8 months)
calm down people some of y'all really have got issues don't start
mentioning race just listen to the damn thing without having to over
analyse everything. if i was him i would flip i wouldn't want a white child
when me and my husband are black...damnn people smh

Author Maria J (11 months)
"are you black?!" OMG i just can't it's so funny

Author supplysarge (8 months)

Author Floridathebest (3 years)
@jasminesexy16 if his response wasnt racist then there wouldnt have been a

Author uechiblu3000 (2 years)
Yeah, the baby's race definitely wouldn't matter. The lawsuit on the clinic
would be the focus.

Author roxxy roxx (3 years)
iget y he was mad....they went for that specific reason and they're white
ppl.....and married wif a blak kid....white ppl care what ppl think about

Author Bychance37 (2 years)
LMAO this is funny as hell!!!

Author kkizzil (3 years)

Author Larry Malbrue (2 years)

Author newbrood87 (2 years)
hahah funny but still hes racist

Author TheMyacampbell (2 years)
for real tho

Author Ships and Eyes (1 year)
It's not only the fact that he thought his wife was having another man's
child. It's the fact that he brought race into it. Stop covering for him.

Author kikiwest2001 (2 years)
this is not racist....if it was the other way around it would not be
considered racist!

Author jasonshasen (1 year)
my god this is awsome

Author joe dex (1 year)
crazy stuff

Author misse2000 (3 years)
Wow racist..ugh

Author Alana-Miyo Kang (3 years)
is he calling him a crazy nigger?

Author Virtualhiccup (2 years)
That's cruel. Some jokes should just not be pulled.

Author KevinRachidDick (3 years)
My wife is gonna have a fucking black baby!! xD please dont be giving the
baby no white name whuahhaha

Author only1skinnyboo (3 years)

Author Agrivated Killah (2 years)
@kevenater Not sound stupid.

Author Shelby Dooley (2 years)
whats with all these racist peices of shit around? like seriously!! we're
all the same doesnt matter what color. like bitch please, fucking say that
to their face and watch your ass get kicked.

Author BlackSoultan (2 years)
@baybay1489 Yeah, I'm sure that's it...

Author darrella300 (2 years)
What was lame about that joke whit guy turned it a raciest situation he
wasnt wooried about his wife haven the wrong dna, notice he gets really
pissed when he knows the guy is black now wht the hell does it matter the
point of the joke was ur wife doest have ur dna the convo became rasiest
maby if the guy wasnt black the white guy wouldnt have jumped off the deep
in. So justify that raciest shii if u can !!!

Author Nichole Martin (2 years)
This is messed up! Closet racists. A Black baby was more upsetting then the
mistake. (smh) Absurd.

Author Healthyland (3 years)
@Iluvbnnatural20 I agree with you. I think he was more upset that the child
would be biracial than anything. But I'm not sure if I think its racist or
not because who knows what he would have said once he left the line?

Author Jermaine Bruce (2 years)
lmaooooooooooo im black this was too funnyyyyyy

Author WayneTatum (3 years)
Lol. Blacks say stuff about white people when they get upset too. We all do
it. That guy that overcharged you at the store suddenly becomes the white
bitch or Chines bastard. Every race does it d

Author TheAngel70127 (2 years)
Really? well i don't think so because the baby would be light skin most
likely, and most black people are self haters of their own race so the
closer the baby would be white the better they feel because they feel that
white people are more superior than them anyways. he'll just probably be
mad the ''expected one thing wholeheartedly part and got something else,
having some other man's baby part''. rather than the fact that the baby is
bi-racial, because most black people love light skin more.

Author 1superNATURALwoman (3 years)
Obviously, he's not racist if he listens to the Steve Harvey Morning Show
all the time AND his wife actually called in the prank. I'm sure he was
just concerned that there would be no way to conceal the fact that his
wife's child was not his. The only part that stuck out though was the fact
that he asked was Tommy black just because he used the term "baby's daddy"
as though we're the only group of people that use the term. I'm Black and I
never use the term. Either way... This was funny as heck!

Author Paul Saunders (3 years)
by far the funniest thing ive ever heard !

Author James Arrington (2 years)
y? If you heard a white person say "baby daddy" you would say he thinks he
is black.

Author uncoverbrother (2 years)
white people are SOOOOO racist. they hide behind the politically correct
requirements of the day, but deep down they still feel the same way about
black people: that they are superior and they shouldn't mix races. this
prank was more offensive than funny.

Author James Ambrose (2 years)
This was funny as hell!

Author jenniferkizzle (3 years)
I noticed that when the white man found out it was a prank from steve
harvey, he switched up his whole attitude and was talking like he was
black.. That's fuckin crazy.. White bastard!! That's why I hate white
people, and I'm white myself.. Punk ass bitches!!

Author kakboi6688846993 (3 years)
all this stuff is uh confidential n im kinda offended that ur uh calling me
uhh... so white

Author rjpkool24 (1 year)

Author TheAngel70127 (2 years)
that everything light skin isnt pretty but thats YOUR opinion, im talking
about what majority of black people in the world think of themselves as,

Author MsTank Dempsey (2 years)
I ain't payin' no child support! XD.

Author Zoe6bang (2 years)
Damn right

Author Layla Lamb (2 years)
Wow! He asked was this a black person....smh this make me mad!!

Author bryant49 (1 year)
oooo shit this was hilarious

Author SuperTinker09 (2 years)
Lol im mixed and i love how white people go off lol funny

Author BigkKinny (2 years)
Why would he be mad? He could have the next Blake Griffin as his son.

Author TheInfamousLaugh (2 years)
I don't understand how anyone can surmise that he is racist based on what
was said. He thought his wife was going to have another mans child. The
fact that it's going to be another skin color would have amplified the
problem. Why? Because they would have had to answer questions such as ..
did your wife cheat on you, was the baby adopted, was the baby from another
marriage.. etc etc.. so it does make a big difference.. I think the baby
would have been just as loved either way.

Author thycknyss (2 years)
the unedited version is probably brutal. I wonder how many times he dropped
the "N" word. But......he listens to your show ALL the time. (I"'m not
racist. I have black friends"). I guess it was funny.

Author headbuster1980 (3 years)
lol funny shit

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