Prank Call (Your wife is having my baby)

Something heard on the radio :)

Nephew Tommy does a prank call on this woman's husband to see how he reacts...
and his reaction is priceless, lol.

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Author Veez Trippin ( ago)
😂😂😂😂 he hella mad

Author Low Low ( ago)
From one black man to the guy they were pranking I will respect your
restraint your calm demeanor and your choice of words. if everyone else had
that kind of self control this would be a better world. that is one cool
respectful white guy!

Author Alicia McGill ( ago)
Wow smh he really had him going lmao_gotta love nephew tommy 

Author Alicia McGill ( ago)
Omg so funny _lmfao

Author john gillard ( ago)
Wow! Had that fellow going, so cool though his anger was smooth at the
caller not the wife and child. :)

Author Yvonne Brown ( ago)
He had him going dam to dam funny LMAO 

Author Yvonne Brown ( ago)
He had him going dam to dam funny LMAO 

Author Michelle Parker (890 years ago)
It doesn't happen that nooo way, he said. He'll pay child support too. Tooo
funny. OmG

Author Michelle Parker (990 years ago)
Looool ahaaaaaa

Author Abner Mathis ( ago)
I don't think he was racist I think he was hurt by me being a black man and
the table was turn I would have showed out to.

Author Mariah Tatum ( ago)
O that was funny!

Author Mariah Tatum ( ago)
O that was funny!

Author YourArgumentIsInvalid ( ago)
What an unfunny "prank". Could've easily lead to a murder case. Rightly so.

Author Tanya chigz ( ago)
calm down people some of y'all really have got issues don't start
mentioning race just listen to the damn thing without having to over
analyse everything. if i was him i would flip i wouldn't want a white child
when me and my husband are black...damnn people smh

Author supplysarge ( ago)

Author Maria J ( ago)
"are you black?!" OMG i just can't it's so funny

Author Ships and Eyes ( ago)
It's not only the fact that he thought his wife was having another man's
child. It's the fact that he brought race into it. Stop covering for him.

Author Chassiter Johnson ( ago)
This did not sound racist at all people have their right to their own
preference at not one time you heard him say anything racist people chill

Author Chara Wells ( ago)
Yalls mad that this white man didnt want a mixed baby, but black women hate
when black men date white women. Double Standard.

Author Kevin Hale ( ago)
LMAO......I would be pissed too..

Author bryant49 ( ago)
oooo shit this was hilarious

Author WarezStuff ( ago)
I'll take any race for the sake of caring for the child, your argument is
now invalid.

Author sexyladyindc24 ( ago)
This was hilarious

Author Ling Earth ( ago)
Relax! he was quoting the guy making the prank call. Did you even listen to
the whole thing? Seems like you're the one looking for trouble.

Author joe dex ( ago)
crazy stuff

Author Boosie Jones ( ago)
Steve brought that all the way back around.I was fooled.

Author Stew Bedazzle ( ago)
I think anyone would be mad If they found out their wife was having someone
else's baby...racist moron.

Author jasonshasen ( ago)
my god this is awsome

Author xposd1 ( ago)
Hey MrSammy1776, get your head out of your ass and that dick out of your

Author Poopy Butt ( ago)

Author CrunchPictures ( ago)
Yes, right!But you went deeeeep man.

Author Hannah Morris ( ago)
I can't believe this guy believed it so easily.

Author Diedhard ( ago)

Author Darrin Williams ( ago)
a white man with a black baby is gonna make it a complicated situation i
mean people will talk and his life and his wife's would be changed forever
not racist to be pissed if my wife was pregnant with a white baby i
wouldn't be to happy either.

Author Larry Malbrue (699 years ago)

Author Viking Poodle ( ago)
Well.. I don't know about you. But if I found out that my wife was
accidentally having someone else's kid, I'd be pretty god damn pissed too.

Author Virtualhiccup ( ago)
That's cruel. Some jokes should just not be pulled.

Author TheresaM09 ( ago)
Lol im mixed and i love how white people go off lol funny

Author uechiblu3000 ( ago)
Yeah, the baby's race definitely wouldn't matter. The lawsuit on the clinic
would be the focus.

Author letskeepitreal89 ( ago)
Hes not racist and im black

Author keith honeyghan ( ago)
funny as hell love it.

Author Zachselfmade ( ago)
I dont think he racist he just was expected a white baby because he is
white and so is his wife.

Author thycknyss ( ago)
the unedited version is probably brutal. I wonder how many times he dropped
the "N" word. But......he listens to your show ALL the time. (I"'m not
racist. I have black friends"). I guess it was funny.

Author Shelby Dooley (1760 years ago)
whats with all these racist peices of shit around? like seriously!! we're
all the same doesnt matter what color. like bitch please, fucking say that
to their face and watch your ass get kicked.

Author MrBluedog1212 ( ago)
Tommy is not funny at all. LAME. The call is funny but on the show Tommy is
lame as hell.

Author James Arrington ( ago)
y? If you heard a white person say "baby daddy" you would say he thinks he
is black.

Author James Arrington ( ago)
How would a black person react if it was the white guy that did it. We are
just as closeted or outright with it as whites. Think about that Chris Rock
bit that talks about how racist old black men are.

Author uncoverbrother ( ago)
white people are SOOOOO racist. they hide behind the politically correct
requirements of the day, but deep down they still feel the same way about
black people: that they are superior and they shouldn't mix races. this
prank was more offensive than funny.

Author Layla Lamb ( ago)
Wow! He asked was this a black person....smh this make me mad!!

Author CrunchPictures ( ago)
Now that asshole is so racist, i ain't black, i like black people as much
as white people in some situation i like them more, becuase they are racist
assholes like this guy ..And if something like this happend to me, i
wouldn't worry if the kid is black or white, i would care if it is mine or
not..Shit maan...

Author James Ambrose ( ago)
This was funny as hell!

Author Jermaine Bruce ( ago)
lmaooooooooooo im black this was too funnyyyyyy

Author Chris Cross ( ago)
so is he pissed that shes having a black baby or just another mans baby.
which is worst to him xD

Author MsInconvenience ( ago)
Very true...

Author kikiwest2001 ( ago)
this is not racist....if it was the other way around it would not be
considered racist!

Author liacashmere58 ( ago)
How would YOU know the MAJORITY of black people have self hate? Did they
call YOU and tell you? I mean since you speak for the MAJORITY of black
people. I'm just saying their are black people ALL over the world, I guess
you know how the MAJORITY of black folks in america, africa, france,
brazil, haiti, trinidad, jamaica, London, Puerto Rico,etc feel. Since you
know MOST of us want a white man's baby (eye roll)

Author TheAngel70127 ( ago)

Author TheAngel70127 ( ago)
that everything light skin isnt pretty but thats YOUR opinion, im talking
about what majority of black people in the world think of themselves as,

Author TheAngel70127 ( ago)
well mabey you and the people that you know arent self hating black people.
im talking about the MAJORITY of black people worldwide, you know, the ones
YOU dont know? WHO IS CONDITIONED AND bRAINED WASHED! well those are the
ones, and fyi i dont watch tv at all, cos im pretty sure theyre not talking
about anything INTERESTING to me, an even if i did watch tv, the rap videos
and that your talking about are promoting self hatred if you look closely

Author liacashmere58 ( ago)
I don't know where you got that crap from. I'm a black woman and very proud
of. I don't know nor have I ever mat any black woman who hates herself and
wants to be white or feels white people are better and I'm 33 years old.
You've been watching too much tv. Don't let the rap videos fool you.
Everyone does not want to be light skin cause everything light skin is not

Author TheAngel70127 ( ago)
Really? well i don't think so because the baby would be light skin most
likely, and most black people are self haters of their own race so the
closer the baby would be white the better they feel because they feel that
white people are more superior than them anyways. he'll just probably be
mad the ''expected one thing wholeheartedly part and got something else,
having some other man's baby part''. rather than the fact that the baby is
bi-racial, because most black people love light skin more.

Author 254jodie ( ago)
lol this shit funny

Author Zoe6bang (528 years ago)
Damn right

Author BigkKinny ( ago)
Why would he be mad? He could have the next Blake Griffin as his son.

Author 1word1heart2u ( ago)
He's not racist at all...That was funny....

Author RealLifeMama ( ago)
black babies are freakin awesome!!! :D

Author Love Lee ( ago)
He not mad his wife having another mans baby hes OFFENDED (his words)
because HIS WIFE IS HAVING A BLACKS MAN BABY! Its funny but like he said
IT's brought THE BEST out of him! It drives him nuts thinking like that
(his words) Nevertheless It's funny!

Author Genetics Is The Key ( ago)
All of you morons in the comments section need to grasp your emotions and
stop acting like little bitches. This is just a dumb prank or it's fake,
one of the two. Don't get all fucking mental over this video.

Author D McCrary ( ago)
Lmao!!! Yall need to chill the fuck out always claiming somebody racist. He
was emphasizing the black thing a little bit but what would make me shitty
if a white dude was sayin my woman was carrying his child too.

Author Bennie Mayshack ( ago)
I don't think this man is racist at all. How would YOU react if someone
called you and told YOU this? Would you be racist, or would you say the
same shit? " What?! My wife's havin a white man's baby? GTFOH!" Let's be

Author MYNXXX804 ( ago)

Author TheRealAR ( ago)
The black guy made more racist comments than the white man so why are yall
focusing on the white guy getting upset after finding out his wife is
having a baby by ANOTHER MAN, who is also ANOTHER RACE. If the guy who
called was Hispanic I'm sure he would've had the same reaction. Shut up
with the race talk cause he didn't even say anything racist. He was
shocked. Of course he's going to be that upset over news like that. Just
shut up. Damn.

Author xxxBlindxBetrayalxxx ( ago)
I don't really see it in the same way. I don't think he was upset that the
man was black but because the baby would not have looked like him. Because
the appearance is different between him and the baby he may have felt a
much greater distance between him and his baby. The pranker also didn't
really help keep the guy stay calm with all his comments. I doubt he is, as
you say, a closet racist considering how he had no ill feeling towards the
pranker and even said he listens to them all the time.

Author Nyk Watson ( ago)
This is messed up! Closet racists. A Black baby was more upsetting then the
mistake. (smh) Absurd.

Author Kim Todd ( ago)
@Azicpok1 Alot of all types of people are closet racist! It's not that big
a secret. there is a very small % of people that can actually see beyond
race and just sees the person. Race always plays a part. Even if some
people want to pretend it's all so in the past. I used to think that mostly
that stuffs only happening in the south anymore but the internet allows
people to say whatever they want and Wow the things people say. All over
the world..Scary

Author Kim Todd ( ago)
This is terrible.. Haa..haa..But he did get extra extra upset when he found
out the guy was black. The whole thing was bad but then the kids gonna be
black too!! OHN :/ he went in!!! Sad but yeah of coarse it coulda been much
worse. He's probably a little embarassed but I'm sure he won't admit it

Author shawnhi77 ( ago)
This guy is not a racist. He could have gone a lot futher than he did. This
guy is just really upset when he and his wife have tried all this time to
have a child. If the races were reverse a Black guy would have been just as

Author liquidblue ( ago)

Author evitafab ( ago)

Author mfpro ( ago)
that was funny. I didn't hear anything racial being said from the white
man. I'd lose it if my wife was having a white man's baby. Its just as bad
having another man's baby period, but at least it could be my own race. No
racist, just seriously funny

Author newbrood87 ( ago)
hahah funny but still hes racist

Author TheInfamousLaugh ( ago)
I don't understand how anyone can surmise that he is racist based on what
was said. He thought his wife was going to have another mans child. The
fact that it's going to be another skin color would have amplified the
problem. Why? Because they would have had to answer questions such as ..
did your wife cheat on you, was the baby adopted, was the baby from another
marriage.. etc etc.. so it does make a big difference.. I think the baby
would have been just as loved either way.

Author morriganwest (616 years ago)
me being half black and white mix I don't find this offensive or racist at
all now if he dropped the N bomb that would be racist His reaction was
normal I mean a black person would react the same way if they found out
potentially a kid of theirs would accidentally be inseminated by a white
guy's sperm. It's not so much the race it's the fact that it's not his

Author orangehatter ( ago)
Correction. We may have discrimination, but not all of us have racism. To
add, usually people say we all have racism in us is usually just an excuse
to be so...

Author SummerSissle ( ago)
Wow that white man is shocking his reaction to having a black child really
brought his really feeling out.

Author The7MICAH7 ( ago)
Don't be giving the baby no white name hahahaha

Author tahunter00 ( ago)
A mess

Author tahunter00 ( ago)
Ah mess

Author Agrivated Killah ( ago)
@kevenater Not sound stupid.

Author kevenater ( ago)
lol this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! we ALL have some element of racism in
us! no matter who you are or where you're from. plain and simple. it's
human nature

Author tashy0103 ( ago)
He sounds a bit judgmental when he discovers that the baby will be
bi-racial, but I guess that's because he supposedly says that he listens to
the,"The Steve Harvey Radio Show in the Morning" (Really called, The Steve
Harvey Morning Show)....cancels out the previous reactions he had.

Author Micah Lindstrom ( ago)
As much are there are white racists who have prejudice against black
people, I'm wondering how many black people have prejudices against white

Author BlackSoultan ( ago)
@baybay1489 Yeah, I'm sure that's it...

Author Elizabeth Smith ( ago)
sounds fake... to rehearse

Author Bychance37 ( ago)
LMAO this is funny as hell!!!

Author Valeria Berrios ( ago)

Author trackrock999 ( ago)
This is fake. The man on the line is Tom Mabe, who is famous for making his
own prank calls.

Author bowtubin ( ago)
This is about the wife having another man's baby primarily, but it is taken
to another level of anger by the husband when he realizes the baby is
black. There is an element of racism there, is not made up, it's just
there. racism exists from the subtle to the extreme, it simply is what it
is. For anyone who posts and thinks that "we" are just sensitive or
overreacting or prejudice or anything is an over simplification in my
opinion. Tommy interjects racism into the call as well as the wife.

Author ogounlurker ( ago)
come on, kill the "racism" shyt.. i'd be mad as fuck to if a gotdam justin
beiber or whatever popped out of my chicks womb..Yall niggas are hyper
sensitive.. Call jesse n al why dont ya

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