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Author James Mark Saporno (1 month)
Sa mga nagmamarurunong diyan, just because she couldn't speak the English
language properly doesn't mean she's not intelligent.

P.S. multiple intelligence 👌

Author lYmli lYmli (1 year)
she couldn't reply properly cos her english sucks? 

Author Irish Mae (2 months)
The fuck don't tell us why u can't answer the question. U join the pageant
cause ur ready! No excuses!

Author Randy Wats (1 month)
Why did they have the Q&A in English anyway? Filipinos can express better
in their own language. In international pageants, it's not uncommon for
Latin contestants to speak with an interpreter.

Author Eduardo Cabanag (11 days)
I'm so cringing right now. I'm only 13 and have already published an
English written book at age 11. Not that I'm being conceited or anything
here, it's just that. . . Argh! Being a grammar nazi and hearing a
grammatical error is the worst. If I had her looks, I'd practice my English
and wow the judges. Sadly, I'm just a nerd. -_- 

Author Kristine Austria (1 month)
Dont judge her . Hndi lahat ng tao perpekto , Di nga sya masyadong magaling
mag English pero nanalo sya ng dalawang awards .

Author Marc Stegan (6 months)
Look guys im not trying to be racist here, but this is almost 90% of how
they sound. Their comprehension, analysis and syntheses of information is
absurd. These people are like mindless bodies just walking around. 

Author 0hsiriusly (3 months)
fucking embarrassing LOL 

Author Jan Richard Matanguihan (28 days)
The cringe! Aaarrgh! It's so cringey im gonna die! 

Author Markjm Maquiraya (6 months)
It really sucks. every time I watch this, can't help myself but to laugh
again and again..and feel ashamed as well. I noticed even the other
candidates laughed at her. This is not just on how you walk, this is not
just about beauty...tsk! feel so sorry her. But at least..that's how she
had become famous. Its her trademark actually!

Author Ferds Younghusband (4 months)
hangkyut :)

Author Chesz Garcia (10 days)
confident naman si ate nakaya nga magenglish kahit di nya na alam kung tama
well that's confidence! :)

Author Revilina Cuver (2 days)
Yeah, is it her first pageant.

Author Leoneil Reyes (2 days)
Dont Judge Her

Author eloisa manzano (5 months)
#Luto kahit na matagal na to wla paring katarungan! kaya hndi umuunlad
ang Pilipinas eh!

Author The 6ix Side (1 month)
My Pamili is the most important persons in my life

Author omar robles (7 days)

Author Darlene Guingona (2 months)
she's in the TOUGH 10. lol

Author Davina Mühlethæler (5 months)
why dont' they just answer in filipino. is it really necessary for them to
speak in english when they can't speak it properly. 

Author Ella Grace Cerezo (1 month)
babagam 😂

Author Robert Stark (1 month)
I really can't help but laugh!! Hahaha. But then again, she's only 17 that
time. So acceptable enough. :))

Author Don Kenn June Lomuntad (4 months)
Hindi ako maka get over sa nangyari na to. Top 10 nga bobo naman. Sana noh
total beauty and brain, pati namanlang utak nag screening sila. Whatta

Author NikoNikotori (2 days)
Don't try to use an accent if you can't use it well....

Author cutie kim (11 months)
Bakit pag mga american or other nationality e hindi naman pinagtatawanan
pag hindi marunong mag english? Bakit pag pinoy kailangan magalingag
english? Si lee min ho nga na sikat na sikat ni hindi marunong mag english
e. At iba pang foreign.

Author makayla glitterz (8 months)
We'll my pamily role for me is so important because they were.. They was
the one... Whooooo very.... HAHA Oh I'm so sorry my pamily... My
pamily....OMG I'm sorry guys because this was really my first pageant evrrr
because I'm only 17 years old and I didn't expect for me to be in the top
10thhh. Mmm but.. I said DAT my pamily is the most important person in my
life tank you

Author Don Kenn June Lomuntad (4 months)
Yung mag co comment dito, if you have nothing good to say, and if you're
going to post it in english, pls watch out of your grammar. It's not good
to accost someone if you're not good enough. Mangaisita namanlang ka'yo, e
mali mali pa. 

Author Marina Cessna Barredo (4 months)
Pakain ka nalang sa lupa

Author Bhong Sevillano (3 months)
she is just being herself,
by the way the productions is so boring, thats why it was transferred to
abs cbn

Author Benz Lawrence (25 days)
That's so awkward. RIP English

Author Dalter Verde (7 months)
Natawa ako,,,, 

Author yalyeh misery (6 months)
this is beauty without brains well explained

Author Mzcel Lauron (26 days)
such a simple question , a grade schooler could answer that ,
I think she got nervous , laughing doesn't help instead, it make her ( or
you ) look ridiculous

Author meloy Adonis (7 months)
kawawa naman sya...while waching this i feel ashame for me and for my
family...hhaha just joking...

Author Eduardo Villaflor Jr (7 months)
Yeah! We got it. She sucks. But not all Filipinos are like that, ok.

Author HallunX (8 months)
Each Miss are more stupid than trained dogs. 

Author Cedrick Martinez Reyes (7 months)

Author View Bens (7 months)
This is so funny as hell

Author Satchie Santos (6 months)
BOBO! Puro kasi pagandahan lang ngayon pero walang utak! BOBO!

Author Gracee Diomampo (7 months)
So painful to watch. Sana nakinig na lang sya kay Paolo na mag tagalog na

Author cherry williamson (7 months)
how can she win the crown? was here when she got the Bb. Pilipinas crown?

Author lex (7 months)
Oh my.

Author matt sardinz (7 months)
we should not judged the intellectual capacity of a person by his/ her
proficiency in English she only lack of practiced ! there are some didn't
even have elementary education and yet speaks English fluently! Janina
might have bright idea in her mind and she might delivered her answer well
if she answered it in tagalog or our native language! 

Author JV Nuesca (3 days)
Well, YOU IS FABOULOUST!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA! Rip America and other English
nations. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Author arsily granada (1 year)
LOL my PAMILY.... yan ang nagagawa ng sobrang confidence.... LOL

Author matt sardinz (7 months)
third person plural pronoun ''they'' so she should used were huh! she
confused the usage of was and were ha ha ha!

Author Juvenal Zamudio (9 months)
Ito, um, wait. LOL

Author okaythisisnasty (9 months)
I learned a great your confidence by saying, "eto,

Author Mark Santiago (10 months)
I just wondered how stupid the judges are... Paanong nanalo ang isang
walang brain na katulad ni Janine...


Author TTTeenBusiness 143 (4 months)
She's hilarious xD But I think she could answer the question better if she
used the Filipino language.

Author NoypiTheWhiteBoy (10 months)
I love this video, i think its cute because she handled it with a smile :)

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