My Box of Bullsh*t Came!

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  • Emi Animal
    Emi Animal 16 hours ago

    yeah this is how me and my dad feel about loot crate (but my uncle got us a free trial, so at least we didn't have to pay)

  • Victor Morales
    Victor Morales 21 hour ago

    Loot crate

  • Bob McMarley
    Bob McMarley 1 day ago

    if only this was sponsored by lootcrate

  • ramdom lol
    ramdom lol 3 days ago

    where can i get this box of bullshit

  • Joshua Croxford-Royce

    Get a snackcrate instead. It's actually cool and you get to eat it. Just google snackcrate.

  • Jurnee Washington
    Jurnee Washington 4 days ago

    endless cycle of depression and meaningless consumption you just sit on your couch the trash piles up around you and the highs and lows of emotion blend together into a gentle numbing hummmmm .....😂wow me

  • Tom Ska
    Tom Ska 4 days ago

    His sandwich was in the trash

  • Claire Stringfellow

    This is literally McDonald happy meal toys lo

  • Turtle Extra
    Turtle Extra 8 days ago

    This is when trap killed pat

  • Angelina Dash
    Angelina Dash 10 days ago


  • Meaty Meatloaf
    Meaty Meatloaf 11 days ago

    If this was made in 2017 a fidget spinner would be in there.

  • Colby Hair
    Colby Hair 12 days ago

    I want that shirt

  • California Nation
    California Nation 13 days ago

    "Box of bullshit makes it even easier to continue that endless cycle of depression and meaningless consumption..." man,  that got dark fast.

  • The Singing Android
    The Singing Android 13 days ago


  • J_laubster
    J_laubster 15 days ago

    you need Jesus to fill that void

  • your bootyhole is your beautyhole

    they're playing footsie

  • Duck Mx scrooge
    Duck Mx scrooge 16 days ago

    Omg so true xp

  • Kazix Gamer -
    Kazix Gamer - 16 days ago

    "You waited a month to move trash, packed in trash, into the trash" That really got me laughing

  • Planet9isgeorge and other random stuff


  • Wren Alexander
    Wren Alexander 18 days ago

    you open the box


  • TrashLord Lord of the Trash

    This is why you get the food ones. Unless you get food you don't like, the likelihood of you not using them is pretty unlikely.

  • FlamingKB
    FlamingKB 19 days ago

    I thought it was literally going to be a box filled with bullshit

  • Bronwyn Macmillan
    Bronwyn Macmillan 19 days ago

    lootcrate shaadder

  • Widow_ Lady
    Widow_ Lady 20 days ago

    I'd keep the shirt

  • A stupid Kid
    A stupid Kid 20 days ago

    That part at the end was exactly how I feel about steam games

  • Brandon Escobedo
    Brandon Escobedo 22 days ago

    Lootcrate LOL

  • omarrrio
    omarrrio 23 days ago

    did he just throw pat's sandwich too lmao

  • This Kawii Cactus
    This Kawii Cactus 23 days ago

    I relate so much

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 23 days ago

    This is why I'm a great uncle, I tell those little fuckers straight out I have no fucking clue what they like, here's money. No bullshit useless gifts from me.

  • barrett klear
    barrett klear 23 days ago

    I thought it was going to be a box of bull poop

  • Jose Eduardo O
    Jose Eduardo O 23 days ago

    Are you gonna sell that pen with different logos on your College Humor online store?

  • FiliaNaturae12
    FiliaNaturae12 24 days ago

    trapps "hum" face hahahah

  • TheVoidLord
    TheVoidLord 25 days ago

    Too be honest, the t-shirts seems kinda cool.

  • Ra Igneo
    Ra Igneo 27 days ago

    lootcrate is fucking dumb

  • ItzDev
    ItzDev 28 days ago

    Like Lootcrate?

  • Daniel Bluecat
    Daniel Bluecat 29 days ago

    I love how the shirts are always so damn big so they fit everyone.

  • Efficientlion !
    Efficientlion ! 1 month ago

    Wait pat is British he said trash and rubbish

  • Krystian Kowalski
    Krystian Kowalski 1 month ago

    I could use the shirt and the pen. Don't throw it away!

  • S.O.K. #1
    S.O.K. #1 1 month ago

    Boom! Direct hit on Lootcrate.

  • Dylan Norfield
    Dylan Norfield 1 month ago

    Watch out for the new drug on the market
    Dihydrogen monoxide

  • Hash Frowns
    Hash Frowns 1 month ago

    At least the box wasn't blood.

  • TheHammerBrother
    TheHammerBrother 1 month ago

    Isn't this basically Loot crate?

  • wangus
    wangus 1 month ago

    the only good podcast advertisements are the ones My Brother, My Brother And Me did for extreme restraints.

  • FinasaurusRex Gaming

    Rip sand which

  • Eva Roy
    Eva Roy 1 month ago

    Cover baseball PM standard pursue sea.

  • AGENT Mouldy
    AGENT Mouldy 1 month ago

    WHy is there an illuminati symbol on the lid when he opens the box?

  • MAK3X7
    MAK3X7 1 month ago

    actually alot of these things are exclusive so yeah,
    also nice zelda shirt, where do you buy that

  • Cat
    Cat 1 month ago


  • SC Animations
    SC Animations 1 month ago

    *is that grant or another guy? That guy, grant, and keith from buzzfeed all look the same.* 😩

    ZA MANGA WARUDO 1 month ago

    it's like lootcrate

    ANONYMOUSE 1 month ago

    "so you waited a month to move trash pack trash in to the trash" favorite line

  • Titan Hyperion
    Titan Hyperion 1 month ago

    lootcrate is triggered...

  • MimicEntree 5415
    MimicEntree 5415 1 month ago

    I just started this and I already think its sponsored by lootcrate

  • EpicCake
    EpicCake 1 month ago

    I would like that shirt of a tri-force made out of pizza 😂

  • Souless Valkyreon
    Souless Valkyreon 1 month ago

    a nine inch dildo

  • Christine cormier
    Christine cormier 1 month ago


  • SuperNeslef
    SuperNeslef 1 month ago

    Basically lootcrate

  • Mitch Fowler
    Mitch Fowler 1 month ago

    holy shit, I want one

  • brendan lee
    brendan lee 1 month ago

    for some reason every fake product that college humor makes i really want haha i have no idea why tho i just want them

  • Jeff Mcfarlane
    Jeff Mcfarlane 1 month ago

    Nobody is going to mention he tossed out Pats sandwich along with all the bullsh*t trash?

  • Naughty Hotdog
    Naughty Hotdog 1 month ago

    How about a gift card from a place you hate

  • SPAM .03
    SPAM .03 1 month ago

    this is actually deep

  • Keller Crazyness
    Keller Crazyness 1 month ago

    This went 1 to 100 real fast.

  • Jeremy T
    Jeremy T 1 month ago

    Trapp dumped Pat's sandwich in the garbage with the rest of his trash

  • KOilithya
    KOilithya 1 month ago

    Did no one else notice how he threw pats sandwich in the trash?

  • XenonKey
    XenonKey 1 month ago

    The ending was really depressing

  • Marisky Suerto
    Marisky Suerto 1 month ago

    thats is

  • 순복박
    순복박 2 months ago

    when collage humor is Getting a little too real for me.

  • ChasehaWing
    ChasehaWing 2 months ago

    that shirt sounds awesome

  • Prizzo Hann
    Prizzo Hann 2 months ago

    This was really good, but I still want them.

  • Elder Rusty
    Elder Rusty 2 months ago

    That pizza triforce actually looks cool

  • Squiddy_101
    Squiddy_101 2 months ago

    OK this needs to be real!

  • AAQsR
    AAQsR 2 months ago

    Someone is super angry they didn't get sponsored by lootcrate

  • John Jonson
    John Jonson 2 months ago

    I've only seen these in stoner Supplies like pipes, bongs, ashtrays, joints, blunts, bong cleaners, lighters, etc

  • AJ Mood
    AJ Mood 2 months ago

    Yo lootcrate usually has some pretty cool stuff. All depends on the theme. I've gotten some cool shirts and action figures.

  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter 2 months ago

    This is why trapp killed pat.

  • Muhammed Rahman
    Muhammed Rahman 2 months ago

    hi lootcrate

  • Zulo Galactic
    Zulo Galactic 2 months ago

    Better than smosh

  • Dan B 0809
    Dan B 0809 2 months ago

    Parodying lootcrate, right? Poor GradeA UnderA.

  • Killer__Boom10
    Killer__Boom10 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see the illuminate when trap opened the box?
    Like if u did see it

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi 2 months ago

    ooh lootcrate!!!!

  • Hail Mary
    Hail Mary 2 months ago

    Imagine if this video was sponsored by lootcrate.

  • Aibarx
    Aibarx 2 months ago

    lootcrate enough said

  • Nika J
    Nika J 2 months ago

    lol loot crate

  • Manny Zozaya
    Manny Zozaya 2 months ago

    I actually really like loot crate. Got some good t shirts and other things like bottle openers, a coffee cup, etc. Almost every one has at least one thing you may not be thrilled about. It's impossible for that to not happen.

  • Artie Pop
    Artie Pop 2 months ago

    are they in the Illuminati?

  • Jake Cuevas
    Jake Cuevas 2 months ago

    Which is why I don't buy lootcrate unless its a really good theme.

  • Pleb Blud
    Pleb Blud 2 months ago

    this channel is so cynical

  • mikecantreed
    mikecantreed 2 months ago

    Pat sounds like Steve Rannasizzi...the guy from the league who lied about escaping from 9/11. That sucks.

  • Zahaan Riyaz
    Zahaan Riyaz 2 months ago

    College Humor not so subtlety dissing LootCrate

  • ShiverPike
    ShiverPike 2 months ago

    I bet loot crate tried to sponsor them and they sent this to them.

  • Pixel Error
    Pixel Error 2 months ago

    shut up and take my money

  • The Abstract
    The Abstract 2 months ago

    Sponsored by lootcrate

    ITS LIT 2 months ago

    Lmao I do hear about lootcrate on damn near every podcast

  • Nicolas Miguel hodemo French lll

    I now know what to get my sister for her birthday

  • Gammafox5431
    Gammafox5431 2 months ago

    Was I the only one to think he was getting a box of literal bullsh*t?

  • Ansel Briones
    Ansel Briones 2 months ago

    This is fucking depressing

  • FaZeshreklordm9 m9
    FaZeshreklordm9 m9 2 months ago

    still better than lootcrate

  • Jakeypoo42 YEAH!!
    Jakeypoo42 YEAH!! 2 months ago

    i want to buy this

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