The deadly bouncers in cricket history of all times!!

The deadly Bouncers in Cricket

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Author V Zingh ( ago)
Please remove the thumbnail you nasty freak

Author sahil styles ( ago)
Most of the deadly bouncers were by brett lee & mitchell starc.

Author Pranab Borah ( ago)
lee is just superb with is bouncee

Author fahim khan ( ago)
The last is no1..all time

Author Aditi Kadam ( ago)
Half of them are bowled by Brett lee 😂 and I think he feels guilty after that as he rushes towards the batsman with such a worried look 😅

Author Aditya Kumar ( ago)
this a cheeting umpire decision not out

Author aman Gohel ( ago)
no bowling

Author aman Gohel ( ago)
no boling

Author Bhagwati Prasad ( ago)

Author Deepak Kumar ( ago)
super bounce

Author Anas Bangli ( ago)
Juned jamshd

Author Vitrag Jain ( ago)
good video

Author Misam Naqvi ( ago)
Walsh's bouncer to Prabhakar, Marshall's bouncer to Gatting and Wasim Akram's bouncer to Srikanth are missing.

Author irc help ( ago)
it might take humans life sometimes

Author Bhushal Pravin ( ago)
this is so funniest

Author Muhammad Shoaib ( ago)
Master Of Bouncers and Yorkers Of "All time" .... The Fastest Bowler of Cricketing History , The living Legend , The freak and nightmare for Batsman's , The Great SHOAIB AKHTAR is "THE BEST" ....Poor Video

Author Reegan reegan ( ago)
Very sad video

Author Reegan reegan ( ago)
This video is very sad video

Author Mark Adams ( ago)
The only well behaved aussie-bret lee

Author Cyriac Thomas ( ago)

Author Gaurav Saini ( ago)
Humanity prevails... every time the ball has hit the player, the bowlers in each case went straight away to the victim.
Gentelmen's Game

Author Harpreet Dhiman ( ago)
Breet Lee is killer bowler

Author Siba Sankar Machha ( ago)
To start a love both the person should be agry to it....
But to end a love one person decision is enough....

Author Sonu. Raj ( ago)
very. bad


Author jazi khan. ( ago)
This is very sad memory of Philip dead..

Author Virendra Bhardwaj ( ago)

Author Virendra Bhardwaj ( ago)

Author Sk Riyaz ( ago)

Author Md Hesamuddin ( ago)

Author Shoaib Ahmad ( ago)
lee is a player of bounce

Author badige shankar ( ago)
champcash sponsor ID 14621989

Author Rahul Jadhav ( ago)
all Australian are killer😣😠

Author Multi Gaming Fever ( ago)
which one was phil?

Author Md Shahzada alam ( ago)

Author mini mitilia ( ago)
বাংলা কলরব

Author Satish Dhage ( ago)

Author Sam Sung ( ago)
RawdontoyoubyanyotherI'd kajol kline
.kajol ki decydecptdey baten


Author sunny gupta ( ago)

Author Santosh Khutarkar ( ago)

Author salman Butt ( ago)
very good

Author Diya Sharma ( ago)
do y noticed that all the bowlers are assusie

Author HumorPoint Villa ( ago)
most of the deliveries were done by lee lol

Author Divyesh Gamot ( ago)
lee is bad piece of sportsman ship

Author Gaurav Gautam ( ago)
Brett Lee shows sympathy only after knocking out batsmen..

Author Girish Yadav ( ago)

Author Ashok Nag ( ago)
Ashok Nag

Author Shivu Kumar ( ago)
I love you janu

Author AR Productions ( ago)
We all come here because of that dumb Photoshoped thumbnail
you know what we are?
We are fools, we Come here even we know that thumbnail is fake 😬😡😠

Author Samsung Samsunj ( ago)

Author Mohamed Rahim ( ago)
most bouncers are bowled by lee

Author Kanchan sk ( ago)

Author Maryam ashraf ( ago)
West Indies guy bold one is bad😱😱😱😱😱

Author Maryam ashraf ( ago)
BRET LEE😱😱☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Author Shera Khan Khan ( ago)
i love you indea

Author life Hacks ( ago)
plz watch my video and subscribe for it

Author Ajay Mehta ( ago)
Govind Raj

Author Prasanth Prasanth ( ago)

Author mahedihassen hridoy ( ago)

Author Prabhakaran captain Prabhakaran Chennai ( ago)
Captain Prabhakaran

Author Yousaf Malik ( ago)

Author Khalil Pathan ( ago)
bc thumbnail h kya kya h... maa ki...faltu ka chutiyapa

Author Yasanga Kumarathilaka ( ago)
shit indians are killers...

Author Pawan Kumar ( ago)

Author Pawan Kumar ( ago)

Author Johny mulchandani ( ago)

Author Irfan Shekh ( ago)
MD irfan shekh

Author Rajesh Raj ( ago)

Author sherry saini ( ago)
Turn on captions on 2:21 xD

Author muthuraman arumugam ( ago)
4.52 Is Steve smith alive?

Author Shahid Mir ( ago)
how can one foeget Shoaib's bouncer to Lara?

Author Dhananjay Rojekar ( ago)

Author Rishank Devadiga ( ago)
hadd hai.. ab irfan pathan bho bouncer dalega

Author Paras Hablani ( ago)
cover photo mea editing ki hai randve nea

Author Maneesh Mahar ( ago)

Author azhar ansari ( ago)
Akhtar one the dangerous one

Author Rajesh Kumar ( ago)
xxxanushkashrama the same time, and

Author Sardar Tahir ( ago)
without Shoaib Akthar this video fail

Author Naresh chandel ( ago)

Author Mukesh Mixing ( ago)
best game

Author Mukesh Mixing ( ago)
very nice game

Author Cricket Shakin Ke Dunya ( ago)
Subscribe me for Cricket videos :)

Author Abhisek Kumar ( ago)
very nice play

Author Sankar Biswas ( ago)
so sad

Author Hassan S R K ( ago)
widout shoaib....hahahaha funny vedio

Author Piyush 9874392817 ( ago)

Author Piyush 9874392817 ( ago)

Author chandrababu naidu ( ago)
fuck the B Lee,he is not sports player,killer in the earth

Author umair Ali 03209442737 ( ago)

Author Multimedia Mela ( ago)

Author Nawty Boyz ( ago)
Bret Lee madarchod saala usne hi zyda deadly bounce Kiya benkalaoda

Author Funny World ( ago)
good and bad

Author Rose Mary ( ago)
brett le the official father of tendulkar after akhtar !

Author Anandkumar Anandkumar ( ago)

Author saleem akhtar ( ago)

Author guddu Kumar ( ago)

Author SANCHIT KADAM ( ago)

Author Amit Singh ( ago)
camondo 2

Author jawaid ahmed ( ago)
very bad

Author Vicky Kumar ( ago)

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