Assad did not gas his own people

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Author Prophetic Warrior ( ago)

Author Prophetic Warrior ( ago)

Author Prophetic Warrior ( ago)

Author aniy Narzary ( ago)
your taking real thank u sir

Author Firoz Sanullah ( ago)
Excellent man

Author Ancient Hebrew ( ago)
That don't make no damn sense bro. susan rice is a civilian now. but you are right about distraction. the trump russia distraction.. stop with the BS.

Author upper cut ( ago)
Trump is owned by Israhell, wake up man ffs.

Author upper cut ( ago)
" I am convinced that nearly all wars are caused so that someone will profit and those who profited and those who are profiting now are the International Financiers, the Jews. Gather together the fifty most wealthy Jewish Financiers, the Men who create wars for their own profits, control them and you will put an end to it all" Henry Ford.

Author Fel Ani ( ago)
Derrick slept through the Arab Spring.

Author Georgios Spartan ( ago)
Agreed, people who believe that Assad gased his own people are morons.....its just another excuse by the USA (as always ) to invade Syria....POLI-TRICKS. Assad is tne only real fighter vs ISIS and protecting even the Christian minorities in Syria. Attacking Assad will increase the terrorism, give power to ISIS , make the refugee crisis even larger not to mention World War 3 a possibility.....

Author WontBL8 ( ago)
Retards, all

Author John Maclagan ( ago)
At last a sane american

Author Helen Kistler ( ago)
If Assad didn't do it, who did?

Author XxScArEcRoWxX1 ( ago)
any source links to your claims..

Author Chaille Smith ( ago)
why don't you stay up with current events. So I'm saying and Kadafi did not have Putin and Russia's military back in them. I saw things he said because of Russia. Maybe you should have paid attention to the video that was posted in the comments posted by Russia and Syrian Army's. They said if America tries to interfere again that they're going to take actions against America. yes I saw did gas his own people. He Did It Before He'll Do It Again. The idea that you think that because some left-wing conspiracy person put it on a right-wing conspiracy page that it's not true proves why conspiracy theorists are pathetic.

Author Namratiug ( ago)
You sir are 100 percent correct. 💥

Author Me114 Ladynada ( ago)
Thank you, Tweeted

Author Curious L ( ago)
Subbed! Thank you! After hours of research. I have came to the conclusion that it was a lie. Even in the photos we were given, the victims do not show the true side effects of the chemical used. We are possibly starting WW3. It has been told we will have 3 ww's before the NWO is put in place.

Author Janet Pendley ( ago)

Author Sandra Jefferson ( ago)
I agree with you Sir Assad has no reason to kill his own people his already winning the war why would he do such a stupid thing, the American government just wants Assad out! They see that he is winning the war and they don't like it one bit so this is just to make him look bad and get the public on board so they can take us into another war. America better be careful they playing with the big boys now Russia isn't going to back down and if they go to war with Russia you can bet they will kill us all they have nuclear weapon that can wipe America out in secs

Author RebornThroughHate ( ago)
This is another Iraq and the lie that got us into invasion of that country. Planned in advance since the Bush days. Syria is on the list of 7 countries to be destroyed, as was revealed by Gen. Wesley Clark. Obama and Hillary wanted to, but were afraid of public outcry. Now Trump seems to have been swallowed to the swamp, as he is surrounded by globalist neo-cons and liberals. Or maybe he lied about what he wanted like Obama.. who knows anymore. We'll find out soon, I guess. If we live to tell.

Author GlamourGirl ( ago)
agree 100% dont get why others dont see it. like there in a daze. weird

Author madman austin ( ago)
Syria never deny using chemicals, only said bombing them would make it harder to fight Isis LOL, idiots, niggas don't know politics LOL

Author Karen p ( ago)
I don't think it mattered who did it and that was a small attack on an empty airfield just a reminder "have fun kids but don't use matches" and now they can continue all killing one another for nothing for the next lord knows how many decades because the Middle East will never ever change

Author madman austin ( ago)
LMAO this guy is a fucking idiot, LMAO

Author Navy Phyrfitr ( ago)
Shou u rite, wish people would listen

Author Navy Phyrfitr ( ago)
patreaus,mccain,graham and the nsc arrainged it

Author Sodthong ( ago)
Trump is now neck deep in the swamp.

Author J C ( ago)

Author kiwi boy ( ago)
well said glad you're speaking up cheers from NZ

Author dugwoj ( ago)
amen, brother.

Author Lourdes Pena ( ago)
Dang, Derrick!! I feel as if my head was in the sand! I don't own a TV and don't want one. The only source for the truth is with you and a nominal fee on U-TUBE and I haven't had service for three days, going on four days because it goes on and off now (service). I depend on your vids, believe it or not. A follower and subscriber, so, at this moment, I don't really know what's going on, but, what you said today sounds super serious. Our corrupt government is actually nudging a war? Am I correct? They've been trying so hard with Russia, so now they're attempting another one of their tricks from the dark hat?? Thank you so much for taking the time to do this vid. I have to fix the issue with the connection and cell so that I can keep up with your messages. Blessings.

Just out of curiousity who did it?

Author Kobe M ( ago)
America has ADD!

Author Stan Kormy ( ago)
Everyone agrees with you!

Author juanita mitchell ( ago)
Set up?

Author Merih Touman ( ago)
If Assad is trying to free his country from mercenary terrorist jihadists then surely he would be attacking and bombing them not civilians. The accusation that he attacked his own people with chemical bombs is totally outlandish. The 2013 chemical attacks were proven to have been by the so called rebels. It is all part of the propaganda by the zionist Israeli regime who get everyone else to do their dirty work for them. They want a greater Israel and want to rule the middle east. They already own America. The federal reserve the banks the MSM the politicians. God help us all.

Author Andrew Walker ( ago)
And you have no proof that it didn't happen.

Author joseph galifi ( ago)
uneducated video

Author Lesa G ( ago)
April 2017, local people at Khan Sheilhoum in Idlib province said:
Early in the morning, they heard an air planes in the sky, followed by a series of explosions,
They didn't said the Rebels - Held's planes, or can they identify who planes there was
but they had seen Syrian and Russia airplanes in the past.
Then President Trump ordered destroyed the airport, obviously he knows who did the bombing.
Civilians are the victims of this civil war, they're suffering for years, they need helps.
If President Trump doesn't step in to help them, then who will?
He has a very difficult tasks, he need our support and our prayers. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

Author Fatty Cakes ( ago)
We live in dangerous times. I am disappointed in Trump. He said that Hillary would start WWIII. Now he is going to. Over nothing. If humanitarian violations are enough to cause us to go to war, when are we bombing Saudi Arabia? There are people all over the world suffering. We can't involve ourselves in every corner of the globe. How does he not see he is being manipulated?

Author k brown .brown ( ago)
my poor potus...invasion of the body SNATCHERS...trump has drank the spirit kool aid...he should have done that

Author eden terra ( ago)
Syria war is Iraq war all over again. Remember " Weapons of mass destruction"? I completely agree with you Mr Grayson .Assad didn't do it. It's another false flag to remove Assad out of power, and bring a puppet who will obey and follow the the globalist elite's orders. Very sick.

Author Bernie Rodgers ( ago)
why did Trump okay for the bombing?

Author killallendings ( ago)
As always Mr. Grayson gets it...

Author Leona Buchester ( ago)
You make so much sense! They will do anything to bring Trump down, and it looks like they have found his archilles heel!

Author MrDeaconlightning ( ago)
"Why would Assad gas his own people?" ANSWER: Because Assad is a maniac!

Author Jaime G. ( ago)
Yeah it doesn't make sense that Assad would do this, but making tough decisions is what being POTUS is all about. I don't see Trump acting put of political or personal gain on this, imo.

Author Cee Wills on ( ago)
you suck! i thought you knew what you were yapping about. Speculative bullshit

Author Jarryd Coughlin ( ago)
it's not about the children, it's about their parents oil.

Author chuckcrunch1 ( ago)
you have read the "art of war "

Author Mick Passenger ( ago)
assad and his whole family should be executed

Author John Morelli ( ago)
Its amazing how mainstream media almost universally approves of this strike (with virtually no evidence to justify). No critical thinking whatsoever. Just cheerleading the war effort! Where is the independent media???

Author John Morelli ( ago)
Thank you Derrick and yes you are absolutely right. Assad had no reason to gas his people. This sure looks like a False Flag operation.
Maybe Neocons don't want peace in Syria but rather a pro-American regime & Russia out of Syria/middle east. Neocons want to show Russia who is in charge!

Author David Peters ( ago)
Why did Trump say: "There can be no dispute ..."?

Author matereo ( ago)
Derrick for office!

What's the point in bombing a military airfield that the Syrian military has been using to protect a Christian city called Hama. ISIS has for two years been trying to purge the city of Christians, but have failed as the Syrian military has been protecting them. But now this so called Christian (or whatever it is) intervention helps ISIS so that they might be able to finally purge the city of Christians.

Author Contagiously Awake ( ago)
None of you sheeple, have a manipulative chess master mentality. Trump is no chump; he knows the western funded rebels guided by the DC swamp did it. Advantage Trump,, the bromance is alive.. Putin, Trump and Assad the three amigos (who hate the nwo agenda) knew it was coming and were ready for it, that’s why things moved at breakneck speed before the msm and swamp could adjust. The intel was good I just pray that they didn’t know when and where the chemical attack was going to take place, but you have to break some eggs to make an omelet, maybe Assad manufactured the whole thing for Trump anyways. Also why would a practically abandoned airfield be hit? Putin and Trump are just toying with the MSM and delivering a massive blow. Now there can be no doubt that there’s no association between Trump and Russia. Of coarse Trump knew he was going to catch flak that’s why Bannon was shielded cause of the constituents on the right wing side. The constituents from the left wing or banking side have Jared Kushner who is working on a huge peace deal,, there’s lots of pieces on the chess board. The small numbers of Trumpsters lost over this is a small price for Trump to pay; the decision will yield benefits before the next election. From this reaction millions of anti-Trump folk will begin to rethink the MSM propaganda, he has asserted himself to the globe as a fearless leader and domestic enemies will begin to realize their out of their league, China was handed their hat, Isis will now begin to diminish, many democratic and neocon leaders will now begin to work with Trump, and Obama looks like a clown…. The benefits of this move go on and on. Big win for America…. Or Jared Kushner is the antichrist, Trump a Zionist pig and we’re all F###ed…what a ride

Author Jimmy Jones ( ago)
4d chess, Russians were warned ahead of strikes, Syrian and Russian troops moved out, damage minimal, very low casualties, good number of tomahawks were shot down by Syrian air defense, Russians withdraw from 2015 USA Syrian military coop agreement, USA stays out letting them to finish off isis. Neocohens jizz themselves and warm up to Trump. Kek works in mysterious ways !

Author ms7 mindscope7 ( ago)
EXACTLY!!!! God promises to show HIS PEOPLE the signs. His people ....not everyone!

Author Adolf Hitler ( ago)
Trump and hillary both serve the jews

Author gyshalom ( ago)
i have to disagree with you on this one.the rebels were actually closing in on him .thats why he gassede them.they all thought trump wouldnt care about the middle east

Author Baby boomer ( ago)
People don't realize the information that Trump and his administration has that the public isn't privileged to. This sounds like a conspiracy theory but it did knock Susan Rice out of the news.

Author Khiry Wiley ( ago)
vice versa with your statement... you have no proof either...just obsessive rambling.

Author You don't know me ( ago)
I agree 100% brother. This is some dark deep state ugliness. We the people must broadcast the truth.

Author Carl Mohr ( ago)
It could be a false flag. I believe as you do that Assad did not do the gas attack. I have heard from actual people, Canadian journalist her name Bartlett. I believe someone is pulling the strings to get a war between Russia and the US. Something doesn't smell right.

Author Stephen 1 ( ago)
Grayson, do some more research on the topic before you come out with statements. Your bias is very evident not only in your message (purely your liberal opinion), but also in tone of voice and body language. Educate yourself my fellow American!

I like this guy!

Author Steve French ( ago)
either trump knows what's happening and is part of it or they are keeping him in the dark and giving him misinformation

Author slimeballz ( ago)
Keep telling it like it iz!

Author Papoose America ( ago)
What are you worried if he did or not black man. That's white people's problems!..But your right he didn't!...ww3 is definitely around the corner..MALACHI 4:1

Author joann3700 ( ago)
You are absolutely right... Assad did not gas his people. ISIS/Obama did it and blamed it on Assad..... so USA would go to war with Russia.

Author thefirefox819222 ( ago)
The American people are Socially Engineered not to see the obvious.

Author tommystock64 ( ago)
I would be making a video of me feeding that hat to a fire if I were you .

Author Theresa Hoffman ( ago)
Is his son-in-law leading Us down the wrong path???!!??

Author Max Rockatansky ( ago)
Too many jews in the white house now. They pushed Bannon out. It's over. It's the same old Goldman Sachs routine now.

Author Merl Ball ( ago)
I agree that it doesn't make sense for Assad to have authorized the gas attack. However, I'm going to refrain from assuming the Syrian military wasn't responsible. That said, it seems like this is playing out according to a script.

Your Africa comment - There are resources to be had in Africa too. They aren't in Africa because of international agreements to leave Africa alone. They're in the Middle East primarily because the Middle East (and the nations of the North African coast) exports terrorism. At least, that's the assessment to be made on what is known.

Over the course of a decade I've become increasingly aware of how there is almost universal agreement among the elite rich to reduce human population on a planetary scale. The more you look up what people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, and practically the entire Rothschild family have to say about population control, the more you realize just how precarious our situation is as 'common folk'.

When I see things like this situation playing out, I keep waiting for another shoe to drop and the real dying to begin happening.

I don't see that there is definitive proof of Assad's regime being behind the gas attack nor definitive proof against it. What I do know is that the elites have no moral reservations against offing millions of people for the purpose of population control. What I do know is, this whole situation seems fishy. What I do know is, I've never trusted Trump, and I certainly do not trust any of the leading Republicans (I never have and never will trust a Democrat). So, I'm going to keep watching with suspicion, and continue to expect that other shoe to drop any time now.

Author theophany1770 ( ago)
Thanks for speaking the truth. What about all the children who died from our sanctions in Iraq? Children dying in Libya and Yemen due to our reckless foreign policy. But now we're supposed to believe our government cares about the deaths of children? Russia, Syria, and Iran defeating Isis and NOW Assad decides to gas his people. Ridiculous

Author my3stooges ( ago)
I am definitely concern about some in the Trump Adm that are for a war in Syria and ridding Assad. While those who are against, like Steve Bannon and Rand Paul, are being ignored or silenced! God help us.

Author Naybor Tfm ( ago)
Assad is an idiot. He hates Sunis which is most of his country.

Author donald davidson ( ago)
I do agree with you on allot of things. I am not sure what to make of your statement.  It pretty much known a russian jet from that airfield dropped gas bombs on those people. Your. The fact is there only one logical answer. Proof of collusion between the libtards and putting. Derrick this is my question to you what does Putin get out selling his puppet and the libtards. Not the first time those libtard backed bastards have used nerve gas their enemies. It is possible the f*cking bastard did do it.

Author Kathy Liverman ( ago)
Derrick, Your a smart man and you need to stop and think. Would the US government not know 100% that these killings in fact happened before they took action. We are smarter than to just base facts on a couple of photos.

Author T Regis ( ago)
100% agreed!!

Author Born Ontheland ( ago)
I agree with what you are saying. The other thing is that even if Assad did attack his own people, does that give another country the right to bomb an airstrip in Syria? In other words, would it okay for Russia or somebody to bomb an airstrip in America because the US government killed its own people on 911? Trump is going along with the Zionists' plan to oust Assad. Trump is showing himself to be a player like Hillary and the Bush's are.

Author Peter P ( ago)
You are right! I'm so disappointed in Trump! A retired Catholic priest in Canada.

Author Lindsey Disney ( ago)
Assume all the foreign countries are innocent victims and the U.S. are the bad guys. That pretty much sums up the basis of every conspiracy theory. Having once been a conspiracy theorist myself, I can tell you that there's pretty much no evidential basis for what they say. All they have are a bunch assumptions to go along with their arrogant attitudes.

Author Lynne Cupit100 ( ago)
Thank God! a man that speaks the truth! You are exactly right! I commented just a while ago' on one of your post! Alot of your same comments' Assad has Nothing to gain' Russia, they would have nuked us a long time ago. Secretary of State Clinton and her boss and people like Susan Rice' Handed American men to a pack of animals to cover the fact they sold arms to Syrian Rebels' and look how proud Killery''' is that Trump is telling Assad! So obvious to me. McCain and Kerry and the UN ect.. I happened to be in Egypt when they had there uprising' We lost Net' but had no issues' Young people' stood up for better conditions and jobs' it was awesome to see and these people protested peacefully. The Western media' had my family In a panic' the worst violence was in Tahir Square and that was somewhat controlled. I had no idea who the MBH' were until I understood Bengazi'' better: The destabilization''' of'' not Arab Spring' know the rest of the story. Trump is negotiating the biggest deal of his life right now and the comments from some of these people really piss me off, I can usually ignore them but man they can be harsh on the guy. I pray for our president and all involved in cleaning this swamp. He was right when he said it was way worse than we could imigine.

Author Bone Doc ( ago)
While I respect your opinion, there's no conclusive evidence out either way yet. I can see you're emotionally involved, maybe because of the public reaction. We're not privy to the info yet. Let's all take a breather and see what comes out. I've seen too many immediate conclusions and conspiracies on the tube in the last day or two thinking there's a fox in the hen house. Plenty of people and governments putting a spin on this.
I'll be waiting for the story to shake out before offering too much of an opinion. It's all we honestly can do.

Author Angry Jock ( ago)
Just look up: Kuwaiti baby hoax

Author MissFrancineTV ( ago)
BOOM!! THANK YOU!! He is fighting the Rebels not his own people!

Author Angry Jock ( ago)
The Rebels obviously did it.

Author Charmer4856 ( ago)
He got played, be careful TRUMP

Author Danielle Esquibel ( ago)
They are all CRAZY and CORRUPT!

Author LS ( ago)
You are the only one who is saying that Assad did not gas his own people, and I happen to agree with you 100% that he did not. The million dollar question is: who is going to gain and benefit the most from gassing them?

Author Larence gagland ( ago)
I don't think I would defend Assad, since he has done things before, but you might know something the rest of the world don't.

Author Deborah Delk ( ago)
Check this out....seems real about Assay and his people. Mr Greyson check it out

Author givenemTruth Son ( ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong Derrick, did you say Suzy Rice bomb Syria or was it Donald who did it?

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