Play Doh Mickey Mouse Picnic Bucket Play-Doh Cookies, Cookie Monster, Sandwich, Play Doh Food

Play-Doh Picnic with Disney Mickey Mouse. DisneyCarToys makes a Play Doh picnic lunch using the play dough set, Picnic Bucket. The set includes 4 cans of play doh, 4 fruit food play doh molds, and 3 playdoh food molds for sandwich. Make play-doh food toys like a picnic sandwich, play dough pretzel, play doh strawberry and Cookie Monster's favorite a play doh cookie! Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are famous for their Disney Junior TV show Mickey Mouse Club house where they go on adventures with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Pete, Goofy and Daisy Duck. At the end of this "Disney Car Toys" video, Sesame Street's Count N Crunch Cookie Monster toy steals Mickey Mouse's play-doh cookie!

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Music from royalty free music site, Purple Planet, song title The Music Box,

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See Mario give Cookie Monster some driving lessons for his Cozy Coupe with Mario driving a ride on car toy. Cookie Monster still is a bad driver and crashes the Cozy Coupe.

Watch my husband's channel, ToysReviewToys, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickeys Mouska-Dozer with Minnie Mouse Cookie Monster Pete

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