Guiding Light - Roger Thorpe rapes Holly, 1979

From Guiding Light, Roger Thorpe rapes Holly Norris in this 1979 clip. This was a soap first; the first time a married woman accused her spouse of rape. (new home as of 2014)

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Author ChannelingusLLCIM ( ago)
omg this brings back memories, I was a little kid watching this

Author Y2Jin99 ( ago)

Author softwater88 ( ago)

Author Lover of the 80's ( ago)
this part here I bet was a dynamite storyline of good ratings keeping
viewers tuned in

Author Wander Lust ( ago)
Roger was such a good bad guy- him and the original Alan

Author Contakum ( ago)
I THINK I was nine....1980 maybe ?!

Author Contakum ( ago)
I used to watch the Guiding Light during the summer when I was kid. I
remember seeing that very episode when I was nine ! When was that, late 70s
or early 80s ?

Author Querrie ( ago)
hmm either peolpe are watching a lot of tv these days i watch not enough or
im stupid which is it?

Author MrJuly1990ish ( ago)
I picked up where you left off (1982-87), is when I switched from GH (it
got too damn stupid with Demi Moore and the missing Laura Spencer storyline
BS) to GL. Nola was always an interesting character, but it was the
Phillip, Mindy, Rick, Beth & crazy ass Bradley Raines storyline all
throughout 1983, that really got me hooked religiously on GL. Also, the
folloiwng year (1984) was really good too, is when Beverly McKinsey join
the cast as Alexandra Spaulding.

Author MrJuly1990ish ( ago)
Also on One Life To Live, Karen Wolek (played by the great Judith Light),
was raped by her brother-in-law name Brad that year too.

Author MrJuly1990ish ( ago)
But a lot of today's big name stars (like Brad Pitt, Julian Moore, Meg
Ryan, Demi Moore) got there start on soaps. Also, legendary stars (like Liz
Taylor, Carol Burnette, Sammy Davis Jr., Joan Crawford) have made guest
appearances on soap operas. Back then (60's, 70's and early mid 80's),
soaps were well written, with really good actors. Today, soap operas really
are a mockery now (dumbass storylines), because the actors are much younger
(pretty much models) and can't act worth a damn!

Author Laronda Clayton ( ago)
I would have been scared as hell! Lbs

Author ronaldhaynie ( ago)
RIP Michael Zaslow. And I say that with tears of joy in my eyes. I must
make a vlog about the humility of this man, offstage. A phenomenal actor, a
true humanitarian; and his funeral is one I should have attended. Mr.
Zaslow was kind enough to speak with his casting lady, Barbara Harter then
in 1979, to award me with a small background role, all because of a
telephone conversation we had. A beautiful blessing I won't forget, making
me the actor I am today. God rest you Mr. Zaslow...Ronald Haynie

Author vikramaLP ( ago)
beginning of the end for men who can fuck their wife at will.....muslims
use the religious law of compulsory fuck on thursday nights.....women cry
in muslim homes.....

Author shydmples ( ago)

Author shydmples ( ago)
You have my vote on that...I agree.

Author lovejoypain ( ago)
@Bigcitytaken Nope. Common fantasy women have (not the real thing obviously)

Author lovejoypain ( ago)
This woman is SOOO dumb

Author progressive59 ( ago)
One of the most memorable scenes in soap history. There will never be
another Roger Thorpe. They don't make soaps like this anymore. RIP Michael

Author Melissa Turner (1272 years ago)
"I'm your husband! I have certain rights!" Man, Michael Zaslow was SCARY in
this scene.

Author Kelvin Black ( ago)
I hate rapists FUCK YOU ROGER

Author Kelvin Black ( ago)
I hate wife beaters

@MsSandy1996 I don't like people who can't spell, each to their own eh?

Author Bigcitytaken ( ago)
hmmmmm is it wrong that this clip got me aroused??

Author dougbrown63 (279 years ago)
I have no idea why Mart Hulswit was let go...

Author Betty3686 ( ago)
Great. I love all Guiding Light. CL

Author themirrorsofmymind ( ago)
@calypspoetryguy I didn't start watching GL until about 91 or something
(right around the time Marj Dusay was Alexandra and Barbara Crampton just
started as Mindy) and I loved Holly. MG had that gorgeous mellifluous
voice! She was great, even when the show kept shape shifting. And Peter
Simon was a pretty powerful and complex performer. I think MG, Fiona
Hutchison, Julia Barr and Hillary B. Smith were all up for best actress,
and Smith got the gold Shame it wasn't a tie..

Author MsHaaaaaaaaaaa ( ago)
The man is so ugly the girl is so pretty:)

Author 416mcp ( ago)
There are many great actors on daytime tv. In looking at this clip I agree
that Maureen Garrett is great. I dont think all actors on daytime are that
good. I recently watched episodes of All My Children. I dont' think
SusanLucci is a very good actor. It is sad that GL and ATWT have been
canceled. There are so much better than AMC.

Author Rixera ( ago)
@Arenzoj Hahaha, oh my lord im speechless :0

Author Messylin ( ago)
God, Maureen Garrett's beauty is breathtaking!

Author themirrorsofmymind ( ago)
They should NEVER have put the two of them back together after this!

Author Arenzoj ( ago)
@BabyCarlyle Well its not always rape sometimes its just suprise sex that
she didn't know that she wanted. And sometimes you have to show a woman
what a real man is and at times its hard to know when you take it to far

Author BabyCarlyle ( ago)
@ChandlerReigns True plenty of people got their start on soaps

Author BabyCarlyle ( ago)
@Arenzoj WTF??? As a past rape victim I have to say that's the sickest shit
I've ever heard!

Author BravoZ3R0 ( ago)
rhape time :O

Author Arenzoj ( ago)
Awwww. rape is funny. I wish sex was always that easy

Author waterlilyqueen ( ago)
@jezzfan33 I don't think people generally liked them as a romantic couple.
I think it was more of a fascination.

Author fight4acause ( ago)
Luke and Laura were slightly different as they weren't married when he
raped her. LnL fell in love and got married after the rape.

Author laminage ( ago)
Hmm, thanks for the info Riss313. I only watched GH in the 1980's for a hot
moment that's why I asked.

Author William Grice ( ago)
Roger and Holly was first. Luke and Laura was second.

Author luridplanet ( ago)
Much more interesting relationship than seeing Ed mooning after Eva -
didn't she go blind?

Author Riss313 ( ago)
wow never had that question before...but all sarcasm aside and I apologize
for it, but Luke and Laura...from General Hospital.

Author laminage ( ago)
What is LNL?

Author Riss313 ( ago)
which was first LNL or this?

Author Mike Halterman ( ago)
@adelgado75 If you do find it it'll be from the summer and early fall of

Author adelgado75 ( ago)
Is there any footage of Michael Zaslow when he began to show sign of Lou
Gerighs' disease? I apologize if this is a macabre question. And I also
apolozie for my spelling errors.

Author JrsyBarry ( ago)
This scene is just as Powerful thirty years later.

Author waterlilyqueen ( ago)
Watching this is even better now knowing that Holly ended up with Ed at the
show's end.

Author anabanana0714 ( ago)
They never forgot about it. It was always there in the back of their minds,
but they were able to move past it and remember that once upon a time, they
were madly in love with each other and still had those same feelings years

Author TimsDale4ever ( ago)
I remember this well back in the day when this show was amazing (every
day!) I watched from around 1977-82 with "rotten" Roger, Holly; Ed & Rita;
Lucille & Amanda; Alan & Elizabeth; Kelly & Nola & Morgan; Amanda, Eve &
Ben. God I could go on and on......Not coincidentally, GL won 2 of it's 3
emmys for best show during these years. I like Kim Zimmer, but the now
generation who "think" the sun rose with her and the Lewis's really don't
have a f*****g clue how really grand this show once was!

Author waterlilyqueen ( ago)
I started watching soaps around the same time that Michael Zaslow died and
wondered if the accolodes he received were deserved. After seeing this, I
know that he was as great as everybody said.

Author sosullied ( ago) I miss this soap, especially the Roger & Holly era

Author ChandlerReigns ( ago)
Soap operas have plenty of good acting. Unforunately people like to look at
the genre as a mockery.

Author Senor DePreguntas ( ago)
So sad. This was a great plot that drove intense story still in 1989 when
Roger came back to town and Holly tried to kill him as he slept in a
hospital bed. This is the "Guiding Light" I will always remember. I have no
idea what this show is that is getting cancelled that calls itself "Guiding
Light" but I hope in the final 5 months they bring back characters like
Holly, Fletcher, Roxie and someway/somehow Harley. The writers have 5
months to make the end count. I hope they find a way to do so.

Author js097 ( ago)
Guiding Light was the gold standard when Roger and Holly were on it. Too
bad it is being cancelled.

Author 1121Scorpi ( ago)
This was very good acting...i remember this scene..GL will be missed!!!!
Bring back the Bauers and The Santos and Jonathan!!!

Author tmattrope ( ago)
I forgot all about Roger Thorpe, he went from nice guy to psycho/bad guy
quite suddenly. This was a really good story too. BUT didn't this go to
trial at some point? I'd love to see that too.

Author OceanKingNY ( ago)
CBS announced today, 4/1/09, that GL has been cancelled and will end on
September 18th. RIP Guiding Light - 1937-2009

Author dan cepeda ( ago)
Wow. I'm impressed. Most soap acting and writing is usually pretty silly
but this scene managed to be very intense. Good acting too, and a pretty
hart topic for the era. RIP you old Soap you. An end of an era.

Author Notawesomeatall7 ( ago)
This is pretty goodm acting for a soap opera.

Author McMellie ( ago)
BRING BACK THE BAUER FAMILY!! The only one left is Rick I believe. The
Bauers are the original family of Sprfingfield!

Author bratchercrystal ( ago)
me too.i have been watching gl on you tube.

Author akbleiweiss ( ago)
oh yea rub rape her

Author siddhesh2515 (1379 years ago)
what can i say the guy was too loaded :p

Author Jazzwoman1985 ( ago)
Watch A Call to Arms: Breaking The Silence and pass it on to as many people
as humanely possible.

Author shydmples ( ago)
Michael & Maureen were MARVELOUS!!!

Author shydmples ( ago)
Man, this was some powerful stuff....been a fan for most of my life...I'm
37...have the videos, book...and Melissa Hayden's was by far my favorite...and one of my
most moving scenes was the rape of Holly

Author eriklovessoaps ( ago)
This is the first time I've seen this. Michael Zaslow was a really good
actor. As far as the rape went, I've read it called marital rape, but she
was about to leave him for Ed. I assume Holly divorced Roger's ass soon
after. For all intents and purposes, wasn't the marriage over? I guess this
subject came up when people wondered if Olivia and Jeffery could get
together. With this rape, they loved each other before the crime making it
confusing. They tried to do the opposite with Olivia.

Author parkman35 ( ago)
Thanx Sara...I don't think storylines are ever entirely over...they can be
filed away and brought back to add on to at another time. That is why I
keep watching. I will say, in reference to GL's quality, that there have
been good characters on the show who are no longer part of the story, but
that can change as we will see tomorrow when Phillip Spaulding returns...

Author sara31tx ( ago)
Parkman... I could not agree with you more,I have watched every soap pretty
much ever made, and GL too me is the best soap ever. Once the storyline is
over, what keeps you interested?GL has kept me glued for over 20's the only real soap left. IMO

Author parkman35 ( ago)
You know, I've watch over a dozen GL clips on YouTube concerning various
characters and issues,a nd almost every comment board has a post about how
bad teh show much better the other shows are. So I guess I'm
asking, what is so bad about the GL today? People talking about how it'll
probably go off the air, and how bad the storylne is. , but I check out
Y&R, and ATWT, and AMC, and what's the big difference? GL has lasted over
70 years...I hope it's around to see 100..

Author cocoacorin ( ago)
Yes. AC Mallet looked Italian and he wasn't from Oz. Reva was nowhere to be
seen. Just kiddin'

Author Chisom C ( ago)

Author 79butters ( ago)
you picked the best years of GL! ;-)

Author waterlilyqueen ( ago)
This is really powerful. So many soap opera scenes from back then have
really cheesy acting (even more than now) but this seemed so real. They
really were great actors.

Author luridplanet ( ago)
I have hardly ever watched soaps, but I definitely remember this - Holly
the eternal victim, then she went blind, I believe - lol!

Author ThePinkDragon ( ago)
A daytime anwomen's rights Milesone > I hope It inspired realnwomen./ I
didn't starting warcubng till 3 or 4 years later, POwerdul

Author sanenz ( ago)
always loved holly

Author cocoacorin ( ago)
Oh yes. That is why I was disappointed when GL did not keep him through his

Author Florida Holly ( ago)
wow...they were so young....I remember watching this back then..great
acting, awesome show!

Author tarheel8494 ( ago)
i know this was a grim scene...but the original ed bauer here was so sexy

Author xXBubblyXx7 ( ago)
and it still is

Author robynsegg ( ago)
Oh man! This is gr8! I can't w8 2 show my mom & sister this!!!! 1 of the
gr8st moments in soap opera history! God I missed Roger Thorpe! 1 of my top
5 BADASS male villians.

Author Terrence Pickett ( ago)
I always adored Roger, but this was the only time I wanted Roger strung up
by his testicles. I was 14 when this aired in the Spring of '79.

Author Ronald Reagan ( ago)
It is great to see this clip. I remeber watching it!!!!!!!!!! i am 39 now
and my mom was always watching to see what crazy Roger Thorpe was doing.
Please post more 1970`s Guiding light clips! That period on the show was

Author Eric Springer ( ago)
I was very little then....but I do recall mom has watched Guiding
Light faithfully for years!

Author sealife22 ( ago)
only in 1990 was it a crime for a spouse to rape his wife in England. how
slow is that? thst was from the case of R v R.

Author findcoolvids ( ago)
i made a mistake. i watched gl since about 86/87. and yes, roger's
breathing/stumbling adds to the dramatics of it. i noticed that after
watching it this time. thanks for replying!

Author Gatsbyesque ( ago)
He does stumble, but I think it enhances the performance.

Author anne harmon ( ago)
i remember this show first roger raped rita stapleton then her rapes holly
but rita tell mike ed brother what he did mike was a lawyer and roger goes
to jail it took 6 weeks on tv for the trial it aired late 70's wow i feel
old now lol

Author Jess4metoo ( ago)
Hi, Search "The Guiding Light End Credit Montage 1" to see and hear that
ending. Cheers!

Author fiveinjuly ( ago)
Chilling. Very good story telling. The way things should be.

Author S.A. Foster ( ago)
Back when GL was good...

Author dvlaries ( ago)
As The World Turns quickly followed suit in 1980 or 81 having John Dixon
rape wife Dee Stewart. There was even a trial but I'm not sure how it came

Author Rollergirl2001 ( ago)
To the poster of the clip, do you happen to have the intro to all of the
major soaps of the 1970s?

Author kellina84 ( ago)
RIP Michael, you played a good ass hole. . .

Author Senor DePreguntas ( ago)
I never saw this episode. I was much too young at the time. But I do
remember in 1989 this was STILL fueling storylines 10 years after it
happened when Holly almost suffocated Roger as he lay sleeping in a
hospital bed. This show used to be such an great program with much more
intelligent storytelling. It now is a hollow shell of what it once was.

Author Mar Thivierge ( ago)
Would love to see some old clips from those days of Roger and Rita.

Author findcoolvids ( ago)
This is before my time... but wanted to say thanks for posting it. and I've
had a love hate relatinship with the character of roger... I've watched gl
since about 1996. some of the acting was a little less then best, but still
good. roger seems to be stumble through some words when he questions about
ed and breathin a little rough.. lol

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