WONDER WOMAN - "Diana" TV Spot

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  • Error Sans
    Error Sans 8 days ago

    I wactched the movie

  • triodesrbetter
    triodesrbetter 8 days ago

    "Goodbye brother"

  • Evelyn Black
    Evelyn Black 11 days ago

    I went to this movie twice because I loved it the first time I watched it. The second time I watched it - I hated it. I'll tell you why. I sat in the cinema and after about 30 minutes of the movie I noticed a few men wanking! If this is how this movie is going to earn money then I don't want to participate in this process. Finally, I realized that Marvell women superheroes only sexualize them. I even felt angry because I loved this movie the first time I saw it. Seems like I was stupid enough to fall into this movie. If you are a smart woman, don't let yourself fall into this movie or any Marvell women superhero. This is not what is good to follow.

  • CuteVillain
    CuteVillain 11 days ago

    What song is in the background?

  • Daniela Techera
    Daniela Techera 12 days ago

    Still gives me goosebumps... I loved the movie! For everyone is different but for me the more emotional part was when she's crossing that war field. I was crying, very emotional, for the fact of being able to get to see Wonder Woman in all her splendor. Kudos Patty Jenkins 👏👏👏

  • Diana Maria - Music Soy Luna

    mi nombre es Diana

  • musicmusic
    musicmusic 16 days ago

    Fuck meeeeeeee so good

  • Edward Cohen
    Edward Cohen 17 days ago

    In the name of that is good,
    See this movie!

  • Poppy Sovie Lucy Rodriguez

    *Wonder Woman full movie*

  • chris wright
    chris wright 20 days ago

    When I was growing up,
    Wonder Woman who was
    played by Lynda Carter,
    did not use a sword and shield.

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill 21 day ago

    Wait she can fly ?! She couldn't in BvS what gives ?

    • Brian Boardwell
      Brian Boardwell 20 days ago

      She could in BvS she just didn't do it as much as Supes and the camera wasn't focused on her flying. She dropped out of nowhere to protect Batman from Doomsday so I'm sure she was flying there.

  • Arif Yusof
    Arif Yusof 21 day ago

    TBH. its boring. slow phase type of movie

  • jedijones
    jedijones 21 day ago

    How many years before DC and Marvel realize they're out of ideas and need to do the Marvel/DC team-up movies?

  • jedijones
    jedijones 21 day ago

    She's the best honorary American to come from a tiny Greek island since Balki Bartokomous from Perfect Strangers.

  • Katalabix
    Katalabix 21 day ago

    She's electrifying

  • I'm Ashraf
    I'm Ashraf 22 days ago

    Warner bros your Indian members are not taking dceu movies seriously. Suicide Squad and now wonder woman not got proper release in India and not dubbed for many fans. What about children those who watch in Hindi

  • Jane Mery
    Jane Mery 22 days ago

    Stream Online [ WONDER WOMAN ] HD Quality
    >> https://plus.google.com/+ThoeWilcentMovie/posts/gL8x5v5huMr <<

  • Anna VonArsenic
    Anna VonArsenic 23 days ago

    Anybody knows the music?

  • Kim Edward
    Kim Edward 23 days ago

    movie was good, but too much discussion on morality during FIGHTING made my concentration to descend... besides the discussion didn't make any sense and illogical and second, The last scene... when ending... wonder woman said LOVE is blah blah blah... oh that was too much sissy and childish that it even brought goosebumps on my arm... As a fan of DC i beg you... please... please do more care about the stories and make that LOGICALLY!!!!

  • E viking1117
    E viking1117 23 days ago

    I'm Mary popins y'all

  • 遊戲的初心者
    遊戲的初心者 23 days ago

    I saw it on 30/5, i think this is the greatest movie of DCEU.

  • All Game
    All Game 23 days ago

    GOOD Diana

  • Laura Gilbert and Harley Quinn Fan

    why ya report my video

  • The RED Samurai
    The RED Samurai 23 days ago

    Release the DCEU Intro please

  • Alfredo Ibarra
    Alfredo Ibarra 23 days ago

    Felicidades Warner lo hicieron correctamente, sin duda una de las mejores películas que he visto 👌👌👌👌♥️♥️

  • Cartman C
    Cartman C 23 days ago

    This movie so far has higher ratings than any Marvel film. The battle is far from over.

  • Cícero Silva
    Cícero Silva 24 days ago

    Que filme LINDO!
    (What a beautiful movie!)
    Já tinha gostado da MULHER-MARAVILHA
    (I had already liked the WONDER WOMAN)
    em Batman versus Superman,
    (in Batman versus Superman, )
    mas dessa vez eu me apaixonei...
    (but this time I fell in love...)
    Esse filme é simplesmente FANTÁSTICO.
    (This movie is just FANTASTIC.)

  • Celine Angleista
    Celine Angleista 24 days ago

    Wonder Woman Movie https://plus.google.com/100741015616603593765/posts/QRMWuTYugfA

  • Ella Wainewright
    Ella Wainewright 24 days ago

    FULLMOVIE!!!!! Wonder Woman https://plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/3iyqotFnDgo

  • Said Arifin
    Said Arifin 25 days ago

    mantab okay

  • Ariza Mhae Acorda
    Ariza Mhae Acorda 25 days ago

    i've watched it and it's so great

  • Matt Gamer
    Matt Gamer 26 days ago

    Pls do the LEGO flash movie I like batman but you already done it please please please

  • Joannot Fampionona
    Joannot Fampionona 26 days ago

    Who the heck do you think you are??? CHUCK NORRIS?

  • Andrew Wheeler
    Andrew Wheeler 26 days ago

    Sex and hot go for it baby I,all root for you till the very end love you peace everyone.

  • Matthew93256
    Matthew93256 27 days ago

    This is gonna be good!

  • Mert Özden
    Mert Özden 27 days ago

    What is the name of the music? It's great.

  • MD Haque
    MD Haque 27 days ago


  • Dasean Bethea
    Dasean Bethea 28 days ago

    why the one they pick is UGLY wonder is supposed to be Sexy

  • Knightwalker  V Peace


  • vls7091
    vls7091 28 days ago

    Zionist movie lul

  • veryfine69
    veryfine69 28 days ago

    Wonder Women is my favorite superhero. I hope this actress does it justice. I loved Linda Carter as Wonder Woman.

  • Toby_Night
    Toby_Night 29 days ago

    In USA it's June 2nd and UK June 1st. Proving this a British film

  • Pat Powers
    Pat Powers 29 days ago

    I'm just sorry that the movie won't touch the fact that Golden Age Wonder Woman ran a secret prison called Transformation Island where captured villainesses were kidnapped to and forced to wear 'Venus girdles" which compelled them to respond to the "loving authority" of the Amazons who reformed them. They also had to wear collars and chains, which they grew to love. The Amazons reformed the villainesses by teaching them to play bondage games, which is probably how they learned to love their collars and cuffs and also, probably, their Amazonian trainers.

    i'm pretty sure that DC doesn't want us to know that the stuff of sweaty lesbian bondage women in prison fantasies are canon. But I think it would add a LOT to any Wonder Woman movie ... a dark side of Wonder Woman, if you will.

  • Castar Insights
    Castar Insights 29 days ago

    Bring it

  • JORGE sanyu
    JORGE sanyu 29 days ago

    Los antiguos dioses han muerto bajo la sombra de un único Dios. Y eran aquellos dioses sino más que estrellas caídas del Cielo; cuyo resplandor efímero se fue apagando; consumiendo.... por odios, vanidades y sobre todo por una falsa superioridad llena de arrogancia y malicia. justamente por ello el único Dios verdadero; envío a su hijo para remisión de pecados y fue enviado a los propios los cuales tenían la promesa; más no supieron ver si amor y su grandeza. Desechandole arrebataron su vida con fiereza.

  • Clash Just Clash
    Clash Just Clash 29 days ago

    Wonder Women Is so Cool in this Movie

  • Súper hot games 21 22

    you lie to all the people that movie was coming in august 7 instead of june 2 because in june 2 is captain underpants movie

  • Anderson Felicio
    Anderson Felicio 29 days ago

    June 1 in Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 29 days ago

    Queen of the Amazons? Oh, Jesus!!

  • Jambo 159
    Jambo 159 1 month ago

    I don't need wonder woman tell me how bad white man are I hope this movie fucking bombs

  • Robert King
    Robert King 1 month ago

    It a shame they never got someone who could act to play WW

  • Miller CH3
    Miller CH3 1 month ago


    I love this movie!!!

  • Jason Gastrich
    Jason Gastrich 1 month ago

    Looks awful and her accent is terrible. The Wonder Woman I know does not have an accent.

  • Alterate Awful
    Alterate Awful 1 month ago

    present ( daiana falls in love with bruc, bruce acts like nothing happened , saying i am rich)

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 1 month ago

    Who else will see this in the theater alone because don't have any friends?

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 1 month ago

    1 WEEK LEFT GUYS 😍😍😭😭😭

  • Oskari Häkkinen
    Oskari Häkkinen 1 month ago

    I strongly feel that the war between Marvel and DC fanboys should stop. Why can't we just enjoy both. Ok DCEU movies haven't been good so far but I don't think this way because I want to hate DC. Because Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were not good. But based on the early reactions I am super excited for this movie.
    What about to enjoy just both DC and Marvel and not judging them blindly. This fanboy war is really starting to annoy me. Marvel fans are shitting on upcoming DC movies that they haven't even seen yet. DC fans are protecting blindly their terrible movies and saying that critics are biased Marvelists and hate DC no matter how good movie they do. This just should stop.

      PSYCHOBEVO 29 days ago

      You're part of the problem. Your own comment is full of the same obnoxious fanboy attitude that you act like you're speaking out against.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 1 month ago

    Wow, she is beautiful. Power is sexy.

  • Princess D-nee
    Princess D-nee 1 month ago

    i love wonder woman

  • Leonardo Juan
    Leonardo Juan 1 month ago

    "there will be no men in this movie" my ass, there not even 5 seconds and I hear a man voice.

  • Cioaca Cristian
    Cioaca Cristian 1 month ago


  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor 1 month ago

    No thanks

  • Aji Torczon
    Aji Torczon 1 month ago

    aw they fixed it lol

  • Abhishek Pathak
    Abhishek Pathak 1 month ago

    For the ones wondering what she was upto between this & Batman v Superman
    She was on a Date Night with a Criminal while Keeping up with the Joneses & being Fast & Furious!

    • Andre Prawardana
      Andre Prawardana 1 month ago

      And joined IDF too while trying to break into modelling work....

  • Mateo Salazar
    Mateo Salazar 1 month ago

    Quieren dejar algo para el cine!!! esta mostrando toda la maldita película !!!
    Solo falta que muestren a Ares y se la tiran!


    i mean i just wish she was slim-thick tho.

  • bean_frijole
    bean_frijole 1 month ago

    shes fighting the wrong people #germanlivesmatter

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder
    Pre Retcon Beyonder 1 month ago

    already bought my tickets fun fact this movie is the most antisipated movie of the summer beating homecoming aswell

  • yusuk
    yusuk 1 month ago

    cool ;) ► ░W░o░n░d░e░r░ ░W░o░m░e░n░ 🔴Came🔴On► pic.twitter.com/RufRP4HGcp mОvЇe ;) https://twitter.com/buldogboiler

  • Stephen Moniaga
    Stephen Moniaga 1 month ago

    both dc and marvel are great tbh . . . their both has their ups and downs. my takeon DC is that doomsday was BAD !!! and not so sure about the flash costume in JL ,as for MARVEL: cap's suit on 1st avengers was a big no no , (thx GOD they used they used the old suit design back with a modern twist) , and ironman 3 mandarin plot was terrible!! . . . i enjoyed both side, that matter the most

  • superman
    superman 1 month ago

    finally she can fly omg such a relief....

  • steph
    steph 1 month ago

    This actress is unfit and the costume very male.What about blue eyes?😝😝😝

  • יניב סופר
    יניב סופר 1 month ago

    gal gadot=israel

  • マン子にVO5入ります


  • Team DC
    Team DC 1 month ago

    queen of the amazons? what happened to Hippolyta????

  • Aylin Demir
    Aylin Demir 1 month ago

    God dammit stop sharing new vids

  • Agustín Garcia
    Agustín Garcia 1 month ago

    im ok and happy because i like both marvel and DC. So I win i guess.

  • Mary Ellen Pallozzi
    Mary Ellen Pallozzi 1 month ago

    Hey WB, you guys should make an R-rated Teen Titans animated spoof movie, and make an entertainingly fun trilogy out of it, for both all of your long-time WB fans and the long-time Teen Titans fans out there called Teen Titans Go! (not to be confused with the TV show with the exact same name) and it'll not only be far more funny and enjoyable than the TV show itself on so many possible levels, but it'll also be the next best superhero animated spoof movie yet after The LEGO Batman Movie itself in every way imaginable. Also Starfire and Raven have a secret lesbian relationship with each other that the others titans don't know about it at all and have THE most amazingly exotic and spectacular superhero lesbian sex ever captured on film than any one could possibly ever imagine in recent memory that'll surly blow both all of the film critics and the hardcore Teen Titans fans away in the best way possible and it'll get even more entertainingly kinky than ever in later unrated editions on DVD and Blu-ray. Respond if you guys like this great idea.

  • J nid
    J nid 1 month ago

    just be june already! I want to get this done and over with! let us see if its as we all hope it would be

  • Christopher Sullivan

    I like the way the minute long "Warrior" tv spot was cut more than this one. still looking forward to the movie though

  • Skin Hound
    Skin Hound 1 month ago

    New sandwich maker commercial

  • Trần Khoa
    Trần Khoa 1 month ago

    next week <3

  • kenyanr1
    kenyanr1 1 month ago

    Antagonist looks unconvincing..

  • Rance -Sama
    Rance -Sama 1 month ago

    according to injustice 2. wonder women is a bitch. a mofo back stabber.

    • Rance -Sama
      Rance -Sama 1 month ago

      Kendall Foreman latest game for reference for dc universe. its crazy. so many plot twist.

    • Kendall Foreman
      Kendall Foreman 1 month ago

      Rance -Sama injustice 2? is that a movie?

  • Ville Lepoaho
    Ville Lepoaho 1 month ago

    Love how she's talking to Ares

  • Преджер SLIP
    Преджер SLIP 1 month ago

    Очень смелая, без башенная и красивая женщина, а на что она способна "Смотрите на экране во всех кинотеатрах и только этим летом"!

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 1 month ago

    >Jewish Wonder Woman againts WW1 Germans
    Laughing out loud at whoever ends up watching this shit

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 1 month ago

    DC dissapointed me before.
    Trailers may be hype but the actual movie is garbage.

  • Yharnam
    Yharnam 1 month ago

    She is too skinny... ==

  • oDiium1
    oDiium1 1 month ago

    She is actually here !!!!!

  • Knights&Darths
    Knights&Darths 1 month ago

    Go Gal :)

  • LF Drumming
    LF Drumming 1 month ago

    Daughter of Zeus.

  • tarkett85
    tarkett85 1 month ago

    I'm really hoping this is where DC turn it around, the other films in this universe have been terrible and they're so far behind Marvel it's not funny (I love both DC and Marvel universes, not bashing any just stating facts).

  • GO! Go! Zeppeli!
    GO! Go! Zeppeli! 1 month ago

    the first DC movie im gonna go watch in the theater!!
    bvs was not worth it...so yeah! im hype!!!

  • Tokiofritz
    Tokiofritz 1 month ago

    I just got told she's a Zionist, was with the IDF terrorists for two years and is married to a Zionist property developer (land thief). Suddenly, not so bothered to see this.

  • Deadsh07
    Deadsh07 1 month ago

    This Gal Is raeli hot

  • Soumyo Mukherjee
    Soumyo Mukherjee 1 month ago

    Yes, We get it...

  • DefaultDaveUK
    DefaultDaveUK 1 month ago

    So, does the DCEU Wonder Woman have the ability to fly?... Looks like a fair amount of air-bound clips in that TV spot. I hope so!

  • Ethan Nixon
    Ethan Nixon 1 month ago

    Imagine Wonder Woman and Daenerys Targaryen introducing themselves to each other.

  • Amit R
    Amit R 1 month ago

    Another DC junk. Spider-Man's gonna lead the box office.

    • Malik Dewayne
      Malik Dewayne 1 month ago

      Amit R then dont watch the movie or tv spots faggot. go be a butthurt marvel boy somewhere else. everyone knows WW is better than spiderman

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