Yamaha Fazer 1000

Letiste MIMON :D

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Author rabola55 (4 years)
@cynic150 Yes. In all ways.

Author Jimside (3 years)
Kolik si tam z toho max vytáhnul?

Author cynic150 (3 years)
Envy, envy! What I want to know is: what have Yamahas got that Suzukis have

Author Jeník Johanson (4 years)
Jéé děkuju, no je to pěkná motorka, ale aspoň pro mě hrozně silná... Ale je
to pěkný svezení... =D

Author 29ACDC (4 years)
How old is he ? He look Young like 16

Author Jeník Johanson (3 years)
263 km/h, ale to jsem maximální rychlost nezkoušel, ještě by se rozjel, ale
už jsem měl taky trochu strach.. =)

Author 250ales (4 years)
nádherná yamaha má krásnej zvuk....fazer je moje oblíbená motorka mě je
16..taky bych chtěl mit bratra s fazer :D závidim je pěkná!!!!

Author Laiitee Faith (3 years)
how tall you are? I mean the guy ride this bike.

Author el kun (5 years)
what pipe is it?

Author lukasvip7 (4 years)
kurwa ale zvuk

Author Jeník Johanson (4 years)
Yes, It's true... =)

Author Santiago Ojeda (2 years)
@JHONMORENO92 ronda entre los 110 o 120 mil pesos... yo tengo una

Author GUsST4v0 (1 year)

Author fazerrr600 (5 years)
hahaha czeski film ;P

Author Jeník Johanson (3 years)
Yees, FZ1 Fazer !!! =)

Author Hugo Godoy S. (2 years)
Ah, the FZ1... even a 12 year old kid can drive it.

Author Jeník Johanson (3 years)
Hi, thanks, I had 169 cm :)

Author PodFuck3r (5 years)
:) pěknej zvuk

Author c64core (5 years)
que hace un niño conduciendo una moto?? :o

Author Jimside (3 years)
@Jennik16 Tak to je pěkný, určo by táhnul ještě víc:).A ten krouťák musí
bejt skvělej co? Kamarád má FZ6 2003 a dal v Mimoni max 260,tak sem docela
koukal, jak je to živý ta motka :) Já mám Bandita 650 2006 a víc jak 235 to
prostě nešlo dát.

Author Jeník Johanson (4 years)
Hi, I must say, that it is quite confortable, but we aren't extra
travelers. When we go 300 - 400 Km/day, so it is much, but it's true, that
I as a passenger am O.K. Sitting for passenger on FZ1 is orthostatism. It
is clear, that a shorter stature is better. Otherwise sitting on FZ1 is
natural opposite road bikes.

Author Jeník Johanson (5 years)
Hi, I think, that the 160cm is little, I had 169cm and it was little too.
Thanks :D

Author Jeník Johanson (5 years)
Now it is in a service, because, we need a new rear tyre. My brother has
already driven 6000 km and he is satisfied, he is 189 cm high, so he needs
a big motorcycle, earlier he wanted Honda CBR 1100xx Black bird or Suzuki
Hayabusa 1300, but in the end he bought this.

Author Fasesure93 . (4 years)
@ryang2k8 hahahah im 1.86 and 16 years old ! =D

Author skarpajirka (3 years)
krasna motorka :-) mam FZS 600 a na letisti vic jak 240 nejede :-) mam to
na letiste 30km :-) jezdite tam casto ? a popripad odkad jste ?

Author rykoszet77 (3 years)
fazer 1000 ??? to jest FZ1 !!!

Author Shriekshack (4 years)
@Markes206 Get a Royal Enfield bullet.Low profile, wide seats and a classic
look . But a practical bike unlike tose V twin behemoth Harleys that drink
fuel like hummers.

Author Jeník Johanson (5 years)
Hi, very thanks for commentary. I am 169 cm high (small :D) and I am 16
years old. It is mine brother´s motorcycle. I have got Honda CBR 125 :D ,
because I am young. Otherwise, it is very strong motorcycle (150 PS),
brakes with ABS, so it has about 205 kg.

Author brijeshbthebigboss (5 years)
150 cc fazer launched in india ,,,awesome bike,,,perfomance pickup bestttttt

Author Md Fuad (4 years)
Nice bike there. Hey what mirror are you using? Some how yours look shorter
than the stock mirror.

Author Jeník Johanson (4 years)
It is desolate military aerodrome in Mimoň in Czech Republic... =D

Author avantgarde120 (3 years)
Nice bike!

Author Jeník Johanson (3 years)
No docela to spodek má... Jede to fakt pěkně.., bratránek má tu samou, jen
celou červenou a v Mimoni jel přes 270km/h.. Já si teď pořídil, abych
stíhal bráchoj GSX-R 750 K7 =) tak se těším na sezonu, horší je, že jí mám
sníženou na 25KW, kvůli věku, ale jak jsem na tom zatím jel, tak to vůbec
nejede... =) asi půjde omezovač do kytek... =D Tak sem pak dáme společný
video… =) =)

Author Jeník Johanson (5 years)
Hi, if you think exhaust, so it is BODIS, it was already been there when we
buyed motorcycle ! Thanks :D

Author Primeiro Último (4 years)
Tell something is that bike confortable for the passeger? I have the
daytona triple 675 but my girlfriend complains about her back on it we like
to travel alot on bike so now im thinking getting something more
confortable for us..Its dificult because all confortable bikes are ugly! :P
this one thou i kindof like it...thanks!

Author cynic150 (4 years)
Are Yamahas better than Suzukis? If so, in what ways? Thanks. :)

Author Jeník Johanson (4 years)
Thanks for comment =) I don't know what kind of mirror are there, because
they have already been there, when we bought it.. But it will be some

Author PodFuck3r (5 years)
tyjo! pěkná motorka! kolik si jel?

Author Дмитрий Козлов (1 year)
Hello, I am 190 cm tall and I would like to ask you-would it be comfortable
to drive this bike? I think it's a litle bit high for me, but I just love
it. And also, is there a chance to find a model with 250 cc engine?

Author Primeiro Último (4 years)
Ok thanks Jenni!! :)

Author Nicky Boy (1 year)

Author Jeník Johanson (3 years)
Díík, my jsme z Pardubic... Do Mimoně jezdíme jen občas, když se jedem
pořádně projet... Škoda, že to máme tak daleko, protože to tam je supéér !!

Author gixxer450 (5 years)
dam i like that color scheme, is that custom or did it come factory like
that. and where did you get that lower fairing at?

Author Jeník Johanson (4 years)
Heey now I'm 17 !! :D Juhůůů

Author martinduenas (4 years)
que genio!!!! cuantos años tienes?

Author makemehavefun (5 years)
whoa, how tall are you? I sat on an r1 the other day and kind of have to
tippy-toe. but from what I've read, the fz1 is the same seat height as the
r1-r6... I'm 5'9.5" The only bike I've been able to sit on and be
flat-footed is a suzuki, but they're heavier. I like the yamaha better

Author Jeník Johanson (3 years)
O.K. určitě napíšu... Ona je to bráchova motorka a ten pracuje ve Švédsku,
takže domů moc nejezdí... ,ale když tam někdy pojedem, tak ti dám vědět....

Author Jeník Johanson (5 years)
Joo, dik :D Moc rychle ne !! :D

Author skarpajirka (3 years)
@Jennik16 je to tam prave super :-) tak kdyby jste nekdy vedeli ze tam
pojedete tak dejte vedet :-) a mohlo by se sejit vic fazeru :-)

Author Jeník Johanson (3 years)
Thanks.. =)

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