How to Paint in Watercolor - Watercolor Painting
This is a super fast version on award winning artist Christine Waara painting. If you are interested in learning to paint like Christine check out her dvd. for great music

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Author rose gal ( ago)
girl guess how I came across your channel?
so I was googling images of watercolor roses and there was this really
pretty rose with a watermark on it (websites are benefiting off your art!)
so I took the image and google reverse image searched it and your channel's
name came as a result of the reverse image search and guess what? a pretty
decent amount of the pictures posted on google also have watermarks on them
and I thought this artist must be frustrated knowing that she works hard
and paints only for parasites to screenshot her work, add their watermark
on it (the shutterstock kind of watermark ) and force users to sign into
their websites if they wanted to get the image without the watermark and
that's just sick cuz it's not even theirs

Author Ingrid Coke ( ago)
Loooooovely....thank you so much for sharing.

Author Claudette Ramaley ( ago)

Author prettyblimp ( ago)
wow that is so beautiful! it has a lovely curvy, constantly flowing shape.
thank you for showing us this!

Author 1Thedairy ( ago)
Beautiful but not very helpful!

Author Melita Zupančič ( ago)
just wanderfull !!

Author Alesia Gil ( ago)
beautiful !

Author Christine Long ( ago)
This is so amazingly beautiful. Stunning.

Author INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART Linda Bloom ( ago)
INSANELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to paint like THAT.

Author A Murphy ( ago)
Just beautiful 

Author Wisia Czarska ( ago)
Fantastyczne malarstwo, talent,talent i jeszcze raz talent ! 

Author Slyte Lee Acidic ( ago)
Very nice composition and comfortable pleasing color combination. A fine
work indeed!

Author A Al-Dahir ( ago)
Beautiful love it xxxx

Author Betty Baker (1603 years ago)

Author ClaireHJYoon927 ( ago)
Does anybody know the name if that flower? 

Author Maha Swilam ( ago)
wonderful :) sooo beautiful :) 

Author تل الورود ( ago)
Amazing .. But i cant paint like this ); make easy tutorials please :)

Author Vicky Sabato ( ago)
omg.. incredible work. beautiful beautiful.. breathtaking work <3

Author Carla Acácio ( ago)
how can 39 people "unlike" this??? they must be blind...

Author Lee Sin ( ago)
Before -.- after o.o

Author Ahmad Noor Haqimi ( ago)
I LOVE YOU!! such a magic work!! I watched it for peace
and harmony..( i need to learn painting...)...and who was so stupid dislike
this video?? If you dont like it,then ..SCRAM!

Author mapsandthings ( ago)
Thanks for taking the time to put this up. Very nice effect and interesting
to see how you constructed the picture.

Author Frankagator ( ago)
Not really how to paint but rather 'watch me do stuff' speedpaint

Author Mariel ( ago)
Can I ask which brand of watercolors that is? Also, this is one of the best
watercolor works I have seen :)

Author willettgarrett2 ( ago)
i wish i could paint like that!

Author Mariam Gigani ( ago)
envy..... you are amazing. <3 

Author Jaye Fran ( ago)
what is this, paint by numbers? Pfft

Author Nikki K ( ago)
this isnt a "how-to" .. but nice painting :) 

Author eyeslikediam0nds ( ago)
this is waaay too amazing :| im jealous ! great job :D

Author monahkdk ( ago)
Are u crazy?

Author 1995Benzo ( ago)
This is freaking awesome!!! 21 dislikes is insane! 

Author Nicholas Goh ( ago)
@nuzod thanks man i have it now :)

Author Dok Oc (223 years ago)

Author nuzod ( ago)
@proexno2 TORRENT IT

Author Geraldine Lee ( ago)
It's so beautiful. I wish I knew how to paint in watercolour.

Author xxdesignxxfreakxx ( ago)
Wow, that's brilliant :0)

Author Spitha Roo ( ago)
Amazing work. I always thought that watercolours were wishy washy. 

Author Art by Delilah ( ago)
Great work

Author FrozenWafflesFTW (810 years ago)
Beautiful painting. I wish I create art like that.

Author MrBecca0123 ( ago)
this painting is so beautiful. i love your work 

Author pinkamh ( ago)
that was beautiful!!! 

Author kaay Sii ( ago)
Hell!! How did u do tht.... i thought it was a how-to... u just did it

Author Carolyn Robbin ( ago)
nice job....! 

Author Deveny Evans ( ago)
i would never be able to do this but its beautifull

Author lovespell303 ( ago)
This song is dumm

Author Vicky Sabato ( ago)
@JeffersonDinedAlone i checked it out, but don't see anything with your
name. (by the way interesting name --history buff?--). all the works are
impressive. which ones are yours?

Author JeffersonDinedAlone ( ago)
@swamivicky Look up the Louis K. Meisel Gallery and the Meisel-Bernarduci
Gallery, both in New York City.

Author Vicky Sabato ( ago)
@JeffersonDinedAlone have you posted your art? i would be interested to see
something that is "light-years" ahead of this one.

Author JeffersonDinedAlone ( ago)
@swamivicky And yet, she is light-years behind me, and I work exclusively
in drawing, which allows much greater precision and detail. Everyone is at
a different level. Simply find a level of progression which you are
currently comfortable with.

Author Joy Argento ( ago)
@proexno2 Look up Leah Zicari on iTunes or Amazon for the song.

Author Nicholas Goh ( ago)
where can i download this beautiful piece of song ? (:

Author tiffany viklee ( ago)
what the song name?

Author tiffany viklee ( ago)
@bhoebn what the song name? who know?

Author Vicky Sabato ( ago)
the only reason i don't care for this video is because the work is so far
beyond me. she obviously has put a lot of thought into the composition, and
knew exacty what she was aiming for. perhaps she has painted this same
picture numerous times. so while the painting and talent are great, i don't
get to actually learn anything.

Author bhoebn ( ago)
I love the song. :P 

Author JustMe83 ( ago)
it looks great, but it would help if you mentioned what's going on.
somebody who knows how to paint would probably know just by looking, but
then it seems silly to make a "how to paint" video for somebody who knows
how to paint. mentioning what you did, like having the paint a bit less wet
here, more wet there... wetting the paper, keeping it dry... praying to the
god of watercolors..could help 

Author alise1610 ( ago)
it's beautiful.

Author Jenny Bear ( ago)
wooooow this is so great!

Author Cinema Paradiso ( ago)
@melblue87 or she could have changed the title of this video. it's
misleading =( 

Author Kev Latta ( ago)
I just wanna say something for people. I assume that this is just an advert
for the website. The video is probably a sped up tutorial with no sound -
again, an assumption.

Author marian sabo ( ago)
Amazing! And I am passionate by drawings, in paint! Marian Sabo

Author anonymous6687 ( ago)
beautiful!how long did it take u to do this? 

Author John C ( ago)
Truly amazing.

Author WIESŁAWA Piekacz ( ago)
Moje gratulacje. Super!!! Zazdroszczę tego daru. Pozdrawiam. 

Author Ghostly ASMR ( ago)
wonderful,i want to try it but don't know HOW??? 

Author Ghostly ASMR ( ago)
wonderful,i want to try it but don't know HOW???

Author quiet777riot ( ago)
This was a beautiful painting, thank you for sharing :-)

Author Kostas Andritsakis ( ago)
more than unbelievable!

Author Jacqueline Deschamps ( ago) inspiring! thank you!

Author Maguspwns2 ( ago)
well, im never painting again. thanks.

Author Janice Lindsay Colao ( ago)
@jacekwycislik The song is I Slept Through The Morning by Leah Zicari from
Pretty On Thursday

Author amesguy515 ( ago)
I'd say pencil outlines are there.

Author jaconi01 ( ago)
9 people couldn't paint in Watercolor

Author SasieSpice ( ago)
this is amazingly beautiful.. tho this is more of a speedpainting then it
is a how to.. how to's tend to give some explanations through the video
whether its verbally or using type through out video.. but aside from all
that, you did an amazing job with the painting.. thank you for sharing it
with us!

Author 大石美穂 ( ago)
It was impressed. ^^♪♪

Author Ema K ( ago)
You didn't teach me. You Inspired me.

Author Faheema Patel ( ago)
sigh...she is so good!! ^_^

Author ChaosIncarnate ( ago)
incredible, great picture! thanks for uploading this, i use is to practice!

Author wolftreetree ( ago)
very nice 

Author Melissa Vega ( ago)
it would be nice if you kind of EXPLAINED how to paint with watercolors :/
just saying...

Author jimmyjamjar10101 ( ago)
love dat song by leah zicari :)

Author Pinak Art ( ago)
you didn't teach me shit.

Author p[opiu ( ago)
I've only done one water colour project ever during school. Your video
makes me aspire to be someone like you one day :) I really want to start
water colours now.

Author dtx9000 ( ago)
wtf. i quit art lol. just kidding

Author Blah Smith ( ago)
you know what? this is one of the most beautiful watercolor art i have ever
seen on youtube. Love how you blend colors <3

Author Andrew Vo ( ago)
6 people click the wrong button for this video

Author lardo444 ( ago)
wow, very good. peace, lardo.

Author 1991LauraR ( ago)
omg i wish a had that talent

Author downsystem13 ( ago)
i don't think this video should have the words How To in it's
title...however you're very talented.

Author Nicole Murph ( ago)
This is amazinnnng! I am so jealous :) xx

Author ArgentAconit ( ago)
@Disco32er Actually, personally I think you just use a wet brush and get
the paint off of the blcok's top surface (depending on what side you're
using really) And go with the flow :'3 If that doesn't work then maybe you
just wet the paper in the parts you want to paint and use a damp brush to
color it that way? Never used Block paints... Heck, the only paint I've
ever used was face paint sadly. I've never painted in my life but I think
it'd be a lot of fun to try it out some time soon! ^,^

Author La Porta D ( ago)
The time skipping and speeding up is worthless. It cheapens the art. 

Author La Porta D ( ago)
@IDontCareSoSTFU It isn't about practice, though. I don't mean to sound
rude and arrogant, but I'm a 26 year old professional artist who has been
able to paint and draw since I was about 12. So I can tell you from that
life experience that it's about talent and getting the talent better and
better as you get older. You either have it or you don't. End of story. It
cant be taught. 

Author vessalio ( ago)
@IDontCareSoSTFU hahaha me too

Author sheepisha ( ago)

Author Disco32er ( ago)
I got this pack of square blocks of watercolors, I never used them
before.... How do I like color with em,do I put them in water? 

Author Leandra James ( ago)
this is inspiring :)

Author MJMONTEAGUDO ( ago)

Author Pinak Art ( ago)
imo, this isn't really a how to video, but rather... watch me paint video.
still good tho.

Author Sadaf Mumtaz ( ago)
i loved it!!!

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