Desiigner Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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  • RMORepublic
    RMORepublic 10 hours ago


  • Geovanni Soto
    Geovanni Soto 11 hours ago

    He speaks ad-lib

  • AzeYT
    AzeYT 11 hours ago

    put x on the show

  • yb n
    yb n 12 hours ago

    No desiigner I don't know what time it is

  • Joshua fyb
    Joshua fyb 14 hours ago

    what he saying??💀😂

  • afaq494
    afaq494 14 hours ago

    Designer talks and acts like the Rugrats.

  • Samuel Milne Music
    Samuel Milne Music 14 hours ago

    Do Sneaker Shopping with XXXTentacion

  • Jake Gurry
    Jake Gurry 15 hours ago

    can someone give me a transcript

    NOCHU COME TROUGH 16 hours ago

    I'm shook that i'm older than him haha i love this guy

  • alimou diallo
    alimou diallo 16 hours ago

    desiigner,but can't put design on his voice 😮

  • Platinum Viper
    Platinum Viper 17 hours ago

    i think his mind is like 4x faster than his body lol

  • nadica
    nadica 19 hours ago

    he is always in a good mood.😂

  • Cavarsierra Haygood
    Cavarsierra Haygood 20 hours ago

    Is this nigga on crack dame all over the place

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 23 hours ago

    Desiigner sounds like when you don't properly clutch when driving a stick shift, so your car stalls out.

  • dustin29brazeau
    dustin29brazeau 1 day ago

    so desiigner talks exactly how he raps

  • Sergei Moore
    Sergei Moore 1 day ago

    What are u saying

  • Sergei Moore
    Sergei Moore 1 day ago

    What is he on

  • WillWonkaDoo
    WillWonkaDoo 1 day ago

    Hes high af

  • illenessOne
    illenessOne 1 day ago

    Is desiigner ever had a sad day or not in the mood ? Lol . I want some of what he has to keep myself hyped as he is .

  • EVOL
    EVOL 1 day ago

    this nigga weird

  • L
    L 1 day ago

    Just turn on the subtitles o.0

  • DJ Kicks
    DJ Kicks 2 days ago

    He always saying nothing

  • Leonard Burrell
    Leonard Burrell 2 days ago

    What store is this at does anyone know

  • Lyle zeman
    Lyle zeman 2 days ago

    I'm more fluent in Mandrian Chinese than I am "Designer"

  • Zay Huncho
    Zay Huncho 2 days ago

    600 for flu games? TRIPPIN 😭

  • eXXa1987
    eXXa1987 2 days ago

    What the hell is wrong with him? Does he mix some strong coke with adderall and molly or has he got some kind of mental illness?

  • ich
    ich 3 days ago

    I think he has adhd

  • Vallejohn lol
    Vallejohn lol 3 days ago

    that yankees jacket tho

  • Carol Badgett
    Carol Badgett 3 days ago

    this nigga sound like Chewbacca if he knew a little bit of English

  • mzunique22
    mzunique22 3 days ago

    this nigga not even legal to buy henny

  • Young
    Young 3 days ago

    i love desiigners energy haha

  • Joe Mushroom Tip
    Joe Mushroom Tip 3 days ago

    I still have no FUCKING! idea what he was saying...

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 3 days ago

    he too hype man🤴🏾😍

  • Shakirah Kamalah Daye

    Am i the only one that can understand him perfectly

  • TheCristiano77777777

    Cashier: Your total is (Whatever number).
    I can't count...

  • Klay R
    Klay R 3 days ago

    I swear he speaks cursive.

  • Wizard Galahad
    Wizard Galahad 3 days ago

    he's only 19??? daangg

  • イーサン
    イーサン 3 days ago

    Guy just wanted to know if anyone felt him, you all let him down

  • Alex von Gillern
    Alex von Gillern 3 days ago

    desiigner: gah gah gah brrrrrrrrrrrah gat gat skrrrrt

    Joe: Exactly man

  • Keisha keisha
    Keisha keisha 3 days ago

    Hey D! I used to go to Yogi Bear too. Word Miss those days!

  • cdj1998
    cdj1998 3 days ago

    This dude is so wtf

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran 4 days ago

    How the FUCK are foams a DC thing Penny Hardaway is from NORTH MEMPHIS its a fucking Memphis 10 thing for life.

  • daniel chau
    daniel chau 4 days ago

    DUDE IS 19 ARE YOU SERIOUS DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this dude is in his swag and he is that young damn thought he was over 30's

    GEORGE SOROS 4 days ago


  • Seth Gunter
    Seth Gunter 4 days ago

    this boi drinks to much lean lmfao

  • Edward Jr
    Edward Jr 4 days ago

    is he actaully retarded

  • lucas lascano
    lucas lascano 4 days ago

    That's some word salad.

  • Leland
    Leland 4 days ago

    Had to use the translate button to understand this video.

  • ToXic RefleX25
    ToXic RefleX25 4 days ago

    can someone​ translate designer's language? please.

  • Real Teal
    Real Teal 4 days ago

    I thought this man was like 27

  • Malachi- Mods
    Malachi- Mods 4 days ago

    i did not know designer was just 19

  • Yung Chi
    Yung Chi 4 days ago

    what the fuck is he saying needs to slow the fuck down

  • David Moats
    David Moats 4 days ago

    Am I the only person that has no idea what designer is saying

  • I am Zambian ,I am African

    can this guy give me the drugs he is taking I need to be happy because med school right now is depressing me

  • Sope UxF
    Sope UxF 4 days ago

    why only jordans, why not some am95s 97s tn's ?

  • Ilhan Harith Ramzan

    invite the $uicideboy$

  • Jsfolife 24
    Jsfolife 24 5 days ago

    Desiigner the only autistic rapper

  • Hello from the Other side

    My man designer talking like he got hit by a car..... wait

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    How do I change the language to English?

  • Brandon Bennett
    Brandon Bennett 5 days ago

    Wtf was he saying

  • chris 2r2
    chris 2r2 5 days ago

    I think i just realized why im always so energetic...

  • Bring Me The Chair
    Bring Me The Chair 5 days ago

    His sounds are so autistic

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez 5 days ago

    This man is TOO fucking happy!! 😕 Damn

  • NiteKiller619
    NiteKiller619 5 days ago

    Bro what is he saying?? I didn't understand shit

  • Anthony Gordon
    Anthony Gordon 6 days ago

    Its like his brains are scrambled😂😂😂

  • Shaurya Kaushik
    Shaurya Kaushik 6 days ago

    is this guy mad ?

  • Diego Ledezma
    Diego Ledezma 6 days ago

    Legend says that Desiigner spoke his first words at age 15

  • poppers toys
    poppers toys 6 days ago

    ok now that I know his age i can stop looking at him side ways with my head tilted.
    not hating.

  • Isaac Santoyo
    Isaac Santoyo 6 days ago

    this nigga gonna hype panda till he 40 that shits bin over

    OQJI DROP 6 days ago

    you dig?😂

  • Monkey Mann996
    Monkey Mann996 7 days ago

    He's so perky and happy this makes me happy idk why

  • New 77 Era
    New 77 Era 7 days ago

    You just cant stop smiling when this dude talks and being himself!

  • Hamza Ibrahim
    Hamza Ibrahim 7 days ago

    JLP: Desiigner, the video ended, you need to leave
    JLP: You better GRAA GEEE GEEEET ur dumbass outta here

  • Quickestgaming Yt
    Quickestgaming Yt 7 days ago

    Desighener is toooooooo #HYPE

  • SamPei π
    SamPei π 7 days ago

    Jesus Christ! I NEED captions for this fucking video

  • Saifullahii Ibrahim

    Desiigner is that kind of hungry dog who wants to eat everything

  • MJ Fozzy
    MJ Fozzy 7 days ago

    Sneaker Shopping with Autism

  • TheLord O Chicken
    TheLord O Chicken 7 days ago

    Joe seems like a nice guy but he needs to crack some jokes or something. He reminds me of a blank piece of paper

  • stickylemonz
    stickylemonz 7 days ago

    dis nigga straight up retarded

  • Baby Grl
    Baby Grl 8 days ago

    He is so fucking weird and he makes a fool of himself idk wtf is he saying half the time. He's stupid if he does that on purpose thinking it's a good look

  • Gegë Nagavci
    Gegë Nagavci 8 days ago

    He has had waaaayy to much KoolAid

  • Aseicecream Games
    Aseicecream Games 8 days ago

    he's 19?

  • Hitter59
    Hitter59 8 days ago

    I looked for desiigner subtitles, couldn't find it, had to guess the whole video 😂

  • Black Butterfly
    Black Butterfly 8 days ago


  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 8 days ago

    How many times did he say you feel me, or made dumbass noises like a retard

  • Using YT 4 Stuff
    Using YT 4 Stuff 8 days ago

    is Joe wearing makeup?

  • ItsJustMe Cutty
    ItsJustMe Cutty 8 days ago

    gggggtttttttttt what???????

  • W7 Royalz
    W7 Royalz 8 days ago


  • Louis Andrew
    Louis Andrew 9 days ago

    The CC button not working well!  Please insert subtitles! lol!

  • Edward Macias
    Edward Macias 9 days ago

    he thought the bred 11s were space jams, bruu

  • Lando-IsNotLive 007

    This man desiigner a fool man hahaha I fux w/ him because he kills me every time he talks

  • Miguel Brito
    Miguel Brito 9 days ago

    Wtf is he saying 🤔

  • gohan vlog channel
    gohan vlog channel 9 days ago

    he sounds

  • Will Yallowitz
    Will Yallowitz 9 days ago

    Does he speak English?

  • QuantysWhips Whips
    QuantysWhips Whips 9 days ago

    You know what, from now on I will act like Desiigner. I don't care what you say.

  • Kevin Royster
    Kevin Royster 9 days ago

    am the only one who realised desiigner pointed at the wrong shoe when he said space jams, and the other guy got the spaces jams that were at the bottem and said these are the space jams

  • Guy
    Guy 9 days ago

    People like Desiigner?

  • Tiger Fame #1
    Tiger Fame #1 9 days ago

    bro when desiigner talks normally, he kind of sounds like tupac

  • JT francis
    JT francis 10 days ago

    Can't wait for the drug free and English version of this clip.

  • Alexis Delgado
    Alexis Delgado 10 days ago

    Who else thought desiigner was older than 19

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