My 'Instagram Selfie' Makeup Tutorial; Perfect Skin & Flawless Eyes \\ Chloe Morello

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  • Neha Jahan
    Neha Jahan 3 days ago

    u r so sweet 😘😘

  • Stephanie Casagarcia

    love this look!

  • Holly Blackshaw
    Holly Blackshaw 5 days ago


  • magnanimous0009
    magnanimous0009 14 days ago

    You ALWAYS look lovely, even with no makeup!

  • Christy Woods
    Christy Woods 14 days ago


  • Christy Woods
    Christy Woods 14 days ago


  • Margie Aquino
    Margie Aquino 16 days ago

    Love u Chloe

  • きたあかり
    きたあかり 17 days ago

    LOVE IT (≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)(≧∇≦)💕💕💕💕💕

  • Fuchsiababe
    Fuchsiababe 1 month ago

    O my gooossh! Just... :'''') !!!!!!You're so funny! lollol Beautiful makeup lady!

  • Frédérique Gagnon
    Frédérique Gagnon 1 month ago

    love it so muchhhhh !

  • T food
    T food 2 months ago

    You look in between a Cameron Diaz (I think it's the lips & goofiness) and Angela Jolie 👍

  • Tamara Wilson
    Tamara Wilson 2 months ago

    you've been hacked 😓

  • Mayra Mendoza
    Mayra Mendoza 2 months ago

    You look incredible 😍😍😍😭

  • siri H
    siri H 2 months ago

    8:33 she looked like angelina jolie

  • Mercedes Zawiła
    Mercedes Zawiła 2 months ago

    What brush did you use to blend bronzer? What brush did you recommend to powder bronzer? :)

  • Elaine McNiel King
    Elaine McNiel King 2 months ago

    You look gorgeous!!! Love your makeup!!!

  • ingrida grigalaityte
    ingrida grigalaityte 3 months ago

    Wow wow wow you so beautiful 🌸 I'm not lesbian 😂

  • Andrea A.
    Andrea A. 3 months ago

    I looove watching your tutorials! I always watch your tutorials, even more than once. Cheers me up when I'm sad or stressed. Haha!!

  • Kptrisha
    Kptrisha 3 months ago

    The reason we open our mouth when doing something on our eyes like mascara is because it is relaxing our face, when we try and keep our mouth closed there is tension

  • Vanja Jankovic
    Vanja Jankovic 3 months ago

    Do a Angelina Jolie look!!!

  • Imer Aguilar
    Imer Aguilar 3 months ago

    I love how she's so humble

  • su pyae
    su pyae 3 months ago

    you are so so so pretty <3

  • Cecilia Vant veen
    Cecilia Vant veen 3 months ago

    you are the most beautiful lady❤️

  • nageeb saleh
    nageeb saleh 3 months ago

    u look like carmen diaz especially ur mouth

  • ga ch
    ga ch 3 months ago

    lol stop. youre just too gorg

  • ikra amin
    ikra amin 3 months ago

    do u hv deepset eyes?

  • Ell Day
    Ell Day 4 months ago

    i can't stop replaying the "slay Chloe or yaasss bitch"😂😂

  • Lydia Lili
    Lydia Lili 4 months ago

    I have always been curiose about her age

  • MelissaW
    MelissaW 4 months ago

    "Not a big fan of these instagram brows" YAS FINALLY A BEAUTY YOUTUBER WHO AGREES🙌🏼

  • Poly Gtz
    Poly Gtz 4 months ago

    You are so pretty😍

  • Clare Hill
    Clare Hill 4 months ago

    where does chloe get her earrings from ?

  • Alexis Stone
    Alexis Stone 4 months ago

    "i was suppose to loose weight to get ride of this but.... nahhh" SO ME

  • Ventastisch
    Ventastisch 4 months ago

    OMGG u are gorgeouss!

  • Priscila Alers
    Priscila Alers 4 months ago

    candice + jolie + perrie edwards

  • Nurun Nahar Moni
    Nurun Nahar Moni 4 months ago

    u r so beautiful....

  • alien N
    alien N 4 months ago

    my favorite youtuber

  • Mae Guimba
    Mae Guimba 5 months ago


  • Hunter Kitty
    Hunter Kitty 5 months ago

    9:02 she looks like Angelina Jolie

  • Mudassira Takiyya
    Mudassira Takiyya 5 months ago

    so beautyful of you

  • Eryn Turner
    Eryn Turner 5 months ago

    This is my favourite tutorial you have ever done

  • tesalewis27
    tesalewis27 5 months ago

    You are so beautiful without makeup.

  • Annette Rodriguez
    Annette Rodriguez 5 months ago

    You remind me of Candace the model from Victoria's Secret

  • Lucie Ondráčková
    Lucie Ondráčková 5 months ago

    Nono, you looks like Angelina Jolie + Miranda Kerr !! Im pretty sure ! Awesome ❤️

  • Natasha Aris
    Natasha Aris 5 months ago


  • no name
    no name 5 months ago

    u r my makeup inspiration😊😊😊😊😊

  • hanadi0
    hanadi0 5 months ago

    I can't get over this video.

  • One_ 22
    One_ 22 5 months ago

    9:03 the Victoria secrets's Angels in one face.

  • Em Boguta
    Em Boguta 6 months ago


  • Selina Linde Jensen
    Selina Linde Jensen 6 months ago

    What camera did you use in the end? :)

  • Mariana Rodriguez
    Mariana Rodriguez 6 months ago

    where did you buy those lights behind you???

  • Jennifer Himes
    Jennifer Himes 6 months ago

    You are simply stunning, miss Chloe!
    You've got an awesome personality and I love the genuine nature of your videos. I especially love your talk through tutorials, bc you always take the time to explain what you're doing and why and bc your sense of humor is priceless!! Continued success. Much love from Canada 🇨🇦 xox

  • Urethra Franklin
    Urethra Franklin 6 months ago

    lmao i love how you keep it real at all times

  • Flacalove83 Mendez
    Flacalove83 Mendez 6 months ago

    you are gorgeous with out makeup.

  • Stef Dower
    Stef Dower 6 months ago

    hey Chloe love your videos - can you please list the products in your video..I think you are fantastic and entertaining too.

  • AshRe
    AshRe 6 months ago

    @9.01 Angelina Jolie😍😍😍

  • Nurpinar de Kloet
    Nurpinar de Kloet 6 months ago

    Somehow your Facebook link got shortified so it doesn't open.

  • RanSang Team
    RanSang Team 6 months ago

    you are beautiful

  • Holly Haneman
    Holly Haneman 6 months ago

    Anyone know how she chooses the right colour foundation? Cause she's quite pale but when she apples it, it looks really orange/dark for her but ends up looking amazing x

    • lauren
      lauren 6 months ago

      Holly Haneman she matches her body not her face

  • Nicole Kontopiraki
    Nicole Kontopiraki 7 months ago

    you look like angelina jolie <3

  • Lea Adelaide
    Lea Adelaide 7 months ago

    I love your makeup! It's so classic and gorgeous 😍😍

  • Caroline Jacob
    Caroline Jacob 7 months ago

    at 9:01 she looks like candice swanepoel with brown hair

  • fatwmm Mohammed
    fatwmm Mohammed 7 months ago

    We don't want you away ❤️❤️ I love your tutorials 💕

  • Analiz Motezuma
    Analiz Motezuma 7 months ago

    She is so beautiful!!! And yeah she does look like Candice hahahha and the lips like Kylie !!!

  • Thahmingi Hauhnar
    Thahmingi Hauhnar 7 months ago

    omg she looks like candice swanapoel

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 7 months ago

    You look exactly like if Leighton Meester and Angelina Jolie had a baby

  • charu mamu
    charu mamu 7 months ago

    wow... amazing makeup.... n u do look exactly like Angelina jolie.... ^^.... just loved it..

  • Mar S
    Mar S 7 months ago

    For me she looks like a mix of Candice Swanepoel and Kylie Jenner here

  • Moon AlSuwaidi
    Moon AlSuwaidi 7 months ago

    beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Hannah
    Hannah 7 months ago

    omg in this video you look like a mashup between Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid and I'm in love

  • Rosie Martinez
    Rosie Martinez 7 months ago

    I love her cheekbones

  • Olivia  Pruitt
    Olivia Pruitt 8 months ago

    You called the eyeliner that you used on the outer third of your eye master something by maybelline but that seems to be different than the eyeliner that is linked?

  • chikita violenta.:.:
    chikita violenta.:.: 8 months ago

    you are beautiful

  • ifrah as
    ifrah as 8 months ago

    What camera was that?????

  • iiRosie Playsii
    iiRosie Playsii 8 months ago

    Your all wrong. She doesn't look like Leighton minstrel or whatever her name is😂 she looks like........


  • Amy Kennedy
    Amy Kennedy 8 months ago

    Gosh, you are stunning. And funny and talented!! Great video :)

  • Marss marss
    Marss marss 8 months ago

    you're truely breathtaking.. without makeup. with makeup.

  • Micah Garcia
    Micah Garcia 8 months ago

    I love you so much chloe!!! such an inspiration😍

  • user 12345
    user 12345 8 months ago

    you look unbelievably beautiful !!

  • Nikole Kelly
    Nikole Kelly 8 months ago

    could just lose weight......nahhhhh. I love her

  • An A
    An A 8 months ago

    Stunning make up Chloe :)

  • Hadil Abdullahi
    Hadil Abdullahi 8 months ago

    If someone do it makeup is can' be beautiful right

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 8 months ago

    I love your channel 😩😘

  • Mara
    Mara 8 months ago

    You look like Mara Teigen wow

  • Sabrina Patterson
    Sabrina Patterson 8 months ago

    omg you look just like Lacey Claire from ANTM! But also exactly look and even sound like Candice Swanepoel!

  • Javier Flores
    Javier Flores 8 months ago

    Omgg you're so pretty ! 💞💞💞

  • Kate Linnell
    Kate Linnell 8 months ago

    Angelina Jolie-Gia, totally reminded me of her in that movie.

  • endah febyanti
    endah febyanti 9 months ago

    Hai Chloe, I am from indonesia, actually I've never seen you're doing Wedding make up tutorial and I think that will be great! would you make one pleaseee? 😊😊 love ya! 💕

  • Olivia Portsmouth
    Olivia Portsmouth 9 months ago

    Yas betch u bootyful

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 9 months ago

    Love you😍

  • Benjelloun Fadoua
    Benjelloun Fadoua 9 months ago

    Much prettier than Aishwarya Rai! Candice Swanpoel look alike!

  • Mimi Meirz
    Mimi Meirz 9 months ago

    so so so beautiful girl

  • Laura Stuart
    Laura Stuart 9 months ago

    I sooo want to try that foundation but the lightest shade is too dark :( :(

  • tejsa
    tejsa 9 months ago

    love your face and accent!

  • Mozzaxo
    Mozzaxo 9 months ago

    I think I've watched this film a million times! So calming and just love the look!

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan 9 months ago

    good look

  • Carys W
    Carys W 9 months ago

    You look like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner

  • calista fuja
    calista fuja 9 months ago

    you look like angelina jolie

  • mcwatson03a
    mcwatson03a 10 months ago

    You were funnier in this video than in some of your others. Great look, too! Loved it!

  • Super Star
    Super Star 10 months ago

    Lol 7:23

  • Zahra Al
    Zahra Al 10 months ago

    You are ridiculously too pretty.

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