my new jinlun

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Author Micky Take ( ago)
Warning to anyone out there thinking of buy a jinlun don't cos they are
cheap rust buckets that fall to pieces after a couple of thousand miles .
You would be better off with a 20 year old Honda than a new jinlun.

Author dawidddddddddd (1421 year ago)
0:30 someone fart :D heheh --> nice motorbike! I want to buy the same or
similar in this summer :) sU

Author Paul Lynch ( ago)
@lardarzz Sorry to hear about the problems you had with it. It looks a cool
wee ride on screen and people seem to like them. Thanks for getting back to
me and good luck with the biking. I'll just need to need to have a good
look around the bike show when we come down...

Author tony nash ( ago)
@paulwlynch judging by what your after this is not the bike for you, i no
longer have the bike but it did not fair well in the time i had it although
i loved the bike i had a few issues with it , it didnt cope with the
gritting in the bad weather and it ruined the look of bike although that
could be put down to me not cleaning it enough, if you wash the salt off it
would be ok like most chinese bikes the chrome is not a good standard but
if you look after it then it would be fine

Author Paul Lynch ( ago)
Nice looking ride.. Just wondering if you still have it and how it has
faired over the time you have owned it as I am looking at getting my first
bike after passing my test. Passed a few years ago but never had the funds
at the time to get one and I am looking for something nippy, different and
mainly for town use. Hope you dont mind me asking...

Author tony nash ( ago)
it is the spartan in all but name for some reason the black and silver are
spartans but all silver are challengers and i never seen another one except
mine mine was even used on the brochures provided byt the suppliers

Author tony nash ( ago)
it is not that easy im afriad the air filter is already a K&N style filter
but it is hidden by the silver moulding that runs the length of bike and it
uses the frame as an air duct. as for bags i not a lover of the leather
bags i kinda like the boxes although they are not that spacious and when
new never seem to lock but a trimm with stanley knife sorts that out.

Author dixonrussell ( ago)
you need a pair of saddle bags on that puppy, then get a sissy bar bag and
a tool roll, then you are set, propably buy yourself a funky air filter for
that v twin of yours as well

Author dixonrussell ( ago)
dunno, but i am 17 in december so getting a nice jinny 125-11 as a birthday
present (i have to pay 75% of the cost but what the hay), cant wait to vget
one, i hope to fit a 125cc vtwin into it :D

Author tony nash ( ago)
i found a comfy 75 - 80 all day it will do faster but i didnt like to
thrash it

Author tony nash (750 years ago)
It has carburator

Author dixonrussell ( ago)
yeah on that you got yourself a 250cc engine, 80-85mph top speed & twin V

Author SherlockDixon ( ago)
yeah thats the spartan 250cc, twin - V, top speed is around 80-85mph, hope
that helps bud

Author Dekaoxtouros ( ago)
Nice bike!! It has carburator or ignition??

Author iamwooddude ( ago)
is that the jinlun 250 spartan? just wonderin cause 'I want one for y first
bike and were wondering about top speed cause ive heard 85mph but i'll be
on the motorway a bit so don't wanna push it and kill the engine

Author petedeuxwheels ( ago)
Nice looking bike lardazz!

Author whiskey1191 ( ago)
I got a JL125-Y the XR model and... jinlun are MEAN,RELIABLE and nicly
made. Do you agree?

Author codecc88 ( ago)
Nice bike man!!! Love your side saddle metallic boxes that match the color
of your bike. The front mud guard is extra long which prevents mud from
being thrown up. Macho bike and so shiny it must be brand new.

Author gst69man ( ago)
beauty, mate

Author tony nash ( ago)
done 4000kms so far in last 3- 4 months had nothing fall off yet but as
with every bike very little maintainence provents a lot of hassle i just
check bike over over regular and it fine. the jl 250 doesnt vibrate as much
as other jinnies

Author tony nash ( ago)
i had a jl125 - 11 before i bought this bike and i bought this because my
11 was so reliable and a great bike would reccomend as a learner bike it
great and looks good to

Author yzf0pyerat ( ago)
waits for something to fall off...

Author diasporaonline ( ago)
hi mate. What do u think about getting a JL 125?

Author commentcritic123 ( ago)
this jinlun is the new jl250 vxc. and has a maximum speed of 85 miles/hour.
very fast for its class. what a beauty! super hot bike!!

Author commentcritic123 ( ago)
this jinlun is the new jl250 vxc. and has a maximum speed of 85 miles/hour.
very fast for its class. what a beauty! super hot bike!!

Author commentcritic123 ( ago)
this jinlun is the new jl250 vxc. and has a maximum speed of 85 miles/hour.
very fast for its class. what a beauty! super hot bike!!

Author tony nash ( ago)
sorry oscaropyoutuve i deleted your post by mistake i will make a video of
bike running today and post

Author tony nash ( ago)
the bike will be good at max speed for you it can go faster and 550kms in a
day is easy on this bike if roads are ok and runs okay in rain i ride it
rain all the time i just dry it when you finish

Author Oscar Oreña ( ago)
Hello my friend, im from chile, i dont speak very well english, but, i am a
student english. realy, i liked very much your motorcicle, and i need know
how is in the way, or running or how do yoy feel driving your motorcicle,
becouse I just bought the same motorcicle in other city (is the first
motorcicle in my country) and i need bring to my home to 550 km distance,
and maximun velocity in chile is 120 km /hour, in this moment here is
raining, and i waiting rain stoped but bring my motorcicle

Author tony nash ( ago)
this is the challenger or jl250vx also known as the v-gunn it is their new
cruiser for 2008 sadly a 250cc i think they should of released it as a
400cc and then i would be really happy

Author tony nash ( ago)
they perform well enough for a cruiser tho if it speed you want then these
not for you for sure. as for parts they so easy to get there is a growing
network of dealerships all over the country and most do a online parts

Author Oscar Oreña ( ago)
whish model is your motorcicle? i like very much

Author BSonT ( ago)
Looks great. I was going to get a Jinlun but they don't perform half as
well as they look unfortunately. Also, parts are tricky to get a lot of the
time (in comparison to brand name bikes).

Author tony nash ( ago)
it very queit sadly but i am doing something about that watch this space

Author spicer2006 ( ago)
i would love to see what it hears like!!!! come on ;)

Author DangerousTEJ TEJ ( ago)

Author ryzolia2017 ( ago)
Sexy ;)

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