'New Moon' - Bella and Jacob wrestle!

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Author Veronica George ( ago)
What the hell? Was is Edward even in these movies Bella and Jacob are so
cute together. I rember when she apologized for bleeding and he said why

Author Marry Jenkins ( ago)
i wish Edward didn't exsist

Author Cecilia Mackie ( ago)
Great work! :) Cecilia xo

Author Manish Bhatia ( ago)
Which Twilight movie is it from? It's not from the new moon as shown in the

Author Mianya Winchester ( ago)
He could touch my ass if i was

Author brenae milner ( ago)
I want to have Taylor Lautners baby

Author brenae milner ( ago)
I think that Bella and Jacob should be together as boyfriend and girlfriend

Author meez nation production ( ago)
Cute he's wanted to touch her butt but stoped at 0:14

Author Juliette lovessinging ( ago)
i wish she was my sister <3

Author Rubyseor Gaming ( ago)

Author krazyeknine57 ( ago)
Hi it is candie

Author music101maniac ( ago)
the sun is in space so yea

Author music101maniac ( ago)
they are only friends................i dont think even taylor wants to go
to dating status with her they seem better as friends so i dont think she
is so lucky

Author UptownDowntownNY ( ago)
That filmer was feeling this shit

Author Zootycoon2expert11 ( ago)
Thats just probably Jacobs thoughts. ;D

Author Miranda Summerset ( ago)
sigh, K. Stew is one lucky bi-atch!

Author ORUAM BRICEÑO ( ago)
i love edwar i love jacob i love bella (robert) (taylor) (kristen)

Author Deishadel bell ( ago)
very funny

Author Danica Garnish ( ago)
I love jacob and like him

Author Danica Garnish ( ago)
It's so cute

Author Maya Santiago ( ago)
Lol it's funny

Author Kovács Béla ( ago)
nice ass

Author SoshiLoveable ( ago)
thats better than kim kardashian's reputation as a gold digger, but many
celebs have that reputation attached to them

Author Pop787Pop ( ago)

Author Hannah Terry ( ago)

Author brewski314 ( ago)
Now I Wanna Wrestle With Taylor Lautner...

Author valval1422 ( ago)
lol this was cute I bet rob was jealous...

Author iyanna morris ( ago)
she is so lucky

Author Cool Cat ( ago)

Author kates boon ( ago)
Oh My Gosh,., Taylor is such a gentleman,. he's trying not to touch
Kristen's butt !! LOVE IT., it is such a turn on <3

Author Bonnie Bass ( ago)
i hate this movie team Jacob arroooooooo!

Author Wyant123 ( ago)
the sun isn't on earth...

Author Brittany Byrnes (1360 years ago)
this must have been so awkward for him lol

Author missmckinleyxo ( ago)
He was trying so hard not to touch her ass. xD

Author Bear London ( ago)
taylor is the hottest thing on earth yes hotter than the sun.

Author Seva Lozyuck ( ago)

Author wyatt keen ( ago)
jacob and bella 4 eva

Author Brooklyn ( ago)
lucky bitch..

Author Lama Alklbosah ( ago)
taysten is the CUTEST thing on earth .

Author natashaowens96 ( ago)
what did they say?

Author Yonutzbest7 ( ago)
Prefiero hacer el amor con un rinoceronte que mirar esto.

Author Giuli Cagnoni ( ago)
awwwwwww que tiernosss !

Author mrwalnuthero (505 years ago)

Author Taysten Krisbian ( ago)
Awwwn, my heart Taysten <3

Author August Filannino ( ago)
O_O she smiled O_O

Author isabella armebianchi ( ago)
OMG taylor is touching bella's ass

Author titi888888888 ( ago)

Author titi888888888 ( ago)

Author malialuvzya98 ( ago)
I love how he avoids touching her butt

Author Nifah ( ago)
I died of laughter after reading the top comments. XD

Author Memento Mori ( ago)
...her luck is already running out, she got cought cheating, never a godd
thing to be known as a homewrecker

Author YoshiHamalton ( ago)
That Kristen.., lucky bitch

Author Su Heffernan ( ago)
I don't av a clue how all these things work

Author Su Heffernan ( ago)

Author Daniel Connolly ( ago)
im subscribed to you

Author Su Heffernan ( ago)
So how did ya even find out Wat things I've been rating

Author Daniel Connolly ( ago)
wtf su

Author Su Heffernan ( ago)
I love Jacob

Author Su Heffernan ( ago)
Bella is sooooooo lucky which I was her

Author megi megg ( ago)
hahahahaha cute wrestle how would I were like the Bela bela is so lucky

Author giannis andronikidis ( ago)
ola ston eduart xa0xaxa0xa0x0axa0xa0xa0xa0

Author TheWho0p ( ago)

Author The Duo ( ago)
go taylor!

Author Gabi Lautner ( ago)
wish i was wrestling with taylor lautner;)

Author Shahar Qureshi ( ago)
finally porn on youtube

Author Courtney Cadwallader ( ago)
Go on kristen, kick taylors butt and beat him up

Author Ram R ( ago)
Kristen smiled :o

Author natasha menegotti ( ago)
sounds like he's filming a porn scene

Author dalia aljayar ( ago)

Author Brittany Byrnes ( ago)
i'm in the weird part of youtube again...

Author Hh ( ago)

Author HOAsibunaluv2000 ( ago)

Author Maarchz ( ago)
SniperDiapers comment bought me here..

Author eddiesha1 ( ago)
i mean Taylor did

Author Katherine Donovan ( ago)
Haha, cute! Cannot wait 4 vampire Bella!

Author Hamano Michiyo ( ago)
i was watching the big bang theory :P

Author RocketFang ( ago)
Epic fail bella lol :D

Author Amar Kahriman ( ago)
i was watching dr dre, and now i'm watching a twilight wrestling......oh
god why

Author eighteensixtyfour19 (1898 years ago)
Five minutes ago I was watching Kony 2012 documentary and I dunno how I got

Author KatherineTheGreat! ( ago)
Yeah, he totally lended an unnecessary perv factor to things. "Oh, SHIT!!!
Yeah, yeah, yeah right there!" I was like too much dude, too much... And
this from a chick whos been completely like almost stalking the twilight
cast on youtube. U know things are bad when a self-professed weirdo thinks
you're gross.

Author Tessa Markle ( ago)
Lol he knew it got awkward so he fell on the floor, Oh Taylor

Author Cecilia Christensen ( ago)
i put 1000 on taylor

Author Tango344 ( ago)
Teehee. Good one!

Author Nadia Rodriguez (126 years ago)

Author Layka sangjan ( ago)

Author Layka sangjan ( ago)

Author Satteliten ( ago)
Wait What? Bella can smile?

Author will pergerson ( ago)
Cutest ever fight scene, any1 hear the guy in the background say "yeah yeah
yeah right there?"

Author maureen campbell-lovett ( ago)
He had to use a lot of self control to make his right hand not grab her ass
there. Impressive Taylor. Lol..

Author Ayla Cheshir ( ago)

Author lonewolfgirl29 ( ago)
team jacob

Author lonewolfgirl29 ( ago)
hes so cute hahahaha he cussed

Author Madily ( ago)

Author young4ever2016 ( ago)
No way taysten rulez!!!!!

Author MrEars4music ( ago)
@MrSniperdiapers lol

Author Dr. House ( ago)
The wild female will chose her mating partner upon a ritual mating fight.
The male and female will have a sexually awkward wrestling match and if the
male gets his penis behind the female's back he shall mate with her. The
female will later lay her eggs and will watch after her little mutant
babies for the next two to three years after which they will have to leave
the pack and fend for themselves.

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