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Author Manish Bhatia (1 year)
Which Twilight movie is it from? It's not from the new moon as shown in the

Author Cecilia Mackie (10 months)
Great work! :) Cecilia xo

Author Mianya Winchester (1 year)
He could touch my ass if i was

Author brenae milner (1 year)
I want to have Taylor Lautners baby

Author brenae milner (1 year)
I think that Bella and Jacob should be together as boyfriend and girlfriend

Author meez nation production (1 year)
Cute he's wanted to touch her butt but stoped at 0:14

Author xLovelyThorns (2 years)

Author Zahmey (3 years)
@elpapicholu101 Kristen stewart isnt a hooker she is a nice person!

Author Madily (3 years)

Author EBS BRO (3 years)

Author UptownDowntownNY (2 years)
That filmer was feeling this shit

Author Katherine Donovan (3 years)
Haha, cute! Cannot wait 4 vampire Bella!

Author maureen campbell-lovett (3 years)
He had to use a lot of self control to make his right hand not grab her ass
there. Impressive Taylor. Lol..

Author KatherineTheGreat! (3 years)
Yeah, he totally lended an unnecessary perv factor to things. "Oh, SHIT!!!
Yeah, yeah, yeah right there!" I was like too much dude, too much... And
this from a chick whos been completely like almost stalking the twilight
cast on youtube. U know things are bad when a self-professed weirdo thinks
you're gross.

Author brewski314 (2 years)
Now I Wanna Wrestle With Taylor Lautner...

Author Polly Jackson (3 years)
Is that Peter Andre?? Sounds like him.... (I mean in the background btw)

Author tia (3 years)
Flirts or Friends?

Author Genny Balbuena (3 years)
@Zahmey i am not saying she not a nice person. i'm saying he should do her

Author malialuvzya98 (2 years)
I love how he avoids touching her butt

Author Lama Alklbosah (2 years)
taysten is the CUTEST thing on earth .

Author lonewolfgirl29 (3 years)
team jacob

Author eddiesha1 (3 years)
i mean Taylor did

Author Taysten Krisbian (2 years)
Awwwn, my heart Taysten <3

Author Poppie Ndesi (2 years)
taylor is the hottest thing on earth yes hotter than the sun.

Author young4ever2016 (3 years)
soo cute together robsten stinks !!

Author fallinluv100 (3 years)
@leechlover4life what is that so call BFF!!?

Author will pergerson (3 years)
Cutest ever fight scene, any1 hear the guy in the background say "yeah yeah
yeah right there?"

Author Danica Garnish (2 years)
I love jacob and like him

Author Emily999827 (3 years)
He is so hot!!!!!

Author shamil rosario (3 years)
Lol their so cute as friends!

Author mrwalnuthero (2 years)

Author music101maniac (1 year)
the sun is in space so yea

Author hurricanehawk64 (3 years)
all she had to do was pull guard and she had an arm in guillotine. What a
chance gone by..

Author missmckinleyxo (2 years)
He was trying so hard not to touch her ass. xD

Author ImTheFlyWhiteGuy (3 years)
thats gay

Author Bonnie Bass (2 years)
i hate this movie team Jacob arroooooooo!

Author Makayla Allen (3 years)
Taylor is sooooo sexy!!!!

Author ewsome322 (3 years)
her ass omfg

Author Hannah Terry (2 years)

Author Dearshannon (3 years)
who won?

Author Durn Port (3 years)

Author lonewolfgirl29 (3 years)
hes so cute hahahaha he cussed

Author HOAsibunaluv2000 (3 years)

Author Brittany Byrnes (3 years)
i'm in the weird part of youtube again...

Author Zootycoon2expert11 (2 years)
Thats just probably Jacobs thoughts. ;D

Author RocketFang (3 years)
Epic fail bella lol :D

Author valval1422 (2 years)
lol this was cute I bet rob was jealous...

Author Pop787Pop (2 years)

Author Kennedi Shoemaker (3 years)
@lil2lol1114 Robsten can stay. Thats My Tay.

Author titi888888888 (2 years)

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