stomach stomping

my stomach getting stomped by 300lb lady with size 13 flat bare feet.

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Author tippycanoe99 ( ago)
pretty size 13 feet.... I caught part of her left leg. She's very shapely

Author stomplov (74 years ago)
I prefer having my stomach stomped and stood on, I had a big lady stomp my
chest once by accident and she cracked one of my ribs, no trampling for 4
weeks, so I keep the big ladies off of my chest, lesson learned.

Author biceplik ( ago)
Thats a big woman. I've had over 300lbs. on top of me but I can only take
it on the chest. Thinking back, she stomped me full strength and my chest
and back hurt the next day. It was on a concrete floor. I never asked her
to stomp me again. I could only take her standing for less than 5 minutes.

Author Ulysses the wanderer ( ago)
amazing lady!!

Author stomplov ( ago)
@pleaseCrushme2 this was taken when I was living in Hawaii, and she is very
solid, she gets very heavy fast, the longest I think I ever had her
standing on me with all her weight was about 10 minutes, her left foot on
my stomach and her right foot on my face, she had me seeing stars when she
got off of me. I had her stomp my face a couple of times, not that hard but
my jaw felt like i had gotten punched in the face the next day.

Author pleaseCrushme2 ( ago)
Where can I find this women? I'd love for her to stand full weight on my
chest face and back! Hey stomplov do you think she's down to try this? I'm
in Pa. where are you? and does she girl friends just as heavy or heavier
then her willing to trample?

Author stomplov ( ago)
@pleaseCrushme2 This lady is really big, over 300lbs, she has trampled me
full weight and I can't take it more then 10 minutes at the most.

Author pleaseCrushme2 ( ago)
This lady looks like she might try a full weight trample, Can you take it
or is she scared?

Author Ryan Neufeld ( ago)
not bad - re: i can only hear a few grunts coming out of you

Author millie608 ( ago)

Author bigal1100 . ( ago)
damn you lucky

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