Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Dr Death (3 months)
All the jealous people can hate all they want... fact is, *Gabriela* has an
incredible voice and if you're too fucking stupid to hear that then... piss
off!!! She's doing a *cover* version of a song by Nazareth, which was
itself a cover, but truth be told, Nazareth *owned* that song. She's just
paying homage to the band that made this song the most famous and most
loved. And bless her for doing so!!! To those of you who want to write
snide comments... fine... let's hear *you* sing this and then we'll judge.
Until then... fuck off!!!

Author V Christina Sweety (1 month)
I love this one female voice strong lady rocker voice.

Author FDLCRescue (2 months)
dr.death im sry but the girl cant sing n im not just judging from love
hurts i went n listened to some of her other cuts to i was hoping after
reading all the put downs on love hurts that maybe that song was to big for
her but everyone i listened to she just flat out cant sing,well mayb a bar
or something like that. sry dr. but i was rooting for her....

Author B64100 (5 days)
anyway she is better than Nazareth original / high voice of man is
terrible/ and she is better than Rod Steward too !!! he sang it deeper
and fixed song for his it was like monkey's manners but not
compare with Nazareth's ...even with Gabriela's voice and interpretation !
No one in the world can sing it in the same like Gabriela !
Professional musicians know it and hear it ...she is blessed..and who
critizise this girl
s voice....anyone is only jelouse and without musician hearing...unable to
compare anything....unable to judge anything....

Author Sirlei Aparecida Galvao Galvao (3 months)

Author Rick Bolger (16 hours)
I remember this when this was first posted. This chick can sing and has a
great, professional composure about her. Where is she now? Would love to
hear her version of Fooled Around and Fell In Love

Author AdolfO MelgaR (6 days)
Simply great cover. I really like his voice.

Author Marcelo SilvaSilva (6 days)
Shoooooowwwwwwwwwwwww. Very goooooood.

Author Almir vicente (1 month)
Dificil é ir dormir com um barulho desses
Uma voz diferenciada,e muito Macia
Isso fica na mente,não sai, inquieta a alma
Mas por outro lado acalma o coração...Lentamente
Lentamente até que venha o sono,e com ele lindos sonhos.

Boa noite Amigos!!

Author Andrew Flath (10 days)
I wanted to hate this. I really did. But I can't. I was a teen when
Nazareth's 'love hurts' was on the radio. And this a really great cover of
the song. Thumbs up. 

Author LaughingSkullGames (6 days)
Whoa! I had to roll this back for a double take. Damn good job my fair
young lady. Damn good job! I understand her vocal coach is Tamplin.
Something tells me though, this girl was blessed with talent and he just
helped her realize it. 

Author patrice boccara (4 days)
waouuuu, i have goose bumps... come and sing in France ! you're welcome !
(just remove the accents on your name... it'll be easier to say for us)

Sensacional ! Relembrando os anos 70 com Nazareth !

Author Fernando García (3 months)
Gabriela Gunčíková es una cantante checa con una excelente voz que tan sólo
tiene publicados dos discos. Escuchando su último disco publicado en 2013
puedo deciros que es un rock comercial, una especie de mezcla de Europe,
Scorpions y la islandesa Bjork que no me termina de convencer.
A pesar de todo para que apreciar su buena voz os dejo un cover (versión)
del clásico "Love Hurts" de Nazareth interpretado por Gabriela.

Author Jeffery Noel (1 day)
She got a good voice and she is pretty

Author Olive Young (6 days)
She does this song justice. She has the type of voice for this type of
music. What talent!!

Author Lars Groeneveld (13 days)
I was suspected everything but dang man that is awsome !!! This is very
very good.....perfect voice for a Rocksinger !!! Go ahead !!! Please Please
never stop sing Rocksongs !!!

Author elcopao Tano (19 days)
Explotaste mi cabeza y corazon. No te conozco y a primera vista pense que
hibas a fallar con una voz aguda, luego mi cabeza volo al pasado '70,
excelente recuerdo de Nazareth!! gracias.

Author santiagobenites (14 days)
Wow Gabriela, that was awesome! I'm a big Nazareth fan, of course, and
loved their original cover of this song. But your version was something
fun, and different, and besides, you have an awesome voice!

Author Arminiushoff (12 days)
WOW I´m shocked; you touched my heart, thank you.

Author Domenic Aiello (3 days)
they should have you front there band

Author Daniel Oliveira (1 month)
Поздравляем с вашей интерпретации!Вопрос. Он жил где Спаситель человеческой

Author leopold klop (1 month)
What a voice !

Author Mark Deaton (2 months)
That certainly caught me off guard. She looks twenty-two, but she's got Pat
Benatar stuck in her throat.

Author carlos humberto martins (8 days)

Author Pogonaa1 (20 days)
Молодец девочка ...но Кормухина лучше....

Author Oleg Khudobin (1 month)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

Author David Eckels (28 days)
I enjoy listening to her and looking at deal with it.

Author Denis Salvá (6 days)
Fantastic singer!

Author CARMSFAV (1 month)
WOW! What a voice!

Author kayem11 (12 days)
Wow! As good as Nazareth's but delightfully different!

Author Mykola Lisovski (1 month)
Просто бомба ! Случайно нашел это исполнение ! Vargas Blues Band классно
перепели эту композицию и тут эта девушка попалась еще ! В Тель-Авиве в
рок-кафе еще поет такая Ади Агерлази-тоже кавер версии лупят дай дорогу !
Молодец !

Author Egi Sukmana (8 days)
I like the sound of your

Author Carlos Mettal (1 month)

Author алексей шарыкин (20 days)
она классная да и еще поет лучше чем вся Российская эстрада))))))))

Author Zennar den Hartog (10 days)
In a emotional way I think this is better than the original.

Author bath64 (14 days)
I like it. That's all that matters to me.

Author chris h (11 days)
Great cover and hot girl

Author Juliard Banzon (8 days)
She rock my world, amazing voice.

Author wilson ribeiro (10 days)
Muito show :-)

Author formec44 (17 days)
nice voice ..obviously does not speak English...

Author sylvia barnhart (24 days)
I Totally love Gabriela Guncikova!! She has the most incredible voice I've
ever heard! She's amazing!!

Author Lucy Todd (27 days)
I really think the whole group did a great job, they kept it to the
original and didn't add any rap lyrics 

Author Mohamad Nurcahyono (7 days)
Good song!

Author Robert Wright (1 month)
reading the comments i have only one comment: man, google translator sucks.

Author 110901wtc (1 month)
No Gabrielo, tak to se ti povedlo. Fakt špica.

Author Ana Paula (11 days)
lindaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! canta muitoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Author Domenic Aiello (3 days)
love your voice

Author Julie Black (16 days)
I love her voice. 

Author Glam Rocker (11 days)
great cover :)

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