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Author Serge Mouravski (10 days)
#GabrielaGunčíková Gabriela Gunčíková & Meryland - Love Hurts

Author Roland Jolly (1 day)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author Sirlei Aparecida Galvao Galvao (6 months)

Author luciana Souza (23 days)

Author Luciano Ton (7 days)
Perfeita, canta demais, que pena não ser brasileira rsrsrs

Author Kathie O'Boyle (27 days)

Author Almir vicente (5 months)
Dificil é ir dormir com um barulho desses
Uma voz diferenciada,e muito Macia
Isso fica na mente,não sai, inquieta a alma
Mas por outro lado acalma o coração...Lentamente
Lentamente até que venha o sono,e com ele lindos sonhos.

Boa noite Amigos!!

Author Izzy Assunção (3 months)
Mulher estraga tudo !

Author Дмитрий Деревянко (2 months)
голос шикарно подошёл! 

Author Mary Christine Maniquis (1 month)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author Ivoni Couto (16 hours)

Author Peker da Mata (1 month)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author олеся левицька (1 month)

Author Андрей Берцев (13 days)
Блять, у неё вокал как у годзилы.

Author Lorraine Echakuan (1 month)
Mon cœur est noyé d'un chagrin sans fin.
Et je crains ne jamais pouvoir aimer un jour, à nouveau.
Tu es le seul et l'unique. Mais je n'ai pas su te le montrer.
Je récolte donc ce que j'ai semé.
J'accepte le lourd châtiment que de vivre sans ton amour jusqu'à la fin de
ma vie.
En espérant te retrouver dans une autre vie.
Je t'aime

Author hansel moniz (1 hour)
you gotta clear your distortion.... something like Klaus Meine... some
songs just require a clear high pitch

Author se7ensnakes (6 days)
joan jett vs Gabriela? To honestly i cannot say which....I just enjoy each
distinctive style

Author Josejuan Hernandez (11 days)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author Сергий П (1 day)
это самая счастливая девушка !

Author Ernest Petit Rovira (1 month)

Author Andriana Ormanova (29 days)

Author Chefmueller (25 days)
Miami - FL / U.S.A
April 30th, 2015

Great job !!!!!
Congratulations from U.S.A

Author JOSE FLORES (23 days)
Que talento!!!!

Author Todd Sundell (9 days)

Author Misaki Akihiko (20 days)
oh my god this is soooo great, girl your voice rulez!! :D

Author Marlene Prokopetz (1 month)
First-she can sing!, 2. she is hot, 3-this song is by Don and Phil
Everly-first recorded in 1958ish. It was covered by Nazareth very well, now
Meryland.- B.J.

Author anthony knows (27 days)
This is an absolute horrible mistake...I always say, If you dont do the
song justice then dont even sing it. She should heed my advice

Author Mike T. (20 days)
seriously all of you shut the fuck up. she is beautiful and sings the shit
out of this song. stop hating. eye candy to look at to boot.

Author FDLCRescue (6 months)
dr.death im sry but the girl cant sing n im not just judging from love
hurts i went n listened to some of her other cuts to i was hoping after
reading all the put downs on love hurts that maybe that song was to big for
her but everyone i listened to she just flat out cant sing,well mayb a bar
or something like that. sry dr. but i was rooting for her....

Author Shaun Knee (1 month)
The comments here are hilarious truth is it sounds great but wow her voice

Author Armando Cebreros (15 days)
Great perfomance! love ur voice

Author Edu (23 days)

Author rizal hafdy jeumpa (1 month)
love hurts....

Author rowdymax1 (2 months)
ok....I can barely understand this Polish chick cuz she's murdering the
English language, and I don't mean typical rocker-mumbling the lyrics
incoherently like Bob Dylan (American) whom I can't understand either, but
he's mumbling in his native tongue and is conscious of the meaning of his
song. This girl IMHO probably has no clue what the words mean and she's
going strictly on what she thinks the words should sound like and it's just
weird when her voice trails off and she mispronounces every other
word...all in all....meh.

Author zélia Almeida (5 days)

Author Vanessa Miller (1 month)
damn! she's good

Author Александр Ковальков (7 days)
#GabrielaGunčíková Gabriela Gunčíková & Meryland - Love Hurts

Author Kris Wilson (1 month)
Eventhough she can't sing, her voice isn't any worse than the original.

Author Rober Schwantz (8 days)
Mix - Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author Игорь Талызин (3 months)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author ari gomes da silva (1 day)
Bonita música na voz dela.

Author RealNewOrleans (4 days)
She's awesome wow 

Author julien plummer (9 days)
Great voice 

Author Dalmo Favaro (1 month)
Voz maravilhosa!

Author Draconian2882 (1 month)
Sau geile Stimme, toller Song

Author Dennis Thompson (14 days)
"Jim Topsecret: where is she from?"


Author Jim Topsecret (14 days)

Author anthony cangelosi (1 month)
just like the original really hard to understand what they are saying..but
honestly i give a thumbs up! great job.

Author Tommy Aerts (4 days)
I don't think her voice is edited. she really can sing.

Author pekka puupää (1 month)
Hienoa...Fine music!..Kiitos!

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