Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Antunes Carlos ( ago)
Parabéns. Simplesmente fantástica!.

Author Dwight Turner ( ago)
This song, first written in 1960, has been sung by many, many famous
singing artists. The Everly Brothers were the first to release it. This
little lady, whose first language is not English, does the best job on this
song in my opinion.

Author Jose Barria ( ago)
Is Greats

Author Front Back ( ago)
No Band Alive could do this as good as they did''' NO
Body''''''''''''Pretty and yes it is her Singing''' very good Sound of the
Music'' Dam Good

Author Popescu Ovidiu ( ago)
nice .... nice ...

Author Antti Koivula ( ago)
Aivan ihana😍

Author John Miles ( ago)
I have to watch this video over and over again! I share it on Facebook.
Gabriela is FANTASTIC! Her accent makes her version of the song even more
wonderful. God sure gave this lady a voice!

Author Edson Gratival ( ago)

Author Andrea Bruzzo ( ago)

Author Kevin Henderson ( ago)
ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!! :O Rock vocals could absolutely be no better !
What a power-house voice, sweet range, perfect rock vibrato, authentic
"growling" vocal effect, great pitch, and fierce delivery....OUTSTANDING !!
x) I just found your music covers this very evening.....I hate being late
ta a party ! :) And, you are a "babe".....what a "hottie" ! :D Can't wait
to check out the rest of your stuff. Peace In, Gabriela \m/ x 2

Author sofia carson ( ago)
my name is vivi juarez nazareth

Author sofia carson ( ago)

Author Nick1963 ( ago)
Wowww ! Foarte frumos !!!!!!!!!!!!! 2016

Author otto1066 ( ago)
Holy shit....... how the fuck does she sing like that...AMAZING

Author Mario Sebastião ( ago)
Muito bom, amei

Author rokekos ( ago)

Author Fábio Sosnoski ( ago)
Amazing... What a voice!

Author gustavo gonzalez ( ago)
Excelente interpretación!!

Author ROGER HAC ( ago)
very nice super voice and y love her look

Author Pale Moon ( ago)
is this her real voice? unique

Author Heru Suhermanto ( ago)
one word ..awsome

Author RUMMCAJS ( ago)
Pěkně....až mám z toho husinu

Author onefoot7 ( ago)
I like it, but it sounds like she's poopin a bit, but good sound

Author Kerolayne Dias ( ago)
Wow! That's Amazing! What a voice.

Excelente voz, hermosa mujer!

Author Jes ORZ ( ago)

Author MrSoRa Potato ( ago)
carlos meichtri maravillosa voz...asombra

Author Antonio Moreno Santeliz ( ago)
Her vocal control is amazing

Author Michael K ( ago)
Amazing voice and sick! Looking forward to other arrangements!

Author Paulo Sergio Ferreira ( ago)
Canta muito..............

Author Fast1098R ( ago)
je dobra, vazne je !

Author cattygirl6663 ( ago)
this song really gets me, i have yet to find love but trying really hurts

Author Robert Colvin ( ago)
WOW. Saw her picture and figured some soft sweat version was coming. WOW.
That voice is amazing. And for this song you couldn't have asked for

Author Matrix Man ( ago)
500 black chicks who have no clue how much skill it takes to sing with
broken voice watched this video.

Author Jesse Garmong ( ago)
Super talented. 10 second songs made me come here

Author Fred Smith ( ago)
Wow. Sounds as good as the original. Awesome.

Author Gadiel Perescu ( ago)
Like soumach.

Author awuma ( ago)
Hey guys, if for no other reason, tune in to this year's Eurovision Song
Contest and give her your vote. She's best in rock, but an artist in the
little Czech Republic has to be able to sing anything ;-)

Author ( ago) sing wonderful. your voice sounds pretty much like suzie quatro

Author weslei ribeiro ( ago)
fico massa na voz dela

Author Marcela Andraščíkova ( ago)
velmi krasne spieva.....

Author JQ France ( ago)
She could break my HEART 'Ray Rivear' think she has already ;-) and this
cover is WOW ..... So there is 610 ? let me think there is 610
.......................................... (you fill in the blanks)

Author Bill Dargel ( ago)
She has fans. lots & lots of fans! & I'm one of them

Author john yes ( ago)
is she giving away a car

Author john yes ( ago)
oops sound cant hear it

Author Mike Caron ( ago)
Man she is AMAZING Unbelievable

Author Roger Vecchietti ( ago)
Quem precisa de Nazareth. kkkk

Author Luiz Antonio Raymundo ( ago)
Whem the creature overcomes the creator! FANTASTIC!! This woman is too
much!! I`m speechless!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author smilinachya ( ago)
Frrriggin awesome.

Author Diane Fernandes ( ago)
pretty good

Author John Spiers ( ago)
Fantastic considering she is not an english speaker… she's reading the
lyrics… I wish I could speak english as well as she wings it...

Author Charlie Ressler ( ago)
Please remember that this is originally a Roy Orbison song. Good job

Author Petr Homola (1459 years ago)

Author Willian De Almeida ( ago)
Good performing!!!

Author Laércio Gonçalves ( ago)
wonderful lot of beautiful and sings more beautiful parabens , it's good to
see a talented like you, kiss ...

Author Bran Koren ( ago)

Author Ray Rivera ( ago)
bet she's a heartbreaker tho ;)

Author Michael Robertson ( ago)
I'm glad I found this. Probably in the top 10 my favorite songs of all
time. Excellent singer. Thank you.

Author cleber silva oliveira ( ago)
love hurts...ficou linda

Author FiWrum ( ago)
Gabriela, I guess this was way before Ken Tamplin, but I somehow like it so
much. Pięknie to zaśpiewałaś :-) (I do not know Czech so much)

Author Jack McDouglas ( ago)
The back up band is amazing. Close all the way down to the nail on the

Author suryo utomo ( ago)
woww... :D

Author Nauro Bade ( ago)
canta d+++++++ se e doido

Author jmack619 ( ago)
had me at 2:29

Author Wilson silveira de lima ( ago)

Author conny nilsson ( ago)
wtf greath voice.

Author Riki Foulsham (1631 year ago)
Awesome job, nice one

Author Professor Majela Germa-li ( ago)
Beautiful girl - Beautiful voice and song.

Author Dante Black ( ago)
Muy buena interpretación :V

Author djsandrocosta ( ago)
Great singer, kisses from Brazil!

Author bien1738 ( ago)
정말 잘하네요 내가들은 love hurts 커버곡중 최고

Author AVStoryteller ( ago)
That's Amazing! What a voice.
I was expecting a squeak out of someone so petite - And I got a Roar.

Author CarolSuurev2lja (1172 years ago)
Her face and her voice do not fit at all, but oh my lord, what a voice!!!

Author djk0811 ( ago)
WOW!!! Did not think I could like this song any more than I did but she
rocked the hell out it!!!!!!

Author orlando rosa ( ago)
Nossa ficou top demais na sua voz ,

Author Marti Media ( ago)
Wow what a voice!

Author Natalia Neves ( ago)
mesmo que cante como passaro, não é um pássaro, faltou interpretação, ela é
sem sal pra essa musica, não vi nenhum espirito interpretativo, triste de

Author Veronika Točíková ( ago)
dokonalost :-)

Author Hellen Djanifer ( ago)
nada ver

Author JustinBieber ( ago)
her voice is so.. idk.. non feminine

Author crozb52 ( ago)
touched every nerve I got...and some I didn't know about ;-o) gracias
hermana y hermanos

Author Ron Norris ( ago)
makes me miss my

Author Gabby Loving hearts ( ago)
wtf am I watching

Author mája nov ( ago)
Gábi, moc hezké :) Skoro lepší než originál :D Jsi naše česká hvězda, jen
tak dál ...

Author Seb Reeves ( ago)
Wow what a voice!

Author Antonio Oliveira ( ago)
bonita!e canta demaissss

Author Joseph Diocareza ( ago)
are you a russian

Author Joseph Diocareza ( ago)
wow your amazing there is no woman sing like that one your the best

Author Jonathan Kunstmann ( ago)
Just enough rasp to make the song legit.

Author João Carlos Januário ( ago)
Gabriela, I loved your interpretation, just too much ..!! Amazing ..!!
Congratulations, you are, very very, wonderfull ..!! Beautiful, very
beautiful ..!!

Author spanky bony ( ago)
poderosa voz.....y bella mujer...

Author Fernando Cabral ( ago)
Fiquei super impressionado com essa voz de alta fidelidade!!! timbres

Author bangmywifendrums ( ago)
fuck you are sexy!

Author ryszard drabik ( ago)
rewelacja , super głos , można słuchać godzinami . pozdrawiam from polend

Author Melissa Croker ( ago)
GOOD FUCKEN VOICE so cool...............................................

Author Rosangela santos ( ago)
não é só a voz não o resto também kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk s2 :0

Author fredy Robles ( ago)

Author Gert van de Weerdhof ( ago)
thinki i wanna lick

Author Zsolt Vörös ( ago)

Author BaumundBorke ( ago)
How much whisky and cigarrs? :D Amazing. Nice voice

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