Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Andre Speek (6 months)
#EveningMusic... A classic done by +Gabriela Gunčíková... ;-)

Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

Author Celso De Oliveira (9 months)

Author Daniel Trottier (2 months)
Nazareth didn't right this song 

Author Stephanie Ibarra (5 months)
I love michael jackson
Love hurts 

Author Brian Juntunen (4 months)
looks like a lip sync

Author Ted cox (7 months)
Ok, that was flat out fucken great. I want to buy a whole record of this
woman. I love the accent. HOT

Author Weng Poaso (9 months)
Love hurts...
music on kill of boredom

Author jason carpenter (2 months)
Every time I'm searching for some old Nazareth I find this and listen to
it. ....I'm addicted haha

Author Rodney Leon (4 months)
i like her voice but admit she sounds like shes trying to squeeze out a

Author yoda cat (1 month)
You sound like you smoke about 3 packs a day,seriously get your throat
checked out.

Author Alegna McClellan (5 months)
Now I'm not usually too keen on watching a lot of covers, but this chick
got some PIPES on her! Get her a dialect coach and maybe someone to ensure
she isn't hurting her vocal chords and bet this could go WILD on the US
Charts! AWESOME!

Author Wayne Woodward (10 days)
Love the accent! Great job!

Author InvaderZimRocks4Ever (4 months)
Great Cover,i realy like it :-) .

Author MsCordially (5 months)
This isn't live

Author Eduardo Barbosa (1 month)
Great performance, I love this song, congratularion

Author VmarcogV (5 months)
Love hurts... in most cases is so true...

Author Benito Caspo (4 months)
Just Great! congratulations!

Author Shawn Boike (3 months)
Great job singing this classic.

Author Trectur Sidney (5 months)
a living godness , my god his voice is so perfect , my heart cry and my
soul fly way ..... i remember amlin , and i dont have english words for
express how i love your interpretation , congratulation !

Author Gerson Mueller (3 months)
Congratulations Gaby
Great vocal and performance
I love Nazareth

Author Clark Moraign (6 months)
OOoooh Mama!! I am in love.

Author Flyn Bryan (7 months)

Author Kathie Brodlo (7 months)
I just Love her voice and the story how she made it.

Author C Challinor (3 months)
this is a great performance, it retains some of the vocal rawness and
emotion that was in the Nazareth version, which stops the song becoming a
dull power ballad...

Author Ricky Reynolds (1 month)
Do I have some originals for this angel to sing.

Author patrick OBrien (1 month)
the best band ive ever heard play this.A+ Excellent.

Author Tola Michejew (1 year)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

Author tootired76 (3 months)
OMG!! Effing awesome!! I think I'm in love!! But they got it wrong!!
Nazareth covered a Roy Orbison song!!!

Author mihirjagger (2 months)
She looks like Teresa Palmer.

Author Johnny Graterol Guevara (1 year)
This lady have some pipes, definitively! I really enjoyed this cover from
Nazareth (well, actually the Everly Brothers)

Author marcia zaniratto (11 months)
love hurts.................

Author John Young (5 months)
A wonderful tribute to Nazareth.

Author Jorge Alvarez (6 months)
Horrible... Maybe your voice is good,,, But in this song no!!!!! You never
will reach this notes. I´m sorry

Author Andre R (6 months)
Very UNEMOTIONAL version...instead of making it her own, she simply copied
the original vocal...not impressed...the original was a male vocal that
moved me...this is singer should focus on originals as it is very hard to
equal the original...some songs should just not be copied...not

Author nick petty (2 months)
its not nazareth the every brothers wrote this song, even though nazareth
is a good version

Author Roberto Lima (4 months)
very love hurts

Author Jan Erik Elmebratt (6 months)

Author Vicecs Exo (7 months)
song is kool but its like a man's voice

Author julio oliveira (1 year)

Author tootired76 (3 months)
F&%king awesome!!! I love you, Gabriela!! But you got the credits wrong!!
In this video, you are covering a Nazareth version of an old Roy Orbison

Author Vash Rezhisser (1 year)

Author ixfiniti King (5 days)
ehh baby Love Hurts is
cool !

Author Tek Funk (7 days)
i dunno who this is, but she got no commitment. random

Author David Drew (21 day)
Great voice. Very powerful. She could front any heavy metal band.

Author Cixpierve Rolan (2 months)
great cover, honors the original

Author Danny D (15 days)
Geeez what a raspy powerful voice, love it..

Author David Gifford (2 months)
Wow that's pretty good.

Author bigjim10011 (7 months)

Author John Kowalski (4 months)

Author Bryan Scott (2 months)
Shes brillant i'm a shamed to say i dont knows who she is but i am going to
find out 

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