Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Sirlei Aparecida Galvao Galvao (7 hours)

Author Fernando García (5 days)
Gabriela Gunčíková es una cantante checa con una excelente voz que tan sólo
tiene publicados dos discos. Escuchando su último disco publicado en 2013
puedo deciros que es un rock comercial, una especie de mezcla de Europe,
Scorpions y la islandesa Bjork que no me termina de convencer.
A pesar de todo para que apreciar su buena voz os dejo un cover (versión)
del clásico "Love Hurts" de Nazareth interpretado por Gabriela.

Author Dr Death (22 days)
All the jealous people can hate all they want... fact is, *Gabriela* has an
incredible voice and if you're too fucking stupid to hear that then... piss
off!!! She's doing a *cover* version of a song by Nazareth, which was
itself a cover, but truth be told, Nazareth *owned* that song. She's just
paying homage to the band that made this song the most famous and most
loved. And bless her for doing so!!! To those of you who want to write
snide comments... fine... let's hear *you* sing this and then we'll judge.
Until then... fuck off!!!

Author Sirlei Aparecida Galvao Galvao (1 month)
Para meus amigos(((a)))*

Author BadlndsBob (27 days)
I like this, but didn't think I would. What country is she from?

Author Denise Matheus (1 month)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author hector salazar (1 day)

Author Iris Herzilein (2 hours)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author Mike Ch (2 days)

Author Gordon Buzzell (2 days)
Nice !

Author yoda cat (4 months)
You sound like you smoke about 3 packs a day,seriously get your throat
checked out.

Author L. Cleveland Major (3 days)
I see some serious talent in this lady! Her cover of the song is excellent
in my opinion. As someone that has listened many times to the Nazareth
version, which definitely did it justice, I must say she too has done it
justice. Hi marks from me to this young lady!

Author liveclassictunes (5 days)
this I like... raspy sexy voice...

Author Rogelio Sojos Z. (6 days)
Excelente version de este clasico por parte de Gabriela, muy buenos
arreglos pero lo original es lo original...

Author Stoolie33 (8 days)

Author Daniel Trottier (5 months)
Nazareth didn't right this song 

Author Tony Inosencio (19 days)
Good Golly that woman has a voice!!!!

Author Wilson Gomes (26 days)
Love Hurts

Author Christoph Gaber (28 days)
you look a lil bit like michelle rodriguez! veery hot, love woman like you

Author Csuka Ferenc (2 months)

Author Campos Radicais (5 days)
Where she are from?

Author n91605 (2 days)
I always thought I was a guy singing this .. she's awesome .. come X factor
or what

Author Zaid Amru Azmi (19 hours)
What a unique voice!!!!!!!!

Author Carlos Rodriguez (5 days)
great cover and beautiful voice. Mamacita!!!!

Author JURA LAMBARI (21 hour)

Author Alena Svetelska (7 days)
simple beatiful,now and back in 20 years.

Author Herman Bouman (5 hours)

Author Reinhold Destremps (1 day)
having been to the hair of the dog concert when nazerath realesed it on the
album , i think she did a hell of a fine job hitting the notes and emphasis
, i think she would also do well on several of their other tracks of that

Author Fallen Angel (12 days)
*Love Hurts*

Author Aleixo Santos Mendes (2 days)
Nossa! adorei ver esta gata interpretar esta linda canção. Parabéns.

Author qjtemikureca (1 day)
cool cool cool cool

Author ÖZGÜR ALPMEN (2 days)

Author Juha Riikonen (1 day)
Singer si OK. guitar"man" sucks . . . below all the time . . . sorry,
that is it . ..

Author Paige Askins (4 days)
I don't really like her voice, but awesome song

Author Douglas Jacobs (4 days)
that was Roy Orbison's song wasn't it, but I also know it by Nazareth

Author Tim Mantooth (5 days)
The original song is better

Author Patricio Arriagada (7 days)
Espectacular tno de voz... hermosa chica y lindo tema clasico de

Author Joao Victor De Lima Lima (10 days)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author Leonard Heit (7 days)
EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Alice in Chains (12 days)
Gabriela Gunčíková que mujer mas hermosa ! 

Author Vincent Nguyen (2 months)
I've always love his powerful voice and his beautiful hair! :)

Author trizonkatalyzt (8 days)
330 dislikes god dammit!!!!! dafuq is all those people!!!

Author Inguaribile Romantico (14 days)

Author AxelPliopas (7 days)
Just can't get tired.... :D

Author Thiago Magaldi Branco (10 days)
Congrats from Brazil!!! Perfect... ;)

Author giancarlo biscotti (16 days)
Best Cover Ever.... for me.

Author marcelo costa (11 days)
Muito bom canta muito !

Author Anthony Matias (17 days)
funny how this song is in spanish and english and i agree jason it is

Author sopho d (21 day)
Wow, what a Nazareth voice :)

Author LD800 (12 days)
Great song, done well. Love the song, but it'll ruin your voice. Be
careful :)

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