Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Csuka Ferenc (16 days)

Author Tong Skyhawk (1 month)

Author yoda cat (2 months)
You sound like you smoke about 3 packs a day,seriously get your throat
checked out.

Author Daniel Trottier (3 months)
Nazareth didn't right this song 

Author Vincent Nguyen (29 days)
I've always love his powerful voice and his beautiful hair! :)

Author Sirlei Galvão (2 months)
Para meus amigos((a))*

Author jason carpenter (3 months)
Every time I'm searching for some old Nazareth I find this and listen to
it. ....I'm addicted haha

Author Cirrus G (3 months)

Author honzadolecek01 Dolecek (2 months)
Povedený muzikanti 1+ ale zpěv dávám 3protože výslovnost je příšerná.

Author mihirjagger (3 months)
She looks like Teresa Palmer.

Author Bennie Sweat (1 day)
This lady has got what it take to be the next Barbara Streisand.

Author Patrick Demme (3 months)
Was just wondering... Do you ever plan coming back to Twitter? Your last
tweet was in April of 2011. You didn't fall off, did you? Because if I were
you, I would definitely keep going! You're beyond talented. And even if no
one else believes in you, this skinny little boy from Cleveland Ohio does.

Author ShizZaLinGus (1 day)

Author Jairo Cruz (2 days)
you are gorgeous <3 we should sing together some metal

Author MONIKA JIRANOVA (2 days)
for my all friends...

Author Geraldo Varotto (3 days)
Belíssima voz e cantora !! 

Author Erica Walden (3 days)
i think it was good

Author hinesbruce56 (8 days)

Author thelucy53 (8 days)
Stop making words up that you don't understand how to say in English!

Author Tomáš Kostka (3 months)
Otrasné!! že sa nehanbíš toto spievať veď ten spevák sa musí v hrobe
obracať...radšej ten mikrofon nehaj tak a rob niečo iné :)

Author Jack A (9 days)
Outstanding. Didn't think anyone could re-do this song similar to Nazareth
but this is impressive.

Author DvoiceTube (10 days)
Great rendition

Author gary wilson (11 days)
Didn't Know Vladimir Putin Was In The Band....

Author Michael Hoshall (11 days)
she sings the song without anger -- I like that

Author John Smith (13 days)
Your voice makes me wanna stuck knives in my ears.

Author ปลายฝัน อิงตะวัน ทอแสง (14 days)

Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

Author lizzy fanai (15 days)

Author johnnydegeorge (16 days)
My dear Gabriela, your voice is perfect as is your accent. :) I'm in
love! :)

Author Ciderboy4646 (17 days)
Marry me please! Much love =) xx


Author MXxodrigoxX (19 days)
Muy Muy buena Voz... exelente Interpretacion...!!

Author John Hartley (20 days)
Fantastic! You and Bonnie Tyler should duet X

Author Nathan Revis (21 day)
If she actually knew the words to the song it would be much better. It
would actually be pretty good. But singing some and making sounds for half
of it instead of singing the words just does not work.

Author rich e (21 day)
Gabriela, you really rocked this song, this is a very difficult song to
sing, but you did it with lots of soul n feeling, the band sounded great
too….loved the electric slide lead variation from the original. Rock
On..from a fellow musicali!

Author Dado Silva (22 days)
Lindo,adorei parabéns!

Author Mouktik Saha (22 days)
nice i found this...

Author Rodney Leon (5 months)
i like her voice but admit she sounds like shes trying to squeeze out a

Author nick petty (3 months)
its not nazareth the every brothers wrote this song, even though nazareth
is a good version

Author Valdemar R (23 days)
nice cover girl

Author Apollo farsyker (23 days)

Author joão ramos (23 days)
adoro essa música,,,,,,,

Author ÖZGÜR ALPMEN (23 days)

Author Takao Martins (24 days)
A Janes voltou?... Nada mal para uma mulher.

Author marvin letegio (24 days)
i love u gariela., ur so pretty,. i like u..

Author Yo PAnMAtt (24 days)
I'm 22 and already have love burns an scars

Author Hayden H (24 days)
wow... awesome voice Gabriela... fuckin beautiful.
hope you hit the stars...

Author Arión Theobaldo (26 days)

Author Martin Bureš (27 days)
ze by to slo pavada

Author StefanTaragos (10 months)

Author Marcelo Sawczenko (10 months)
André, tenho curtido muito a interpretação dessa moça. Canta muito mesmo
né!!!!! Abraço.

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