Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

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Author krishna gonzalez ( ago)
gorgeous :-)

Author Jerry Cassetty ( ago)
Perfect vocals love it

Author Jerry Cassetty ( ago)
Perfect vocals love it

Author MANUEL SANTOS ( ago)
Magnifico Gabriela ...

Author Melfan ( ago)
i love you

Author Melfan ( ago)
ich liebe dich!

Author G Dub ( ago)
Didn't Know Vladimir Putin Was In The Band..0:21...

Author Katia Fayad ( ago)
she's so good...

Author Blanka Süsserová ( ago)
Pěkné !Super

Author Daniel Newman ( ago)
rock goddess...

Author Nicky Us ( ago)
Nossa que voz hein! Parabéns! * - *

Author channa 66 ( ago)
SUPER ***** ... Also check out the song - Gabriela Gunčíková - Send me an

Author Imam Arif ( ago)
damn, im speechless..

young, pretty, seksy, and super awesome voice @_@

Author (VISIONÁRIO) ( ago)
Linda Gabriela. Brasil.

Author Ruda Hany ( ago)
Jsem rád že máme konečně pořádnou Českou zpěvačku <3 :)

Author Ruda Hany ( ago)
Jsem rád že máme konečně pořádnou Českou zpěvačku <3 :)

Author Marcela štemberková ( ago)
Hello, fantastic. We are from Czech republik-town PRAGUE.

Author Juninhorocknaza ( ago)
His voice is beautiful... congratulations...

Author Atom Arc ( ago)
Do an album of covers
He'll I'll buy oneSuch a beautiful voice

Author Peter Kralik ( ago)
gabika z ceska!!

Author Mats Bill ( ago)
Awesome cover............

Author putranto tanto ( ago)
Her voice is so good

Author loonie5418 ( ago)
me gustaria que la cantaras en espanol

Author loonie5418 ( ago)
queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee linda te felicito long days tu you baby you are a
talent from canada i say hi guaooo que lindo y tus musicos tambien

Author Thomas Aten ( ago)
yes pale moon she is real ive seen her live

Author ken ross ( ago)

Author Rock Simpson ( ago)
WOW! I saw a cute little girl and BOOM!! I get hit w/ a cannon when she
opened her mouth! Awesome!

Author Phytch Nara ( ago)
S H O W !!!

Author dlchambers ( ago)
Great voice, but needs to work on her English, especially the hard r's and

Author erick hernandez ( ago)
OMGOSH her voice its almost exactly like Nazareth's vocalist. Wow.

Author Ron Lawrence ( ago)
Awesome cover....

Author jlucasound ( ago)
Need I say anything?

Author Sa Ma ( ago)
I grew up with Nasareths music, and this is not it.

Love the raspy voice and all, but she killed it dead cold. Horrible.

Author Germae Anne ( ago)
Okay wow. Her voice is like perfect for this song.

Author Uri Buenaventura ( ago)
Слишком сладко ты поёшь... Но классно!

Author Garimpero Vanderlei ( ago)
muito show muito show lindo

Author Nurul.Fatimahl Fatimahl ( ago)
wow2 the last of story ye......

Author Wlad Art ( ago)
Ah, Gabriela, du bist schön

Author Johnny Cade ( ago)
Not bad

Author Inedit3 ( ago)
She was 18 !

Por Dios.... que tal "Interpretación", por mi santa madre, te ADORO
Gabriela, en particular esa balada me gusta muchísimo. Te mando muchos
saludos de Lima - Perú. Sigue así para adelante, te deseo de corazón muchos
éxitos. Cuídate bastante.

Author Dean Louie Ponce de leon ( ago)
+Gabriela Gunčíková by any chance is the name of the bassist here is Glenn

Author rccrashburn ( ago)
Love her voice! I think the thumbs downs are people exercising their free
opinion to dislike the song for whatever reasons they want!

Author Mary Puleo ( ago)
Awesome! I dig her soulful, bluesy voice!!

Author ALE KLEIN ( ago)
Isto sim é rock!!!!!

Author Michelle French ( ago)
She is a great singer but I wish she would be herself in these covers as
opposed to imitating the original vocalists.

Author pbc8054 ( ago)
take a bow princess. You made it to the big leagues

Author pbc8054 ( ago)
best cover song from the most beautiful woman. voice is amazing

Author Luciano Ferrer ( ago)
Aquiles na batera? :O

Author TheRamirez86 ( ago)
užasné, nemám slov :) prostě masakr, ten tvůj hlas je prostě boží :)

Author gurry beria ( ago)
bravo gabriela

Author Martin Milner ( ago)
One of my favourite songs of all time, Gabriela and you do a nice rock
version of it.

Author Roselly Salles ( ago)
Simplesmente demais!!! <3 <3 <3

Author gurry beria ( ago)

Author Alistair Kendall ( ago)
Qué voz , este niñas es el rock and roll

Author Keith Dobbyn ( ago)
Nazareth did not right this song .

Author adam jendrusiak ( ago)
dobra ppodróbka 100%

Author weds par ( ago)
Good GUITARS are as good as they get

Author Risto Virsula ( ago)
Your band is not a copy

Author MilanzDNV ( ago)
Super :)

Author Tim Carey ( ago)
omg girl you rock you have my vote anytime

Author Svitlana Moskal ( ago)
I came here after hearing Gabriela sing in the ESC 2016 (I've never heard
her before). Pretty face, princess dress, standard song. Everything's
right, ok, boring, and up to the ESC standards. ...But there seemed to be
something wrong about all that pinky fairytale...something gorgeously
wrong)))... Gabriela's voice! Her strong raspy voice would make a perfect
match with a rock ballad! I'm glad I've discovered other Gabriela's videos.
I wish she pursued her career in rock music... )))

Author Marcos Aurelio ( ago)
Wow, I did not know, congratulations.

Author Jidione ( ago)
Hermosa voz !!! Ese tema musical me encanta !!! Felicitaciones !!!!

Author Gustavophilla Massaro ( ago)
perfeita ,

Author Neringa Gerulyte ( ago)

Author Jimmel Junio ( ago)

Author Bjørn Egil ( ago)
denne er innafor, kom igjen!!!!

Author Gilmar Correa ( ago)

Author mayralin16 ( ago)
Super Gábino, myslím, že i samotní Nazareti by tě ocenili. Mezi hvězdičkami
superstaru jsi Hvězda první velikosti!

Author Mihaita-Alin Engi ( ago)
you are born

Author Linaldo Souto ( ago)
Amazing! . . .

Author Ax89 ( ago)
Only one word to describe Gabby..... Brilliant!

Author Libor Dios ( ago)
Neskutečný! :)

Author adilson farias ( ago)
muito bom.

Author Julio Alperi ( ago)
Forget Nazareth, this song is yours now.

Author The Developers 1969 ( ago)
Voted for you in the final. Congrats!

Author Sierra Milano ( ago)
Sheri Moon brought me here.

Author 777User ( ago)
Please sing a song from Elmore James nobody tried to do this before, it
will songs good.

Author lerwick Urbani ( ago)
bellissima voce, bellissima ragazza

Author Wann Sofea ( ago)
Awesome... love this song

Author SDHJicina ( ago)
Czech beautiful singer

Author jan dobiáš ( ago)
Bravo Gabi

Author Cristy felippo ( ago)
muito bom😉

Author Dean Green ( ago)
Bravo, nice job by the band as well

Author Nathalie Trudel La Rockeuse ( ago)
Gabriella je trouve que tu chantes très bien

Author Padock ( ago)

Author Richie Metal ( ago)
You're fantastic, congratulations little angel!

Author Oliv Halirova ( ago)
🖒perfektni Gabrielo!!Krasne!!

Author ManCave2010 ( ago)
I have no other words than simply... "WOW". She nails this. That deep and
sometimes raspy voice. Very impressive. Such talent! :)

Author FÁBIO AIKO Hirata ( ago)
Canta pra caralho! Porra! Meus parabéns!

Author dmgs540 ( ago)
hermosa voz

Author Caio Campos ( ago)!!!!!

Sem comentários....

Author Jean Claude Neely ( ago)

Author roman sroman ( ago)
this is what supost to be in tv not fuckin biber or katy pery

Author Thomas Aten ( ago)
wow this girl is great

Author Michael Mixon ( ago)
She is very good but cannot quite get the raspy voice of the original

Author Bryan York ( ago)
The guy playing that black less Paul is an awesome guitarist. They all are

Author Ron Allen ( ago)
Simon Cowell has missed out on this singer .absolutely FANTASTIC

Author Tomáš Jech ( ago)
And 5 years after this she is on the same stage with Dan McCafferty and
other rock legends during Rock Meets Classic 2016.

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