Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Sirlei Aparecida Galvao Galvao (27 days)
Para meus amigos(((a)))*

Author Dr Death (11 days)
All the jealous people can hate all they want... fact is, *Gabriela* has an
incredible voice and if you're too fucking stupid to hear that then... piss
off!!! She's doing a *cover* version of a song by Nazareth, which was
itself a cover, but truth be told, Nazareth *owned* that song. She's just
paying homage to the band that made this song the most famous and most
loved. And bless her for doing so!!! To those of you who want to write
snide comments... fine... let's hear *you* sing this and then we'll judge.
Until then... fuck off!!!

Author BadlndsBob (16 days)
I like this, but didn't think I would. What country is she from?

Author Denise Matheus (27 days)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth:

Author yoda cat (4 months)
You sound like you smoke about 3 packs a day,seriously get your throat
checked out.

Author Daniel Trottier (4 months)
Nazareth didn't right this song 

Author Tony Inosencio (8 days)
Good Golly that woman has a voice!!!!

Author Wilson Gomes (14 days)
Love Hurts

Author Christoph Gaber (16 days)
you look a lil bit like michelle rodriguez! veery hot, love woman like you

Author Sirlei Galvão (4 months)
Para meus amigos((a))*

Author jason carpenter (5 months)
Every time I'm searching for some old Nazareth I find this and listen to
it. ....I'm addicted haha

Author ShizZaLinGus (1 month)

Author Jairo Cruz (1 month)
you are gorgeous <3 we should sing together some metal

Author MONIKA JIRANOVA (1 month)
for my all friends...

Author Csuka Ferenc (2 months)

Author Fallen Angel (9 hours)
*Love Hurts*

Author Alice in Chains (15 hours)
Gabriela Gunčíková que mujer mas hermosa ! 

Author Vincent Nguyen (2 months)
I've always love his powerful voice and his beautiful hair! :)

Author Inguaribile Romantico (3 days)

Author giancarlo biscotti (4 days)
Best Cover Ever.... for me.

Author Anthony Matias (6 days)
funny how this song is in spanish and english and i agree jason it is

Author sopho d (9 days)
Wow, what a Nazareth voice :)

Author LD800 (1 day)
Great song, done well. Love the song, but it'll ruin your voice. Be
careful :)

Author Phillip Tedesco (7 days)
I can not find this on iTunes. I really like her vision. Anyone know where
or how to get this song?

Author jgcaesar4 (1 day)
This woman has a great voice and nails the spirit of the Nazareth version.
She's really expressing how much she loves their version.

Author Мария Тарасова (3 days)
Великолепная песня! и новое достойное исполнение! Спасибо

Author jana zavodna (2 days)
myslím že Gabriela má brutálně dobrej hlas...asi nejlepší ze všech českých
superstar ever...uznávám i Martina Chodura, Anetu Langerovou a Lolu

Author Arimatéa Fonseca (9 days)
O show desta banda, com a maravilhosa Gabriela Gunčíková só vem mostrar que
o que é belo é pra sempre. Pois, segundo a wikipedia, "Love Hurts" é uma
canção de antes de 1960 de autoria de Boudleaux Bryant e Felice Bryant e
gravada pela primeira vez em julho de 1960 pela dupla de músicos americanos
The Everly Brothers, depois esta maravilhosa música ´encaixou de vez` com
voz maravilhosa de Dan McCafferty (Nazareth). O BOM E O BELO SÃO PRA

Author Oliver Novak (5 days)
Let´s wait if she is able to perform that in public....but sounds great..

Author Steve Johansen (8 days)
Jaikks..... Guess Nazareth cryes a lot of tears now, listening to a better
version of their own hit.. I am AMAZED !!!!! W O N D E R F U L :) :) :)

Author Saklı Bahçe (8 days)
Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

Author rogerio da silveira dias (4 days)
Que voz é essa? Que mulher é essa!!? Viajo na sensualidade de sua voz.

Author Ralf-Dietmar Klatte (11 days)

Author Jamal Paraguaçu (7 days)
Que maravilha ! ! ! Que voz magnifica ! ! ! Que interpretação impecável ! !
! Que linda ! ! ! Que tesão ! ! ! Que tudo de bom ! ! ! Excelente a
Gabriela Gunciková ! ! ! 

Author Kli Wood (13 days)
Oh yeeeeeaaaaah

Author btrahan1 (8 days)
Not bad! Seriously, not bad at all!

Author Lord Humongous (7 days)
You said it Dr. Death! This is a great cover. And contrary to what
douchebags like Yoda Cat have to say about Gabriela's voice, they obviously
aren't familiar with the likes of Janis Joplin or Bonnie Tyler for that
matter. Dumb Fucks!

Author Davina Ibunia (12 days)
Wow , great voice i love it.

Author StefanTaragos (1 year)

Author Marcelo Sawczenko (1 year)
André, tenho curtido muito a interpretação dessa moça. Canta muito mesmo
né!!!!! Abraço.

Author Zombivira (1 year)
The best "remake" I have heard.. She owns this song! So moving.

Author Daniel Sabanelli (1 year)
canta demais muito boa

Author Brian Holly (11 months)
Great votive. If only she could make believe her.

Author pleximars (1 year)

Author Fabian Jaque (1 year)

Author Bob Bobek (1 year)
zasebou mám okno a veknu je zima.. tak nevim jestli mam husí kůži nebo je
mi opravdu zima :D

Author Fanny Janda (1 year)
SUPER PERFEKTNÍ !!! Nazareth může být hrdý na takto zaspívanou
myslím ;)

Author Sitenejable (1 year)
And what do you think we should use in Czech Republic? These companies are
being sold all over the world..

Author mohd fauzee (1 year)
nice voice gabriela guncikova...

Author John Smith (1 year)
Will you marry me?

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