Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Richalan 1 ( ago)
awsome job! great voice from a beautiful lady…

Author jose luis andrade ( ago)
eu gostei

Author auyanteppuy ( ago)
Whaouuuuuuu !
Superbe voix, super musiciens !
Bravo !

Author Rafael Silva ( ago)
chega nen aos pés do nazareth

Author david cambra ( ago)
What a raspy voice. I loved every bit of tthis song. This young lady has
what it takes to be a superstar! Bravo Gabriela!!!! LOL XOXO

Author Project4denial ( ago)
its just to much throat and not enough voice

Author Dave N ( ago)
Great voice, though you need to work on proper pronunciation. :)

Author Johan Marais ( ago)
wtf amazing super monstrous quality voice. Modern day Suzie Quatro!!!

Author Johan Marais ( ago)
542 dislikes wtf, go fuck ureselves!!!!

Author Larry S ( ago)
Your live version where you hug the man in the wheel chair and his
girlfriend is the best version vocally I have ever heard. Your man in the
box video in Kens studio is really great too.. You got it gurl..

Author harmony771000 ( ago)
Great woman vocal from Czech!

Author henry krempel ( ago)
Qtas recordações, arrepia a alma.. Bravo!!!

Author Intruder74 ( ago)
Damn girl...

Author Vorapsak1 ( ago)
Caraca, que voz...

Author agonquin (1785 years ago)
I just loVe this SonG ... just Beautifully Done

Author Michael Taylor (1836 years ago)
I've never seen someone singing inside a recording studio look as if they
are lip-syncing while they sing....makes no sense.

Author Fifth Monkey ( ago)
Hey GG, *you nailed this*

*band is tight too* ~ just not as *smoking hot* ツ

Author Robert Ogden ( ago)
that's what I call an amazing performance job well done what a voice I
loved it my favorite Rock groups of all times

Author Frans Vella ( ago)

Author kevykev38 ( ago)
does she speak English?

Author vick diamond ( ago)
WOW! not only a very talented singer a Beautiful Gorgeous woman also. I
think I am in love!

Author BruceT ( ago)
It is really really rare that anyone does justice to a classic, but this is

Author 0swords0 ( ago)
Good job. She sing very nice :)

Author Ianara Rocha ( ago)
voz foda...

Author George Lockard ( ago)
Very impressive voice and a great job on this old classic.

Author Povilas Izis ( ago)

Author Jarosław Bandarenko ( ago)

Author Edward Marsden ( ago)
"Love Hurts," an Incredible Female Artist and to hear Gabriella/Female to
sing this song and restore/refuel so much love back into my heart. Been
working many hours for long time, and feels so good more love/joy is
overwhelming my heart and feeling new/refresh.

Author LAUGHTER ( ago)
You are so gifted Blessed.... Loving the vocals :)

Author brayan weiss ( ago)

Author Ján marčišovský ( ago)
Krásny hlas. Gitara a nástroje identické... Beriem Gibson u Zalla je

Author DENNISROC (1664 years ago)
Great job everyone

Author blacksteevier LP ( ago)
(Czech Republic)
Škoda že jsem nechodil dříve na taneční zábavy v okolí Kroměříže a Zlína.
Po Lucie Bílé má Česká Republika další Hvězdu Rockové a Metalové scény.
Chtěl bych je spatřit na jednom podium současně obě na podiu, určitě by to
byl životní zážitek.
Přeji mnoho štěstí , zdraví a uspěchů v životě i v pěvecké profesionální
scéně, a to doma i v zahraničí , a co nejméně srážek s blbci.

Author George Martin ( ago)
Gorgeous girl with Steve marriott pipes. Would love to hear her her tackle
some Humble Pie. No offense but 'Turdy daze in da ho" would be funny. Just

Author rex366 ( ago)
great voice not enough soul, I'll take nazharet anytime.

Author David Marks ( ago)
That was a surprise...nice job...

Author Ludmila Dandrew ( ago)
Vow!!! Amazing!

Author mark hendrickx ( ago)

Author carlos humberto martins ( ago)

Author Wanderley R. Oliveira ( ago)
Very good

Author tootired76 ( ago)
Meryland is very good!! Gabreialla, I know you took lessons from Ken
Tamplin! Could you not ask Lzzy Hale to give you lessons and perhaps you
and Lzzy could do a duet?? THAT would be awesome!!

Author Val Calnan ( ago)
She has a good voice, but I personally don't like when female singers cover
songs done my male singers. Females naturally have a higher range, and
therefore don't need to really push, and reach for the notes like a male
singer does. It's reaching for those notes, and almost straining a bit to
hit them that gives the song so much emotion. That is lacking here. Just my

Author Maciej Niewiadomski ( ago)
Fucking amazing voice...

Author Argo Santoso ( ago)
god damb amazing voice...!!!!!

Author Luciano Da Ros ( ago)
An old man speaking from Brasil:You are cute and sings a lot!Keep going!God
bless you!

Author Ania Rogozinska ( ago)
Wow what a voice!

Author Alvaro Marcelo ( ago)
Amazing cover :D

Author D3ViLs_ArT ( ago)
Nice, its Beutiful, i lov this song,

Author Handy Man ( ago)
FANTASTIC VOICE! W A U !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Dan Morales ( ago)
Wow you are awesome. Love your voice. I will be listening to more of your

Author PhD Pepper ( ago)
Ive yet to see someone do the solo correctly.

Author francoblu1 ( ago)
stupenda voce bravissima

Author TheLinamalin ( ago)
Обалдеть. Надо свое.

Author Dúnyo Sousa Marques ( ago)
Beautiful (y)

Author Дмитрий Корнев ( ago)

Author Bebeto Ferreira ( ago)
ten , best

Author Bebeto Ferreira ( ago)
ten , best

Author joplet1 ( ago)
I can't believe there has been that many dislikes....idiots, the music was
perfect and the voice was perfect

Author joplet1 ( ago)
great voice!!

Author edukened ( ago)

Author mbm13213 ( ago)
So hot

Author Jennifer Long ( ago)

Author Doni Corrêa silva ( ago)
falar o que !

Author luis antonio barcelos ( ago)
just beauntiful!

Author The-Ryoji Sagara ( ago)
I wishi you much sucess, since I am a fan...

Author Leite Austran ( ago)
when listen Gabriela singing Love Hurts, i think God exists!

Author Efien Arochman ( ago)

Author Carlos Lourenço 1 ( ago)
força jovem... mantém a nossa chama para 2017

Author Angelita Santos ( ago)
que voz!!!!!

Author George Rivera ( ago)
Very nicely done.

Author fred (1490 years ago)
her voice can match Nazareth that says alot Nazareth does this song better
then anyone

Author Darek Misio ( ago)
Co za głos Fantastyczne wykonanie!!!

Author Coeh'nn Goldhill ( ago)
How country are that singer?

Author Joey Pedroza ( ago)
Nicely done. Great voice and a great version of a great song.

Author jailton Gabrielbreno ( ago)
canta muito e é linda amei

Author Distribucione Comarca ( ago)
me gusta la interpretacion fabulosa

Author loverofgoodmusic23 ( ago)
Nice voice but the accent ruins it.

Author Abelardo Silva ( ago)
love VC Gabriela

Author Wana Man ( ago)
aj laf ju biš

Author coolybree (688 years ago)
Great voice!!!

Author I know it all motherhuncher (70 years ago)
let me just say, I love Nazareth that sings this but damn you nailed it.
great voice and you picked a great song. now can you sing a few others off
that album? please?

Author Beatriz Jackson (Bea) ( ago)
Voz e música da porra!!!!!

Author Linda Safitri ( ago)

Author ultramarineblue ( ago)
woah girl that's an amazing voice, totally unexpected!

Author Armando Perez ( ago)
Great job, Gabriela.

Author James Bradford ( ago)
Great voice raven mockers Sid~ James

Author Stephanie Martinez ( ago)
Beautiful modern day Stevie nicks twist best describes her!

Author Radek Martan ( ago)

Author Billy Pate ( ago)
killer voice!

Author R. D. ( ago)

Author SanchaiS ( ago)
love it !

Author HuskyHB ( ago)
Her voice sounds cool😎😍

Author Benerval Rodrigues ( ago)
Canta demais

Author Jay Tee Bee ( ago)
great melodic slide work

Author Jay Tee Bee ( ago)
Idk she was Slovakian...that is pretty cool she needs to be on a good
record label with a debut solo album or her band and all original songs..
shed knock it out the park..good job to the lead guitarist here too but
Gabriela will you marry me?

Author Jay Tee Bee ( ago)
I love listening to her sing especially man in the box an alice in chains
song and she kills it .. very powerful voice with equal amounts of soul,
heart and passion...also I think she is gorgeous :)

Author Michal Moto ( ago)
Powiem tak, ... lepsze jak oryginał :)

Author Jens Soppart ( ago)
Wahnsinns Stimme, das klingt echt toll.

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