Gabriela Gunčíková - Love Hurts - Nazareth

studiová nahrávka se skupinou MERYLand

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Author Canal Juca Do DF ( ago)
muito bom

Author Gabrielle Rougeau-Moss ( ago)
She was not needed the Ken Templin Class to sing omg

Author Manchester Utd Best ( ago)
One of the best Czech republic singers

Author Andri Rozi ( ago)

Author Hagy sonstwas ( ago)
wow die stimme das ist ja besser als das orginal

Author ‫דימה חורושילוב‬‎ ( ago)
достойный кавр молодцы.

Author rubison moreira ( ago)

Author angel vikernes ( ago)
Dat solo!!!

Author Mauro González ( ago)
What a voice. Amazing.

Author Бато Чимитов ( ago)

Author Evandro dos Reis Mesquita ( ago)
muitas lembranças de um grande amor que não volta mais

Author Дмитрий Тихонов ( ago)
Габриела прелесть!!! Жаль на евро она пела не свое

Author Daniel Júnior ( ago)
Nossa eu jurava que era um homem que cantava essa música

Author SuperDachshund ( ago)
I could listen all day long. More please!

Author Farrell Curry ( ago)
Howd you like to date her?!

Author Abbe Charvat ( ago)

Author Сергей Еременко ( ago)
послушать бы дует с маккаферти

Author Monika Maria ( ago)

Author Ann Gonzalez ( ago)
Oh my. Is she related to Janis? Just.....Wow !!

Author webstarx09 ( ago)
Very nice, love her raspy voice and accent.

Author Mathew Harrison ( ago)
Love this version. with love from Australia

Author Gilmar Lemes ( ago)

Author Andrew Rodriguez ( ago)
she is really good

Author fabio francis ( ago)
Muy buena terrible fuerza la mina ! really amazing!

Author Geox Mega ( ago)
Good... Super!!!!!

Author Revista Retro ( ago)
Oh my God!

Author фёдор дмитр ( ago)
Это моя дочь!

Author Paulo Borges ( ago)
She is very, very good!

Author Tomáš Černý ( ago)
je uječená!

Author Jesus Gonzalez ( ago)
wooow! !!! que linda voz.... me gusta como se escucha. ..
Felicidades Gabriela

Author wavular ( ago)
She Rocks!!!

Author Людмила Зобнина ( ago)
супер! класс!

Author Nicholas Froats ( ago)
any body's els love raspy voices??!!

Author Nicholas Froats ( ago)
any body's els love raspy voices??!!

Author And re ( ago)
make a version from "wicked game", that would be great.

Author And re ( ago)
marry me ;-)

Author Sonny Anjangsono ( ago)
rock forever....

Author Zanderx30 ( ago)
Im in love she is amazing...

Author rob wilson ( ago)
hot as hell and what a voice.

Author SebastianSierpe ( ago)
GREAT JOB Gabriela!...your version for "Love Hurts" is
must come to Chile to sing all your songs...
...greetings from Santiago, Chile.

Author Jim Morrison ( ago)
The voice is fantastic ! You are wonderful !

Author random269 ( ago)
Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. First recorded by The Everly Brothers in July

Author Joey McNew ( ago)
Great job by all of you! ;)

Author Dalimil Morys ( ago)
Bonnie Tyler's daughter

Author reco net ( ago)
Wow, I like your voice!

Author tiejol ( ago)
Tänk vad lite tavelkrita kan göra hehe, Mycket bra gjort Gabriela!
Grymt bra och autentiskt spelat av musikerna, inget att klaga på alls!
Stående ovationer till hela gänget!

Author Ricardas Kupciunas ( ago)

Author CRISTINA SILVA ( ago)

Author Tsai Jason ( ago)
WOW! This girl really can sing!!!

Author Cherwin Castillo ( ago)

Author urban forsén ( ago)

Author urban forsén ( ago)

Author Maurício Delatorre ( ago)
Não! É o máximo!! É 10!!! É 1.000!!!!! I love you!!!!!

I love his voice has a lot of talent Grabriela success always

Author kevin hubley ( ago)

Author ComboZzZz ( ago)

Author jorge luis socorro ( ago)
desde aqui de venezuela buenisimo, axcelente

Author Raymond J Small, MD, MPH ( ago)
A beautiful voice and she sings opera just just like this one does pop.

Author Eric Ekkerman ( ago)
a shame of the pronounciation

Author Little Smel ( ago)
I realy love a lot....Gabriela, o meu sofá espera por ti ;)

Author wagner Ricardo ( ago)

Author daniel turanski ( ago)
Odlicno.. svaka cast :-)

Author channa 66 ( ago)
ALSO SEE - Černý anděl - Gabriela Gunčíková (pilotní singl k CD Celkem

Author Delena VD ( ago)
such wonderful girl and that voice amazing ! <3 love love :)

Author marcelo favarin ( ago)

Author krishna gonzalez ( ago)
gorgeous :-)

Author Jerry Cassetty ( ago)
Perfect vocals love it

Author Jerry Cassetty ( ago)
Perfect vocals love it

Author MANUEL SANTOS ( ago)
Magnifico Gabriela ...

Author G Dub ( ago)
Didn't Know Vladimir Putin Was In The Band..0:21...

Author Katia Fayad ( ago)
she's so good...

Author Blanka Süsserová ( ago)
Pěkné !Super

Author Daniel Newman ( ago)
rock goddess...

Author Nicky Us ( ago)
Nossa que voz hein! Parabéns! * - *

Author channa 66 ( ago)
SUPER ***** ... Also check out the song - Gabriela Gunčíková - Send me an

Author Imam Arif ( ago)
damn, im speechless..

young, pretty, seksy, and super awesome voice @_@

Author (VISIONÁRIO) ( ago)
Linda Gabriela. Brasil.

Author Ruda Hany ( ago)
Jsem rád že máme konečně pořádnou Českou zpěvačku <3 :)

Author Ruda Hany ( ago)
Jsem rád že máme konečně pořádnou Českou zpěvačku <3 :)

Author Marcela štemberková ( ago)
Hello, fantastic. We are from Czech republik-town PRAGUE.

Author Juninhorocknaza ( ago)
His voice is beautiful... congratulations...

Author Atom Arc ( ago)
Do an album of covers
He'll I'll buy oneSuch a beautiful voice

Author Peter Kralik ( ago)
gabika z ceska!!

Author Mats Bill ( ago)
Awesome cover............

Author putranto tanto ( ago)
Her voice is so good

Author loonie5418 ( ago)
me gustaria que la cantaras en espanol

Author loonie5418 ( ago)
queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee linda te felicito long days tu you baby you are a
talent from canada i say hi guaooo que lindo y tus musicos tambien

Author Thomas Aten ( ago)
yes pale moon she is real ive seen her live

Author ken ross ( ago)

Author Rock Simpson ( ago)
WOW! I saw a cute little girl and BOOM!! I get hit w/ a cannon when she
opened her mouth! Awesome!

Author Phytch Nara ( ago)
S H O W !!!

Author dlchambers ( ago)
Great voice, but needs to work on her English, especially the hard r's and

Author erick hernandez ( ago)
OMGOSH her voice its almost exactly like Nazareth's vocalist. Wow.

Author Ron Lawrence ( ago)
Awesome cover....

Author jlucasound ( ago)
Need I say anything?

Author Sa Ma ( ago)
I grew up with Nasareths music, and this is not it.

Love the raspy voice and all, but she killed it dead cold. Horrible.

Author Germae Anne ( ago)
Okay wow. Her voice is like perfect for this song.

Author Uri Buenaventura ( ago)
Слишком сладко ты поёшь... Но классно!

Author Garimpero Vanderlei ( ago)
muito show muito show lindo

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