montgomery ward mini bike with side car

Monkey ward mini bike mid 70`s

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Author Joe Langel ( ago)
very nice

Author harold witham ( ago)

Author thatsrt4guy ( ago)
Wow. Very cool

Author Tbone ( ago)
nicely done. excellent design. youv'e inspired me for my next project.

Author voltron63 ( ago)
cool love it....

Author Patrick Burchett ( ago)
It should be against the law to have that much fun :-). Awesome time

Author LawnWolf ( ago)
Thats AWSOME! I like it

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)

Author 73Streetcar ( ago)
That is great!! I bet the kids love it! I have a sidecar, although a tad
bit bigger, haha. Cheers.

Author steven bloomfield ( ago)
your not suppost to rev a motor right after a cold start ,could break a
piston ring

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
Cool! send a photo or vid when you get done..

Author minibiker99 ( ago)
Im doin it on my doodlebug

Author Green Power Farm ( ago)
dude, I would totally ride with you on that to

Author thep8ntballa ( ago)
i cant belive it started that just shows u how good those old briggs are

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
Thanks! I still have it..

Author hogheadv2 ( ago)
Thats just cool, childhood can be passed to the kids....

Author MIKEY PARISO ( ago)
can u make a video on how u did the electrical set up plz???

Author asssface2000 ( ago)
@oneword4letters give it to someone who isnt a complete moron.

Author swabbster3 ( ago)
you should have ran that generator to a battery so when u start driving it
charges the battery and when u need the light it has battery power

Author waynemelton1 ( ago)
man u crazy luv it

Author ClassicTVMan1981X ( ago)
@bryanb1973 It is either 3 or 4 hp. A 3 hp engine would have a model of
80202 while a 4 hp engine would have a model of either 100202, 111202 or

Author victorhmd1982 ( ago)

Author MoSkunk Jr. ( ago)
Cool haha me and by buddie are thinking about doing this , would you mind
telling us how you went about welding on the sidecar ?

Author 11000to ( ago)
I have one like this me and my dad fixed it up it's really cool nice video

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
@pyroman675 I think it's a four and a half horse. it handles great to the
left and very tippy to the right! if there is no passenger. thanks for

Author pyroman675 ( ago)
thats neat!!!! how many horse power is that? and how does it handle with
the side car. and just some sugestions, i would make the seat a little
bigger in the side car. and maybe have it remove put stuff in there. and
maybe a nice peace of sheet metal in there too. nice creation man

Author Thatrandomguy ( ago)
Cool mini bike, I wish I still had my rupp minibike.

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
@lrd7797 chain

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
@rockbay79 Thanks.

Author rockbay79 ( ago)
Man, I wish I had a mini-bike like yours! Too cool!!!!!!! :)

Author wyatt32551 ( ago)
Bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!@

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
@drifter848 it would probly start out with put your hands on the car!

Author drifter848 ( ago)
i wondar what the cops would have said if they saw u its under 50cc so does
it fit under the no license etc law i had a single mont.ward as a kid i
called it the puddle jumper

Author Andrew Ryason ( ago)
That really cool how that still works and I think the side car is awesome!

Author Gabe V ( ago)
That's so cool

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
@MrJvanover Thanks

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
@razorpayne13 thanks for watching!

Author razorpayne13 ( ago)
cant seperate a boy and his toy

Author hishammadani1988 ( ago)
cool work man i wish i have centrifugation clutch as urs that will let my
motor bike race the wind :)

Author CHECCKKER ( ago)
i search long for an idea. no i have a idea ^^ cool work man ;-) sry for my
english :D

Author littleman282 ( ago)
Woow wayyy cool, where'd you get that from, me n my friend need one of them

Author littleman282 ( ago)
Nice Wayy cooool where'd you get that at, me and my friend need one of those

Author niga6000 ( ago)
wat dirtbike is that on the side of the garage and isnt it to heavy to put
2 people on it?

Author dirtydogvideo ( ago)

Author ncrdisabled Submarine vet ( ago)
I used to have on in 1973 but it did not have the side car I seen you built
one that would have been nice back in the day.

Author Ricky Lucchese ( ago)
that is so cool! i cant believe how stable it is. me and my dad attached a
motor our custom sidecar bicycle. i like the light.

Author newportman27 ( ago)
Thats bad ass dude.

Author newportman27 ( ago)
Thats badass dude.

Author Jeremy Baumgart ( ago)
Hows the light powered?

Author artuomnever ( ago)
смесь переобагащённая КП

meth is a hell of a drug...

Author Matt Drasal ( ago)
Very smart idea my mini bike is soposed to have a 3 horsepower motor but
some one put a 5 hp motor on and gave it to me he said he could get it to
stop poping wheelies i mean like right when you give a little bit of gas it
pulls up i kno it needs a new clutch but do you kno what kind of clutch.

Author hngrymn123 ( ago)
check out my videos they dont look like they have a mini bike in it but
like two of them do i forgot witch ones do so i just put a 17.5 hp engine
on it from my riding lown mower

Author jimgoesboom ( ago)

Author umajunkcollector ( ago)
now this is kewl, I got a big kick out of it!

Author tully712 ( ago)
That is pritty cool, it gives me an idea for a future project

Author gaspowerrules ( ago)
of corse its running its a brigs and stration

Author streetracer94 ( ago)
aw man thats really cool i might try puttin a side car on my mini bike

Author biggdaddy2001 ( ago)
this is not a tote goat they kinda look like this

Author SuperGGT ( ago)

Author daniel bukovecz ( ago)
it's nice, check my videos we make a long trip in same mini bikes, all home

Author Wher3Wuzi ( ago)
ill buy the one behind you at 1:00

Author IronicallyVague ( ago)
tote goat's will rule the world !!

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)

Author John Vanover ( ago)
Very creative idea ! by all means keep the lights on it. you will get lots
of use out of that. nice idea !

Author xxINTOXIFADEDxx ( ago)
Love the generator idea, Dont get rid of that ever, it will never be worth
the cash somebody could give you. I just welded my own side car, I used a
beach cruiser an outdoor patio chair and a moped engine. Its funny because
people ask me why mine does not have a spot for the passengers feet also, I
have been thinking of ideas, your looks simple and easy

Author SpiritsoftheWolf ( ago)
i like the generator you have mounted on the back wheel XD

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
it is.Thanks for watching.

Author metalsnak6 ( ago)
that is awesome i want one

Author Barrygohean ( ago)
Hey man, this is awesome. I am thinking about starting a minibike club and
riding in the local Christmas parades. Thands for posting.

Author Jacob Holbrook ( ago)
keep the MINIS ALIVE!

Author VinnyMartello ( ago)
My boss has an old Montgomery Ward sitting in his storage... I wonder if he
would want to get rid of it???

Author jeep2003 ( ago)
is that a 2hp briggs? Seems to have plenty of power

Author lowbrowcustoms96 ( ago)
i here you man

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
do you have a photo or vid of your side car?

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
alot i think. because i told my kids i would never sell it. but thanks for

Author lowbrowcustoms96 ( ago)
comment back ??

Author lowbrowcustoms96 ( ago)
if u wanted to sell that how mutch ??

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
some times you have go for it!

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
Thanks for watching!

Author G00dfunk3r ( ago)
dude hahah thats cool i would buy that i have a X-18 pocket bike 110cc 70mph

Author kapacon ( ago)
Good job---I love stuff like this! I can't ride my little minibikes much
anymore because our little town has cops everywhere.

Author 9020powrmax ( ago)
Cool outfit you got.. I got a montgomery ward T-555 Terrain cycle (3-Wheel)
that has the same forks as yours "Mid 70's"

Author wesley5138 ( ago)
pretty cool love the sidecar check out my heathkit hilltopper i'm building

Author Michael Crumpton ( ago)
You are well prepared for Peak Oil when gas will go up to $50/gallon.

Author Holden Kendrick ( ago)
I'm getting a 1967 mini bike with a 5 horse Tecumseh and i would really
love to put a sidecar on so my friends could ride but my dad would pitch a
fit about how its bad for it or unsafe

Author Briggsmaster ( ago)
that tank is way to tiny for a 4 horse i like the generator though good idea

Author djladybug14 ( ago)
Man that is a really cool idea having a sidecar on a minibike. My minibike
is kind of like that one, it is a 70's model EZ Rider.

Author mpc117 ( ago)
is it 4 sale or trade

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)

Author ironcast ( ago)
I really got a good chuckle out of watching your vid. Very clever sidecar
build and I liked the idea of the bicycle generator light too.

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
I think it's a 4-1/2 horse! thanks for watching.

Author KartRacer695 ( ago)
how will a 2hp briggs pull two people?!

Author Worldindustry86 ( ago)
that is so cool i love mini bikes

Author jay eltatertoto ( ago)
i sound little kid in it, but if you check my vids ive got i think 2 vids
of it. they're some of my 1st vids...

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)

Author bryanb1973 ( ago)
lets see yours.{mini bike.}

Author rcjg24 ( ago)
pretty nifty little bike

Author Chris Howard ( ago)
Man that is awesome. Looks like you better statbility with the sidecar on
it. Looks like it handles better that way too.

Author jay eltatertoto ( ago)
dude that looks just like mine! but mine is a sears and has a shock. if it
ever stops snowing i am thinking about getting mine out and riding it after
like 1 1/2 - 2 years.

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