montgomery ward mini bike with side car

Monkey ward mini bike mid 70`s

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 7:22
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Author MinibikeMotoVlogs (3 months)
Wow. Very cool

Author TBonerskiwitzetti (1 year)
nicely done. excellent design. youv'e inspired me for my next project.

Author voltron63 (1 year)
cool love it....

Author artuomnever (4 years)
смесь переобагащённая КП

Author lowbrowcustoms96 (5 years)
comment back ??

Author asssface2000 (3 years)
@oneword4letters give it to someone who isnt a complete moron.

Author SuperGGT (5 years)

Author hogheadv2 (3 years)
Thats just cool, childhood can be passed to the kids....

Author Worldindustry86 (6 years)
that is so cool i love mini bikes

Author bryanb1973 (4 years)
@pyroman675 I think it's a four and a half horse. it handles great to the
left and very tippy to the right! if there is no passenger. thanks for

Author bryanb1973 (6 years)

Author Green Power Farm (2 years)
dude, I would totally ride with you on that to

Author gaspowerrules (5 years)
of corse its running its a brigs and stration

Author ncrdisabled Submarine vet (4 years)
I used to have on in 1973 but it did not have the side car I seen you built
one that would have been nice back in the day.

Author G00dfunk3r (5 years)
dude hahah thats cool i would buy that i have a X-18 pocket bike 110cc 70mph

Author bryanb1973 (5 years)
do you have a photo or vid of your side car?

Author bryanb1973 (4 years)
@MrJvanover Thanks

Author lrd7797 (4 years)
is that a chain of belt drive

Author jeep2003 (5 years)
is that a 2hp briggs? Seems to have plenty of power

Author jimgoesboom (4 years)

Author steven bloomfield (2 years)
your not suppost to rev a motor right after a cold start ,could break a
piston ring

Author chatrkat (6 years)
great job! A+ for your creativity too. I love the shots of you driving from
the side car LOL!'s your medical insurance? paid up I hope!

Author metalsnak6 (5 years)
that is awesome i want one

Author bryanb1973 (6 years)
lets see yours.{mini bike.}

Author 11000to (3 years)
I have one like this me and my dad fixed it up it's really cool nice video

Author ironcast (6 years)
I really got a good chuckle out of watching your vid. Very clever sidecar
build and I liked the idea of the bicycle generator light too.

Author razorpayne13 (4 years)
cant seperate a boy and his toy

Author Patrick Burchett (1 year)
It should be against the law to have that much fun :-). Awesome time

Author lowbrowcustoms96 (5 years)
if u wanted to sell that how mutch ??

Author wyatt32551 (4 years)
Bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!@

Author Andrew Ryason (4 years)
That really cool how that still works and I think the side car is awesome!

Author bryanb1973 (6 years)
I think it's a 4-1/2 horse! thanks for watching.

Author bryanb1973 (2 years)
Cool! send a photo or vid when you get done..

Author tully712 (5 years)
That is pritty cool, it gives me an idea for a future project

Author minibiker99 (2 years)
Im doin it on my doodlebug

Author Thatradomguy (4 years)
Cool mini bike, I wish I still had my rupp minibike.

Author MoSkunk Jr. (3 years)
Cool haha me and by buddie are thinking about doing this , would you mind
telling us how you went about welding on the sidecar ?

Author hngrymn123 (4 years)
check out my videos they dont look like they have a mini bike in it but
like two of them do i forgot witch ones do so i just put a 17.5 hp engine
on it from my riding lown mower

Author 9020powrmax (5 years)
Cool outfit you got.. I got a montgomery ward T-555 Terrain cycle (3-Wheel)
that has the same forks as yours "Mid 70's"

Author oneword4letters (3 years)
@asssface2000 do u even know what moyor oil it takes moron ?

Author pyroman675 (4 years)
thats neat!!!! how many horse power is that? and how does it handle with
the side car. and just some sugestions, i would make the seat a little
bigger in the side car. and maybe have it remove put stuff in there. and
maybe a nice peace of sheet metal in there too. nice creation man

Author littleman282 (4 years)
Woow wayyy cool, where'd you get that from, me n my friend need one of them

Author littleman282 (4 years)
Nice Wayy cooool where'd you get that at, me and my friend need one of those

Author Barrygohean (5 years)
Hey man, this is awesome. I am thinking about starting a minibike club and
riding in the local Christmas parades. Thands for posting.

Author brandon franklin (6 years)
u should put a 6.5 honda on it

Author hishammadani1988 (4 years)
cool work man i wish i have centrifugation clutch as urs that will let my
motor bike race the wind :)

Author bryanb1973 (3 years)
Thanks! I still have it..

Author CrackHamsters (6 years)
sweet i want one

Author waynemelton1 (3 years)
man u crazy luv it

Author CHECCKKER (4 years)
i search long for an idea. no i have a idea ^^ cool work man ;-) sry for my
english :D

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