Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Uploaded by: Brad McBride
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Author Brad McBride (10 months)
I am the weird message 'You are not allowed to comment on this post' when I
try to reply. Stange stuff!

Author William Reid (3 months)
goodnight from my dog house


Author HaunterOfKanto (2 days)
Always stops playback after the sixth hour :/ but awesome stuff!

Author Marlon Caesar (3 days)
This makes me feel cozy

Author Karina Hernandez (12 hours)
It is very beautiful! thank you I can concentrate know and finish my essay!
:) Finally I found something that sounds like the real thing! :)

Author jamilasalaam (10 days)
Aaahhhh amazing .. I love it, this will be my 2 night sleeping to this...
Thx :)

Author Harry Broadbank (8 days)
I have an idea, when doing your sounds put them on a photo like this one^
its not as distracting:)

Author Tessarr Goad (3 months)
thank you for the video. I'm an owl :)

Author jessi carpenter (13 days)
because of me being bipolar and always hearing voices i have to listen to
this every night so i can sleep without having to focus on the voices in
mah head oh well i like it its relaxing

Author Malloyism (3 months)
We are not Ducks I tell you. I am a Human being FFS

Author Triigger20 (26 days)
The best iv'e found on youtube... only too bad that the distant thunder
stops after 15 min :(

Author chrish12345 (3 months)
I am from the UK - please note, rain does not relax people

Author LEE DAVID (1 month)
had awful trouble sleeping, nightmares and stress, thanks to u making this
video n me finding it, i actully look forward to sleeptime xxxx thanks and
goodnight from England,West Somerset. take care

Author Mevish Awan (2 months)
perfect! put one year old to sleep now i can sleep too ;D thanks for

Author Strawberrei Miu (1 month)
Thanks a lot! Subscribed.

Author hcnMWC (1 month)
Goodnight from Oahu 

Author Lonneke Verharen (2 months)
I cant sleep so lets see if this wprks

Author Neva Chappell (1 month)
goodnight from Alabama

Author Rickeyy White (1 month)
wow this worked on for my nap.

Author Ave Guevara (2 months)
I love this, thank you. It's the best to sleep to! Blessings to you!

Author B-Side project (4 months) calming...

Author Kaibutsu M (6 days)
thanks for this!
good morning from the moon. O_e

Author Forsaken Soul (2 months)
Thanks for the vid me and my girl jane passed out listening to this ^_^ XD

Author FanGirl171 (9 days)
I play this is my headphones while I'm studying or doing school work, it
blocks out sound from noisy little siblings in my house haha!! 

Author Gareth Evans (2 months)
Put an air horn in their somewhere xD

Author Hayley B (2 months)
Put me to sleep in no time. Also when getting up, it put me back to sleep
in no time again. Thank you for this. :)

Author Gothina1999HD (5 months)
Goodnight from Essex, England. :3

Author Weenie Town (1 month)
Gn illnois

Author Brian Fletcher (5 months)
Where's Gene Kelly ??

Author Vero Arch (3 months)
I've been having trouble sleeping lately... It's 5am right now so I hope
this helps

Author cannibalistic Ghoul (1 month)
Good night. From

Author Sea (1 month)
Good night :)
Best wishes from singapore.

Author Anna Says (3 months)
Ay... when it works it's beautiful 

Author Freddie Corleon (1 month)
Goodnight from London. Suprisingly its not raining tonight lol

Author Nyaan neko (1 month)
good night from Argentina

Author Collette Stanton (1 month)
If you listen to this and the song the funeral by band of horses at the
same time , it sounds amazing :') I love the rain whoo \'o'/

Author Kat Jacobs (3 months)

Author Cagnazzo (6 months)
Good night from the great Garden State (aka New Jersey :)

Author Gaming Chente (3 months)
I was in huricane sandy so this is not relaxing

Author Hope Jackson (3 months)
Slept so peaceful with this playing all night. Thanks!

Author kayla sanchez (1 month)
i could listen to this for days i love the rain its so relaxing

Author Chris Nolan (4 months)
I like the part where I sleep.

Author Amina Al Bamuqtari (4 months)
This just gives me goose bumps, helps me sleep at night, who ever knew
nature could sound sooo good if you just listen carefully, No more sleeping
pills for me.. Good night from London 

Author Bruce Cornwallis (4 months)
Hi Brad, this is so tranquil, thanks again for another great sound, and
goodnight from England!!

Author Crazy Sonar (9 days)
this is a new profile ive made i should check the settings i may have the
reply thingy turned off apologies lol

Author Martifyer (2 months)

Author Chloe Thompson (4 months)
I love this! I am really struggling to concentrate on College work that has
a very close deadline and this is making me focus and concentrate a lot
more which means I'm getting more work done. Thank you so much!

Author mayanpaw (4 months)
This is perfect studying music, thanks!

Author rodriguez unak (4 months)
hey i miss summer.
can u upload a video of 9 hours of sun shine?

Author xavier zamora (3 days)
it was relaxing

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