Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Author Angelo Greco ( ago)
God bless you
Good night from Italy (~ω~)

Author Ganga Ram ( ago)
I m feeling sleepi now oh I m shriya

Author Scarlett Lacroix ( ago)
I'm writing very much statistic stuff right now, and these rain sounds help
me to not throw my PC out of my (not so high but still PC-deadly) window.
Thank you very much, Mister McBride, sir! :-)

Author Fashion4Ashlynne ( ago)
This really does help! Thank you. I have school, and a lot of nights I
can't go to sleep. It's getting so bad too. I put this on before and it
went for as long as I slept that night. I only sleep for 2:30. I need help.

Author Terra Adèle ( ago)
C'est pluvieoux

Author Mpampis Sougias ( ago)
Insomnia... i hope the rain take it away.. good night from Greece

Author Lee C ( ago)
Thanks for the video, just wish it was actually raining outside!

Author nolanception ( ago)
Ugh. Still can't sleep. Dammit.

Author Flávio Moura ( ago)
I suffer from league of legends Tilt. And this helped me. Thanks man.

Author BenjaminFitchh ( ago)
How has anyone disliked this video? Like, what were they expecting??

Author Christi Lear ( ago)
I love rain course it's soft fun calming and very relaxing

Author Anna Mercedes ( ago)
This made me sleep in seconds, when I woke up it was still playing XD

Author Juneias ( ago)
i cant make this loud enough to drown out my sisters man voice as she chats
up her bf at 2am.
hate teenagers.

Author michaejackson4ever ( ago)
have Echoes of Silence play in another tab with this. You'll re imagine

Author Richard rpd ( ago)
Just put my 18 day old to sleep with this in seconds wow.

Author Kameron Stephenson ( ago)
Stop looking at the comments and go to sleep.

Author Sol De Primavera ( ago)
Great for work :) It saved me from hearing non-sense and music with lyrics.
So, sometimes you have to clear your mind to get working on a dedicated
level. Thank you!

Author Paul Mendonca ( ago)
Nice gentle rain. Nice surround. Puts me to sleep no problem. Good
headphone makes all the difference.

Author Grace Annie ( ago)
I haven't been able to sleep well for the past 2 weeks... and last night I
slept like a baby thanks to this! Bless you.

Author Verena Bruderhofer ( ago)
Thanks for saving my life ! Lol. I love this so much!

Author makenzie bryant ( ago)
this is so peaceful

Author Adrienne Knight ( ago)

Author Mariana Officer ( ago)
this used to work until I had nightmares of grilling burgers. 😂

Author onecollar ( ago)
Helps me to sleep with my tinnitus. thanks ;)

Author Mohammad Asad ( ago)
its really vary cool and thanks brother for this after i hear this i sleep

Author Hannah Murray (MittensMidnight) ( ago)
did it!

Author Kusum Talwar ( ago)
So relaxing

Author Alan Eleinko ( ago)
Goodnight from southe........... .......zzzzz..........

Author Copper Ayaala ( ago)
when it ended I woke up

Author Treyvon Richardson ( ago)
I was out like the lights😴

Author Ian Rodifer ( ago)
Epic Solo at 6:38:19.

Author Deadly Venom ( ago)

Author DIANA GOMEZ ( ago)
Love it!!

Author DIANA GOMEZ ( ago)
I actually fall asleep to this..

Author uwani aliyu (1430 years ago)

Author Roy Kuchiki ( ago)
33:00 Rain Sounds (Pt.2)

Author Trippy Toad (1580 years ago)
Every body in its spitting it spitting every body in.

Author Brando Pryor ( ago)

Author Ender Knight ( ago)
rain,rain go away come back WHEN IM DEAD

Author Nerosync12 AQW ( ago)
at last peace...

Author Keith Curry ( ago)
Thanks for another great night sleep. :-)

Author MDthornton83 ( ago)
The sound of rain definitely helps sooth the soul.

Author huhu ( ago)
Brad, you are the man! The other rain videos are too loud but this one is
just perfect for me.

Author Officer Beast52 ( ago)
Thanks for giving me straight F's

Author children grace ( ago)
I love the rain. it always gets me soaking wet. goodnight everyone

Author Preston Garvey ( ago)
I hope this rain lets up soon

Author Caolan Butler ( ago)
I use this video for bed time it works a charm thanks👌

Author Roy Kuchiki ( ago)
0:00 Rain Sounds

Author lagreify ( ago)
Why is there always a constant bussing in the background on these videos?

Author RealSkyGamer360 ( ago)
Goodnight from southern Australia (Tasmania) ☔⭐

Author Kyle Jeffrey ( ago)
I like to listen cause it helps me think and sleep and it's very relaxing

Author Pop in lock in ( ago)
U know that one part where it rains but not rains rains but u know rains?

Author Patrick Sutter ( ago)
Wish I could keep track of ALL of your posts as you post them. Thanks
again, Brad. Awesome stuff.

Author Alyza Espino ( ago)
I put this on every night before I go to bed or I can't sleep

Author jaipami monnom ( ago)
very sweet rain noise..goodnight from Europe (France). Thank you.

Author Melina Kira (1120 years ago)
I use this for studying actually hehe

Author theodoros tsilikis ( ago)
when I woke up I pee sheets

Author frreeeak ( ago)
Bei mir bringt es nix cant sleep😩😩😩😣

Author SirDarkseid ( ago)
This is the perfect amount of everything. I love it!

Author edgar zamora ( ago)
When someone hands me the aux cord, this is what I put.

Author Viyom Agrawal ( ago)
Waves crashing

Author Kaptin Ahab ( ago)
I always return here to calm my nerves when i cant sleep. Thanks

Author Freddie Jackson ( ago)
Best part is 6:25:15

Author Alex O'Connor ( ago)

Author Alejandro Caraballo ( ago)
This video sound and photo was taken at puerto rico. I know because i lived

Author Brooke Scott ( ago)
nice should I

Author NajlepsiGracze I ( ago)
I Sleep sound

Author 이주현 ( ago)
just realized i have raining fetish lol

Author Coke Bomb ( ago)
Greetings From The Mysterious Highlands of Scotland

Author Coke Bomb ( ago)
I listen to this after penal gland exercises & I always 100% have atleast
90% control over my dream or my astro flight :)

Author Jan Lau ( ago)
this is the best

Author garrettblackburn72 ( ago)
stop reading comments and go to freaking sleep! ;)

Author Irene Koxliaridou ( ago)
Put your cell phones down and turn them off if you want to sleep people...

Author Barovier Allybose ( ago)
This video put me y bed for most of 2015, still here in 2016. God bless!

Author Barovier Allybose ( ago)
This video put me toi nef for Mist if 2015, still here in 2016. God bless!

Author SmurphyXP ( ago)
am normaly waking up at 9:30am now 12:40pm

Author Sammy M. ( ago)
@Daina Ward Same. ☺

Author 220Dave220 ( ago)
"Riveting. A thriller to the very end" -New York Times

Author Hannah Bechtel ( ago)
I know this is a strange question but does anyone know how u get a profile

Author syafiq azelan ( ago)
it helps me study.. tq..

Author ivan capitle (631 year ago)
It helps.... thank you.

Author Casey Reyes ( ago)
Best video ever its so relaxing

Author Agent Orange ( ago)
Hey man, this really works! I fell asleep at work at got hella over time!

Author booger smith ( ago)
We have this going on outside right now here in Lake Lure. I would open the
windows but it is too damn cold out there. I don't care it it is the
warmest winter in 100,000 years I want spring back!

Author Toriqdutya Nagara ( ago)
never use alprazolam for sleeping,because the side efect is very
harmful,and the worst of it is when you try to stop from this drug,100
times more than difficult

Author Marquis Insane13 ( ago)
Goodnight everybody

Author Abigail Kennedy ( ago)
makes me feel so relaxed when I can't get to bed thanks for this

Author luchopedano ( ago)
Gracias dios!!

Author mjmmaddie ( ago)
i love hearing this when im reading!

Author AjSimone James ( ago)
I feel alot better when it rains and listening too this in my sleep was a
breeze. Thank you

Author tackyconnor008 ( ago)
good night from Texas :)

Author Daina Ward ( ago)
Thanks for posting this it really helps let me sleep and that isn't very
easy being an insomniac

Author Ryan4Dayz ( ago)
Its christmas night this is gonna helo me sleep so much

Author Julia Mourao (Julia Mayo) ( ago)
Goodnight from Florida 🌴

Author Dreaming of a life I can live ( ago)
Sound is great for helping you sleep. Picture is creepy if you glance it
during the night. When the screen isn't directly facing you it looks like
someone just stood in the rain.

Author Oxizee ( ago)
Its a few min loop or actual long recording?

Author Dubstep225 {DZZ5} ( ago)
I hop these help me seep its now 4:24AM

Author Muhammad Riaz ( ago)

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