Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Author Goat ( ago)
Thanks my mom snores and I was able to fall asleep listening to this!

Author Handsome Nature ( ago)
Calming video, thanks Brad. Great work!

Author Tiffany Austin ( ago)
This is by far the best rain sound video!!!!!

Author Jacob powell ( ago)
I love the rain sounds its the cool i like it

Author Dorothea Orosanu ( ago)
such a peaceful sound, dont you guys think?

Author Jonathan ( ago)
7.8/10 too much water

Author Yalonda Dennis ( ago)
I appreciate your post especially because I can't go to sleep without
relaxing noises so thx you

Author Tom Boardman ( ago)
UK rain? I am near Seattle Washington, our rain feels long and it can hang
on for a great deal of time but this is a good long one! ;)

Author Ace v ( ago)
lyrics please

Author sammjeffs ( ago)
I'm so glad someone did this. i have terrible anxiety and sleep issues but
the sound of rain really relieves it. 💚

Author Jenica Dimauro ( ago)
i fell asleep fast

Author Amy's Walton ( ago)
You know what this video reminds me of ??


Author ariana grande songs ( ago)
still can't sleep

Author Lorenzo Romasanta ( ago)
Good Night😪 

Author Dean_didit __ ( ago)
This is my night time life line 🙌🏽

Author Roxeeeeeh ( ago)
I'm listening to this more or less everytime I sleep. Thanks ★

Author Kev Kevin ( ago)
goodnight from the Philippines

Author Seafoundd ( ago)
Put this on whilst listening to the submarine soundtrack, you wot regret it

Author Oh No PINE ( ago)
I love you for making this, it's 12:58 pm and I couldn't sleep but now I'm
tired ...

Author Geens Han Suam ( ago)
This is the best yet bro I really enjoyed it. i hoped every else will too
keep up the good but wsome work dude😉

Author Alpha Wolf ( ago)
I love the patter of rain on my window at night. Now I can listen to it
every night. Thanks for this!

Author ( ago)
i searched for Rain only because of FaZe Rain..
now i am here. *BRUH*

Author Oscar Palmerin ( ago)
love this when my uncle snores I put this on and lights out

Author AdryaN 27HDro (RO) ( ago)
happy good night

Author Wojciech Mazur ( ago)
Jebac Niemców i apdejty steama

Author Molly Corbett ( ago)
1,356 people disliked this???

Author shekar g ( ago)

Author Denise D. Cooper ArtBooksLife ( ago)
oh my gosh this is the best one. i slept alllll night for the first time in
weeks it was like taking a sleeping pill that worked. THANK

Author Ajhannie diamond ( ago)
can't fall asleep without the rain🌜😴☔☔☔☔☔☔☔

Author Steeyl ( ago)
I waked up , and i was full of pee

Author Frankie Gonzalez ( ago)
The weirdest thing happens in the middle of the night when I put this video
on. Every night before bed, I put this exact video on and then hours later
during the night, another video will be playing randomly. For example, I
put this on say 10pm then at 1am I wake up to a teens react or watch mojo
video! I don't understand how that even happens and it happens every time!
Does anyone else have this weird problem?

Author Mihaela Georgieva ( ago)
am i the only one who isnt using this to sleep like im trying to study
listening to this fam

Author Lizzy Meow ( ago)
Played this in one tab, It's Raining Somewhere Else in another. c;

Author Yonas Feleke ( ago)
Sleep in Ethiopia

Author shekar g ( ago)

Author lxYIPP33xl ( ago)
Bäst prdef cykel szrvul fgrwdhjllhvtx förbi fås klot det. God. Dusch

Author stonesoldier1041 ( ago)
puts baby's to sleap

Author Michael Sheinker ( ago)
Since my country is not so rainy even in the winter
this stuff made me sleep like a baby
Thanks A Lot !!!!

Author lelmdrWHO ( ago)
listening to this with headphones got the strongest asmr vibe i have ever
gotten. never really understood before but now i have chills but they feel
really nice

Author Python 74561 ( ago)
Brad McBride I can't thank you enough for this video

Author robster604 ( ago)
the part at 3 hours is awesome !!

Author randy tosh ( ago)
way cool

Author KeiyaValecourt ( ago)
Playing this with the volume halfway down/up in the background of a really
chill, atmospheric song is so relaxing. I've had it playing for this song
for hours now (
You're welcome in advance if you decide to listen to it :)

Author James Petersen ( ago)
Who else is a pluviophile? c:

Author gamer girl 21406 ( ago)
i can finnally sleep

Author Kevin Allybose ( ago)
Good Night from Connecticut...

Author Parle G ( ago)
This one is so much better than the other popular one with 10m views. It
doesn't have that loud background noise. This is more soothing and quiet.

Author NaeNaeDaBoss ( ago)

Author May Wang ( ago)
when this person drove the wrong direction on a one-direction road... an
officer came by and said "do ya see that sign? well, it says only one
direction." but the person said: "but officer, I am going one direction".
get it? well if you haven't; get rekt #M.L.G.

Author May Wang ( ago)

Author Master gaming 15 ( ago)
Just go to bed

Author sakura_rain ( ago)
i love playing this at the same time as listening to love never dies

Author Jada Thompson ( ago)
My boyfriend and I listen to this every night 😁

Author rape rape ( ago)
Sill not sleepy

Author Savannah ( ago)
You know you have trust issues when you have to go to the comments and make
sure the video isn't one giant troll.

Author That one Guy ( ago)
So tired

Author James Hrivnak ( ago)
McBride strikes again

Author May Wang ( ago)
how did he post without runnin outa any frikin memory???????😕 now stop
readin and go do freakin slep. #weeeeeeiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrdddddd but who
cares just go to slep:

Author jered Bidwell ( ago)
It soawes pesful

Author asaproxxyy _ ( ago)
aye can I get this on soundcloud?

Author Constantine “iPhone-Skin” Trayanov ( ago)
Good, I like it!

Author Capn Spicy ( ago)
This gave me the motivation to finish my essay, thanks.

Author Mario Maddog ( ago)
Put this while listening to Eric Burdon & The Animals — *As The Years Go
Passing By*.

Author zombie unicorn ( ago)
this saved my life because I could never sleep but I put this on and I fell
right to sleep

Author Christian Baskin ( ago)
I was meditating and i felt like water was dripping down me

Author Miki Vega Tendo ( ago)
juneias I thought you were a man, older brother for the way you express
yourself about your sisters as if you never lived that age. get a job, get
your own place and grow up. P.S act like a lady.

Author Miki Vega Tendo ( ago)
Juneau I thought you were a man, the way you speak of your sisters, as if
you were never that ag

Author Symbolst ( ago)
Thunder? Hell na im outta here!!!!!

Author Matt Bradbury ( ago)
Goodnight from Boston Massachusetts :)

Author Nathan Seals ( ago)
So soothing

Author James D ( ago)
I was here when this video had barely 1 mil views :)

Author entertain7us14 ( ago)
this is so weird - i can only write when it's raining. This is a lifesaver
in exam week.

Author Fox 320 ( ago)

Author Togrul Mestelizade ( ago)
Stop reading the comments and go to sleep

Author Şafak Erol ( ago)
You deserve to work like health :)

Author LeShay Ingram ( ago)
That is so relaxing

Author Harvey E ( ago)
hakuna matata

Author dell thl ( ago)
why am i scared

Author Nerf family Uk ( ago)

Author fridel maconee ( ago)
good night rainer 😛

Author Jesus Villalobos ( ago)
So peacefull nostalgic , magic

Author febin correya ( ago)

Author MASTER ARTIST Rachamin ( ago)

Author Mavis Username ( ago)
I'm listening to this because I can't get songs out of my head while I'm
reading a college book for homework due in two days 😳

Author Furial Furial ( ago)
peccato non ci sono tuoni ma è perfetto ;)

Author Christian From. Puerto Rico! ( ago) sleep... reminds me.of Puerto Ricos raining season. how can people
not like this, relaxing video?

Author Sean Moonshine ( ago)
15.32 best part , when the thunder drops

Author faith lewis ( ago)
This is great! I use it every night to help me sleep and block out other
sounds... Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this.

Author Jay Litten ( ago)
I like the sounds, but the same thing sits on the screen the entire time.
When casting this to my TV, it would surely burn an image into the screen.
Can't use it for TV use because of that. Bummer.

Author Ashaureah Tyler ( ago)
Heyyyyy !! This is really relaxing thanks again 😊

Author Python 74561 ( ago)
this video helps a lot because I can't go to sleep that well but this video

Author snipezz ( ago)
you have to try this going to sleep it works

Author Don Hed ( ago)

Author Cody Pettigrew ( ago)
The only bad part about this video is half the people commenting as though
they have some profound insight into the world because of this.

Author MKmayfly ( ago)
You know, I really liked the rain part. That was the best.

Author OceanSpirits Jamaa ( ago)
Is it weird that this helps me concentrate on my homework?

Author Ella Hansen ( ago)
I don't care if I'm sleeping on someone's floor at a party I still put this
on to go to sleep they deal with it

Author KidsPlanet (1464 years ago)
Insane vid~ 0_0

Author afroapproved ( ago)
I can't get this loud enough to drown out my bitchy sister while she does

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