Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Uploaded by: Brad McBride
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Author Will Hung (2 months)
nice beat, needs some more bass though not coming through at all on my

Author alockz sixtwosix (2 months)
this is great i live in cali so its probably only rained like 5 times this
whole year 

Author Thorn Marcx (2 months)
Got mad and demonic at friends.. this helped alot

Author Brad McBride (1 year)
I am the weird message 'You are not allowed to comment on this post' when I
try to reply. Stange stuff!

Author CubeCraftGamesReports (3 months)
After 2 years you still read comments? Gg xD

Author john connor (13 hours)
put too many commercial on here damn it. now it cut out in the middle of
the night!

Author Ellis Hale (2 months)
the only time i have friends is when i dream about having friends

Author misguidedmiracle11 (2 days)
I live in Ireland.. what am I doing XD

Author MegaJodyC (2 days)
this is more relaxing than that 10 hour loop of jackhammers i was listening

Author ATOMIC GAMER (2 days)
thanks brad this helped me sleep and study

now im gonna subscribe
BYE have a nice day

Author Gavin Warren (2 months)
Ergh, I used this for something else.

Author i dunno (2 days)
Love the rain, especially when sleeping in a tent.

Author DieKiller Tanne (2 days)
Hello from Germany!
It's raining outside ,but this rain sounds better , so i decided to turn
the speaker's on and gave a Thumb up ! ^_^

Author 8 Hours of (11 days)
Hi Brad, You have a really nice channel and awesome videos. Good job!
Subscribed! :)

Author Deigo Di rivalan (5 days)
1million views brad keep it up chuck!

Author Dave Strider (15 hours)
Thank you for making this
I have insomnia and I'm surprised because this actually helped a lot :) 

Author Mimoh Gurung (1 month)
Please reply to me like you do to everyone else. I am mentally unstable and
cannot rest until you reply to me. I await my reply. 

Author smg ka (1 hour)
This is soo sooothing :D Makes me feel good! Thanks!

Author kris daniels (15 days)
I love the sound of rainfall.. It's so, hypnotizing.. Puts me to sleep
every single night.. Thanks to the person who put this video to life.. 

Author Dollie (7 days)
This actually helps with anxiety and/or stress

Author Samantha Bishop (3 months)
This is amazing. As I am one to get hot under my blankets, this send a
relaxing chill down my spine which makes me cuddle under my blankets which
eventually sends me to sleep. Thank you so much.

Author DtownCboy (9 days)
I slept like a baby angel

Author Romandy Dimaranan (1 month)
It's Christmas and all I want is to be alone and listen to rain.... I love
this vid. *Thumbs up*

Author Depressed Kitty (2 months)
wow. these rain sounds are very relaxing. i love to listen to this while
doing my school work :) 

Author Mark Blaze (1 month)
I love the sound of rain...thanks for uploading this XD it's also Christmas
so if you get this today or read it....merry Christmas 

Author mohamed yusuf (1 month)
Brad mcbride reply to me please or I'll will kill my self

Author Jackson Coombes (6 days)
Brad thanks alot for this helps with my sleep acnima 

Author Gary Showbiz (18 days)
Bookmarked..this is making me sleepy.Great job

Author End Moraine (25 days)
This got really loud at some point in the night and woke me up. not very

Author li fan (1 month)
Do not Read the comments while listening to the rain sound. Lest you begin
to fall
assssleeeeep...kkkk it happened to me... bye bye from Manila Ph.

Author Klarity KiNG (19 days)
I live in Canada all what I hear is shovels hitting frozen ice ground and
creepy cold wind. It's nice to hear the beautiful sound of rain every once
in a while. 

Author Blake Yanito (20 days)
Kept thinking it was raining at my house. Great sound. +Brad McBride 

Author Jimmy Guadalupe (8 days)
I play this every. Night

Author chrish12345 (7 months)
I am from the UK - please note, rain does not relax people

Author ironrose8888 (26 days)
I love it, makes me sleep better. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Author Damian Hart (6 days)
Definitely a grower

Author George Gandy (1 month)
Very soothing relaxation vid. This was well put together and is very
relaxing. Thanks Brad you're awesome dude 👍

Author Jackie Baist (19 days)
Love it like my liked videos because they do cool crap

Author ItsShayTime (1 month)
just woke up to this <3

Author Jeremiah Daugherty (2 days)
It helps me sleep

Author Liam Logick (1 month)
Falling asleep to this wrecked on new year bLISS! Hope you a good one +Brad

Author Martha Cherry (25 days)
better than paracetamol!! headache is gone :) 

Author Escuchante Experto (1 month)

Author Sammy Mandl (1 month)
Still a better love story than twilight. 

Author Sophie Smilee (1 month)
It helps when I have to study :)

Author mmikaylaambrose (3 months)
Hope you manage 1 million (so close though) views on this video it's

Author Kadir Daştan (2 months)
Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing upload! It is so relaxing
and refreshing.

Author Raze Kueger (1 month)
just got dumped by my ex for some another dude. this help a little....

Author MegaJodyC (8 days)
more cowbell

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