Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Uploaded by: Brad McBride
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Author Brad McBride (1 year)
I am the weird message 'You are not allowed to comment on this post' when I
try to reply. Stange stuff!

Author Daniel Ramstedt (1 month)
This really did help me sleep thank you ^-^ <3

Author w4rr10r11 (2 months)
Listening to this with the CoD ambient battle sounds. The battle sounds are
calming enough to me, but mixed with rain makes it even better. Try it.
Sounds like something from that scene in Saving Private Ryan where Caparzo

Author Funnydude718 RobloxChannel (2 days)
Brad you make some great videos! Keep up the great work your doing for
these videos! :D Hope you dont get hurt doing a video D: That will be
horrible! Anyways thank you for making these videos!

Author Zoe's and Tories cat in space videos🐱😀 (5 days)
Rain calms me down

Author MischaBraveFeline (1 day)
Absolutly amazing video's, thank you very much.

Author Depressed Kitty (5 months)
wow. these rain sounds are very relaxing. i love to listen to this while
doing my school work :) 

Author yellow sun (15 days)
my fave studying soundtrack

Author Romandy Dimaranan (4 months)
It's Christmas and all I want is to be alone and listen to rain.... I love
this vid. *Thumbs up*

Author Aden B. (9 days)
Super soothing...
M-Step crap is on mua mind.

Author rose melody (21 day)
If you have problems sleeping this is good to listen too.if you like the
sound of rain to help to sleep this is good.

Author CubeCraftGamesReports (5 months)
After 2 years you still read comments? Gg xD

Author mvc1412 (4 days)
I was a bit anxious and this helps me to calm down. Thanks!

Author jonah prieto (22 days)
i really have to tinkle now .. oh by golly what a jolly christmas this lol
worship SATIN its my fav fabric

Author geronimoijon (28 days)
I sleep so deep, when i hear this.

Author Clodagh Mc Phelim (2 months)
I live in Ireland.. what am I doing XD

Author Louise Elliott (2 months)
I wish It was always calm like this. Where was this recorded?

Author Miri Lang (27 days)
Nice thank you .....I am from South Africa xxx

Author Silent House (1 month)
Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds":

Author Gavin Warren (5 months)
Ergh, I used this for something else.

Author Movie Geek (2 days)
Came here coz I cannot sleep let's see if it works 

Author Chris Stewart (18 days)
What song is this?

Author lizzeedee (6 months)
studying for mid.term.....this is perfection. :)

Author Janet Lara (4 months)
This is awesome! It took my headache away. It's unbelievably soothing!

Author TrollMaxHD (17 days)
Finally i can sleep sometimes i can keep wake up all the night i think to
much in my study xdd thaanks

Author ExpertThief (2 months)
thanks brad this helped me sleep and study

now im gonna subscribe
BYE have a nice day

Author Jaiveer Singh Rao (1 month)
That's amazing!!!!! Only that heavenly smells is missing that comes with
rain....thanks for uploading it....regards from India!!!!:) 

Author 新心星 (1 day)

Author Yeison Ramírez (5 days)
Tengo mucho sueño! 

Author Rudy Treadwell (1 month)
I listen to my Brad McBride playlist every night. Can't sleep without it.
Thanks so much, sir. Your work is much appreciated.

Author Spencer Wolfe (2 months)
It has not been above freezing where I live for 5months and this is good to
remind me of how it was warm out and rain feel instead of ice an snow 

Author Rosario Galdamez (1 month)
I love it;) 

Author Tinamarie Kern (1 month)
Great for doing homework

Author john connor (2 months)
put too many commercial on here damn it. now it cut out in the middle of
the night!

Author Takeisha Pruitt (8 days)

Author Emily D (1 month)
Love this! I listen to this every night while going to sleep. Recommended
by my boyfriend. Wake up in the morn feeling great :) Thank you!! :) 

Author Lewis Garner (6 months)
Thank you this helped me a lot with my insomnia

Author Sophie Smilee (4 months)
It helps when I have to study :)

Author Sean DeMore (1 month)
This helped a lot I had never had a good sleep in a long time thanks 

Author Dave Strider (2 months)
Thank you for making this
I have insomnia and I'm surprised because this actually helped a lot :) 

Author Sadat Hasan (25 days)
Rain is always cool to me. And this sound has touched me so deeply with its
cool touch. Thanks to the makers. :)

Author Enciende la luz que no te escucho (5 months)
Thank you so much for making this! I listen to this when my neighbours are
making noise and I want to study

Author Kelsey Louisr (2 months)
Thank you for this, with these sounds I can sleep a lot better! 

Author Mrs. Taylor (19 days)
This works!! Thank you!!!

Author Thomas Tesh (10 days)
"More Good Rain Sounds, Thank You Brad"=Tom

Author farida abdoulaye (1 month)
This literally made em go to sleep gr8 job

Author Michelle Murphy (24 days)
Refreshing! love the crickets too :)

Author MegaJodyC (3 months)
more cowbell

Author DieKiller Tanne (2 months)
Hello from Germany!
It's raining outside ,but this rain sounds better , so i decided to turn
the speaker's on and gave a Thumb up ! ^_^

Author Shelly Santiango (1 month)

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