Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Author Alex Pressley ( ago)
y is it still so relaxing 2 years later

Author Maronie Yasser (konayuki fururi) ( ago)
good night ..

Author REN LOU ( ago)
thank you sir, it is really helping me for sleep.

Author Nico Draper ( ago)
TOSHIBA LAPTOP (may work for others )
want to listen to it on your laptop, closed?.
Go to Control panel,
Search up " power options " on the upper right corner search bar
and click on "changing what closing the lid does"
and click "nothing'' ON BOTH charged and non charged battery.
bam, Your welcome.

Author Sydney Doran ( ago)
Ha ha ha I can see people getting wet dreams 😂

Author luxurie lay ( ago)
i love it , it helps me with school work and it helps me fall asleep 10
times faster

Author Squishy Mishy ( ago)
I fell asleep - Thanks!!

Author Sinister but happy ( ago) you sell HD versions ?

Author Michaela Ranson ( ago)
Playing this behind sad/slow songs makes it all the better.

Author syazila azlin ( ago)
The sound gives me a good sleep at night :)

Author Cheeky T ( ago)

Author SomethingSimsy ( ago)
Awesome for studying =w=

Author Z Momo ( ago)
Thank you, this is amazing for drowning out boring noises and trying to
concentrate. Appreciate it :)

Author Jamil Bibbon ( ago)
Helps me sleep at night. Merci

Author Labyrinth9000 ( ago)

Author Green Sniper ( ago)

Author Marblecat :D ( ago)
when ever I get a headache, I love to listen to rain. Just something about
it makes my headaches go away and makes me feel better. :) It also helps me
relax after a long, harsh, day of school.

Author David Çipriano ( ago)
Listen to this with a good film score. peace!

Author Ahmed Salah ( ago)

Author Panos K ( ago)
It helps me to study thnx !

Author john rabbit ( ago)

Author Justhavingfun Jenner ( ago)
Thanks for sharing this! it helps me a lot falling asleep fast.

Author Honey Green ( ago)
Why do I like rain? Because it's pure, it washes my worries away and I find
it perfect for my mediation if I like the sounds around me

Author bukhut Ahmad ( ago)
Damn it! Now my laptop is drenched!

Author Alex Pressley ( ago)
its nice to actually get some sleep at night after dealing with insomnia
listening to rain really helps with both sleep an emotions anyone agree

Author sam mehmoona ( ago)
This really calms me down when Im alone at home <3 Thanks man!

Author Phantom Lord ( ago)
does anyone notice music faintly playing in the background or is it just

Author Colin Chadwick ( ago)
Thanks for this, I wish we had more of this in my part of the world.

Author Micki Bits ( ago)
I love this and use it when I'm writing to drown out the sound of my kids.
I also like waves on the beach, that's a relaxing sound to write to..I bet
if I had homework it would be just as easy to work with this type of
comforting white-noise to help with concentration

Author John Eng Woo ( ago)
THOSE in California TRY this to BRING RAIN to relieve the drought !!! Form
a group of 3 or MORE to HEAR RAIN sounds ( many videos on You tube ) when U
are about to go to sleep or SET a TIME to HEAR the RAIN sound together
EVERY DAY and see anything happen in your area after 7 days or least U get some relaxation and lower blood pressure
TOO......LOL !!! Keep LAFFING too !!!

THE MORE people doing it at the same time WORK even better !!! TRY IT !!!
AMEN Namaste !!!
Transcental Meditators have been doing this for a long time
SEE if it works !!!

Author Livi chuu ( ago)
thank you so much, I'm sleeping know every Knight so good!
good night from Austria 👋 👍

Author Steve Boy6 ( ago)
This made me fall asleep without even knowing

Author samer muhaisen ( ago)
Thanks..recently can't sleep without it.

Author 2ScoopTV ( ago)
I'm back again. Haha

Author McKenzie Stumble ( ago)
I've legitimately added at least 50 views to this in the last 6 months from
using it while studying for college in public places. Thank you so much. <3

Author Ambre Douet ( ago)
thanks, I know it's kinda weird but since I am in apartment, I miss the
sounds of the rain, it's help me for sleeping

Author victor ramirez ( ago)
Hell yeah

Author MRxCHRISPYx12 ( ago)
As a Californian, I find this video highly offensive.

Author Taylor Bea ( ago)
helps me go to sleep so well every night i use it

Author thomas filpo ( ago)
To all the people who dislike this video, I have a question.
Were these rain sounds not pleasing enough?

Author Poppy Davis ( ago)
I am back again for concentration for a test!

Author veronica sandlin ( ago)
I fell asleep for 6 hours by mistake listening to this

Author Klutzy Ninja Kitty ( ago)
Before I thought I needed my TV on to sleep, now I almost always have it
off at night.

Author PeaceAndRelaxation (276 years ago)
Love your videos, so calm and relaxing :)

Author Daniel Nelson ( ago)
Very Hypnotic and soothing rain sounds, Brad! Nice recording!

Author Casey Fleming ( ago)
why so many down votes? I don't understand

Author Ilja Celine Postel ( ago)
Perfect for studying, too!

Author belltop cone ( ago)
Great...just love this..thank you.

Author Bob Garonton ( ago)
thick you for the rain it rally helps me to get throw exams ceep up the
good work :)

Author houria maamri ( ago)
9 hours ain't nobody got for that

Author Luiz Almeida ( ago)
why comment in here since everybody is sleeping?

Author B Davis ( ago)
Why would nearly a thousand people have a problem with this? Weird.

Author Tom candy ( ago)
wow this helped me sleep a ton, thank you good sir

Author TheOkayestGamer ( ago)
Love this for homework.

Author Taylor Bea ( ago)
love this😍

Author TheCutestPandasEver ( ago)
thank you my family loves the noise o rain and now we don't have to go
outside to listen to it I SLEPT 2 DAYS AWAY XD

Author mystic moth ( ago)
This really helps create a pleasant atmosphere for writing fiction. Thank
you so much for uploading this.

Author Mikey Donnelly ( ago)
Being a pluviophile, this helps me stay calm :)

Author April Cruz ( ago)
I love this rain sound so relaxing thank you so much !

Author secondhandturnip AJ ( ago)
This helps me go to sleep. Thanks :D

Author Debbie Kallin (950 years ago)
thank you for the rain Brad, it regulates my breathing. I always need to
hear these kind of sounds to be able to relax and sleep it also cheers me
up if I am feeling moody.

Author Nakia Anna Hamby ( ago)
Love it! Always gives me cool dreams and my favorite environment to sleep

Author Kian Huckett ( ago)
I'd just like to thank the creator of this video... We clearly all love
this and I am grateful that all you lovely and amazing people enjoy this as
much as I do. I use this to help me sleep and same for some of you; I know
it is just the sound of rain but this is what I'd like to imagine as what
the peaceful side of life really is... Goodnight to some and good luck
studying or concentrating for others! :3

Author Xgamingx Pro ( ago)
i like it

Author JStars w ( ago)
thank you i got theomars

Author ResilientGaming ( ago)
Why does this have dislikes? Isn't it the rain you were looking for? Lol

Author Megan Reid ( ago)
this is helping me sleep because I would only for 2 hours sleep and now I'm
get lots more

Author stelios stylianos ( ago)
Λες να φταίει αυτό;

Author Dercio Soares ( ago)
sleeping and sleeping "zzzzzzzzzzzz"

Author Will Haskew ( ago)
Hey... I am trying to sleep here! Will you go and chat some place else. Lol

Author Bobby Flay ( ago)
I have constant ringing in my ears and this video helps me sleep soooo
much. Thanks!

Author Bobby Flay ( ago)
I have constant ringing in my ears and this video helps me sleep soooo
much. Thanks!

Author 2ScoopTV ( ago)
I want to like this again every time I come back to it. Thanks again Brad

Author Ruth Elliott ( ago)
I use this every night when I can't sleep. Especially when my man is
snoring. I just turn up the volume and stick my headphones in. ty

Author Ruqaiya Alghafri ( ago)
I challenge someone to see the whole video

Author Nelson Green ( ago)
Thank you. I use this to go to sleep every night.

Author Dorian Swisher-Smith ( ago)
You the nigga for this one. To laax 💯💯

Author Yozeline Medina ( ago)
life changing epic intro

Author Ivan Dobrichkov ( ago)
this is helping me get through pharmacy school. thx

Author mjl0611 ( ago)
Comments here are so funny...Guess it is an side effect of is
3 a.m. and I can't sleep. Is there some kind of community for insomniacs?

Author Jireh Mae Mon ( ago)
I suspected myself to have this serious insomnia condition...but thanks to
this relaxing sounds, it doesn't take me long to sleep after I prayed good
night...thank u so so much!

Author Maria Rodriguez ( ago)

Author Austin Wiebe ( ago)
Calms my inner demon

Author NachoCTA ( ago)
Thank you

Author frantastique ( ago)
do you have one without the storm? it wakes me up ㅠㅠ thank you though, it's
still relaxing :)

Author Willy Haight ( ago)
thanks for the sound i love it it helps calm me down

Author MrJoHaSSa ( ago)
One question: Is this for example 1 hour footage looped into 9 hours, or is
it 9 hours with unique content?

Author Mohd Nazrin ( ago)
hey tnx for that rain sound , i am sleep well btw tnx :)

Author JeiZ ( ago)
this video sums up england in a nutshell

Author EpicSumMashmallow ( ago)
thank you so much it really helps me to study for my homework.

Author B Davis ( ago)
You probably have the best all-around collection on the internet. I really
appreciate the sound quality, it sounds very realistic on my system, which
is very carefully tweaked.

Author KidsVids Zoe ( ago)
ive had alot of problems sleeping lately this helped perfectly, thank you
and i have also subscribed now 😊

Author Lisbeth Gold ( ago)
I just love the noise of rain. Its so beautiful and relaxing.

Author Abby Lopez (Suffle' Girl) ( ago)
My children fall right to sleep! We love it so much I'm purchasing the MP3.
Thank you for putting this together.

Author Nasya Insyira ( ago)
Helped me to study so much!!! Weird enough,when i need inspiration to do an
artwork,this totally help..

Author gaguy1967 ( ago)
I love this thanks. Ive listened to almost all 9 hours

Author ILoveJesusAndHeLuvsU ( ago)
It makes the old man snore..

Author JadsGames ( ago)
Who would dislike a vid like this. Is there something wrong with it. It's
everything it says in the title yet 800 people seem to "dislike it"

Author Vanessa Arzate ( ago)
Cool!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

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