Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Uploaded by: Brad McBride
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Author Tessarr Goad (28 days)
thank you for the video. I'm an owl :)

Author Mevish Awan (14 days)
perfect! put one year old to sleep now i can sleep too ;D thanks for

Author Luisa Walks (5 months)
you have no idea how soothing your videos are to my sleep i love it. god
bless you.. gn everyone pleasant dreams from usa..

Author fran (2 months) calming...

Author Brian Fletcher (3 months)
Where's Gene Kelly ??

Author ChristianDeLaPlaya (6 months)
could you please upload snow sound: 9 hour long snowing "sleep sounds"
thank u

Author Malloyism (1 month)
We are not Ducks I tell you. I am a Human being FFS

Author Daniel J. Phillips (5 months)
So... how do you "dislike" rain sounds?

Author Gothina1999HD (3 months)
Goodnight from Essex, England. :3

Author Sammy Mandl (5 months)
Good night from America. 

Author a stupid genius (5 months)
Hopefully this will stop the nightmares...

Author Cagnazzo (3 months)
Good night from the great Garden State (aka New Jersey :)

Author chrish12345 (1 month)
I am from the UK - please note, rain does not relax people

Author Sky Traveler (6 months)
It would be awsome if after 4 hours of listening to rain and sleeping:
BAMN!!! You hear a screamer that scares the heck out of everbody

Author camron3233 (5 hours)
Good night from the detention room

Author Tedakin (5 days)
This is heavenly.

Author Aono Tsukune (10 days)
I love the rain's sound.

Author Ispharel! (8 months)
Goodnught feom Knutsford, UK

Author sam ahmed (2 months)
Good night from netherland (Amsterdam)

Author Abel Belay (4 months)
I'm bout to knock out in Minneapolis 

Author matt evans-thomson (1 month)
im playing 'A Dark Room' app and this is one of the noises I am playing
it to. as well as village sounds and eerie forest. they all go together

Author William Reid (1 month)
goodnight from my dog house


Author ashleelmb (3 months)
I fell asleep to this sound lastnight. Awesome.

Author bryco32 (2 months)
Nice !!! But have sudden urge to pee.

Author TheRaven Willow (3 months)
Goodnight from Melbourne, thanks!

Author drumstick74 (4 months)
Pleasant dreams from Copenhagen! :-)

Author George Strut (5 months)
goodnight from sydney

Author tj (6 months)
Good job Brad, good night from.................. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Author MrDog2264 (4 months)
goodnight from columbus ohio

Author AbuJesus (7 months)
Good Night from Baghdad, Iraq

Author nikovich (7 months)
Good night from my hobbit hole

Author Ben Krahne (5 months)
I've tried that , works pretty nice 

Author nebraskatpp (6 months)
As one of your subscribers, I always sleep to your many selections, then
this automatically plays as I am waking and your making it hard to...zzz

Author cloudvs1 (3 months)
good night campers from manchester!

Author faisal alhinaee (2 months)
Goodnight from Oman ♥

Author mike thomas (2 months)
I love these videos, been listening to them for over a year now..good night
from Crisfield Maryland! :D

Author a stupid genius (6 months)
Good Nacht from England :')

Author Hayley B (2 days)
Put me to sleep in no time. Also when getting up, it put me back to sleep
in no time again. Thank you for this. :)

Author Sun Wukong (10 days)
Put an air horn in their somewhere xD

Author Martifyer (13 days)

Author Jack Irvine (4 months)
i know this is a late reply but try rain on a roof sound like you would
hear in bed normaly.

Author Chloe Thompson (2 months)
I love this! I am really struggling to concentrate on College work that has
a very close deadline and this is making me focus and concentrate a lot
more which means I'm getting more work done. Thank you so much!

Author Anna Says (1 month)
Ay... when it works it's beautiful 

Author Jackie Ponte (3 months)
love this .. thanks...good sound for sex..

Author Nina champion (6 months)
Goodnight from hell

Author Ece Gomez (2 months)
god bless you, i love this sound more than everything cc:

Author Dahan Mamdouh (4 months)
Thanks from Morocco .Gread job
, that helps me in my work :)

Author MyticalJ (6 months)
Love the sound of water in all forms, thank you for such a soothing sound
to sleep to.

Author Wiskerdoodle (4 months)
Dude this cured my insomnia

Author Oromuisca Yulebheeled (5 months)
THNX for your sounds of rain and more. Can you please record sound of
flames in wind. Think if can be faked with fanning stiff paper. Or combine
flames in light wind with sound of light rain and very distant thunder.
Sorry if asking too much. But the fireplace ones often had too much loud
crackling that was distracting. Thanks for all you do! Kudos and peace!

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