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Author Brad McBride (1 year)
I am the weird message 'You are not allowed to comment on this post' when I
try to reply. Stange stuff!

Author Super Di (7 days)
This is sooo much better than RainyMood. RainyMood just fluxuates in
loudness so much and has waay too frequent and loud thunder and you can
clearly hear when the "track" repeats. Very well done. Will use this from
now on.

Author G Wuyts (1 day)
Never thought i'd listen to this for 8 and a half hours, gets me through
the exams!

Author Alex Sweeney (5 days)
Great stuff friend! I'm in the middle of exams and is perfect for chilling
out and getting on with work. Thanks for the effort you put in, I owe you
one ;)

Author w4rr10r11 (3 months)
Listening to this with the CoD ambient battle sounds. The battle sounds are
calming enough to me, but mixed with rain makes it even better. Try it.
Sounds like something from that scene in Saving Private Ryan where Caparzo

Author rose melody (1 month)
If you have problems sleeping this is good to listen too.if you like the
sound of rain to help to sleep this is good.

Author Lo Scandinavo (6 days)
Rain sounds + Beethoven Moonlight sonata while studying. Simply
wonderful.Thanks a lot.

Author Vivek Jacob (12 days)
does anyone know from where i could download this or better sound for 5+
hours for free?

Author Romandy Dimaranan (5 months)
It's Christmas and all I want is to be alone and listen to rain.... I love
this vid. *Thumbs up*

Author MischaBraveFeline (1 month)
Absolutly amazing video's, thank you very much.

Author Lucy Lou (2 months)
Is anyone else here because it's 6am and noTHING else is working??

Author yellow sun (1 month)
my fave studying soundtrack

Author Hatim Moh (13 days)
from Madnia,Saudi Arabia ...

Author Aden B. (1 month)
Super soothing...
M-Step crap is on mua mind.

Author CubeCraftGamesReports (6 months)
After 2 years you still read comments? Gg xD

Author mvc1412 (1 month)
I was a bit anxious and this helps me to calm down. Thanks!

Author mlp luna valley (4 days)
i fell asleep right at the start

Author Louise Elliott (3 months)
I wish It was always calm like this. Where was this recorded?

Author Lємσи Lιgнтиιиg (28 days)
This... it's beautiful... I'm trying to get all my homework done, it's
piling up, but I can actually relax and not get distracted like I do with
other music. I use this for sleep as well, for some reason rain sounds have
always made me feel comforted. Thank you for posting this ^-^

Author geronimoijon (1 month)
I sleep so deep, when i hear this.

Author Arafat Rizky Riva'i (9 days)
Goodnight from Indonesia ♥

Author EightAndAHalf1 (4 days)
This just helped me get a great night's sleep. Thank you so much!

Author jonah prieto (1 month)
i really have to tinkle now .. oh by golly what a jolly christmas this lol
worship SATIN its my fav fabric

Author Miri Lang (1 month)
Nice thank you .....I am from South Africa xxx

Author Silent House (2 months)
Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds":

Author God is Love!! Pearl (11 days)

Author Movie Geek (1 month)
Came here coz I cannot sleep let's see if it works 

Author ANGELAH7030 (6 days)
Very nice, best one I have heard/used. Cant believe there is thunder mixed
in and its still soothing. Thank you. Trying to get the 'right type' of

Author julie anderson (3 days)
Perfect for drowning out loud noises when you're trying to sleep. Thanks! 

Author Linh Nguyen (8 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author MrJeffersonkline (11 days)
Thank you for the video, it's really peaceful.

I'm going to experiment and add different backgrounds to it and see how it
turns out! 

Author jessicalamxx (20 days)
This really helped me focus when I'm studying for my exams! Thanks!

Author Deloxry 3014 (18 days)
36 seconds in i got sleepy

Author Mathew Lim (28 days)
Oh know dude thank you for this track it always helps me to be calm
and especially it helps me sleep in times where its pretty hard to sleep
tnz bro :)

Author lizzeedee (7 months)
studying for mid.term.....this is perfection. :)

Author TrollMaxHD (1 month)
Finally i can sleep sometimes i can keep wake up all the night i think to
much in my study xdd thaanks

Author Bad Speling Industries (29 days)
This goes well with dark ambient music. You should try it.

Author Janet Lara (5 months)
This is awesome! It took my headache away. It's unbelievably soothing!

Author Yeison Ramírez (1 month)
Tengo mucho sueño! 

Author Emily D (2 months)
Love this! I listen to this every night while going to sleep. Recommended
by my boyfriend. Wake up in the morn feeling great :) Thank you!! :) 

Author Jaiveer Singh Rao (2 months)
That's amazing!!!!! Only that heavenly smells is missing that comes with
rain....thanks for uploading it....regards from India!!!!:) 

Author James D (22 days)
I've been listening to this for weeks to help me sleep. Makes for great,
ambient, background sound, thanks.

Author mmikaylaambrose (7 months)
Hope you manage 1 million (so close though) views on this video it's

Author Missebonee (6 days)
This is wonderful! Takes me to another place. A relaxing, carefree place. I
love it! Thank you. 

Author ExpertThief (3 months)
thanks brad this helped me sleep and study

now im gonna subscribe
BYE have a nice day

Author Oliver Hensel-Brown (19 hours)
Thanks Brad

Author vlad deprish (15 days)

Author Takeisha Pruitt (1 month)

Author Kevin TM (15 days)
OMG thank you so much <3

Author 新心星 (1 month)

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