Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds"

Nine continuous hours of the relaxing sound of rain. We combined many of our rain sounds for this new recording that will last all night long. Occasional distant thunder. From, home of unique sleep sounds.

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Author Forever_UT_ fan ( ago)
Oh, I like the raindrops from 6:35:12 until 6:35:15

Author wolfie Berry ( ago) maybe i dont use this for sleep....i use it for reading.....WHO

Author wolfie Berry ( ago)
Night god bless everyone! 

Author Lolz Warrior ( ago)

Author Sed J. (1772 years ago)
i'm addicted to this now @_@

Author Soar-ed Recreational ( ago)
I could just lay my head right now to sleep on a bed of nails. Well, maybe
that is going a bit far. Good video.

Author biancalashawn ( ago)
The only way I can fall asleep is by playing one of your videos.. this one
is my new FAV! 

Author DizzyGames ( ago)
Literally found your channel two days ago, this rain plus the train
together is amazing. I can just think or pray or sleep with those man.
Thank you so much

Author Shiro (1737 years ago)
*This comment was ruined by the rain, therefore it can't be read.*

Author Outsider Mom (281 year ago)
Bless you for this sincerely. We haven't seen our felt the rain in three
weeks, I'd almost forgot what it sounded like. This is beautiful and a
symphony to my ears. 

Author Poppy Davis ( ago)
used this a while ago for a test (i got full marks!) and have come back to
it again today as i have my end of year french test! im sure it will help
me tons!!! thanks yet again :)

Author toastedhippo ( ago)
If you live in the UK, just open your window at night for the same effect.

Author Genevieve Davis ( ago)
This has been helping me get to sleep.

Author Spherical Trigonometry ( ago)
muchos gracias for assisting with my chronic insomnia. I've been an all
night stayer upper since a very young age, I think the planet I was
supposed to be born on has a 42 hour day/night cycle. This 24 hr scenario
just doesn't work for me. One reason I chose self employment, although
early on my employers said make your own schedule to keep me on board, I
really do not like to adhere to any sort of schedule. I don't wear a
timepiece. Never did, never will :) And I love rain for days but the
weather in the conch republic is too perfect. Rains for 5 mins unless
there's a hurricane. I like those too. I have plenty of candles and I'm a
good swimmer.

Author sonicvampify ( ago)
ok good night !

Author QueenXKitty ( ago)
Greetz from Germany :)
And thanks for uploading this. 

Author Amykie *Razor star* Aka, FireBlaze ( ago)
This helps calm me when I go through emotional distress and need to calm
down, thanks for making this

Author carla aldaba ( ago)

Author Austin Conley ( ago)
I used this to make me have to go pee. And it worked now I'm seeing how
long I can hold it

Author Janet Hernandez ( ago)
From NY.thnx u so much everynight i need to hear my rain is the only way
make me sleep and relax.with the beautiful sound of the rain .....keep it
up xoxo

Author suckmapussy1 ( ago)
Helps me not pay attention to my natives' blah-blah.

Author aoibhin O Grady ( ago)

Author Sushil Ghimire ( ago)
This rain sound really work guys .I always listen it and sleep

Author aliyah serrano (1952 years ago)
I wish I could sleep with this but its on my computer so I cant leave it on
while I sleep ='(

Author Luara Goulart ( ago)

Author just manandhar ( ago)

Author Sanah Mehta ( ago)
Hi from India..! thank you so much for this. I have my exams soon and
couldn't concentrate well due to stress. This calms me down. I love it!

Author Maisiebird ( ago)
My dog dislocated her leg and has been whining and panting for hours, we
did take to to the vet but this stopped it completely 

Author frank c ( ago)
just tried last nite and upon waking i thought ' wow is it pouring out ' .
worked good as i never sleep deep but this relaxed me to

Author KatieKoo- KooHead ( ago)
I helped out at vbs (vacation bible school) n last night when I tried to go
to sleep all I could think about was those songs this helped so thank u

Author Lyn Hirsch-Kathrein ( ago)
I love this.

Author Magazine today Erzsi Kövesné ( ago)
Aki ora kig tud nezni valamit , legyen az egy gyertyalang , vagy egy
termeszeti jelenseg , az mind tudos lenne . Csak mert akkor ma itt - egy
kicsit kisidore mindannyian azok lehettunk. Koszonom a feltoktest . Good
Morgan from Hungari an Juhar not- hing Udvj

Author Wendy Robles ( ago)

Author Desiree Okeadu ( ago)
Listen to this every night 👍🏾

Author xXArcticWolvesXx アニメ ( ago)
las vegas really need rain this year, it's going to be very dry in the
summer and the hoover dam needs to be filled up with water

Author Kaleb Thompson ( ago)
Rain is my favorite sound ever

Author ilkinond ( ago)
One of my favourite rain tracks on youtube. Drives my dreams, I'm sure.

Author lulutignor ( ago)
Thanks for your fabulous "noises"!! And... no ads pop up scaring the crap
out of you in the middle of the night!!!

Author Kalix GFX ( ago)
i sleep to this mixed with distant artillery ambiant sounds

Author Spike44554455 ( ago)
Good night from Las Vegas, NV, USA

Author GTAVIDEOS002 (864 years ago)
I've been looking for this for a long time.It helps me calm down when i am
angry.And i really,really thank you Brad.Thank you soo much!

Author jacksepticey e ( ago)

Author summer smith ( ago)
Anyone up I'm bored

Author Robert Lambright ( ago)
Longtime alcoholic and addict.
When i meditate and pray it helps me get right into the zone. Sometimes I
do get curious about you're recording methods. Mic placement etc...

Author Goatpig ( ago)
Thank you for this. i love the rain of sounds so much. <3

Author jolie sings ( ago)
This makes me need the lou

Author Bianca Pratt ( ago)
My baby loves the sound of rain so I played a few videos and nothing helped
to let him sleep peacefully I played this one and in 5 min he was

Author Kendra h ( ago)
When i was a baby i fell asleep to the sound of the sink water -_-

Author korhox ( ago)
+Brad McBride Thank you! I sleep nights better now!

Author madilyn lobato ( ago)
This is so relaxing I love the sound of the rain this is what I fall
asleep to every night almost 

Author Tina Johnston-Baker ( ago)

Author Ryan Fox ( ago)
I like rain sounds it helps me sleep and makes me can😁😀😂😂😂😁😀

Author Kai Nesau ( ago)
Good night from germany!!

Author David Mace ( ago)
Introverts who minds race at night and can't sleep are very grateful for
this vid. Helps us to relax so we can finally sleep. Thx again.

Author Oliver Hensel-Brown ( ago)
Thanks Brad

Author G Wuyts ( ago)
Never thought i'd listen to this for 8 and a half hours, gets me through
the exams!

Author julie anderson ( ago)
Perfect for drowning out loud noises when you're trying to sleep. Thanks! 

Author EightAndAHalf1 ( ago)
This just helped me get a great night's sleep. Thank you so much!

Author mlp luna valley ( ago)
i fell asleep right at the start

Author EightAndAHalf1 ( ago)
Darude - Rainstorm.

Author Alex Sweeney ( ago)
Great stuff friend! I'm in the middle of exams and is perfect for chilling
out and getting on with work. Thanks for the effort you put in, I owe you
one ;)

Author Lo Scandinavo ( ago)
Rain sounds + Beethoven Moonlight sonata while studying. Simply
wonderful.Thanks a lot.

Author Missebonee ( ago)
This is wonderful! Takes me to another place. A relaxing, carefree place. I
love it! Thank you. 

Author ANGELAH7030 ( ago)
Very nice, best one I have heard/used. Cant believe there is thunder mixed
in and its still soothing. Thank you. Trying to get the 'right type' of

Author Super Di ( ago)
This is sooo much better than RainyMood. RainyMood just fluxuates in
loudness so much and has waay too frequent and loud thunder and you can
clearly hear when the "track" repeats. Very well done. Will use this from
now on.

Author Linh Nguyen ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Arafat Rizky Riva'i ( ago)
Goodnight from Indonesia ♥

Author Gideon Boakye ( ago)
Rain Sounds : 9 hour long Raining "Sleep Sounds":

Author MrJeffersonkline ( ago)
Thank you for the video, it's really peaceful.

I'm going to experiment and add different backgrounds to it and see how it
turns out! 

Author God is Love!! Pearl ( ago)

Author Dat Roll ( ago)
Next time do 9 hours of snow sounds!

Author Vivek Jacob ( ago)
does anyone know from where i could download this or better sound for 5+
hours for free?

Author Papa Franku ( ago)
this goes good after watching 5 and a half minutes of

Author Hatim Moh ( ago)
from Madnia,Saudi Arabia ...

Author vlad deprish ( ago)

Author Kevin TM ( ago)
OMG thank you so much <3

Author Jojie Valera ( ago)
I listen to this when I don't want to use my tinnitus masker. It works!
Nice sound, just right

Author Monkey D. Luffy ( ago)
All I need now is the smell of the rain and my life will be complete :3

Author VicayHD ( ago)
This helped me study, thanks! :D

Author Deloxry 3014 ( ago)
36 seconds in i got sleepy

Author Sushil Ghimire ( ago)
Guys , this really makes me Sleep thank you ! 

Author jessicalamxx ( ago)
This really helped me focus when I'm studying for my exams! Thanks!

Author maxim gottlieb ( ago)

Author Rain 2016 ( ago)

Author James D ( ago)
I've been listening to this for weeks to help me sleep. Makes for great,
ambient, background sound, thanks.

Author HolyGaming HD ( ago)

Author HomeMoviesVnom ( ago)
This really helped calm me down. Thank you !

Author GRETA MALL ( ago)
This was a good one. I slept well and the rain still continuing. Pleasant.
Thunder not to loud and frequent, yet slips in here and there. loved it.

Author henry santos ( ago)
Hi how can you do that so long i want to upload a vid for 2 hours. And it
wont it says to long plz help me 

Author Mathew Lim ( ago)
Oh know dude thank you for this track it always helps me to be calm
and especially it helps me sleep in times where its pretty hard to sleep
tnz bro :)

Author Hailey Lynn ( ago)
I just wanted to say thank you for this track. I have really bad sleeping
disorders and I find certain things soothing and this was the only rain
sound that appealed to me and it really did help me sleep better. thank you
so much!

Author Lємσи Lιgнтиιиg (Watson) ( ago)
This... it's beautiful... I'm trying to get all my homework done, it's
piling up, but I can actually relax and not get distracted like I do with
other music. I use this for sleep as well, for some reason rain sounds have
always made me feel comforted. Thank you for posting this ^-^

Author Creeped ( ago)
How could you love rain and hide from it at the same time ? XD

Author Bad Speling Industries ( ago)
This goes well with dark ambient music. You should try it.

Author Gua ( ago)
rain sound + ambient + night = great mood for creative work

Author 新心星 ( ago)

Author MischaBraveFeline ( ago)
Absolutly amazing video's, thank you very much.

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