Best 3.3.5 3.3.5a WoW Private server Ever!

SITE IN DESCRIPTION READ IT. REALMLIST IS, Fully Scripted Instances, Free T10.5 or S8, 3.3.3 , 3.3.5, ICC working retail like join now Register and gear up! :D, malls in stormwind and orgrimmar with a teleporter, Custom gear that is not OP.
Friendly staff and players 24/7 up time no lag. All talents , specs, and Spells WORKING 100% Join now!

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Author Computer Aura ( ago)
the link doesn't work >:(

Author Praystation1993 ( ago)
for the enjoyment of killing

Author Claudio Nobrega ( ago)
insanity-wow. com try this one :D new server blizzlike

Author mike moriati ( ago)
Join a very nice stable 3.3.5 server All Instances
work 100% site name is its a non hamachi server rates
are very high x40 join now :)

Author legomanbap11 ( ago)
how do you get into private servers??

Author TheAnarchyPanda ( ago)
rong gear man

Author omuletulnou ( ago)
@vincas20 ok sry let me go on a fresh made 80 on a high rate, mid rate or
low rate and get farmed by every player in a BG and never get included in a
raid and barely ever enter a dungeon

Author -Kk Medique ( ago)

Author Cray91 ( ago)
fun server omg

Author Pascal Kilian ( ago)
Best Server ever victory-wow .de

Author gerasim mumu ( ago)
fun realm! lol!!!!!!!!

Author SuperTrixer ( ago)
Whats The name of the song? :)

Author VoodooPriester (1864 years ago)
@GMArchemoid Pass doesn't work

Author Peter Orphinator ( ago)
bet you dont know how to play all those classes

Author krisley herrera ( ago)
jajajaja noob fun server jaja

Author Ciprian Visoiu ( ago)
lame come on truewow 1x blizzlike server go on :)

Author Arianice7 ( ago)
Eternion-wow are better but this is great to ;)

Author pvpworldwow ( ago)

Author bobcanish ( ago)

Author Ramirocruz0011 ( ago)

Author Elijah Truax ( ago)
@vincas20 Ok then why would you comment or even dare to watch this???

Author Elijah Truax ( ago)
@ProphetWoWTV Ok then why comment?

Author Allan Edward Lawrence ( ago)
there r some lvl 80 with 85 gear... wtf?

Author GraffRevolution1 ( ago)
This website don´t working !!!!!!

Author Andy Howard ( ago)
404 on the website. :(

Author ramzza1 ( ago)
haha noob xD

Author Ivve (310 years ago)
In the WOW FUN SERVER can u do ICC?

Author frappadappa ( ago)
Fatality WoW is back! Recruiting: Devs GMs Builders And two admins. PM me
with your qualifications.

Author Dzuri (1796 years ago)
9 chars and I bet that you can´t play even one of your chars... BECAUSE-
ret pala got boots for HOLY equipment, hunter got boots for SHAMAN and
feral got boots for balance/resto i don ´t know and it doesn´t matter...
and i also bet that you´ve got atack power nech on mage and lock and staff
like... no COMMENT ! dude when you´re showing us a server and your chars,
make firstly some real equip :P

Author Winis titis ( ago)
everything for free and instant 80..then why u play wow?????

Author MegaLimez ( ago)
/watch?v=3jtoB8-jmHw Join Obvilion Server *Instant 80 funserver *PvP, PvE,
Events *Great Mall *No Hamachi!! *Friendly and active GMs *Check out my
profile for info!

Author Gruffnuts5 ( ago)
looking for a pure blizzlike server! I Got one for you! :) 1.Every dungeon
+ Raid works 2.NO Custom stuff at all! 3.Dungeon finder works With the
reward " Satchel of goods!" 4.Working battlegrounds + Arenas 5. Looking for
3 Gm's 1 Admin and a scripter! 6.Hamachi info. Username=soul-wow
Password-123 7. Set realmlist (SIgn up at the website which is for your account)

Author Fawn The Designer's Old YT. ( ago)

Author darkthrone89 (1152 years ago) 3.3.5a + 4.0.6 server

Author darkthrone89 ( ago) 3.3.5a + 4.0.6 server

Author Dennis Egerborn ( ago)
Join my server, Bump-Wow! We need someone who can script bosses and spells.
It's a Custom funserver using ArcEmu. We also need 1 more GM to help us
with Idéas and so on.. *Hamachi* Network ID: Bump wow Password 123

Author skillingbrothers ( ago)
gay HORDE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author TheMonsterMod ( ago)
if i have cata downloaded how do i connect to a 3.3.5 server like this

Author Amadeus951 ( ago) hamachi Network ID----WoW-Pretorians Password-----123 Pure
Blizzlike My server will be public with site and all good stuff Be the
first ON :) first 10 players i give bonus t10 at lvl 80

Author oiu kuro ( ago)
i was have from the tune weapons and items on my hero but i was using fly
hack :@:@:@:@:@:@::@:@:@ shit i need unban please: X

Author Eddie Seitz ( ago)
Join my private server and become a GM fast check this out
put that in your web browser realmlist is there message me in game

Author StylerGaming ( ago)
Styler-Gaming Wow 3.3.53 Realms. Instant 80 + PvP | Funserver 255 | Serious
RP | Scripts for Icecrown Citadel, Trial of Crusader... Huge Working
Content - 96% Working Spells, Skills & Talents. Realms have highest uptime,
no lag, no downtime. Join today Styler-Gaming(dot)com

Author Jasonbm77 ( ago)
how do i login and play help plzz

Author Zark Xavox ( ago)

Author JJBreakingGames ( ago)
Wow Private server Join hamachi Username: A-ProxXx Password: 123

Author evaristobruno1 ( ago)
what the Music?

Author Sidiax ( ago)
@trevor31flavors Shadow Of Chaos. Works for all WoW-s but im not sure on
Cataclysm.You start as level 1 to 225. Much gold and starting areas.

Author TheSvearike ( ago)
AWSOME i just got 1 problem i dont get the password e-mail ;(

Author Péter Marton ( ago)
on wow titans shops have tt 11 mail

Author MaverickMugen ( ago)
CronosGaming 3.3.5a -Fun and Highrate Server -Nice and helpful People % GMs
-Custom Gear -Custom Areas -Many Events cronosgaming website

Author MaverickMugen ( ago)
CronosGaming 3.3.5a -Fun and Highrate Server -Nice and helpful People % GMs
-Custom Gear -Custom Areas -Many Events cronosgaming website

Author Domica ( ago)
|Heroism-WoW|255/80 level cap| If you join now and if you bring your
friends lots and lots of them you will be a GM|Some custom items|Website is
down atm| Realmlist is| If you played already on it
your acc is saved| PM me if you want an acc|PM me with your acc info| JOIN
NOW AND BECOME A GM|It works only for 3 persons|CHECK MY CHANNEL IF YOU

Author Maaathisepp ( ago)
CronosGaming 3.3.5a -Fun and Highrate Server -Nice and helpfull People
-Custom Gear -Custom Areas -Many Events visite the website :)

Author ProjectNumberOne ( ago)
Real good server! Go there!

Author Brokengamezone ( ago)
you can Shallow • 3.3.5 • 2.4.3 • Quality 3 Realms • 3.3.5 FunRealm • 3.3.5
Instant 80 Blizzlike • 2.4.3 Instant 70 Blizzlike • Great support team and
developers • 100 Scripted Naxx, Ulduar, ICC • Dungeon Finder • All BGs and
Arenas. Visit us @ shallow-realms(dot)com

Author Jarred Hampton ( ago)
Looking to join a good World of Warcraft Private Server that supports 2.4.3
and 3.3.5.? Join shallow-realms(dot)com and come on play on our new Instant
80 semi-blizzlike realm and help our new community grow :D!

Author dksftwpwned ( ago)
@theMovietrail No, private servers are for ones who wish to aqquire
high-end gear and max level to try out certain classses with certain gear,
without the nine trillion hours wasted leveling and gearing. I play on
retail and private servers.

Author theMovietrail ( ago)
private servers is for the poor ones :P

Author wazzup9933 ( ago)
who needs a private server for this gear xD

Author 911stephen911 ( ago)
@The99ornapwnar all wrathful does not mean he's the best.. Could be like a
PvE server.. then what? " LF icc grp. Have full wrathful/No raid experience

Author 911stephen911 ( ago)
@The99ornapwnar all wrathful does not mean he's the best..

Author The99ornapwnar ( ago)
i play wow and this acc is very good

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)
I really don't play WoW anymore so yeah. This server probably did suck nuts
and i know it's a shitty video but I was just a kiss ass back then so yeah
dont play this

Author dienesalex ( ago)
038 ?

Author TheBizad ( ago)
@ProphetWoWTV is bad server

Author EpicProductions1001 ( ago)
Will you tell me what recorder you use please

Author TheZaiStyle ( ago)

Author crimsonband008 ( ago)
this srv isnt even that good..

Author Andreas reve ( ago)
is the server till up?

Author alexunderbase223 ( ago)
lol if u have free t10.5 and s8 , what will u really play for ?

Author tratratra ( ago)
the custom gear is op .. fail

Author jdimme915 ( ago)
how the hell do you make an acc? and how do we connect?

Author Sans the Skeleton ( ago)
I must say at first I was expecting one of those lame ass servers, but
after i tried it i was impressed and im hard to impress, good job guys, may
your server run long

Author tratratra ( ago)
this server sux , full of V.IP geared people ..

Author Shady Tacko ( ago)
WOW! 0:41 11D 11 DIMENSION

Author turk1burk ( ago)
fail.. website down

Author yung escobar ( ago)
Okidoki nice musik' 'mon da' serva' is cool?

Author MercTheGreatest ( ago)
website is down..

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)
it got hacked and i dont think it will be up

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)

Author ZC1414 ( ago)
do u know when the site will be up

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)
@Goggledotcom website is down atm for maintenance will be back up soon and
it is dont be arrogant TRY IT OUT first k

Author Adam Cathcart ( ago)
Btw the website says its not 3.3.5a.......

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)
@elephantdude95 We're adding custom gear and doing maintenance on bugs atm.
Try again now.. and don't be so impatient

Author vanggodz123 ( ago)
wat is the realm list????????

Author EpicprodigyMC ( ago)
ill join

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)
Yes, its fresh. It just opened about a week ago.

Author ProphetWoWTV ( ago)
ya we're still hiring im not owner tho

Author thewave909 ( ago)
Need any staff?

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