The O'Neal Twins - I'll Trade A Lifetime

I've posted one of The Dynamic O'Neal Twins recording, but here's another one entitled "I'll Trade A LifeTime." Enjoy! In rememberance of my brother who was known as AnointedPraiser on Youtube (Jan. 12, 1985 ~ Jan. 8, 2008), I'm dedicating this song to him.

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Author Mr Muzic (2 months)
When you knew you were in a Church Service. ..

Author Bridgette Hill (5 months)
I have loved this song since I was a little girl and mother taught it the
choir. Yes God!

Author YVONNE PRIESTER (5 months)
SAME,,,,,1972,,JULY,,,,,SO REALLL,,,,

Author SAGECOMMUNITYCARE (11 months)

Author Kimetta Coleman (1 year)
Oh man....I cannot even begin to tell you how long I've been looking for
this song!! Really?!! I'm going to dump Spotify and just find my music on
YouTube. Man I than you for uploading this song!

Author Victor Cager (1 year)
This is my "Going Through" song....and Lord knows I need it now!!!!
Please everyone pray for me...

Author Gregory C (1 year)
Love this! Classic! Bring back gospel music

Author smbz123 (1 year)
Thanks so much for sharing!

Author Gregory C (1 year)
Read 1 Thessalonians 16:17

Author Rick Saunders (1 year)
Studio version

Author OlSkoolSaint (5 years)
God bless you REAL GOOD!

Author meilee44 (5 years)
I remember the O'Neal Twins singing this at our church when I was a girl.
It's always been one of my favorites of theirs. Thanks for the post. It
really means a lot.

Author rejoyce4perkins (2 years)
I wish someone would upload "Everyday With Jesus" from this album. I loaned
out my album several years ago and never got it back.

Author 8315dbird (5 years)
What chapter or verse did u read?? The Bible states that when a believer in
Christ dies we are absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.The
Bible also states that the body goes back to the ground of which its made
of and the soul and spirit returns to God who gave it. (Those in Christ
Jesus will go to be with God) When one dies then comes the judgment as
stated in the Bible.

Author oldschoolhenryc53 (4 years)
great song god bless you

Author Darneloh (6 years)
Very nice! Sorry to hear about your friend but I'm sure he's praising God i
the city now.

Author OlSkoolSaint (6 years)
Yea God bless You! My condolences are with you too. I'll keep you in my

Author 8315dbird (5 years)
Olskool how did ur brother pass if u don't mind me asking?? If its too
personal don't worry about it I was just wondering. be blessed.

Author shadhom (4 years)
@Mejayjay6 -immediately ? this was a special situation on this special
occassion, that will never happen again. The Bible says that the dead are
in that grave and knoweth nothing, thereforth awaiting Judgement Day, we
can't skip that special day, I'm sure a lot would prefer to, lol

Author OlSkoolSaint (5 years)
You're welcome

Author Felix Scott (2 years)
I remember seeing an hearing the O' Neal's talk about hit records and how
gospel music was becoming commercial. Too bad.

Author Chuck Flowers (3 years)
I had the pleasure of knowing them and spending the best times with them.
They were like fathers to me. I was a member of The Interfaith Choir of St.
Louis, MO. I'm glad this song was posted!

Author MrYungstl (3 years)
My dad played the piano for them.........

Author Ove Nilsson (5 years)
please what happen after 2:11??? the song took an end!!! thanks for the

Author 8315dbird (6 years)
Thx Theozo be blessed and your in my prayers..

Author wrassleman (6 years)
this is one of my favorite songs. if we live right, we will sing the
heavenly choir.

Author Gary Wood (6 years)
Hi olskoolsaint, I am just sitting here thinking (a sometimes dangerous
thing) that God can use today's technology in His own way. I have been
blessed by your posting of videos on You Tube. I think God has used you on
You Tube to give your testimony through this medium. I have just listened
to this video and have been much blessed. It would not be too hard to
imagine hundreds of others being blessed through what you, and many others,
post on You Tube. Thank you!

Author malcolm allen (5 years)
The O'Neal Twins were awesome. Please post their version of I Appreciate,
if you can find it.Thanks Olskool.

Author Jonita Johnson (6 years)
I have been looking for this song - Thank you. Luke 23:43 Jesus clearly
states to the theif on the cross, "This day you shall be with me in
Paradise." Reading the Bible assures us that when we die to this life as
believers, we are immediatly with Jesus - Praises!!!

Author icebergtip (3 years)
oooo weee that really set diwn within me. this is real deal gospel. when
something resonates in your soul

Author OlSkoolSaint (6 years)
You're welcome man!

Author indez23 (2 years)
OMG I hadn't heard this since the late 70's, thank you so much !!

Author PurpleSnowman29 (6 years)
thanks for this posting. I'm glad to hear it.

Author 8315dbird (6 years)
Sorry to hear about your brother passing. 2008 was a ruff year for a lot of
us. My Pastor ,some close friends and then my father went home to be with
the Lord last year. So my prayers are with u, this was a beautiful tribute,
be blessed.

Author cojc1985 (5 years)
wha thappen to your friend anointed praiser...he was my age?

Author diane bunting (2 years)
Love this song, it took me back to the old country church. My mother
attended when I was 5 years old. There is another song I cannot find, can
someone help me with this. In the song it says,"I dreamed of a mansion and
the gates opened so wide, every face was smiling everybody wore a crown. We
were robed in white velvet. Please help me find this song!!!!!

Author Erik Murray (4 years)
I know I would trade a lifetime, when I die don't cry for me thank the
Lord, this Earth is full of trouble.

Author alexalot23 (3 years)

Author montellia (5 years)

Author Martha Bee (5 years)
Hammond B3? Love it. Thanks for this great song.

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