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Author ilinsky andrei ( ago)
why is her face yellow like the Simpsons?

Author Vaxo Gakh ( ago)
Caucasian region is only Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and northern Caucasus countries, why is Iran and co listed in Caucasus?
Some historical tips, Georgian kidnapped boys were Pashas in Iraq, also Georgia was under Persian rule (subjugated) and considered one of the best fighters, also same can be said about Turkey, maybe because of that or maybe you got some Armenian blood? Azerbaijan didn't exist as of recent times I think.

Author sam Anonymous ( ago)

Author St No ( ago)
Typical actually, Italian / Greek reflects thousands of years of commerce. Italians and Greeks have similar percentages for trace regions reflecting Asia Minor and Middle East.

Author Dre Buddha ( ago)
She probably deadass thought that meant Caucasian at first. Lol

Author just sayin ( ago)
I think ancestry shouldn't count Syria or Iraq as Caucasus and these are clearly Arab countries. They are linguistically and ethnically different from the rest of the Caucasus.

Author Kevin Williamson ( ago)

Author Reema Oraha ( ago)
So no one's gonna mention the way she pronounced caucasian? LMFAOO love you naz

Author Josh V ( ago)
75% are incest over there. YouTube Joe Rogan mind blown.

Author Kupfer ( ago)

Author anangelsstar ( ago)
kurdistan was split into syria, iran, iraq and turkey

Author Sam Hasna ( ago)
Do you have any videos naked?

Author ICE G ( ago)
you are so hot

Author Ajib Aktar ( ago)
Dam girl I would eat your arse non stop day and night every single day and I would smash that arse in the name of allah

Author Carlos Castillo ( ago)
You are right that those are considered "the middle east". Ethnically, however, the first caucasians settled in that part of the middle east before migrating north the Baltic and the British isles. The arab people who live in those regions can hardly be traced earlier than the fifth century.

Author yoshiotamura ( ago)
could someone please tell me how Iran Iraq are even counted as Caucasus

Author yoshiotamura ( ago)
I paused the video to read to comments..damn she cute..

Author conni70 ( ago)
it's amazing how the shittiest places on earth, produce such beautiful looking women..

Author Ancestry ( ago)
Nazanin, Thank you for sharing your AncestryDNA results!

If you'd like to sign up for our AncestryDNA referral program, visit:

Author Brooke Dolan ( ago)
You are so pretty!!

Author George Carpelan ( ago)
No such thing as a Persian. It's called being Iranian.

Author otbway ( ago)
Why Is all the ancestry test video are made by drop death gorgeous people? I wanna see an ugly person ancestry's result lol...But everyone is beautiful on the inside lol

Author Micheal Jackson ( ago)
Pure beauty

Author Crow Richter ( ago)
im half persian! <3

Author Colin Burke ( ago)
IMPORTANT: much of the Persian area is in the caucas region

Author Magnum Lifestyle ( ago)
You are a disgrace and a rat. Fuck you and your whole family. I am saddened that Saddam missed your family during his attacks. Fucking traitor.

Author chanthy bunzi ( ago)
Y are you shouting anyways love your videos

Author Niloo Shams ( ago)
i know this is random but im a 15 year old girl and its really really important to me that you are a persian girl that is representing other persians. Im iranian and i really look up to u as a role model, as i live in new zealand, its really hard for me to come by other persians, i dont know if u meant to but u are a role model to me

Author NaDeXe 23 ( ago)
Ayyye Pakistan Gang Kat🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

Author Aliyah-cohen Goldstein ( ago)
omg I really like you idk ... like ur face makes me happy is that weird?

Author Kol Bol ( ago)
Irani sag astan. Ahahah

Author Phuck Up ( ago)
Persia hasn't existed for 300 years you buffoon

Author logan fink ( ago)
Who else loves the way she says Iraq?

Author Mahbubeh Parhizkar ( ago)
are your parents from Khorramshahr?or Abadan?

Author André Nunes ( ago)
Kurdistan is divided between Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey not Lebanon.

Author Haley Bunker ( ago)
You are gorgeous! That is so cool!

Author Haylee Walls ( ago)
so now when people say go back to the caucus mountains I can say, um no Syrian or have any Iraqi​ in me, IM GERMAN!!!😂

Author Linda Luztono ( ago)
Omg those lashes. What kind are they?!

Author Mariely M.G ( ago)
Highly, highly, KYLIE! lol

Author Amy Nolan ( ago)
Plz upload more than once a week love your videos so much❤

Author djenaba ba ( ago)
Ayyy I live in Ohio too Columbus where do you live ?

Author Joseph C. Lee ( ago)
So you're like Kim Kardashian without the surgery? Cool. 😀

Author Mars Segev ( ago)
When they say "Middle East, they mean to the J1 Haplogroup: Arabs & Jews (The Arabs, invaded 🔪 the whole Middle East). The Iranians, are not "arabs" as some ppl assume (because it's location in the Middle East). Roman & Greek DNA, make lot of sense, both were Empires which reached yr region.

Author wolfpackilla40 ( ago)
your still caucasian

Author Boo ( ago)
Persians are not Arabs. So your DNA makes sense.

Author Boo ( ago)
Very pretty

Author Kickative truth ( ago)

Author Fii a7la Mn lebnen ( ago)
Lebanon has nothing to do with Kurdistan..the 4rth country is actually turkey..?!

Author California Mountain Art And Life ( ago)
What are your West Asian results? Most West Asian results are Middle East on this test, including the European Jewish category. By the way, if you get some Italian Greek admixture, that is also just due to the influence of the Roman Empire expanding into the Middle East way back in the day.

Author Zanib Z ( ago)
girl ur make up is blended well but look at the difference between your face and ur "chest" u can seeeeee the transition

Author Sub Lu ( ago)
You're GORGEOUS!!!! What a pretty face. I'm from Brazil and some Brazilian girls with Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Lebanese/ Syrian ancestors look like you. Luciana Zogbi is half Brazilian and half Lebanese and she looks like you a little. She's a singer and has a channel in Youtube.

Author POPJack1717 ( ago)
Regionally, its the middle east but racially, that's where Caucasians originated from.

Author Itz Ace ( ago)
U fkin talk alot

Author pretty spain ( ago)
How to do this test pleeeease

Author Jelina Lopez ( ago)
I'm new and I thought she was a white girl lol

Author Im Far ( ago)
Bruhh you're gorgeous

Author Nova Alyousef ( ago)
where can I do this like I really need to do it

Author Sophia Ailoaie ( ago)
what passport do you have if you were born in ro

Author Sophia Ailoaie ( ago)
romania is the besttttttttttttttt

Author Bitola Otuken ( ago)
A lot of the people living in Turkey, Iran etc have huge input from the Caucases.

Author ItsFatemeh ( ago)
Omg I'm persian 😂😊

Author Ali Saeedi Velashani ( ago)
Omg I'm Persian 😄

Author Nabeel Ali ( ago)
You must have offended many people saying Turkmenistan as Turkey fs

Author WubbaDubba DubbDubb ( ago)
Iran, iraccccc

Author Kurdish Nationalist ( ago)
you shouldnt be bored because youre not from ''so many different regions'' best is to be a 100% middle eastern amiright?

Author Alicia Latour ( ago)
youre so pretty !

Author MsBurnetta Hood ( ago)
but wait tho you have to realize how that transitioned tho

Author MsBurnetta Hood ( ago)
you're hot no matter what

Author PvPfansaan ( ago)
I wish I could be as beautiful as you are😭😭

Author MelaninMonroe 02 ( ago)
you're beautiful

Author anas al-jaaidi ( ago)

Author Kelani Kelani ( ago)
Caucasus = here we talk about the blood

Author Boyfriend of Gaga ( ago) can I do this..?!

Author Ethiopis the ( ago)
Bro the Middle East is a region, not an ethnicity. You want to be Arab?

Author John Martin ( ago)
no such name as middle east, it's west Asia,

Author John Martin ( ago)
this girl should embrace her Asian race, and remove the fake eye lashes

Author Amina Moh'd ( ago)
I love the way she says IRAQ

Author Sancho Panza ( ago)
Good God, do you not have a map? Have you not heard of the Caucasus Mountains? Chechnya?

You may be Middle Eastern, but your ignorance of geography is 100% American.

Author Derek Wolly ( ago)
why is sheso fucking hot

Author Zelina-Maria Fynn ( ago)
the real Caucasus/literal caucasians are georgians and armenians the rest listed there is just because they're in the region since turkey and Azerbaijan are of turkic/central asian decent and kartvelians (georgians) and armenians are the true inhabitants of the caucasus PERIOD.

Author Melat Berhane ( ago)
They're not considered Middle East because the true arabs are from the gulf that's where it all started the ready are mixed with white

Author Edward Cruz ( ago)
for them middle east would be arab. As for caucauses it would be the levent area and iran. (which of course was showed in the test). But overall middle east is a location with different races. So the test wasnt wrong but neither were you.

Author roxane shannel ( ago)
nice video!!! middle eastern isn't a race, its an ethnicity! so if you're middle eastern, you're caucasian

Author Gabe Hessenthaler ( ago)
The Greeks and Persians went to war which each other. Alexander the Great brought his armies and people into the regions, hence why you have Greek ancestry.

Author Sariah Islam ( ago)
Most of kurdish people live in Turkey :)

Author David Ichim ( ago)
i am from rumanian

Author Aya etl ( ago)
honestly the camera makes you look like a barbie

Author Jennifer1993 JR ( ago)

Author Tamas Marcuis ( ago)
Bulgaria and Romania are partly Alans. In fact I think a population in Southern Moldova speak a language related to Iranian.
Yes you should have some Greek DNA as well since Iran was part of the Hellenic Empire and Sassanid Empire.

Author Tamas Marcuis ( ago)
Persians or Iranians are Indo-Euroepean so yes you would show as Caucasian. I think though in Bactria people are largely Central Asian. Southern Afghanistan Pashto they appear as similar to Persians.

Author Tamas Marcuis ( ago)

Author Andacia ( ago)
I'm from Romania!!!

Author STFU 3 ( ago)
The Caucasus is not the Middle East , it's Eurasia. The DNA test tells you where your DNA originates from based on where populations genetic mutations diverge. So you pr DNA states you are primarily from the Caucasus not e Middle East at doesn't mean that your ancestors didn't move from the Caucasus to the Middle East which they probably did which is why Caucasus DNA is found in the Middle East it's just that's not where you get it from so you are a product of a Caucasus individual moving to the Middle East it doesn't make your Caucasus DNA middle eastern just like if you moved to Europe it wouldn't make your middle eastern DNA Europe because you're now in Europe

Author BfYoutubelife ( ago)
Eyyy! I am half Persian and half Norwegian❤️

Author Majdi shparo ( ago)
kurdish arab mixture here ....

Author Newone Very ( ago)
you are reading the information wrong

Author Zenia MA ( ago)
You probably get latina because you have a lot of hispanic/latino attributes. It is not that you look latina, its that many latinos look Middle Eastern. Spain was invaded by Middle Eastern people for about 700 years. A lot of latinos have Spanish blood in them so they probably have DNA that can be tracked to the Middle East.

Author Saori Colombo ( ago)
You are gorgeous!!! I've been really interested in testing my DNA. The only thing I know about myself if that I am Italian. I know nothing else and can't really track anyone else in my family that has anything but Italian in them. But my brother and dad both have blonde hair and blue eyes soooo I feel like there is something else there. I would be really interested to find out

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