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Comments: 2 969

  • Jesus H. Christ duh Lawd

    middle easterners are caucasian, so she is 87% caucasian

  • destined2bQueen Right

    You are a 100% of a person, but you only told us 95% of your ethnicity make. What was the other 5%???

  • hdidane00
    hdidane00 17 hours ago

    you are a Middle eastern Queen. Best looking people on earth. no wonder why all prophets came from the middle east and not from europe or anywhere else. by the way Iraq has greater history then iran don't forget it's home to the oldest most amazing civilization in human history before Egypt and that would be Babylon ( today's Baghdad).

  • Zimbob1201
    Zimbob1201 19 hours ago

    Aww it was still interesting to watch, your ancestry is still interesting

  • Sandra Mike
    Sandra Mike 21 hour ago

    Lebanon doesn't have kurdistan. Its turkey iran syria and iraq. But originally most kurds are from iran.

  • Brandon Escobedo
    Brandon Escobedo 1 day ago

    She's a communist

  • Kayla Ashley Snow

    I just got my results last week I don't thank yours not bad at all

    Great Britain 40%
    Italy/Grease 14%
    Europe West 12%
    Ireland 8%
    Scandinavian 8%
    Native American 7%
    Low Confidece Region
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Europe East 2%
    Iberian peninsula 1%
    Caucasus 2%
    I also have Mexican in me to

  • Farnood Faraji
    Farnood Faraji 1 day ago

    you'd better read some books instead of putting those useless cosmetics on your face.
    Caucasus is the mountainous region located north of the Middle East and it includes ALL Georgia, ALL Armenia, ALL Azerbaijan, and SOME parts of Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq which are close mostly the mountainous areas of west Turkey, North Iran/Iraq/Syria!
    If you are from there, You are most likely Kurdish/Assyrian/Armenian/Talish/Georgian/Abkhazian/Dagestani/... .

  • behrouz ODD
    behrouz ODD 1 day ago

    ایرونی هستی دیگه باو!

  • helya babaei
    helya babaei 2 days ago

    OMG I'm a persian girl too!❤️ 😘

  • Christopher Grillo
    Christopher Grillo 2 days ago

    You look Italian to me :) Beautiful I had 78% Italian, 3% Iberian, but only 2% Caucasus, 2% middle east

  • Mark Sever
    Mark Sever 2 days ago

    damn a lot of white peeps, there s more whites than blacks

  • A. D.
    A. D. 2 days ago

    lol, I am Italian American and I am around 20% Middle Eastern. Just goes to show you that DNA can change your preconceived notions.

  • Jackie P
    Jackie P 3 days ago

    The African presence in Mexico like every where else has been whitewashed. It's really surprising that Mexicans don't know they had slaves in Mexico. They tried to breed it out like other Latin countries. That's why there is only a small percentage. But there are places in Mexico where the people fought to identify with their Afro Mexican heritage.

  • Aroha armstrong
    Aroha armstrong 3 days ago

    You're a bit dim lol

  • Kiddos Knierim
    Kiddos Knierim 3 days ago

    Its hard for me to say that im Syrian because of all of whats happening in always afraid to say it. But I mostly identify myself as German

  • Nikki King
    Nikki King 3 days ago

    results at 3:55 can someone please telle if people actually pronounce Iraq like ee-rah? never heard that.

  • Frank The Werewolf
    Frank The Werewolf 3 days ago

    Most middle eastern had blonde hair blue eyes you dumb cunt.

  • Dravidian DK1000
    Dravidian DK1000 3 days ago

    In ancient time India had extended all the way to Persia, the middle east, Egypt, and part of Italy.
    moreover that region was fully inhabited with Dravidians/Tamils. so technically you're part Indian.

  • Josh Bales
    Josh Bales 4 days ago


  • Josh Bales
    Josh Bales 4 days ago


  • Curtis 187
    Curtis 187 4 days ago

    She pronounces iran and Iraq like an Arab.

  • TheMommaType
    TheMommaType 4 days ago

    I'm from Ohio too! I really wanna know my DNA too. You are beautiful :)

  • Raven Queen
    Raven Queen 4 days ago


  • Raven Queen
    Raven Queen 4 days ago

    She said cacuisn

  • Macleata Kirkwood
    Macleata Kirkwood 4 days ago

    so, you are European and Asian

  • Rav Odedra
    Rav Odedra 4 days ago

    Your 50% makeup.

  • Harki Singh
    Harki Singh 4 days ago

    b4 i see ur results, I assume that because you are Persian, u come from india. why? 1stly, Adam was from india. eve was Ethiopian. also, Persian language, Sanskrit, Latin and Germanic languages all originated from proto-indo-aryan language. the Aryans where from india, specifically, cultivating millions of years ago in the indus valley, north india. mind you, science doesnt beleive/know that we have inhabited the earth for millions of years. therefore, I wouldn't be suprised if it wasn't on there because it only rounds up to the nearest 1% as far as I'm aware. #proud2beindian . edit: so ur a bit Pakistani. there u go...

  • Canem Cave
    Canem Cave 4 days ago

    surely greek possibly italian

  • Daniela Divya
    Daniela Divya 4 days ago

    I am from Romania :) Do you know any words in Romanian?

  • anonym mouse
    anonym mouse 4 days ago

    i cant believe how dumb you are.... please just go and die and before you say something you and me we are basically from the same country but i dont have your american ignorance ( allah thanks i was born in europe bismillah !)

  • anonym mouse
    anonym mouse 4 days ago

    i was watching some politicial stuff , about nuclear energy and so on ... how the fuck did i end here ?????????
    1. kurdistan is not a country
    where is she from ? ia she stupid , why does she doesnt know what caucaisis is ????

  • hussam mohamad
    hussam mohamad 5 days ago

    U have Persian Armenian beauty

    JARJEES DR 6 days ago

    am iraqi I got more caucasus then middle eastern.

  • Halloumi Kai Pitta
    Halloumi Kai Pitta 6 days ago

    Dumb ppl should just save themselves the headache and just not get a DNA test, your tiny brains can't take it lmao

  • nooralqassim
    nooralqassim 6 days ago

    Your Caucasus is kurdis

  • TabbyAngel2
    TabbyAngel2 6 days ago

    dude middle East is synonymous with Semitic. when they say Caucasus they are referring to indo Europeans, which Persians are a part of.

  • Alex Andreas
    Alex Andreas 6 days ago

    Interesting fact . Iranian Arabs speak Arabic with an Iraqi dialect. They are called Ahwaz. Saddam hussein hated them and called them traitors and inferior Persians even tho they are Arabs and gassed them because they choose Iran as their citizenship country. Arabs in Iran historically were Iraqis

  • Goomba Goombaz
    Goomba Goombaz 7 days ago

    Your DNA results: 100% hoe

  • savanna hart
    savanna hart 7 days ago

    I love how she says "Iraq and Iran" with an accent and the rest of the middle eastern countries without one 😂😂

  • Anisa Gigi
    Anisa Gigi 7 days ago

    I am Persian too!!!

  • maya aoun
    maya aoun 8 days ago

    hello Naz !! I'm from Lebanon and I'm living in Syria , Damascus 💜 I love you so mucho 😘😘😘

  • Idk 101
    Idk 101 8 days ago

    Persian is not a race nor is latina you can either be white black or asian

  • Hannah Roland
    Hannah Roland 8 days ago

    What were your trace regions? If you click on each location it will show 0-2% of trace DNA. My mom knew her great grandparents were Irish but it didn't show in her initial results. When I clicked on Ireland it showed she could have up to 2% Irish DNA. It showed the same for South Asia which is India. You have to click on all of the regions to see this information.

  • Росица Велинова

    at first I thought you are Bulgarian living in America or something :D

  • Theron Powell
    Theron Powell 8 days ago

    middle East s Africa whites made that B.S. up putting line's tru it France u.k. American

  • anna
    anna 8 days ago

    Greece and italy make sense if you think of ancient history, those countries conquered many territories that are now Middle East!
    it goes FAR tho

  • Karzan Kerkuki
    Karzan Kerkuki 8 days ago

    کیژۆڵەی چاو ڕەش و جوان چەندە نەرم و نیانی .. بەچاوی ڕەشت دا دیار کە خەڵکی کوردستانی .. خەڵکی کام شار و گوندی ماڵتان لە کوێ یە بۆنی بارانە نێرگزت پێ یە 🌼 ...

  • SydneyFootball
    SydneyFootball 8 days ago

    Wow, this is my first time ever seeing you and as soon as the video started I thought you were Middle Eastern. (I am too)

  • Maha H
    Maha H 8 days ago

    Yesss Iran and Iraq!!!

  • Tak
    Tak 8 days ago

    you do realise the difference in colour between your hand skin colour and your face ??? way too much make up, try to ease on that because that's just awful

  • Ilyas Hammouda
    Ilyas Hammouda 8 days ago

    OMG she's so pretty

  • NevaehBeatez
    NevaehBeatez 9 days ago

    They group those countries together under caucasus because of shared DNA. The Middle East has separate DNA that was passed down by the Arabs and other Mesopotamian groups.

  • The Cactus
    The Cactus 9 days ago

    I'm Caucasian from blood, I'm 100% if I done this DNA test I'd be 100% Caucasian 😂😂

  • Platypus Nerd
    Platypus Nerd 9 days ago

    Stop pronouncing Iran and Iraq so weird, you're American say it with your normal accent you sound so stupid!

  • bendida abdelkhalek

    don't be in a shock. you're face looks like exactly like middle eastern girl
    by the way; middle eastern girls are so hot

  • Jason Downs
    Jason Downs 9 days ago

    Yeah, you're a white girl.

    • Jason Downs
      Jason Downs 8 days ago

      Platypus Nerd she totally is. The results literally say it. You can look at her facial features and you can see it. The only reason she has a dark complexion at all is because of her make up.

    • Platypus Nerd
      Platypus Nerd 9 days ago

      Yeah she's not.

  • rifat sami
    rifat sami 10 days ago

    where i can do thia test?

  • gaming islife
    gaming islife 10 days ago

    Bro Cacausion is white

    • Aroha armstrong
      Aroha armstrong 3 days ago

      Caucasian has multiple meanings. One is people from the Caucasus area, another is caucasoid people which is whites people and middle easterners mainly, and Caucasian as used in western countries which generally just means a white person.

    • Platypus Nerd
      Platypus Nerd 9 days ago

      No it's not, it's a geographical area that covers Asia, the Middle East and only a small area of Southern Europe.

  • Aleem XYO
    Aleem XYO 10 days ago


  • groundchele
    groundchele 11 days ago

    yeah its so weird that white people are called caucasian because the caucuses are like middle eastern countries! White people are european lmao idk how caucasian became a name for them

  • L0RD
    L0RD 11 days ago

    Causcas is just ethnic....

  • AggronYT
    AggronYT 11 days ago

    100% makeup

  • Kamila M.
    Kamila M. 11 days ago

    i would like to know mine though I am Iranian I think I have some Turkish in me specially from my mother's side

  • loool jj
    loool jj 11 days ago

    So she is all of first regions like Persia Grecce like my 5th grade self would be so jelaous

  • Mano K
    Mano K 11 days ago

    No not Lebanon.... th

  • Nikoleta Andonova
    Nikoleta Andonova 11 days ago

    Do you know something about Bulgaria? :)

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 11 days ago

    ...also 10% clown make up.

  • Makeuplover
    Makeuplover 12 days ago

    To be honest I dono what I am...I'll just say I'm human from now on....

  • mohd saeed
    mohd saeed 12 days ago

    You're freaking awesomely beautiful

  • Truth Teas
    Truth Teas 12 days ago

    I love the way she spells Iran

  • mya Sroufe
    mya Sroufe 12 days ago

    im mixed with like alot of things the only things i know are Hawaiian,Jamaican,native,white (German)

  • Renaldo Powers
    Renaldo Powers 12 days ago

    you fine I ill give her that.

  • Xzero05
    Xzero05 12 days ago

    funny how you kept saying it is not a Persian thing to speak Arabic or had Arabs tendencies, I'm in an Arabic country in where Persians had lived for generation and "infiltrate" if you well into the society and customs. denying the fact head on is really weird to me, as if your defending yourself or something.

  • Guly N
    Guly N 12 days ago

    Im not gonna buy a ancestry test if it's that undetailed lol.

  • Valar Morghulis
    Valar Morghulis 12 days ago

    100% Gorgeous

  • Typo life
    Typo life 12 days ago

    My ethnicities that i so far know i about myself are me being,turkish,egyptian,spanish,and greek (minor)

  • Alex ll-M-ll
    Alex ll-M-ll 12 days ago

    bitch you don't understand.... the nordic region of Turkey Syria and Iran... are predominantly Caucasian dna... the borders don't define the people.

  • Alex ll-M-ll
    Alex ll-M-ll 12 days ago

    so much make up... looks like plastic bitch

  • ankit tiwari
    ankit tiwari 13 days ago

    we have lot of parsi people in India our one of the best army general was persian and lot of persian in Bollywood 😂 they got awesome accent

  • It's All About FUN
    It's All About FUN 13 days ago

    You're middle eastern it's as simple as that and a little bit southern european and that's totally fine cause the Arabian Empire back in the days occupied half of Europe mostly southern Europe and Spain and Portugal as well and half of Africa and South Asia so it's alright , Most of us and most of those people in those parts of Europe got the same looks and blood but still go as a middle eastern , YOU GO GIRL lol

  • HVT - RotterdamFTAa
    HVT - RotterdamFTAa 13 days ago

    If you are born in Romania you're Romanian.

    • iAm Rossi
      iAm Rossi 9 days ago

      Uh depends,she didn't live there very long

  • WhatsUpDude
    WhatsUpDude 13 days ago

    your from greece because of alexander the great i would think

    • Carlos Zoro I'm not Mexican
      Carlos Zoro I'm not Mexican 13 days ago

      WhatsUpDude Persia included mesopotamia at the time and I agree because I'm a native Middle eastern person I had the test I am 88% middle eastern 12% Greek

  • rawritta
    rawritta 13 days ago

    Where in Ohio do you live?

  • stephan dijk
    stephan dijk 13 days ago

    causcasus maybe that explains why you look so european

  • autarchprinceps
    autarchprinceps 13 days ago

    You identify as Persian, but you don't even know where the Caucasus is?

  • Hooman st
    Hooman st 13 days ago

    I'm Persian too!

  • D. 1
    D. 1 13 days ago

    are you feyli kurdish because the feyli kurds are from the kurdish mountains of zargos located in iran kurdistan region the feyli kurds were treated very bad just like kurds in general search them up on youtube that make sense to why you speak arabic and persian also keep in mind the kurds in countries such as iran and turkey were denied there native language at school and work search feyli kurds on youtube you will find about them theres is also the abadani people they are a different story

  • jetsu3yahoo
    jetsu3yahoo 14 days ago

    76% Caucasus because they know you take the D

  • Air Marx
    Air Marx 14 days ago

    Bitch you 50% makeup

  • Arnab Roy
    Arnab Roy 14 days ago

    I didn't use captions because I wanted to stare at your boobs

  • Mr mysterious
    Mr mysterious 14 days ago

    You would of made a great romanian prostitute

  • KidKhoreo
    KidKhoreo 14 days ago

    Bruh I thought she was just saying Caucasian wrong 😂

  • Chris L
    Chris L 15 days ago

    Basic white bitch

  • Gherca Marina
    Gherca Marina 15 days ago

    cool, i'm form romania

  • Jaime Garcia
    Jaime Garcia 15 days ago

    You are a very beautiful woman.

  • Ramildinio
    Ramildinio 15 days ago

    Caucasus DNA means that your ancestors are from the CAUCASIAN mountains region. Caucasian DNA and Y-haplsogroup (combination of predominantly J2, G*,R1* genes) is different from Persian and obviously from Midden Eastern cluster of genes. So genetically you are not Persion. You might be related more to people in Azerbaijan and Georgia, cause there are a lot Georgians and especially Azerbaijanis that live in Iran. Check your ancestors. Maybe you will find predominantly Azerbaijani and Georgian grandparents from both sides.

    • Amro Lajeiv
      Amro Lajeiv 14 days ago

      Ramildinio Than why do majority of Persians get around 80% Caucasus on this ancestry DNA test? I also got it, and I'm half Persian and half Azeri (from Iran)

  • Almost funny
    Almost funny 15 days ago

    you really look like a middle eastern

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