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Author Anna Smith ( ago)
What was the point of taking the test if you insist that you are middle eastern despite the fact that the test claims you are 76% Caucasus and only 11% middle eastern? Just seems counterintuitive

Author Elizabeth ( ago)
Hey! My mom is also from southwestern Iran and that's why all of her family members knows arabic too. However my dad is iraqi so we speak only arabic in my family. I was born in Sweden and I belong to one of the indigenous religions of Iraq so ive a very confusing background too xD I feel ur frustration lol

Author Jayla Hughes ( ago)
where in ohio do you live? i live in Columbus, OH

Author lap ja ( ago)
You are Asian ....
that's it

Author Chiraq Drillaz ( ago)
Peng ting

Author Mr64xpac ( ago)
naz if you give me the chance ima bust alllll kinnnnnnnnnnnnnndss!!!!!!! can I get a witness?

Author Ali Ehsan ( ago)
عالی بود.

Author Chrystal ( ago)
Why didn't you read the other 13 percent ???

Author jacob daniel ( ago)
I don't care if you are from mars, damn you look good

Author Raissa Realeza ( ago)
I am no anthropologist but the reason they said the Caucasus are from those countries which are in fact middle eastern geographically is because the tests are coming from an anthropological standpoint instead. The Caucasus DNA was identified from their respective ancestors and these countries they mentioned can be traced from their geographical migrations.

Author rueexxi ( ago)
lol I did this DNA test and the results came in as 99% Middle Eastern. Like literally 100%

Author gr33k guy ( ago)
6:33 it comes from conquering the whole Mediterranean and Arabic world 😊

Author Reina Aqua ( ago)
She looks like a lot of beautiful type of Arabs, not the generic typical ones

Author Joe R ( ago)
what were the other 5%?

Author Ben Doherty ( ago)
middle east of wot Africa????? do you think people of tgat area coined themselves middle eastern so you claim you are from a region that was never existance untill Cauc'asian tried to dominate the planet divide and conquer brown people of all tones from Biege to golden to dark mahogany you look like a mixed race person which is wof you are middle east is not a country nor a continent ..............Persians are not an ethnicity have you ever seen generations of half black half non black mixed race offspring that continue to procreate wot would you call the child of a mixed race man and woman having a child that has a child with another mixed race person and So on and so fourth after about few decades you would half the middle eastern look some straight hair some curly hence why people say you look Latina? ???????? Because they are mixed and mixed and mixed again they're are only so many phenotypes and hair types if you look a certain way it's he cause it's in your DNA not your postcode or where your born if you were born in Britain you would still be the same DNA and look but be considered British it's a SCAM you look like how ypu look like same reason any girl across the world that looks like you is due to her DNA phenotype that is historical not RACE related YOU are a Beautiful Brown melinated Female not middle east/west /south unless it's middle east African like a north African Berbers type unless you are a guest ypu can't be part African but not be (from the regional bloodline of Africa) whether east west south or north how the he'll did south Africans become so white immagration just like YOUR parents migrated as dud theyte parents B4 them and so on and so fourth.....Tri racial Look not Swedish or irish but that and a lot more in the Mix hence dark eyes eyes browse hair and hue skintone!

Author Aveen Sdiq ( ago)
The reason iran/iraq included in both Caucasian and middle east is because both of them are multinational which have kurds arab persian and some other smaller groups , the arabs in both countries are considered as middle eastern while kurds and persian are both have the same root and are caucasian ..

Author Aveen Sdiq ( ago)
She looks like kurdish/persian

Author Roos ( ago)
This is the first video I see from you and at first I was like OML SHE IS SO PRETTY then you said that you're persian... now I'm happy bc I'm half persian by myself ✌🏻

Author Jamal Alanazi ( ago)
so you are from the occupied Ahwaz and most people there are arabs

Author Lia Müller ( ago)
you wear so much makeup

Author Daniel Price ( ago)
I'm sorry u don't look middle eastern or Persian u look Circassian and Kurdish Mix Search it up

Author lily ( ago)
Ancestry is very innacurate. Yours could be very accurate, but for me, some thing that I KNEW I was didn't show up.

Author Maka Loves ( ago)
I love how you say iran and iraq

Author Mohamed Hamza ( ago)
May be you got your Greek DNA from Alexander the Great invasion to Persia in the 4 century BC, which is very legitimate.

Author Superficially Steph ( ago)
I love how she says Iraq

Author Tru Joy ( ago)
I think you saw "Caucasus" and immediately thought it meant "white" lol that's a common mistake Americans make bc you guys call white people "Caucasian".

Author Nikki Keefe ( ago)
Great results. my family is from Lebanon :-)

Author Rosa Estanli ( ago)
remember the countries weren't the middle east back in the day. so that is why they have it separate. you are middle eastern based on today's stanadards

Author Jameelah Brown ( ago)
You live in Ohio, I do too!!!!!!!!

Author Alesha Hussain ( ago)
You do realise Persians don't exist. You're Iranian.

Author mariahtr ( ago)
??? Iranians are not Arabs???

Author Amanda Ibraimovic ( ago)
Persians and caucasians have some greek blood. thats not weird

Author Rawr Bis ( ago)
you were born in romania? this is so coool

Author Melly Do ( ago)
Hello from Romania 😄

Author 491deja ( ago)
A lot of middle easterners have European ancestry so that's not odd

Author Squirtnik Killington ( ago)
Alexander the Great mixed it all up.

Author YangSing1 ( ago)
Caucasus means northern middle eastern and middle east means southern middle eastern, but the 2 DNA groups overlap. You are from the middle east, it's just saying that there are 2 DNA groups native to that region.

Author v0calbeatzlaughs ( ago)
Middle eastern is usually associated with Arabic speaking. Iran, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and countries like that are considered more "West Asian"

Author TheAnnon99 ( ago)
You were born in Romania ? Now that's cool, I made a project on migration and there I found out that there indeed are people from Iran, Iraq and the rest of the region coming to Romania and it's nice to see the proof.

Author Truth Teller ( ago)
You're 100% fucking hot. Jesus!

Author Bianca Hotca ( ago)
Yes there are many Arabs like you and your family and also Africans that come to study in our country Romania. They mainly come to study medicine and some engineering. Some stay. So we do have a small percentage of Arabs in our country. Numa ca tatal tau a studiat in Timisoara sau Bucuresti...sau alt oras studentesc.

Author Haji Pour ( ago)
saram ro bordy khanoom

Author International Broadcasting Corparation ( ago)
damn you are the same as me!!!! That's the same shit I tell my friends... hahaha.. a little kurd, a little iranian, a little iraqi!!!

Author Trident Gaming ( ago)
As a Turk I like Kurds but I hate PKK Kurds.

Author sydney wilson ( ago)
I did the test! Pretty accurate and lots of surprising results so now I know what I am:)

Author Robeltoable ( ago)

Author Linda Mikaaa ( ago)
WTF, Armenian, Azerbaijan are NOT CAUCASUS.
This video is pure bullshit. And Caucasus is the home of Germanic people.
Btw, you have some Armenian and Azeri in you, because these two nations are the cousins of Iranians. Kurds are originally from Iran, so there is no difference

Author D muhammad ( ago)
it's called the "middle east" now 100's/1000's of yrs ago it was so inter-mixed and No1 called it the middle east

Author SpecialGirl ( ago)
I love how to you say Iraq, leave it to the Americans to butcher a word.

Author Craig Reeves ( ago)
Honey you are Middle Eastern. Period.

Author Dim Mak ( ago)
Persians descend from a northern people who migrated into the Iranian plateau. You have more in common genetically with proto-European groups than with Aladdin. Dunno why you would prefer to think of yourself as a miserable raghead and not an inheritor of a great and civilized race.

Author eimaista nar ( ago)
you are mixture of great races

Author Tiyam Abbasian ( ago)
I'm Iranian aswell but my mom is Arab Iran

Author kawaii Clerge-neko ( ago)
get to the point you talk way to much.

Author Alexandra Figueroa ( ago)
From Ohio as well 😊

Author FleekBoiiJosh ( ago)
Damn you're pretty fine😍

Author Pegah Sa ( ago)
you are gorgeous

Author Sabayi ( ago)
Remember that the Persians are the original Aryans, so when they say Caucasian, that's why it's such a huge percentage.

Author Hulk Hogan ( ago)
Video starts at 3:45

Author Baciu Diana ( ago)
OMG I am from Romania and I have lived in the US last summer and i made Persian friends haha

Author 620.11 ( ago)
you necklace it is your name in arabic نازنين كفاري

Author 620.11 ( ago)
First time i saw you i thought you're from middle east

Author 620.11 ( ago)
First time i saw you i thought you're from middle east

Author RR R ( ago)
This test includes Pakistan in the Middle East? Wtf

Author Arath Perez ( ago)
What If Your Related to Alexander the Great?

Author xanadu172 ( ago)
Southwest Asia (Middle East) is highly admixed. It is written in the Torah (Hebrew Bible) in many places. The Assyrian king Sennacherib with all his conquests mixed all the populations. Plus, if you are Kurdish than Caucasus is accurate. Btw, It is one of the reasons why you are beautiful.

Author noorah nn ( ago)
she what to be Arabian so bad!

Author Yasmin Kashef ( ago)
omg im persian and my names yasmin vat is this holy coincidence many people think I'm latino too

Author Yasmin Kashef ( ago)
iraní represent

Author bawain ( ago)
idk how Kuwait is part of it, but the rest are originally in history not considered Middle Eastern, I think to them M.Easter are the original Arabs, like from the Arab peninsula, Yemen and the Gulf countries only, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon aren#t originally Arabs if you go back to their roots, that's just my humble opinion I#m not well versed on this topic tho

Author YUSHUA ELIAS ( ago)
your a full blown kurd mate calm down

Author Andi S ( ago)
You are soo beautiful!!

Author W. A. ( ago)

Author Khalid M ( ago)
Greek is because of the Byzantine Empire before it fell to the Ottomans.
You are ridiculously attractive BTW.

Author The1113015 ( ago)
Aye shout to Columbus Ohio

Author Maruigi17 ( ago)
Hey, I'll do this test for you for free, lemme se, oh yeah, you're a hoe, there you go!

Author Sally K ( ago)
what part of Ohio?!??!

Author James D ( ago)
What you "consider" and what is fact are two different things. My god are people really this dense?

Author Terry Devlin ( ago)
Hope you didn't spit to early in the morning as you would have came out as large negro

Author Arab Keffiyeh ( ago)
Who else is Palestinian <3 <3 <3

Author argiemerc ( ago)
could someone explain what to be "latina" means for you ? pretty confusing

Author MamaMiahhh ( ago)
I'm Mexican, El Salvadorian, Nicaraguence, Lebanese, and Italian. though I want to know the percentages because I tell people I'm part middle eastern, and half Hispanic. Yet I've never told anyone I was white. When Italian is European (white).

Author Hibah Romisa ( ago)
Omg what an arab wannabe your persian deal with it your just 11% middle eastern not 99%

Author Rachel Bada ( ago)
youre sooo pretty

Author muslimpower123 ( ago)
5 kilo makeup just why?

Author lozoft9 ( ago)
Yeah this is a shitty test. I expect the shit to talk about at least the specific province of Iran.

Author Danielle Massis ( ago)
I'm full Palestinian <3

Author Kaitlyn Homa ( ago)
3:50 thank me later 😊

Author ChelleBelle ( ago)
How can they possibly identify all this by a bit of spit? like yh dna but you can't find anything else with just that

Author Nij Rose ( ago)
They tried to lie to Naz😭she know where she from❤️

Author merhabanasilsin merhaba ( ago)
No kurdistan is not in lebanon is in turkey,iran,irak and syria

Author Jalissa Catherine ( ago)
I never knew she lived in Ohio! Does anyone know what city or area?

Author N. D. ( ago)
You don't understand, it's because the majority of Middle Eastern people are NOT IndoEuropeans, but Iran is! That's why your result shows you're more from Caucasian race.

Author -Lady Savage- Ashley Jimenez ( ago)
Ohio, yessss bish.... I'm from Columbus!!

Author Carmen K ( ago)
Iraq is pronounced e-raq Iran, e-raq

Author Sophia Rusi ( ago)

Author Sarah Soliman ( ago)
You should upload your raw dna to! It will give you a more accurate and more detailed result

Author okayleila ( ago)
as she was telling her back story i was so shook because my dad is from lebanon, which contains many kurds, and then my mom is from romania. so when she said all of this stuff i was like "omg this is so crazy because we have a lot of the same background" and then she said she lives in ohio and i was completely shook because that's where i live and i just thought it was really cool😂

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