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Runtime: 6:15
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Author ZAZA Me ( ago)
The scene with the turtle helping his friend is so cute

Author Fowler Mason ( ago)
Spy dogs

Author Juan Pablo Olivares ( ago)
mm ok big cat

Author Jordan Mikels ( ago)

Author Lisa Bunnell ( ago)

Author Truffy0derp ( ago)
In the first one why was she making weird noises

Author Gisselle Gonzalez ( ago)
On 4:51 it look like a real mop I got fooled

Author Linda Lechuga ( ago)

Author Allanah Ritchie ( ago)
i have really got to say they are alerrers animails

Author ma ngle ( ago)
I love pig dog e cat

Author ma ngle ( ago)
ooonnnhhh cute

Author angelica doldol ( ago)
so cute pig

Author Cat ( ago)
snake oups :)

Author Cat ( ago)
it might be a snike

Author Lourraine Soledad ( ago)
4:37 the dog became a foodnaper!!

Author حورية البحر علي ( ago)

Author dekatch ( ago)
that cat 5:50 is losing it. fighting inner demons to not bite the guinea pig neck

Author ExtremeXGamer ( ago)
that pig was so cute

Author Мадина Ибрагимова ( ago)
так так

Author •Drug Child• ( ago)
"Dad look I'm like a jungle gym"


Author jobins scaria ( ago)
it's good

Author Suzain Rafique ( ago)
ooh so cute

Author Ariana Adomaitytė ( ago)
Man labai patiko tik kai buvo su kate juru kiaulytė isigandau!

Author k9specialops ( ago)

Author johan lopez ( ago)
that turtle one was cute

Author Lps choco Chips ( ago)

Author محسن حسين ( ago)

Author the best Animals clips ( ago)
Animals are awesome

Author Jennie Cox ( ago)
That was so OMG. I watch them again and again.

Author Blueberry ( ago)
Oh my goodness the pig at the beginning

Author Soa Song ( ago)

Author soy alexandra :v ( ago)

Author Speed doesnt kill brakes do ( ago)
Im thinkin that fatboy is big diving tower to the ducks

Author Akeem Alcoba ( ago)

Author Amin Adnan ( ago)

Author Fazal Ali ( ago)

Author Country Flowers ( ago)
there are cute

Author Ahden 1926 ( ago)
this is adorable ND funny

Author Dulce bambi Rivas candi ( ago)
afran y es acustaran ami yam atimay yes buesos mhua

Author Bryan Guitrrez ( ago)
lol 0:56 cat bugerler

Author Charles Egan ( ago)
SOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖

Author sidra Ashraf ( ago)

Author Yaniss Elyassini ( ago)
Haha trop drôle

Author Kyle Dogg56 ( ago)
Dat meerkat do

Author IMRANA SHAFIQ ( ago)

Author Eke Kekauoha ( ago)
the videos on YouTube but it is cool and all of the time I love it is not the time of the videos of the day I Love YOU DECAUSE a are

Author Laura Lafitte ( ago)
I. Loved. It

Author Goldens Glee ( ago)
"Aren't my fellow animal brothers and sisters the best!" - Glee #humblebrag

Author Georgia Salvador ( ago)
cute oig

Author Hussein srour ( ago)
so funny I like the pig

Author Milica Savic LPS ( ago)
pug 4:20

Author Isabel like ( ago)
como q meda ternura el puerco jeje

Author M3RKGUPPIE ( ago)
Wow uploaded on my birthday

Author Marcosff26start go ( ago)
what does the fox say? ding ding ding.......jajajajaja 😅😅😅😅

Author Gino Panza ( ago)
ist der hamsta echt

Author Cemre Türkoğlu ( ago)
@ @ tart444baz Cok 444bwz 4444444

Author Moonshadoww AJ ( ago)
what was that thing at the door at 1:55 Please tell me.

Author Eileen Quay ( ago)

Author ShootingStar 101 ( ago)
That dog blends so well with the mop

Author Da Poop Vids that don't really upload ( ago)

Author Raul Jamziller ( ago) please help my dog!

Author Mary Pringle ( ago)

Author Albertini Montiel ( ago)
spi dog

Author Comomo Katano ( ago)
The chick was so cute

Author P.R. Executive Films ( ago)
P.R. Executive Films ®

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Author Dragan Jakovljevic ( ago)

Author yvonne gutierrez ( ago)
I love you so much

Author Elaine Quirino ( ago)

Author Trung Trần ( ago)
So cute :D . i have video same , thank you watch so much :D

Author Lazy BoyRama ( ago)
cute pig🐷🐷🐷🐖🐖🐖😜😜😜😝

Author Clarissa Diaz ( ago)
i died at the wiener dog one

Author Maltellic eye ( ago)
That cats blowing bubbles juuuust not where u should blow bubbles heh 😏

Author Yelina Brand ( ago)
so cute

Author Aslandeniz Tasdemir ( ago)

Author aoi ogawa ( ago)
i love the fox

Author 자몽 kim ( ago)

Author elizabeth ramirez munoz ( ago)
yordog is fanny

Author Juluś the Best ( ago)
Kot wurzywa sie na ŚwinceMorskiej

Author Undead _Duckling ( ago)
I like the ducks

Author Undead _Duckling ( ago)
0:48 the cat's like bitch you ain't going nowhere

Author Taven XGamer ( ago)
omg I thought that was a mop

Author Taven XGamer ( ago)
so cute

Author giraffes rock ( ago)
yes yes😇🐖🐈

Author am Jackson ( ago)
bubble butt cat lolollolol

Author mmmjewels88 ( ago)
This helps me to remember there is a life outside of racism, sexism and poverty. A beautiful life

Author София Прекрасная ( ago)
I like it

Author Drew Gordon ( ago)
3:48 The kid is so cute!!! i want to squeeze his fat out!

Author Eduardo gamer Slush X ( ago)
Cats are evil to dogs

Author Kd Medlin ( ago)
6:01 kung fu kitty

Author ZuZu GiZi ( ago)
i just got,back from looking at the deep web shit and this is helping alot XD

Author Eevees are life ( ago)
3:47 the video would be cuter if the kid wasn't fat XD

Author Frankie Hall ( ago)
chuck a golf ball at the fox

Author Roberto Balogh ( ago)

Author Nio Gultom ( ago)
453 i thoutght it was a freakin mio

Author Roblox Andthon ( ago)

Author Harol Manfredo Giron Gusman ( ago)

Author brutus101 ( ago)
lol wow awww

Author Latifa Aziz ( ago)

Author The King_Hong ( ago)
The last cat got triggered xD

Author Trott À lam ( ago)

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