polaris txl-340

my new txl-340 before and after pics of customization

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Author whowantstoknowido (5 months)
Instead of complaining like a little bitch about your mom scratching the
paint,why don't you just put your own stuff away? Why should clean up be
her job?

Author allseasonsports40 (1 year)
old honda -3 wheeler pulling an old polaris sled...... pretty old school lol

Hey great video and great job. I take my hat off to anybody that wants to
make any vintage sled better, no matter the make, size, etc. they all are
makin a comeback. I have a 1980 340 l/c was my first sled still have it all
the vintage sleds and vintage racing is makin a comeback.....

Author njm vermont (1 year)
your throttles on the wrong side of the bar.

Author flameberg8 (5 years)
it probably would if it was a 340 l/c

Author yamaharules163 (4 years)
i think i would do the gas tank black. Just my opinion. Sounds nice, runs

Author hayden smith (5 years)
why is the throttle like a brake on the other side?

Author kinkbiker4life69 (5 years)
DUDE NICE air box thats rare i dont think thats dumb to to paint it it
looked nice

Author gravee500 (1 year)
you might want to replace the gaskets or turn the jetting down that baby is
putting out ALOT of exhaust

Author kennyvegas1 (4 years)
Nice video. I had a 1977 Polaris Colt 250ss growing up, and I just traded
my 1981 Yamaha Excell III for a motorcycle. I love these vintage sleds.

Author polarisindys (5 years)
awesome sled and video man 5 stars

Author rraintnoisepolution (2 years)
nice sled i picked a 78 340 for my wife for 120$ is that a rattle can paint

Author OutdoorPowersports (4 years)
Paint the gas can

Author The Goodsons (5 years)
NICE SLEDS there Flameberg... you're going to have quite the collection
when all is done, and if you keep up with the restorations, you will keep
improving and soon I am sure you could make a business out of it.... keep
it up!

Author Dave72mph (1 year)
Why was your mom putting it away? It's your project?

Author MidnightPolaris800 (2 years)
Nice txl, don't care much for the orange, but to each his own.

Author anschuelke (2 years)
if your clutch is coming in at 5000rpms the spring or the wieghts are not
stock. my buddys got a 340 txl indy and it beats up on 600 xlts all day
long. 340s are very fast sleds when there set up right

Author lawnboy7260G (5 years)
thats a nice sled man, but i would love to see it keep up with a sno
twister :P

Author Tyler - Brandon Kerlin - Metz (3 years)
Dude $200 bucks!!!! What a deal i got mine for free wish i could of spent
that much

Author yamaharules163 (3 years)
dont like how the throttle is

Author Connor Mathieu (11 months)
Engages at five thousand hmmm duh I think your clutch is fucked

Author lawnboy7260G (5 years)
yea, but i wanna see it keep up to the fast 250 l/c

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