All Of Me - John Legend & Lindsey Stirling

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  • Runtime: 5:13
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  • Giulia Alves
    Giulia Alves 2 hours ago

    como não se apaixonar? Me acabando em lágrimas.😢❤

  • David Kuske
    David Kuske 11 hours ago

    My favorite one is the arena

  • David Kuske
    David Kuske 11 hours ago


  • ikaro gamer
    ikaro gamer 16 hours ago

    shigatsu wa kime no uso

  • zachary._.w
    zachary._.w 16 hours ago

    hears a test for all good Lindsey fans what is the name for the violin that she is using in this video??? hahaha I bet i will only gat 3 comments. lol

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva 20 hours ago

    muito gata essa mulher

  • Ryan Liner
    Ryan Liner 1 day ago

    Anybody notice how John's voice cancels out some of the tones from the violin? Like... When your voice is so good it shuts down instruments. Dude is beyond talented


    its awesome

  • Patrícia Feitosa

    😍 música linda😍

  • kjah_boss
    kjah_boss 1 day ago

    incredibly talented

  • Wanderlânia Christina

    Alguém do Brazil 💚💛 ?

  • Excell 91
    Excell 91 1 day ago

    the best version

  • Dêjuh Medeiros
    Dêjuh Medeiros 2 days ago


  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans 2 days ago

    I tried to sing this without my voice....and it was not easy.

  • Johnny Ceu
    Johnny Ceu 2 days ago

    music through my ears

  • Laiane Gabriela Dos Santos dias

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢Que voz tudo lindo

  • Francisca Aranda
    Francisca Aranda 2 days ago

    22 agosto en chile.
    te espero en el teatro caupolican.
    adoro el violin, estoy en una orquesta

  • karine silva
    karine silva 2 days ago


  • Luana Fernandes
    Luana Fernandes 2 days ago


  • Jocivânia BBrasil
    Jocivânia BBrasil 2 days ago

    Perfeito 😍😍😍

  • Andressa Santtos
    Andressa Santtos 2 days ago


  • Emily Camille
    Emily Camille 2 days ago

    "Oq eu faria sem sua boca esperta"😪💙

  • Estúdio Marins
    Estúdio Marins 2 days ago


  • Jimmy Jet
    Jimmy Jet 3 days ago

    One of a number of scintillating collaborations that provide texture to Ms. Sterling's considerable abilities

  • yoon Cho
    yoon Cho 3 days ago

    바이올리니스트...너무 예쁘고...멋집니다...바이올린 선율 아름답구요^^

  • Karl Cabadin
    Karl Cabadin 3 days ago


    THE DREAM 3 days ago

    her autistic dancing.. lol

  • jonahan andres ojeda moreno

    I LOVE

  • vandete rodrigues de almeida

    Amei o linda música,

  • Me
    Me 4 days ago

    Wow.... Literally, I'm at a loss for words. Simply amazing. (Plus, doesn't hurt having Lindsay to watch as well)



  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose 4 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says... I'm finding a way to get money and buy my own violin. I have a passion for music and have finished learning piano and am very advanced now. I'm 14 and would really really love to play the violin but can't because I don't have any money... Literally.

  • Brenda Moreida
    Brenda Moreida 4 days ago

    BrendA & SKRAPPY always

  • Brenda Moreida
    Brenda Moreida 4 days ago

    BrendA & SKRAPPY always

  • enihprom
    enihprom 4 days ago

    the thumbnail looks like colophon harvesting ;-9 :D

  • Mrommy Rahmawan
    Mrommy Rahmawan 4 days ago

    awesome wow

  • Jessica Brenner
    Jessica Brenner 5 days ago

    It's so amazing 😍😍

  • susah bangun tv
    susah bangun tv 5 days ago

    im from wkwkwLand

  • Traeton Cash
    Traeton Cash 5 days ago

    mind blown the best

  • Nate831jen1
    Nate831jen1 5 days ago

    awesome but his words are not connecting with him singing in the video

  • Lori O'Sullivan
    Lori O'Sullivan 5 days ago

    How is it I'm just seeing this?!? I loved this song before but wow Lindsey.. this is beyond amazing.

  • TheKimeraClub
    TheKimeraClub 5 days ago

    All of me itself is incredible but this version is marvellous!!!

    KELI SOUSA 5 days ago

    essa é de tirar lágrimas se tiver na sofrencia então nen se fala

  • Judy McDougal
    Judy McDougal 6 days ago

    Since listening to this song with the violin i can't to any other version. It is so beautiful.

  • Mexico Mexico
    Mexico Mexico 6 days ago

    Is it the Music is making me sleepy or im sleepy because i was awake the whole night it 5:45AM in Nc.

  • Happy Joy
    Happy Joy 6 days ago

    Robert, If you see this, you need to know that I'm still missing you bro... You were my brother! Love ya bro!

  • kristian kisto
    kristian kisto 6 days ago

    she is so captivating. :=(

  • Marcia Regner
    Marcia Regner 6 days ago


  • Ragil Romly
    Ragil Romly 6 days ago

    please make violin cover 'Surat Cinta untuk Starla' Virgoun

  • Goriahs Goriahs
    Goriahs Goriahs 6 days ago

    i love you both guys .... keep it up and i like john legend voice ......his talent and the way he sing ..😊😊

  • Patrick Barnum
    Patrick Barnum 7 days ago

    Will this ever be on sale?

  • Lika Alfatiah
    Lika Alfatiah 7 days ago


  • Raymond Arias
    Raymond Arias 7 days ago

    I'd never knew that this existed. . . .

  • Bryan Neville
    Bryan Neville 7 days ago

    Wow......just wow.

  • Havoc Wolf
    Havoc Wolf 7 days ago

    AMAZING !!!!!

    KANZO PARIS 7 days ago

    i love you

  • arlem525
    arlem525 8 days ago

    My partner and I are together 8 years together today. This is our song.

  • Gui nery
    Gui nery 8 days ago

    very god

  • bnder xx
    bnder xx 8 days ago


  • Giulia Baiamonte
    Giulia Baiamonte 8 days ago

    It seems he have counturing😂

  • MariaC0414
    MariaC0414 8 days ago

    Now, with this violin this song has reach PERFECTION! *-*

  • Luan Vandrik
    Luan Vandrik 8 days ago

    PQP! Na primeira nota do violino já arrepiou até os pelos do cu

  • Music isLife
    Music isLife 8 days ago

    She makes this song even better, with her beautiful music. love this!!💜

  • A.y Olatunji
    A.y Olatunji 9 days ago

    this is the best song. I love it fresh and awesome.

  • Raian Nunes
    Raian Nunes 9 days ago

    grey's anatomy ❤️

  • Josephine M
    Josephine M 9 days ago

    It is beautiful.

  • Mvelo Mveloh
    Mvelo Mveloh 9 days ago

    wow, can anyone enlighten me..... I do not understand the mentality of a person who dislikes something like this.

  • Lidiet Pila Sanchez

    preciosa canción

  • Jennifer Richardson

    I wish this was available for download!!!!

  • Ryan Mathisen
    Ryan Mathisen 9 days ago

    this song has made and impact on my wife and I. We will be dancing at our wedding to this.

  • Adahlia Dark
    Adahlia Dark 9 days ago


  • Adahlia Dark
    Adahlia Dark 9 days ago

    I Love this song so much I wished I Sang this song

  • shumaila munir
    shumaila munir 10 days ago

    this song is magic ❤

  • bookofbands
    bookofbands 10 days ago

    So excited to have this as our first dance song at our wedding ♡

  • Big Warren
    Big Warren 10 days ago


  • Wanda McKay
    Wanda McKay 10 days ago

    My man seen him 2x

  • Ennio Saul
    Ennio Saul 10 days ago

    linda, talentosa, adoraria poder conhecê-la um dia !!

  • Astri fa lingling tanjung

    I love u jhon legend

  • Aryane silva
    Aryane silva 10 days ago

    q musica maravilhosa!!

  • SlideShows With Skyler

    I'm so gonna play this at My wedding!!!

  • senyummewek
    senyummewek 10 days ago

    2017 and so on..
    This song and this version of the song will be evergreen!

  • MosT RealisT
    MosT RealisT 11 days ago

    wow amazing combination piano and violin perfect💯👍

  • Antonio Santos
    Antonio Santos 11 days ago

    i love you

  • Hamad Zayed
    Hamad Zayed 11 days ago


  • Bushra Parveen
    Bushra Parveen 11 days ago

    the determination is amazing. Talents like this are not considered very special and the person having this talent won't be recognised invidivually but Lindsey proved them wrong. she made a name for herself and earned a lot respect.

  • Supreme Fetty
    Supreme Fetty 11 days ago

    Subscribe to my Chanel please 💗👊

  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez 11 days ago

    lloré de alegría...

  • Krampus Girl
    Krampus Girl 12 days ago

    She is totally my inspiration to keep playing my violin

  • John Baillie
    John Baillie 12 days ago

    top ballad for your other half,never take for granted as they may never stay around,.peace from scotland.

  • Chantal Due
    Chantal Due 12 days ago

    she is so beautiful :D

  • Alina Sander
    Alina Sander 12 days ago

    Es ist so wunderschön... Ich musste weinen vor Berührung

  • ESTRELLA Ontiveros Zarate

    me encantaaa♡ los amo♡

  • JoiceFernandesDaSilva Silva

    Que musica linda❤

  • Дмитрий Ковалёв

    I am from Россия. Let"s playing more celt plz

  • azreenroy 10
    azreenroy 10 13 days ago

    its a good combination after all

  • Pam Kouassi
    Pam Kouassi 13 days ago


  • Camylly Vitória Vitória


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