Shine - Flight of the Bumblebee

From the Oscar award-winning true story of piano prodigy David Helfgott, in this scene "Shine" shines the brightest.

I am not affilated with Momentum Films nor do I own the rights to this clip. I saw a similar clip dubbed in another language, so I put it on here for those few who still speak English. ;)

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Author 潤 石 川 ( ago)

Author Khorshed Ali ( ago)
Rimsky Korsakov ''Flight Of the Bumblebee''

Author senkyokushi ( ago)

Author 土まこい ( ago)

Author Mey Mollart Gutierrez ( ago)
El mejor

Author Millenium Puzzle (1 year ago)
Plays it better than Helfgott in any case...

Author Rohan Fox ( ago)
Usually in piano movies the actors are not pianists so they cut to
different shots when the piano is played or don't show the fingers, but
that is not the case here, David Helfgott is an incredible pianist (and
actor) even if they used another recording, although I don't even know if
they needed to. I'm a pianist, and to get that kind of finger dexterity
from point zero would take several years practise if you're a genius,
serious respect.

Author Mitchell Gaynor ( ago)
I bet the owner of the cafe felt a right dick. Goes to show you should
never judge a book by its cover

Author Ricardo Albuquerque ( ago)
That was basically a 2 minute 5 second "shut the fuck up " to that guy.

Author kasteman1 ( ago)
Everyone claps not realizing that they're still a bunch of douchebags.

Author kasteman1 ( ago)
Liberace socked it to him, right between the eyes.

Author Slav Kulikov ( ago)
при блеске гения быдло встрепенулось и вытянуло в изумлении свои шеи.....

Author blaknite1 ( ago)
I love this song.

Author Martin Weier ( ago)
Makes me proud to be an Australian, never judge a book by its cover and
always back the underdog are vital to Australian culture. This scene
encapsulates it all

Author LilliputStudio ( ago)
You can see Rachmaninoff's skeleton playing in this youtube video: "Flight
of the Bumblebee, NOT live!" (copy and paste) Ahahaha!

Author Serkan Lunkaya ( ago)
Pure awesomeness.

Author Владимир Воленко ( ago)
Это по-нашему, по-русски! потому всем так и понравилось.

Author Gabriele Dell'Anna ( ago)

Author Caroline Schafer ( ago)
1:58 = priceless

Author Soohwan Kim ( ago)
I love this scene. :)

Author Leandro Max ( ago)
eu me arrepio toda vez que vejo esta cena!

Author drhassoon ( ago)
What movie was that?

Author Gail Skttles ( ago)

Author Viertelnote313 ( ago)
i love this song 

Author attaoui52 ( ago)
un film inoubliable et à la fin belle histoire d'amour entre gens âgés
malgré les problèmes de santé

Author Nathan Oranday ( ago)

Author Moeen Mostafa ( ago)
flight of bumblebee one of the hardest piano sheet written between 1899 and

Author Kumas576 ( ago)
The best way to shut up the mouth of the ignorant

Author kasteman1 ( ago)
Anyone that laughed at the guy's insult but applauded Davids' performance
is still a douchebag.

Author jagethemage86 ( ago)
somebody get this man some aloe vera, this burn is serious

Author Kim Natalie ( ago)
완전 멋져

Author wada yukihiro ( ago)

Author Jasvinder Singh Sokhi ( ago)

Author marlene gonzalez marco ( ago)
increible creo que vere la pelicula

Author Mega2814s ( ago)
in the real life, the actor can play the song

Author wadefite ( ago)
did he play watching the detectives?

Author SayNoToTroll ( ago)
One of the best ownages in movie history. Right up there with the Goodwill
hunting bar scene.

Author theGingergamer314 ( ago)
and ur top comment... know why athene said YT is 68%kids.. ur the reason
justin beeiber and Rebecka black got big >_>

Author King Hodor ( ago)
@Marionetemanj I agree:)

Author ineffable Whune ( ago)
lol you don't know facetious humor when you read it.

Author pskentdude1 ( ago)
This tooling at its finest.

Author DemiBejita ( ago)
1:16 - 1:23 When I was in grade school we called that the dumb look. 

Author Fabricio Osuna ( ago)
A lot of people don't know that he took like 2 weeks to learn this. with no
piano background... the world lost a great pianist when he decided to
become an actor :( 

Author Luke Flint ( ago)
Real or fiction, I love seeing a bully put in his place! LOVE SHIT LIKE

Author Mohamed chouchene ( ago)
i love this part

Author Jonas Montecillo ( ago)
Truly magnificent! Thanks for uploading! 

Author pacitom (173 years ago)
al ananın girsin der gibi....

Author Alister ( ago)
I can't play La Campanella especially well, but I can play it. As for
Fantasie Impromptu, I can play the first passage (never bothered with the
rest) but I could never manage flight of the bumblebee. I know those two
songs are harder than the bumblebee, but I have difficulty with it - I
suspect my fingers are too large and clumsy. Fantasie Impromptu is similar
to Bumblebee, but it's easier for me to play because the notes are further
apart. I hope that made sense and I'm not just rambling...

Author Joseph Jaspers ( ago)
I'm skeptical if you've actually played La Campanella... as its considered
an incredibly difficult piece even to high level professional pianists...
and if you can even play fantasie impromptu than flight of the bumblebee is
well within your abilities. 

Author Eve ( ago)
@tzbx6dch My thoughts exactly Dx Poor piano!!!!

Author Alex Reynolds ( ago)
The guy who insulted him needs a burn heal.

Author Aleksa Dimitrijevic ( ago)
great inspiration,check out my take on guitar
/watch?v=2-FFUHVePf8&feature=plcp :)

Author AnimalLover24561 (181 year ago)

Author Johawk508 ( ago)
Beast mode activated

Author Alister (2026 years ago)
Pianists wouldn't dislike this... I can't play bumblebee, but I could play
other songs like Fantasie Impromptu and La Campanella without much
difficulty; these videos encourage me to try harder...

Author darren amy ( ago)
0:42 shit spread

Author darren amy ( ago)
0:39 shit hit the fan

Author Isabella Hill ( ago)

Author Jeff Haber ( ago)
AMAZING video of Flight of the Bumble Bee played on piano USING PENCILS
.... Go to " neighborhaber " on youTube and Enjoy !!!!

Author Manolete Villalba Chamartìn ( ago)

Author RicoshetSC ( ago)
it was a pun movie called "shine" i called them "dull" lollz :P

Author Permangu Mangu ( ago)
more likely they are pianists and are just jealous ;)

Author Jeff Haber ( ago)
AMAZING video of Flight of the Bumble Bee played on piano USING PENCILS
...... Go to " neighborhaber " and enjoy

Author abhat2510 ( ago)
i think this is more a cafe or a restaurant.

Author ShadeScaler ( ago)

Author hyperferal ( ago)

Author Krushtak ( ago)
Bloody oath mate!

Author Runtothehill1 ( ago)

Author chinze bo ( ago)
Thank you for posting!!!

Author LoMejorDEMI777 ( ago)

Author 88Riordan ( ago)
obviously you don't know shit about australians...

Author BradersTHEsheep ( ago)
Flight of the bumblebee on the piano? Pffffft... 1:51 Whistling while
sticking two fingers up at you at the same time. Now thats talent! :L

Author IgiWhite ( ago)
In your face! your ears!

Author Berhoh ( ago)
I take it you're not Australian. Also, it's aboriginals.

Author Catslovedogs2007 ( ago)
you're welcome ;)

Author Count Yohi ( ago)
Oh, haha my bad :L, I must seem pretty foolish for saying that. Oh well,
thanks for informing me :) .

Author Catslovedogs2007 ( ago)
probably because HE IS Geoffrey Rush

Author RicoshetSC (1021 year ago)
two things, our beer aint crappy trust me ive been everywhere and we cant
speak a sentence without saying cunt

Author Count Yohi ( ago)
He looks like Jeffrey Rush.

Author Life4bombs ( ago)
I hear he fingered a chick to death once 

Author buckshot69em ( ago)
People in Australia don't just set and and drink lemon water in bars and
listen to piano all willy Nilly. In the real Australia they drink crappy
beer and do fun stuff like punch out horses and make racist jokes about

Author abacolisarbwow ( ago)
After this, he touched a girl... She die

Author XER0 ( ago)
I just think its awesome how Geoffrey Rush ACTUALLY played this.. no

Author Rie Yd ( ago)
in your face , old mannn =))

Author jack davis ( ago)

Author Martin Nguyen ( ago)
biggest fuck you ever!

Author David Berchtold ( ago)
At 1:00, he looks back with a smile. He's got 'em, and he knows it!

Author Robyn Cleugh ( ago)
Anybody know what piece he plays in his apartment? 

Author descendingwinters ( ago)
shine sucks

Author damarliyarrak ( ago)
ana sikmek diye BUNA DENİR!

Author Lulu Zhang ( ago)
Awesome! I choose this song for my school talent show.

Author Umbwembwe Tumwemumbwe Kuemuvenve Ossas ( ago)
Best part of the movie :D

Author Marrion Lulu ( ago)
hater face at 1:57

Author abhat2510 ( ago)
well socked liberachi

Author Eric ( ago)
@YSensui owned

Author Zandonus ( ago)
i don't think that's tobacco he's smoking there :O

Author SlideBoxification ( ago)
LOL that snobby guy is smoking such a girly cigarette and drinking lemon

Author M Sij (Mark) ( ago)
Powned, stand voor web language: "Owned" So he 's got 'owned'

Author Jane Dow ( ago)
what does "pwnd" mean?

Author Noyumi Ao ( ago)
They thought he couldn't.... Well.... All I can really say is FUCKING

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