Shine - Flight of the Bumblebee

From the Oscar award-winning true story of piano prodigy David Helfgott, in this scene "Shine" shines the brightest.

I am not affilated with Momentum Films nor do I own the rights to this clip. I saw a similar clip dubbed in another language, so I put it on here for those few who still speak English. ;)

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Author Rohan Fox (4 months)
Usually in piano movies the actors are not pianists so they cut to
different shots when the piano is played or don't show the fingers, but
that is not the case here, David Helfgott is an incredible pianist (and
actor) even if they used another recording, although I don't even know if
they needed to. I'm a pianist, and to get that kind of finger dexterity
from point zero would take several years practise if you're a genius,
serious respect.

Author John Brower (6 months)
Shine - Flight of the Bumblebee piano scene of the day #shine #geofferyrush
#flightofthebumblebee #classic #browerpianoRPT

Author Ricardo Albuquerque (7 months)
That was basically a 2 minute 5 second "shut the fuck up " to that guy.

Author Mitchell Gaynor (5 months)
I bet the owner of the cafe felt a right dick. Goes to show you should
never judge a book by its cover

Author Marcelo Baeza (8 months)

Author kasteman1 (10 months)
Liberace socked it to him, right between the eyes.

Author Sachiko Iida (9 months)

Author Slav Kulikov (1 year)
при блеске гения быдло встрепенулось и вытянуло в изумлении свои шеи.....

Author Akif Can Kılıç (1 year)

Author Martin Weier (1 year)
Makes me proud to be an Australian, never judge a book by its cover and
always back the underdog are vital to Australian culture. This scene
encapsulates it all

Author blaknite1 (1 year)
I love this song.

Author kasteman1 (9 months)
Everyone claps not realizing that they're still a bunch of douchebags.

Author oguz toprak (1 year)
Shine / Based on the true story of Australian pianist David Helfgott

Author Serkan Lunkaya (1 year)
Pure awesomeness.

Author LilliputStudio (1 year)
You can see Rachmaninoff's skeleton playing in this youtube video: "Flight
of the Bumblebee, NOT live!" (copy and paste) Ahahaha!

Author Mey Mollart Gutierrez (1 year)
<3 <3 Shine

Author Noush Kar (2 years)
Shine - Flight of the Bumblebee

Author DaBoyz7 (3 years)
Those people in the background are probably like omg holly crap.... lol
thumbs up

Author DemiBejita (2 years)
1:16 - 1:23 When I was in grade school we called that the dumb look.

Author thebert1000 (3 years)
Forget about the piano, did u see how he was sucking the shit out of that

Author toworock (3 years)

Author Zandonus (3 years)
i don't think that's tobacco he's smoking there :O

Author RicoshetSC (2 years)
it was a pun movie called "shine" i called them "dull" lollz :P

Author Gail Skttles (1 year)

Author spazzy magee (3 years)
Almost as good as the Harvard bar scene in Good Will Hunting

Author chinze bo (2 years)
Thank you for posting!!!

Author Maddy Chan (2 years)
w/ david helffgott

Author IgiWhiteman (2 years)
In your face! your ears!

Author jack davis (3 years)

Author Jasvinder Singh Sokhi (2 years)

Author MP VS (3 years)
Powned, stand voor web language: "Owned" So he 's got 'owned'

Author Catslovedogs2007 (3 years)
you're welcome ;)

Author The Martin & Luis Show (3 years)
Oh the power of music to completely mesmerize and entire room through the
hands of a stranger.

Author Soohwan Kim (1 year)
I love this scene. :)

Author Nic Reynolds (3 years)
i hope everybody knows that shiine wasnt completely accurate including this
bit but i guess dont let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Author Catslovedogs2007 (3 years)
probably because HE IS Geoffrey Rush

Author King Hodor (2 years)
@Marionetemanj I agree:)

Author hyperferal (2 years)

Author Jeff Haber (3 years)
See Flight of the Bumble Bee played with pencils >>> Go to Sunset Office
Supply on youTube

Author Alex Reynolds (2 years)
The guy who insulted him needs a burn heal.

Author theGingergamer314 (2 years)
and ur top comment... know why athene said YT is 68%kids.. ur the reason
justin beeiber and Rebecka black got big >_>

Author 1997cbs (3 years)
0:37 that's one way of telling eveeryone to shut up

Author Runtothehill1 (2 years)

Author Mohamed chouchene (2 years)
i love this part

Author Martin Nguyen (3 years)
biggest fuck you ever!

Author damarliyarrak (3 years)
ana sikmek diye BUNA DENİR!

Author darren amy (2 years)
0:39 shit hit the fan

Author ngo wada (2 years)

Author dragonitedla44 (3 years)
and thats how you smoke people

Author Akoposizmac (3 years)
@GLmusicaddict He did, he did all of his own 'stunts'. He learned to play
the piano when he was a kid, util he was 14 and thirty year later he took
up piano again for this movie! 8D Geoffrey Rush for the win!

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