Nguoi tinh mua dong - piano

This is my first take video with my new Yamaha YDP-140 digital piano ! The song I choose is an old Vietnamese song name " Nguời tình mùa đông " , can be translated into english as " Red Lip " ( original Japanese name ) .

This version is based on Sir Richard Clayderman's version of the same song , and I did everything by ear , but I can be able to make the music sheets available for download . It's here !!!

Also , you can download my ORIGINAL VIDEO here :

You can download the midi files here ( use Synthesia to read it ) :

Questions ? Comments ? Read the FAQ in my profile .

And be sure to watch my other videos ^^

Thanks for your kind support .

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Author cussigreen ( ago)
danh kieu ney fuclk up this beautiful song!!

Author Phuong Anh Nguyen Phan ( ago)
Chú đàn hay quá.Ngay bài ruột của con hồi nhỏ nữa <3

Author Trần Sỹ ( ago)
Binh thuong!!!! Binh thuong thoi!!!!

Author baby ni Tran (1874 years ago)
Where can i find the music sheet of this song plz?

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
@MrSealnseal : hey :) thanks for telling the origin of this song :)

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
@monica112099 : I am sorry but I don't do tutorial video .... please check
the midi file or music sheet (in the video description)

Author monica dang ( ago)
can u do a tutorial? or go slow

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
@nlex6 : well , I think you need to find someone who can play piano to help
you out . And then find yourself a good piano .

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
@chonglongtong : gì vậy bạn ....

Author chonglongtong ( ago)
Kêu gọi mọi người tẩy chay bọn tàu trung quốc, không chơi nhạc tàu. Đã đảo
tàu khựa. chấm hết

Author VQDinh09 ( ago)
@tranhoanghuan i know this is kinda late but i havent been on youtube for
awhile but thanks for replying! 

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
@phuchoang111 : thanks ! :D

Author trinh nghia ( ago)

Author Mi Lê Thái ( ago)
hi share cho mình bản nhạc với bạn yêu :D Nghe bạn đánh dễ thương quá :X

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
Thank you :D have a nice day . Huan

Author Anne Pham ( ago)
beautiful! u are so beautiful!!!

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
thanks ! :D

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
maybe you're right . by the way , I just listen to whatever kind of music
then trying to play some that I like ... so I can't tell which genres I
prefer :))

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
I will ;) Thanks for watching and comment ! ;) Huan

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
You're welcome :)

Author hann21921 ( ago)
Thank you for sharing your performance, and the music sheet. There are many
versions, and probably more than 1 in English. Thanks.

Author Huan Tran (897 years ago)
yeah , the original Japanese version is named " Red Lip " , the most famous
Chinese version is named " rong i sou sang teni ren " , and the Vnese
version is " Người Tình Mùa Đông " . that's all I know and I hope it helps
:) Thanks for watching and comment ;)

Author VQDinh09 (58 years ago)
tranh hoang huan do you know the english verison of this song like the

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
thanks for the support ;)

Author fakename ( ago)
Thanks for posting the sheet, that's very nice of you! You're very

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
I think I'll post another version of this song , and it'll be a tutorial ,
cuz many people have been asking for tutorial , and I find out that my 2
previous versions have lots of mistakes :( if you like , check out my Nguoi
Tinh Mua Dong - with improvements video .

Author musicrockmyworld123 ( ago)
yes i think yu are the only one who has it because ive searched alot but no

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
haha thanks ;) I thought I'm the only one having that music sheets cuz it's
.... my own transcription , from Richard Clayderman version =)) Good luck
practicing , my friend ;) Huan

Author musicrockmyworld123 ( ago)
how can anyone say any bad to you...yu are like really good!!! im juss so
happy becuz ive been tryin to find the music sheet for this song but culdnt
but yu helped thanks again

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
no matter ;) It's nice to see someone who likes my piano works :) rather
than just giving insults about my playing style ...

Author musicrockmyworld123 ( ago)
thank yoou ver much...i got it....its rare to find a nice stranger who is
willin to help becuz many others didnt bother replying...thank you

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
so can you download them right now ? :))

Author musicrockmyworld123 ( ago)
yu r fantastic!!!! can yu plz send me da music sheet for this song???

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
wow , I'm glad to know you as an artist :D The music sheets I provided
maybe a little bit hard to read , because I made it from the midi files
with a music sheet converter ( I myself not familiar with music sheets , I
play by listening only ) , so you can download a program called Synthesia
to read that midi files ( just in case ) . The song " Mưa trên biển vắng "
is a very nice song , I would love to practice but right now I'm so busy ,
I'll do all I can :) Huan

Author learnner ( ago)
Hi Huan ! I can not wait anylonger to practice this song wiht your music
sheet . I like the way you composting .I really needed help for the left
hand arpeggio or broken chord voicing . run up and down the keys . so it
make the song sound alot better . this song I had been playing for long but
in the chachacha style and I play bass guitar with the band 10 year ago .
now I learn to play keyboard for awhile . but not really . please do a
tutorail for MUA TREN BIEN VANG .please . thank you

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
one day I will make a tutorial , but I'm so sorry right now I'm so busy and
can only provide our community with music sheets and the midi files of this
song that I created a while ago :( maybe 3 weeks later I will be free , and
post a tutorial :) Cam on moi nguoi da ung ho ! Thanks all for supporting !

Author learnner ( ago)
Hi Huan !! vui long make tutorial pleasess cong dong vn can thay day kem .
hoc cho hieu biet them . chi vi khong co thoi gian den lop nhac . cam on
bai nhac hay

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
you're welcome :)

Author KIM LOAN ( ago)
Huan, thank you very much for the music sheet nguoi tinh mua dong. I can't
wait to practice this song.once again cam on nhieu lam.

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
Now I have done the music sheets for you , miss Le ! Please see in the
video description for link to download it . ;) Enjoy this wonderful song !

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
hi there , thanks for watching and comment . I play all of these music by
ear , which means there is no music sheets :( , but I think I can make it
on my own soon . When I've done doing my versions music sheets , I'll post
a link for everyone to download :) Huan

Author KIM LOAN ( ago)
i really love this song , i can't find it anywhere . can u send me the
music sheet . please. also where can you buy the vietnamese piano sheet. i
have hard time finding them.thank.

Author henny gorin ( ago)
wow.. thanks. You know this song in deeply detail... great job.. :-)

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
you are right , but but totally right :) the song was first writen in
Japanese in the 70's , " Red Lip " or something like that . Most famous in
Chinese version , also in other languages as well :) Thanks for watching
and comment ! ;)

Author henny gorin ( ago)
Is this Vietnamese song? I believe this is Chinese song.. i dont remember
the title... but it is lovely song...

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
I will do a tutorial someday :) thanks for watching ;)

Author mitsuiki14 ( ago)
can u put up a tutorial for this?

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
you got yours , friend ;) how was it ?

Author Khoa Nguyen ( ago)
What about mine ??? Haru haru ??? :((

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
thanks ^^ even though you don't know it =))

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
Danke schoon fur die kompliment , Dioscuri90 !

Author Huan Tran ( ago)
hehe thanks ;) it's worth every penny I paid ! wow . Doesn't have much
voice but all I need is just the grand piano and bright piano voice .

Author plsegott ( ago)
Btw : Nice :D

Author plsegott ( ago)
You got your new piano! :D

Author Dioscuri90 ( ago)
awsome job =) and nice piano too =D. I am glad to see that you have found
time again to play piano and uplaod a new great video! Dioscuri

Author Thijs Mostart ( ago)
Hehe nice played man. Too bad I don't know the song. :)

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