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Author Pizza Gogo (1 month)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Author Khair Mohammad (1 month)

Author khazar116 (3 months)
dokhtare afghan bivafa dele ma ra khon kardee bya bya

Author Ramesh Appadurai (7 months)
Afghani women are very beautiful.

Author Manzur Ahmed (8 months)
Fantastic tappey!

Author asad dawlatzai (1 year)

Author zawar khan (8 months)
Sad song

Author tofiqullah israr (8 months)

Author zaid ali (1 year)

Author YOUNAS KHAN (1 year)
Awesome Tapy

Author I am Original Afridi (11 months)
wow very nice 

Author zaid ali (1 year)

Author Rahim Khalish (1 year)
Very much

Author carlosmante (10 months)
Esta Bonita la vieja India ja ja ja.

Author am shazan (2 years)
dar kha mashAllah afreen :)

Author Ameen khan Khilji (2 years)
nice song

Author javed khan (2 years)
bahot acha dera ka

Author NAFTALI KHAN (2 years)
د پښتنود ټولنيزو مشکلاتو آو د پښتنو داتحاد سندرې ووايه

Author aftab khan (2 years)

Author tees maar khan (3 years)
nice song

Author Ahmad Khan (2 years)
It so nice songs never be in love ;)

Author Hamad khan (1 year)
Awo kana::deer he

Author Bader Khan (2 years)
deera zabardasta sanda ra da wurunu awriyi hamisha kala si free yastai

Author Anwar shah popalzai (2 years)
very nice song

Author Khan Yousafzai (2 years)

Author mujtaba kirmani (2 years)
veary veary nice tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Author whiterosegull (2 years)
very nice i like it i love it

Author fazal wahid (2 years)
trosa pa pakhto na phohegi sahi ... zan ta kors wa nessa.......

Author Farhat Khan (2 years)
nihi yar kihang han

Author Sahibzada Bilal Ahmad (2 years)
nice song.but my request don't load pic's of Muslim sisters.

Author Khan JABIR Khan (1 year)
Dair AAllAAA

Author orakzai10 (2 years)
da awazona da cha di der ka awaz de

Author rahman khan (2 years)

Author Naveed Ali (2 years)
whats your problem..LORD says to women to covers your body,so that no one
will harm many teens,girls,and women are raped today,its because
of their modesty..

Author Salman Khan (3 years)
very nicccccce

Author Waseem Khan (1 year)
Waseem khan UAE!00971557830287.zabar10tappy

Author everlastinghopes (3 years)
da dumra taklepat ho NASA engineers ta hum na raze shayer der zayat tez
taly de

Author MrImranProduction (2 years)
very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author Bibash Sharma (2 years)
vary vary nais

Author Naveed Ali (2 years)
mr.piotr naglik wht your saying..have no clue what are u saying?

Author NOOR ALAM (2 years)
so nice song i like it so much thank you

Author Farhat Khan (2 years)
khan mia

Author Khan Yousafzai (2 years)

Author abbaskhan61 (3 years)
manana dera dera

Author MegaEwin (2 years)
5: 26 ... wery nice woman.

Author hasham harifal (1 year)
very nice song

Author kamran muhsan (2 years)
i like this vedio

Author Piotr Naglik (2 years)
I know I will disturb "Taboo"!!!They are beautifull women!!!,If they may be
in life with "free will" it they maintain order themselves better than
their husbands or their fathers or their brothers!!!This is the "women's
perversity"!!!Maybe not only the women but and...!?! The problem is from
the Lord!!! This "problem" is very interesting! I have "time over"!!!,It is
"true" the problem!!! And "conversation" with your wife, with your
douthers...this is the Man in the role of the Head into family!

Author Hamad khan (1 year)
00973 33366792

Author khaksar ourkzai (2 years)
khaksar ourkzai

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