FULL FACE USING ONLY KIDS MAKEUP Challenge | Grav3yardgirl

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  • Paige Shively
    Paige Shively 4 hours ago

    her eyes are so blue.. it looks like there's a tint of purple in them!

  • Paige Shively
    Paige Shively 4 hours ago

    I knew you were going to say shaving your legs! I did that too! I pretended with a plastic fake razor! lol

  • Clementine Tully
    Clementine Tully 21 hour ago

    My first ever piece of make-up was a Hello Kitty eyeshadow palette when I was 9 and I still have it.

  • Savage Kween Maddy

    Well it's Claire's it's extremely expensive

  • TYRA Randle
    TYRA Randle 1 day ago

    my mom said 16!

  • Hailey Waugaman
    Hailey Waugaman 1 day ago

    The only thing I get from Claire's is fake nails

  • Sara Dixon
    Sara Dixon 1 day ago

    I've always been allowed to wear make-up I just never wear because I don't want to

  • Elizabeth Grace
    Elizabeth Grace 1 day ago


  • Maxine Peterson
    Maxine Peterson 1 day ago

    ❤️ u bunny

  • mar wa
    mar wa 2 days ago

    15:38 she sing ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lindsay Sluder
    Lindsay Sluder 2 days ago

    Tbh the liner still looks better than mine on any day

  • sandy caldwell
    sandy caldwell 3 days ago

    yay bunny you awesome

  • Paulino Dominguez
    Paulino Dominguez 3 days ago

    Bunny kind of looks like Lady Gaga after all the make up...or is it just me

  • Janelle Salgado
    Janelle Salgado 3 days ago

    Your so cute

  • Kayla Nisby
    Kayla Nisby 3 days ago

    I only could wear lipstick at 11 and n makeup and I'm 11 now bc I love grav3yardgirl

  • Melanie Reyes
    Melanie Reyes 3 days ago

    i am only 12 but most mexican families let their daughters wear makeup for the first time at age 15. because of you quincera and when you have a quince resembles turning to a child to a women so yeah thats when we could wear makeup. plz respond bunny!!!!!!

  • DBJ bossnation
    DBJ bossnation 3 days ago


  • [Chtho]
    [Chtho] 3 days ago

    i wasnt allowed to dye my hair but i was allowed to experiment with makeup, though instead of kids makeup my mom had gotten me real makeup from the drugstore

  • Kylene Hansen
    Kylene Hansen 4 days ago

    I am 9 and where concealer

  • Beauty girl here 67

    I am 12 right now, I have been wearing makeup since last summer, my dream when I'm older is to be a makeup artist

  • Amber Molix
    Amber Molix 4 days ago

    If you pause at 17:29 and compare it to the thumbnail you can tell that she did a little photoshopping.

  • Beka Rainey
    Beka Rainey 4 days ago

    i saw her at disney world

  • Amanda Andrzejewski

    omg your eyes are like the shade of the deep ocean or a bright roal blue

  • Ivory Steppe-good
    Ivory Steppe-good 4 days ago

    Why is everyone saying she isn't wearing a shirt? I'm confused

  • Natalie Tipton
    Natalie Tipton 4 days ago

    Who reads the comments before watching the video??????

  • Skilar Moon
    Skilar Moon 4 days ago

    Do you know melonie Martinez

  • Rachel Xo
    Rachel Xo 4 days ago

    and the green powder is probably for kids to use as a colour corrector for pimples and redness and stuff.. then the white one over it to cover the green and set it

  • Thomasine Leverock
    Thomasine Leverock 5 days ago

    the eyelashes are real eyelure lashes. I have yet to get a pair on, any brand, I get the outside corner to stick , try to get the inside corner and the outside pops off. I have rolled them, wrapped the around a brush handle, heated them. I have a gazillion pairs, loose ones can't get the blinking things on, don't say the glue I have 4 kinds. The universe is agaist me wearing lashes, I gotcone one last night for 5 minutes. POP!!! 🦄🌎

  • Nureen Mahyuddin
    Nureen Mahyuddin 5 days ago

    I started to wear makeup when i was 8years old

  • Adrianne  Elizabeth
    Adrianne Elizabeth 5 days ago

    I always wore, and still do, wear just some brown eyeliner and light lipstick

  • Creative Mashup39
    Creative Mashup39 5 days ago

    When I was little I did dance comp. so that was the only time I wore makeup but before I woke my mom up to do my makeup I would sneek into the bathroom at like 5:00 in the morning and put on the most pink shade of lipstick color ever take it off and go to sleep.. To this day my mom does not know I danced when I was 5 .... I'm 10.

  • Rocking Renay
    Rocking Renay 5 days ago

    the green is a colour correct

  • Naomi White
    Naomi White 6 days ago

    I have to wear makeup because I do dance

  • Ali Nation
    Ali Nation 6 days ago

    When I just turned 11 I got makeup for my birthday

  • pretty random stuff

    i started wearing makeup at the age of 5

  • Latosha Crayton
    Latosha Crayton 7 days ago

    I pretened to shave my legs to I just used lotin and the bottom of my lotion botle and I was aloud to start when I was 10

  • Sally Turner
    Sally Turner 7 days ago

    Don't mined me, just staring at your eyes

  • Rin The Shark
    Rin The Shark 7 days ago

    bruh when I was a kid the only makeup I wore was lip gloss and eyeshadow. 😂 and when I say kid I mean two years ago when I was 14.

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 8 days ago

    100 layers of nail polish and i wish i had that i can ware makeup im 10

  • a caldwell
    a caldwell 8 days ago

    I'm 10 I wear all makeup other than eyeshadow so same girl

  • a caldwell
    a caldwell 8 days ago


  • Kaylie Dix
    Kaylie Dix 8 days ago

    I can see the dust

  • Debbie Santana
    Debbie Santana 9 days ago

    I Love You video

  • porcelain rose
    porcelain rose 9 days ago

    i started wearing makeup when i was 11 or 12 and like decently when i was 14-15 and i do my makeup the same to this day, as im only 19

  • Patricia Gonzalez Hurtado

    I love your eyes

  • broken pale angle
    broken pale angle 9 days ago

    I remember back in my day when I was six years old I could by a flavored lipgloss and kid make up for like one or two dollars or somtimes on a good day 99cent kid make up on how I miss the old days. and I couldn't were make up well grown up make up until I was 10 when I was 6 I only wore flavored lip gloss or chapstick.

  • Rheanne vakil
    Rheanne vakil 10 days ago


  • Spider Sink
    Spider Sink 10 days ago

    no no bunny it smells grape not great "cough cough pun intended cough cough"

  • Spider Sink
    Spider Sink 10 days ago

    I'm a girl and I don't where makeup I'm gay 👭

  • Anika Laughlin
    Anika Laughlin 10 days ago

    I fake shaved

  • Angela Franco
    Angela Franco 10 days ago

    So I was probably under a rock or in a cave because I didn't know that they made concealer and foundation for kids. 😶😕☺

  • Arielle Severson
    Arielle Severson 10 days ago

    It's ok when I was little I would pretend to shave my legs but now it just like a chore lol

  • CleanLaundry MachineMaybe

    i just remember eating every lipstick i got xD

  • Ally Paquette
    Ally Paquette 10 days ago

    When I was 3 I thought there was only one brand of makeup lol my mom only let me wear mac when I was little and I didn't know about all the other brands 😂

  • Shanteena Dumlao
    Shanteena Dumlao 10 days ago

    I start using make up grande1

  • Sabreen
    Sabreen 11 days ago

    I would use roll on lip gloss, eos, vaseline stuffed into a heart container, hand sanitizer,... yeah I clearly didn't have real makeup.

  • Aubrey the crazy person for kpop

    did you see the holo letters?

  • Nudret Ansari
    Nudret Ansari 11 days ago

    why do u screem😨

  • ohohvalerie
    ohohvalerie 12 days ago

    most kids do not have that huge palette they maybe have 4 shades tops of like blue pink purple and white

  • Princess Janet
    Princess Janet 12 days ago

    As a child I had a pink lipstick that went everywhere I did not know where my lips were apparently, then I owned some eye shadows and fake eye lashes that I never wore. I didn't know how to put them on..I still don't. Then I had like this huge kit from club Libby lu that had lip glosses and eye shadows in it. But once I got to middle school I wasn't allowed to wear anything but powder. Then in high school I wore decent looking full face makeup for freshman and sophomore year. My last two years I stop wear as much makeup. And now I only wear makeup on special occasions because I'm lazy and I like to sleep in

  • Aaliyah Rucker
    Aaliyah Rucker 12 days ago

    I was in 5th grade is when I started to get into eyeshadow an mascara.

  • Natalya Reyes
    Natalya Reyes 12 days ago

    love hairly quin

  • Zaneb Alamara
    Zaneb Alamara 12 days ago


  • Gemma Carter
    Gemma Carter 12 days ago

    I never was aloud to wear make up my dad would tell me to take it off but now they buy me cheap B&m make up that just does not go on my face...

  • Abby Rios
    Abby Rios 13 days ago

    I started doing my makeup when I was 12, now my eyeliner wing so bomb!! 😃😃

  • Mark da Boss
    Mark da Boss 13 days ago

    I'm 15 and only wear makeup on occasion. It's too much work for a lazy person like me😂

  • The Pretty Youtuber
    The Pretty Youtuber 13 days ago

    i love your eyes bunny

  • faith desjardins
    faith desjardins 13 days ago

    on I not to war it I get to war makeup at 19

  • Unrealturtle 989
    Unrealturtle 989 13 days ago

    I chould start wearing makeup at 5/6

  • Yalanda Quesnelle
    Yalanda Quesnelle 13 days ago

    i was not allowed to wear makeup till i was in high school!.. lol :p

  • Brylie Graham
    Brylie Graham 14 days ago

    I have the same mascara as you

  • 14104 x1
    14104 x1 14 days ago

    When my shy, highly insecure-self started to wear makeup, I was in the fifth grade and I'd use my mom's powder without her knowing to try and make me look tanner. I guess she had known for a while and so one day she offered to use this liquid foundation stuff on me that doesn't show up in full effect immediately for some reason, so I literally spent the whole day at school looking like a shiny oompa loompa without knowing it because my mom didn't apply it properly I guess. Someone even asked why my face was orange which was really embarrassing. My trust in my mom was really damaged that day lol

  • Meka Malice
    Meka Malice 14 days ago

    I was a Pagent girl... so makeup was on my face from the time I turned 2 lmao

  • Saltshaker 527
    Saltshaker 527 14 days ago

    Im 14. My mom used to give me her old eyeshadow, the stuff that was crumbling, and let me play with it, but she mainly used nude colors, and I prefer brighter colors, even now. The only time I was allowed to do more was if my sister was doing it. I started wearing it for real a couple years ago when I got into theater and needed makeup for the stage. I got a ton for Christmas, including an Ulta Beauty (Basically same as Saphora ) gift card, so I got a "professional" makeup kit from ulta and am slowly learning how to do contour, highlighter and eyeliner because I suck at all that

  • Elissa Duma
    Elissa Duma 14 days ago

    I used to pretend I was shaving my legs lol

  • Elissa Duma
    Elissa Duma 14 days ago

    I used to pretend I was shaving my legs kol

  • BabyCorn Brooke
    BabyCorn Brooke 14 days ago

    thats not realy for kids its for teens by the way you mest up

    NORMAL is OVERRATED 14 days ago

    False eyelashes either make you look gorgeous or just plain tacky.

  • LilJGaming
    LilJGaming 15 days ago

    it used to put lotion on my lags then act like my nail is a razor. 😰

  • Layla Sanderson
    Layla Sanderson 15 days ago

    Bunny, WHERE IS YOUR SHIRT?! ❤️

  • ShyGirlGamer 10
    ShyGirlGamer 10 15 days ago

    I watched suicide squad

  • Alexis sojka
    Alexis sojka 15 days ago

    10 or 11

  • babe-blade
    babe-blade 15 days ago

    kids don't wear icing thoughts?

  • Kaitlyn Bossé-Jaillet

    12:01 "Here's Johnny!" 😂

  • natalie hunter
    natalie hunter 15 days ago

    I was allowed to wear makeup in seventh grade

  • Darian Jackson
    Darian Jackson 15 days ago

    I was raised by an only father so I was more tom boy and didn't wear make up till like middle school because of winter/color guard. I didnt learn how to do my own make up till high school.

  • Heidi Merrill
    Heidi Merrill 16 days ago

    im aloud to ware make-up but it is really bad

  • Darlene Fontanez
    Darlene Fontanez 16 days ago


  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 16 days ago


  • Lilly& Colleen
    Lilly& Colleen 16 days ago

    I always try to be positive but just I can't

  • Fairy DustGames
    Fairy DustGames 17 days ago

    Icing is more of a teen make-up/ beauty store. Long time ago I had this smokey/ natural eye pallet that I got from there and it was amazing until I doped it in the toilet. So I think the foundation and what not isn't really meant for kids but teens.

  • Katherine Puccio
    Katherine Puccio 17 days ago

    I pretended to shave

  • Claire Gibbs
    Claire Gibbs 17 days ago

    do 100 layers

  • Izzy_Liv_Draws
    Izzy_Liv_Draws 17 days ago


  • malsumbrella
    malsumbrella 17 days ago

    I was aloud to wear makeup at the end of 8th grade and the start of freshman

  • Ferretlicious
    Ferretlicious 18 days ago

    ima fetus and just getting into makeup and the only thing i wear is eyeliner. (sometimes black lipstick)

  • Donnaliz Sanchez
    Donnaliz Sanchez 18 days ago

    I'm ten and I'm not even allowed to wear blush at all

  • Courtnie Hamilton
    Courtnie Hamilton 18 days ago

    I can't wear makeup 😊

  • Saoirse Wilke
    Saoirse Wilke 18 days ago

    I am aloud to where make up and I and I am 10

  • LadyDietrich1901
    LadyDietrich1901 18 days ago


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