Loren Avedon vs. Billy Blanks

The King of the Kickboxers finale. Choreographed by Tony Leung Siu Hung.

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Author gaberlmeista (3 years)
billy blanks scared the shit out of me when i was at the age of 5 and
watched this movie :D

Author Ricardo Silva (4 years)
poxa vida vendo este trexo do filme me lembrei de quando o vi pela primeira
vez, hoje em dia não fazem mais filmes assim é tudo na base da computção,
que saudade destes tempos que infelizmente não voltam mais... ainda bem que
existe o you tube continue assim amigo se tiver mais trexo de filmes de
luta antigo deste tipo pode postar mais que já fiquei seu fam abraços...

Author TeslaDRay (4 years)
who? Avadon or Blanks?

Author 1000level (3 years)
XD at 5:31 the girl sounded like homer simpson screaming

Author shoulinmunkm2 (4 years)
thanx for the memories

Author ganstel6 (11 months)
Ni creas es muy buena, ademas es antigua... comparado con lo de ahora...

Author James Beaver (4 years)
@Infamous256 Billy blanks was the influence for dee jay in street fighter

Author Jason Oldacre (1 year)
Terrible acting. And terrible choreography.

Author Shoaib Saleem (11 months)
if you dudes require to get ripped quick without spending a single another
minute in the gym, then you should look at this online video SIXPP.COM
Shh...I'm trying to use the force.

Author junejuly532 (2 years)
Look for "The deeds (3d animation)", I did some of Billy's moves. I like
action films and a fan of action guys.

Author Rob Margolin (2 years)
MY Brother and Sister Martial artists PLEASE BEWARE the #1 weight loss pill
is putting people in the hospital PLEASE type in JILLIAN MICHAELS THE TRUTH

Author JackieMoon36 (4 years)
billy would beat that fools ass in real life

Author edudrepus (4 years)
1:14 how does he do that?

Author HyperColours (3 years)
This is for Brad, Tush! This is form Molly, Tush! This is for my brother!
Tush! And this if for the life you stole from me, you bastard! Tush! Epic
screen writing.

Author OnlyOneWing (2 years)
Man, Billy Blanks would have kicked his ass in real life. lol

Author istofal (3 years)
lol billy had hair

Author John CA Cornor (1 year)
They should do a makeover. Scott Adkins as Loren Avedon and Michael jai
white as Billy Blanks

Author hellhander (4 years)
this looks like a "Troma" movie....lots o gore, horrible actors. now they
just need a mop-swinging, super-mutant.

Author danjah87 (1 year)
I want to learn how to throw photos like that

Author Dametora01 (4 years)
No segway for niga today, eh? =)

Author zeus6 (4 years)
I love this stuff!

Author rickames (4 years)
You are so right, but that's entertianiment for ya.

Author jjg3j2j (2 years)
love the fake punch and kick dubbed sounds lol

Author Josiah Liggins (4 years)
Yugi Oh!!!!! 0:52

Author Tom S (3 years)
How much saliva do these guys have in their mouths at any one time? They
get kicked in the mouth an a small waterfall comes out!

Author elgeeno (4 years)
wow, i remember this movie from ages ago...... woooaaa

Author TheDemon6690 (3 years)
@SuperiorPancake It's called Hollywood!

Author God hand Mishima (4 years)
awesome. :D

Author eg2410109 (4 years)
i love 1:20

Author Berimbau Hero (3 years)
Dee jay from street Fighter! ahahahha

Author PainMonkey (4 years)
@YgAriff Cuz Bruce Lee was a real life expert in punching. There may have
been some staging in the fact that he was shooting a movie but....the fact
that he was probably one of the world's greatest martial artists still
showed through when he was playing a part.

Author worldistrouble (4 years)
Mad Max? There is a black person but it ain't Tina Turner. WTF?

Author rainxxxx (3 years)
ok khan v fender tremolo who would win that?

Author Bawo Koroma (4 years)
Holy shit it's Dee Jay from Stret Fighter... only he's not smiling. Billy
Blanks FTW

Author partisan72 (2 years)
you can't win with tae bo.

Author redplaguethe3rd (3 years)
Man, Tony Leung put together some great fight choreography for this film. I
liked this one and his earlier work Superfights the most.

Author smoking1212 (3 years)
Damn blanks was ugly. He need that mask on.

Author David Landazury (4 years)
@SuperiorPancake i approve your comment hehehehe

Author Se7en Stones (2 years)
LMAO!!! Man I love these cheesy 80's and 90's martial arts flicks. Awesome
choreography, potentially great storyline, horrible acting. Anyone still
get a kick out of Troma films?

Author Lightblessins (4 years)
im still backing billy tho :P

Author ganstel6 (11 months)
Es una película antigua ps, no se va a comparar como las de ahora...

Author Johncy Nelson (4 years)
dee jay from capcom cool

Author stensnask (3 years)
Moment at 1:22, EPIC

Author John Ballensky (3 years)
where can i get this music playing in the back ground ? anyone uploaded it ?

Author Tommy Muc (4 years)
oh yeah. very nice fight :)

Author Gerald Brown (3 years)
meh...ive seen better

Author Emmanuel Veliz (2 years)
This for my mother, my father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, WTF jajajajaa

Author videozone79 (2 years)
This was my favorite movie back in the day. Even though it's filled with
unnecessary yells and the extremely bad camera angle at 4:44. He completely
missed his face. Love it!!

Author Darthsikk (3 years)
This, is the end result of using Tae-bo irresponsibly.

Author CaptainBaseball (4 years)
I´ve been there !!!!!!!!!!!! for 10 years !!!

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