Loren Avedon vs. Billy Blanks

The King of the Kickboxers finale. Choreographed by Tony Leung Siu Hung.

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Author Tron Rider ( ago)
this film is a silly waste garbage hollywood sample racist thirst and hate
vengansa a real garbage

Author Cyrus Jackson ( ago)
Its just a bad ass old movies loren avedon has some kool old movies

Author Rach Walt ( ago)
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Author Jose Luis Castro ( ago)

Author EyeLuvLucifer (1572 years ago)

Author EyeLuvLucifer (1622 years ago)
in reply to gaberlmeista
3 years ago
billy blanks scared the shit out of me when i was at the age of 5 and
watched this movie :D

Author The Professional ( ago)
this is for Molly you bitch!

Author Shoaib Saleem ( ago)
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minute in the gym, then you should look at this online video SIXPP.COM
Shh...I'm trying to use the force.

Author maximus decimus ( ago) he throw that photo

Author Manuel36 ( ago)
Ni creas es muy buena, ademas es antigua... comparado con lo de ahora...

Author Manuel36 ( ago)
Es una película antigua ps, no se va a comparar como las de ahora...

Author Jason Oldacre ( ago)
Terrible acting. And terrible choreography.

Author Edgar Morales ( ago)
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my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to
kill our jelly belly. you can see it here -->

Author danjah87 ( ago)
I want to learn how to throw photos like that

Author TheVamp1res ( ago)
I will send you to join your brother............."iv'e been
there.........for 10

Author SuperMaxZero ( ago)
This movie is actually a documentary. Billy Blanks underwent massive
surgery and invented Tae Bo shortly after.

Author LOUISGIZMO ( ago)
Tae-Bo faggot Banks.....

Author JImmy Fischer ( ago)
DEE JAY wins!

Author John CA Cornor ( ago)
They should do a makeover. Scott Adkins as Loren Avedon and Michael jai
white as Billy Blanks

Author Showtime Ghana ( ago)
Billy: I know you, you are the brother.......How perfect. I will send you
to hell ... to join your brother Loren: I've been there..... for 10 years.

Author Se7en Stones ( ago)
LMAO!!! Man I love these cheesy 80's and 90's martial arts flicks. Awesome
choreography, potentially great storyline, horrible acting. Anyone still
get a kick out of Troma films?

Author OnlyOneWing ( ago)
Man, Billy Blanks would have kicked his ass in real life. lol

Author Rob Margolin ( ago)
MY Brother and Sister Martial artists PLEASE BEWARE the #1 weight loss pill
is putting people in the hospital PLEASE type in JILLIAN MICHAELS THE TRUTH

Author junejuly532 ( ago)
Look for "The deeds (3d animation)", I did some of Billy's moves. I like
action films and a fan of action guys.

Author Chuyita28 ( ago)
que increible ver asi a mi maestro de tae'bo voy a entrenar mas

Author Emmanuel Veliz ( ago)
This for my mother, my father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, WTF jajajajaa

Author BigFatCode ( ago)
Haaaaa pshhhhh, pshhhhh, pshhhhh,...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Author videozone79 ( ago)
This was my favorite movie back in the day. Even though it's filled with
unnecessary yells and the extremely bad camera angle at 4:44. He completely
missed his face. Love it!!

Author Son of Israel (589 years ago)
-Jack! -OK (kills the monkey) time buy a gun. Make your life

Author jjg3j2j (1527 years ago)
love the fake punch and kick dubbed sounds lol

Author partisan72 (980 years ago)
you can't win with tae bo.

Author Bruce Wayne ( ago)
Fatality! 5:20

Author John Ballensky ( ago)
where can i get this music playing in the back ground ? anyone uploaded it ?

Author rainxxxx ( ago)
ok khan v fender tremolo who would win that?

Author perplexshytt ( ago)
@GigawingsVideo lol that was mad funny yo. and i never played any type of
yu gi oh game

Author istofal ( ago)
lol billy had hair

Author HyperColours ( ago)
This is for Brad, Tush! This is form Molly, Tush! This is for my brother!
Tush! And this if for the life you stole from me, you bastard! Tush! Epic
screen writing.

Author raksh9 ( ago)
The best dialogue and the worst acting. The coolest scene from a martial
arts movie. :-D

Author 1000level ( ago)
XD at 5:31 the girl sounded like homer simpson screaming

Author Berimbau Hero ( ago)
Dee jay from street Fighter! ahahahha

Author GigawingsVideo ( ago)
0:52 for a moment there I thought he pulled a yu gi oh card...

Author Gerald Brown ( ago)
meh...ive seen better

Author Yuri Fomin ( ago)
the nigger is diretcly from DOOM3 brrrr...

Author THIRTISH ( ago)
ay dis movie has da exact same or almost same plot as kickboxer wit vandamn
hit me up wit bad or good comments

Author Realmasterorder ( ago)
You Are Da BROTHER !

Author TheShinobi32 ( ago)
What was the name of the movie that Michael Blanks played in where he was a
bad guy i use to have it.

Author Mercedes600SEL ( ago)
He is black as Akon. So fucking black

Author smoking1212 ( ago)
@CaptainBaseball lmao!!!

Author smoking1212 ( ago)
Damn blanks was ugly. He need that mask on.

Author wlmason73 ( ago)
@dragonfist25 Why don't I use Buddha damn, Muhammad Damn, etc? They just
don't have the same ring to them. I'll stick with goddamn. Thanks for
asking. ;)

Author dragonfist25 ( ago)
@ace0spades09 LOL at "mockin buddha" you can't answer my question, can you?

Author Hitokiri Battousai ( ago)
Ken vs. Dee Jay.

Author Warflo666 ( ago)
Billy Blank is much better than this white boy.

Author Darthsikk ( ago)
This, is the end result of using Tae-bo irresponsibly.

Author Tom S ( ago)
How much saliva do these guys have in their mouths at any one time? They
get kicked in the mouth an a small waterfall comes out!

Author Pitch Rock ( ago)
@SuperiorPancake That's already standard. They have no idea what is better.

Author redplaguethe3rd ( ago)
Man, Tony Leung put together some great fight choreography for this film. I
liked this one and his earlier work Superfights the most.

Author dragonfist25 ( ago)
@wlmason73 Why say G-d damn like that homie? Why not say Buddha damn

Author Ninjabot1994 ( ago)
He should've used his max out punch!

Author TheDemon6690 ( ago)
@SuperiorPancake It's called Hollywood!

Author OptimusElledro13 ( ago)
DAMN, (2:16- 2:21) Billy didnt have to flex like that after getting kicked
in the mouth.

Author Terence Flood ( ago)
he has a better chin than jay leno the punishment hes taking lol!

Author wlmason73 ( ago)
I love Kung Fu movies, but goddamn! 1:27 - 1:47 is up there with the worst
acting I've ever seen. That's the kind of acting that other Kung Fu film
makers make fun of. LOL

Author arkoza81 ( ago)
old school and classic

Author Tommy Muc ( ago)
oh yeah. very nice fight :)

Author MidnyteBlaze ( ago)

Author Hyung Joo Kim ( ago)
dayum, billy blanks got shoe games. LOL.

Author Antonio Paulette ( ago)
How convenient that the one pully that sends the bootleg princess falling
happens to be right next to where Dee Jay dies...

Author Oscar Ogg ( ago)

Author quelo007 ( ago)

Author Johncy Nelson ( ago)
dee jay from capcom cool

Author James Beaver ( ago)
@Infamous256 Billy blanks was the influence for dee jay in street fighter

Author God hand Mishima ( ago)
awesome. :D

Author lionclaw77 ( ago)
Was this movie even released in america cause I can't find it anywhere?

Author PainMonkey ( ago)
@YgAriff Cuz Bruce Lee was a real life expert in punching. There may have
been some staging in the fact that he was shooting a movie but....the fact
that he was probably one of the world's greatest martial artists still
showed through when he was playing a part.

Author K1NG M1DWAY ( ago)
Billy Blanks looks like Dee Jay from Super Street Fighter 2.

Author craigcraigycrag ( ago)
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 me and my brothers used to watch this all the time
years ago!! classic

Author noah4177 ( ago)
when tony said ive been there for 10 years he screams like a girl

Author Tommy Phras ( ago)
this is definitely new to me seeing an AMERICANIZED PEKING style fight on
film. so ill give em props for this scene

Author JackieMoon36 ( ago)
billy would beat that fools ass in real life

Author EvisceratorBand ( ago)
@kingkoopa3000 Hahahahahaha

Author EvisceratorBand ( ago)
I think his has decent choreography but bad directing.

Author kingkoopa3000 ( ago)
1:45 - "I've been there....FOR TEN YEARS! *feminine scream*"

Author CaptainBaseball ( ago)
I will sent you to HELL to JOIN YOUR BROTHER !!! I´ve been there for 10

Author redashepol ( ago)
That boy is 3rd world hideous!!

Author followmyporn ( ago)
This is not bad for an american directed fight scene

Author jawan2005 ( ago)
dumb ass he didnt know who that was till he ripped his mask off then he
seen that was the one that kill his brother

Author tatawbr ( ago)
@wellingtonpereira100 Cara procura no google por "O Rei dos KickBoxers
Download" o primeiro link é do filme em avi e dublado ainda!

Author Wellington Pereira ( ago)
Esse sem dúvida foi um dos melhores filmes de luta até hoje, saudades, onde
será que eu consigo este filme?

Author ShaolinHero1 ( ago)
I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, never knew til now it was
billy blanks. Billy's a legend, but that double kick to the head is lame lol

Author Pascal Aka ( ago)
TAE- BO!!!

Author Walter Abeyta ( ago)
this used to be my shit hell naw i 4got about this movie

Author darrylsh ( ago)
Thats some pretty good tae-bo for you!

Author CaptainBaseball ( ago)
I´ve been there !!!!!!!!!!!! for 10 years !!!

Author Bawo Koroma ( ago)
Holy shit it's Dee Jay from Stret Fighter... only he's not smiling. Billy
Blanks FTW

Author bruceleeror ( ago)
GODDAMN what movie is dis

Author eg2410109 ( ago)
no he train 10 years for this battle, the black guy was strong but he had
less resistance.

Author eg2410109 ( ago)
i love 1:20

Author rickames ( ago)
You are so right, but that's entertianiment for ya.

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