Gordon Reacts to Finding DEAD LOBSTER in the Fish Tank | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Crossiant kun
    Crossiant kun 11 minutes ago

    "He's resting"

  • Bob Wolf
    Bob Wolf 15 minutes ago

    Maybe I have this backwards. If I had a food critic or someone like Ramsey I would at least have the live tank healthy and with living food. I would also cook something not only edible but my best dish. The point is there would be something worth critiquing and improving on.

  • kidmanier
    kidmanier 27 minutes ago

    I just don't understand why they bother arguing with Gordon about how THEY feel the food is great...
    Like, no mate, your business is fucking failing for a reason you cunt.

  • Kayla Alvear
    Kayla Alvear 35 minutes ago

    These guys are assholes seriously get off ur freaking phone and actually cook!!!! This guys a freaking moron!!!

  • Turd Boi
    Turd Boi 42 minutes ago


  • Rosalita Ramirez
    Rosalita Ramirez 47 minutes ago

    If there is a dead lobster in the fish tank does that count as animal abuse/neglect since they OBVIOUSLY did NOT take it out of the tank or even realize it was in there, let alone notice it was dying?

    Like i m legit curious.

    EDIT: They SAID "We keep a good eye on this" so if there is a dead one in there and they supposedly keep an eye on them, in MY books I consider this animal neglect at LEAST, if not abuse.

    Abuse because that is a shallow tank, with TOO MANY LOBSTER. you want that many lobster fine but HAVE A PROPER SIZE TANK FOR THAT MANY SO THEY AREN'T ALL CROWDED ON TOP OF EACHOTHER.

  • FluffyHusky
    FluffyHusky 1 hour ago

    How is Gordon so fucking thin? He eats so much a day.

  • Oswaldo Fernandes Betarelli da Silva

    "Its dead but its still fresh" he sure doesn't know how death works doesn't he

    This man should go home, he must be drunk to act like that

  • Marcy Prieto
    Marcy Prieto 1 hour ago

    That dude with the phone is the definition of douchebag

  • Ghost goku black
    Ghost goku black 1 hour ago

    LMFAO"in the morning I walked in thought it was a funeral"

  • Bamboo Acrobat
    Bamboo Acrobat 1 hour ago


  • 123 456
    123 456 2 hours ago

    Micheal is a d bag

  • Robeon Mew
    Robeon Mew 2 hours ago

    shit restaurants like this should be revoked of license. I don't wanna get sick eating garbage and spend a million on it

  • UnsetTheMindset
    UnsetTheMindset 2 hours ago

    "that lobsters fresh, even though it's dead it's fresh"


    👍it checks out

  • Rengwar Clash
    Rengwar Clash 2 hours ago

    I will eat that chicken and sauce..Gordon Fuck you

  • Mr Mouse
    Mr Mouse 2 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey the type of nigga to go the toilet and scream that there's no toilet paper

  • The Reptilian Gamer
    The Reptilian Gamer 3 hours ago

    Hes just sleeping lmao

  • Koshen_G_reveiw :3
    Koshen_G_reveiw :3 3 hours ago

    *THIS SOUP IS DRY!!!!!*
    Gordon Ramsay-2017

  • Patryk Janowski
    Patryk Janowski 4 hours ago

    "That lobster's fresh, even tho it died, it's good." *Made my fucking day* 😂😂😂

  • Kevin Nham
    Kevin Nham 5 hours ago

    Can lobsters cross-contaminate if they die inside those tanks?

  • DPMKing
    DPMKing 5 hours ago

    Italian Dickhead meets British Dick head

  • Atlas
    Atlas 5 hours ago

    U know lobsters basically live forever.....so how tf did that lobster die wtff

  • Tep Zemog
    Tep Zemog 5 hours ago

    Micheal is an asshole

  • The Arbiter 544
    The Arbiter 544 5 hours ago

    Im gonna be honest, if i walked in and saw a dead lobster in a tank being eaten by other lobsters, I wouldn't eat seafood for a very long time.

  • Leo Sandhu
    Leo Sandhu 6 hours ago

    Nino killed the lobster

  • Vick Nelonis
    Vick Nelonis 6 hours ago

    This show demonstrates how many lazy idiots with 0 common sense and an incredibly low IQ there are

  • Pixel Life
    Pixel Life 7 hours ago


  • William Shakespeare
    William Shakespeare 8 hours ago

    Fake - black people don't dine in any place but KFC

  • Lazarus1095
    Lazarus1095 9 hours ago

    OK, the lobster in the tank is dead. Question: Who is the person responsible for monitoring the tank? The name should be written down somewhere, there should be a clearly-defined schedule for monitoring it.

  • cynthia molano
    cynthia molano 9 hours ago

    I feel bad for Gordon paying for the food that he doesn't eat

  • monkiram
    monkiram 9 hours ago

    Okay lobsters being in the same tank as a dead lobster does not mean the live lobsters are unsafe to eat 🙄 Live lobsters don't eat dead lobsters and even if they did, their bodies would take care of the bacteria, unless of course it killed them, in which case they'd be unsafe to eat because they're dead. The dead lobster in the tank is a huge concern but the live ones are fine. Gordon Ramsay is so excessive sometimes

  • David Jones
    David Jones 10 hours ago

    Everything is so fake and staged here

  • octo dudes
    octo dudes 10 hours ago

    i hate gow people try to tell an expert how to cook

  • TewTiny
    TewTiny 11 hours ago

    they're just trying to kill gordon ramsay

  • ITZ L.A
    ITZ L.A 11 hours ago

    From the fish tank.

  • Kakakrabbypatty
    Kakakrabbypatty 12 hours ago


  • ITZ L.A
    ITZ L.A 12 hours ago

    Why is this video on ''Trending''?

  • DaveOJ
    DaveOJ 12 hours ago

    I'm surprised they don't censor it.

  • Christian Deavin
    Christian Deavin 12 hours ago

    1:50 hahahahahahaha😂😂

  • DaveOJ
    DaveOJ 12 hours ago

    "Is he dead?"
    "No, I think they're just sleeping."

  • heather jarrell
    heather jarrell 12 hours ago

    it's just sleeping...😁😂😁😂😁

  • Erick Neal
    Erick Neal 13 hours ago

    dead lobster omg they got my nigga Larry from sponge Bob me him did drive email bys noooo they got my nigga

  • Mk. 38
    Mk. 38 13 hours ago

    A dead lobster is fresh?
    Is that the reason why even human corpse get filled with maggots if they are not maintained well
    and animal corpse have swarm of files?

  • Diana Giles
    Diana Giles 14 hours ago

    did you throw up Gordan I am looking at it..so so sick

  • Soso Bowei
    Soso Bowei 14 hours ago

    Chef said that the Lobster passed away

  • Smmhs Pro
    Smmhs Pro 14 hours ago

    Those jorsey boys cant deal with ramsay

  • Zodyu1
    Zodyu1 14 hours ago

    Is this show still on??

  • Jim Blane
    Jim Blane 15 hours ago

    (17th century French voice) - Oooooooh a dead lobster! Oooooooohhhh!!!

  • Mr. Nice guy!
    Mr. Nice guy! 15 hours ago

    I'm not fucking around.. that's gross!

  • whynot-tomorrow?
    whynot-tomorrow? 17 hours ago

    Added to favorites.

  • This Guy
    This Guy 17 hours ago

    I can't stand how they add all these retarded sound effects in the American version. Guy fucking sits down and a drum has to play a beat.

  • Jack Matthew
    Jack Matthew 17 hours ago

    "You saw a lobster here that passed away..."

    It irritates me when people say 'passed away' when referring to humans, but a lobster? FFS.

  • Anna Demchenko
    Anna Demchenko 17 hours ago

    The lobster is fresh even though it's dead.

  • Unwritten Productions
    Unwritten Productions 18 hours ago

    I love Gordon's show, but I think he's a little to harsh on the people that work at the restaurants

  • Aman's Kitchen
    Aman's Kitchen 18 hours ago

    why are some people so stupid, he's one of the greatest chef I've ever seen in my life and I totally respect that person. if he's saying something isn't worth to eat then it's definitely not. Respect.

  • Awesome Dan
    Awesome Dan 18 hours ago

    Lobster died of fright from Gordon Ramsey.

  • OxMxG_its_a_Seagull
    OxMxG_its_a_Seagull 18 hours ago

    I only watch these to see people get roasted

  • Cyber Fy
    Cyber Fy 19 hours ago

    Gordon would hate my cooking. I have no sense of smell, so my food tends to be VERY over seasoned and just tastes off to everyone else lol

  • Osteo
    Osteo 20 hours ago

    3:23 The emphasis on him throwing in that meat.

  • DEmpireTube
    DEmpireTube 20 hours ago

    The lobster's fresh.. even though it's dead. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • CholulaMaster92
    CholulaMaster92 20 hours ago

    "im not fucking around, its gross" lmao

  • אמיר סופה
    אמיר סופה 21 hour ago

    Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners

  • Ms Squirts A Lot
    Ms Squirts A Lot 21 hour ago

    Girl: Fuck me!
    Gordon: How?!
    Girl: Raw!
    Gordon: . . .

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia


  • IronTomato
    IronTomato 21 hour ago

    "That lobster's fresh. Even though it died."

  • F R U A C S H K
    F R U A C S H K 22 hours ago

    Get off your phone and do your job man lol.

  • arsenicCatnip413
    arsenicCatnip413 22 hours ago

    "that lobster is fresh. even though it died it's fresh" Fuck off

  • Ethan Le élève
    Ethan Le élève 22 hours ago


  • Unicorn Monster
    Unicorn Monster 23 hours ago

    what episode and season is tis?

  • Mass killer 101 Xx

    I wanna beat the shit out of Micheal so badly. I mean he isn't doing jack shit and says that he try his best

  • The True Orc
    The True Orc 1 day ago

    _Hey, what's up guys, It's yo boy Gordon here and today, we are gonna react to finding a dead lobster in the fish tank!_

  • Juan Dominguez
    Juan Dominguez 1 day ago

    I hope there's a hospital near by😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Azaria Jade
    Azaria Jade 1 day ago

    "That lobster's fresh, even tho it's dead"

    is it really???

  • AsianFilmFan 66
    AsianFilmFan 66 1 day ago

    Dead lobster - big heavy deal, just fish it out and dump it for shit's sake!

  • Rubino Pride
    Rubino Pride 1 day ago

    go vegan and don't worry about being stiffed with a rotton lobster

  • lauren jauregay
    lauren jauregay 1 day ago

    which episode is that?

  • John Denning
    John Denning 1 day ago

    Ramsey, you arrogant cunt, go and fuck yourself.


  • 123 Taingoc
    123 Taingoc 1 day ago

    WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • declan dublin
    declan dublin 1 day ago

    Boi tat chef stupid AF

  • hollyholstar
    hollyholstar 1 day ago

    That lobster isn't singing "Under the Sea" - its "Six Feet Under" - is what his meme will read.

  • GamingWizie
    GamingWizie 1 day ago

    "that lobster is fresh,even though it died,its good"

    Yeah its freshly *DEAD*

  • They said that I could be anything

    Dead Lobster

  • Jaygaming
    Jaygaming 1 day ago

    Gordon:if he thinks that is fucking good then I'm screwed
    Manager:if you're screwed imagine what I am

  • Pope Sweet Jesus
    Pope Sweet Jesus 1 day ago

    2:50 "I'm not fucking around."

  • DOWNWARD Mobility

    I wish someone would give ramsey a snickers bar

  • DOWNWARD Mobility

    I love the awkwardness of these videos

  • Mark A. Rodriguez

    He's Spanish? He sounds Italian lol

  • Holli Would
    Holli Would 1 day ago

    This is the type of content I live for.

  • Angelic Compilations

    "He's right about everything"

    This guy is right about that

  • Mynameiswaytoobigwhyareyouareloosingtime Idiot

    Why is he a Mom,

    Gordon: Is It Dead?!
    Worker: I think it's asleep

  • maya summers
    maya summers 1 day ago

    I'm not a bad cook or anything, but I'd be terrified to cook for Gordon Ramsay.

  • TyGuy189
    TyGuy189 1 day ago

    I know the food is bad but what a waste of food

  • Celeste Cherry
    Celeste Cherry 1 day ago

    Just gotta say, that Chef Gordon Ramsey is the master at roasting people

  • paytdieb589 SNS
    paytdieb589 SNS 1 day ago

    Gordon straight up ripped that lobsters head of in the middle of that resteraunt

  • Timmer Ratajczyk
    Timmer Ratajczyk 1 day ago

    Make sure everyone gets to share the diarrhea. lol

  • Cheesy Nachos
    Cheesy Nachos 1 day ago

    what if i said i see the same lobster everytime I go to Red Lobster?

  • InfectedPanda 49
    InfectedPanda 49 1 day ago

    why does Michael think the food is good, is he on drugs

  • princess cadence
    princess cadence 1 day ago

    which eposide

  • Rocket_Dude1
    Rocket_Dude1 1 day ago

    My cat once took a 5 day nap. Then I realized he wasn't napping.

  • Football Guard
    Football Guard 1 day ago

    He's so fucking picky

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