Basically my life.

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  • Basically my life.

    Music: Wires - The Neighbourhood
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  • basic
    basic 10 days ago

    okay so maybe my life might've been a little less boiled down than this..i mean, i forgot my birth

    • dany moguel
      dany moguel 5 days ago

      basic I play the viola and I got one solo and I'm 9 just kidding I got more than one solo so you better shut the f up

    • skotadious
      skotadious 5 days ago

      ard ooooh thanks! *the more I know* *rainbow*

    • ard
      ard 5 days ago

      skotadious Viola is bigger, thus has a slightly deeper sound

    • skotadious
      skotadious 7 days ago

      what IS the difference?

    • Caylyn H.
      Caylyn H. 8 days ago

      basic i play the viola and it pisses me off that no one understands the difference between a violin and viola!

  • Jane Mavis
    Jane Mavis 8 hours ago

    so fucking true

  • Ashley Anderson
    Ashley Anderson 14 hours ago

    Omg, what college in Southern Minnesota did you go to?! I live in Southern Minnesota and I love your videos😭❤️

  • Mikhaella Andalecio
    Mikhaella Andalecio 14 hours ago

    OMG im a violist... Wait, no one cares.

  • Nini N.
    Nini N. 15 hours ago

    i love your voice

  • JLM Loves Cats
    JLM Loves Cats 1 day ago

    I like you.

  • Jas H
    Jas H 1 day ago

    yoooo wires has been my favorite song for the past 2 years lmao

  • Yoon Yeonghon
    Yoon Yeonghon 1 day ago

    0:22 I just love how you dissed the Viola, and don't you just love being a violinist and seeing violists get dissed? :)

  • Ava Gilcrease,
    Ava Gilcrease, 2 days ago

    I love wires by the neighborhood sm

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 2 days ago

    Be my friend I live in Minnesota plus I hate everything therefore I'm an introvert

  • kris cooney
    kris cooney 2 days ago

    do everything wrong with jacob sartourius

  • Eliza Cox
    Eliza Cox 3 days ago

    Thanks to u I'm not obsessed with The Neighbourhood💕 happy days

  • Duck Last_name
    Duck Last_name 3 days ago

    wow! What a shit life!

  • Shamso
    Shamso 4 days ago

    i don't like you but are u from Minnesota I'm from mn too

  • Corinne Fiedler
    Corinne Fiedler 4 days ago


  • Genma Shiranui
    Genma Shiranui 4 days ago

    everything wrong wiht youtubers in 2017 (like ones with shitty thumbnails and fReE GiFtCaRdS!!1!1)

  • Lauren Karvaski
    Lauren Karvaski 4 days ago

    What is your actual first name?

  • Emily Gravley
    Emily Gravley 4 days ago

    Everything wrong with Kylie Jenner please

  • Galaxy Roses
    Galaxy Roses 4 days ago

    sounds like my life except i haven't graduated high school or been to college yet😳

  • Oak Star
    Oak Star 5 days ago

    violas are great

  • Lastiox McFirst
    Lastiox McFirst 5 days ago

    Well this was depressing.

  • MissSophia
    MissSophia 5 days ago


  • Ariel Lee
    Ariel Lee 5 days ago

    LOL freshmen yr was shit, soph year was okay, junior yr was OH HELL NAH and I'm entering senior yr in august lol #prayformysoul

  • StaticT
    StaticT 5 days ago


  • Erin Kilgore
    Erin Kilgore 6 days ago

    I don't know why but I died when you said you had jars of pennies and bought several chips at the gas station just to piss off the employees.

  • F Ø Z I Y A M O C H I

    i really like you and your sh🔥tpost 😂💕 keep your smile

  • Youandi La Guerre
    Youandi La Guerre 6 days ago

    Your taste in music is 10% of the reason I watch your videos to be honest.

  • Fatou Faye
    Fatou Faye 6 days ago

    Everything wrong wi Kylie Jenner

  • Logan Falcon
    Logan Falcon 6 days ago

    you seem really sad and miserable in life.. im so sorry

  • michelle styles
    michelle styles 6 days ago


  • Ioana Lariu
    Ioana Lariu 7 days ago

    **hears about viva la vida**

  • Moexi
    Moexi 7 days ago

    HI im a fellow Minnesotan, we plant food so you don't starve!

  • Hannah Ochea
    Hannah Ochea 7 days ago

    everything wrong with top 10

  • Celebrity Savage
    Celebrity Savage 7 days ago

    everything wrong with YouTube couple channels

  • Qůęëň Vïçťøřįå

    I'm a viola player too...the struggle is real

  • シロアイコ
    シロアイコ 7 days ago

    You should have your own show

  • Alice The Girl On Fire

    i love your channel so much!!!!

  • noodle.
    noodle. 7 days ago

    viva la vida is life

  • Valeria D'Arace
    Valeria D'Arace 7 days ago

    when I heard the nbhd at the end I fucking JUMPED

  • Alyssa Duncan
    Alyssa Duncan 7 days ago

    Aye class of 2016 whassup

  • MilkGames 4
    MilkGames 4 7 days ago

    sweater weather 👌

  • Lacie Ashlyn
    Lacie Ashlyn 7 days ago

    omg I love you and yesssss Wires by The Neighbourhood omgggg

  • Narnian Queenxx
    Narnian Queenxx 7 days ago


  • Homosexual Yuuri
    Homosexual Yuuri 8 days ago

    yoo I actually liked that. would you consider updating it?

  • Rocio D
    Rocio D 8 days ago

    wow, i don't know why i enjoy your videos so much. i can't stop watching

  • paola 25
    paola 25 8 days ago

    oh shit I'm taking ap euro next year

  • Mewpixel
    Mewpixel 8 days ago

    Lol same tho
    My friend forced me to play the violin and after the first year I quit lol

  • amanda
    amanda 8 days ago

    do you draw these pictures you always use as icons? should give credit if not.

  • Audrey Thomas
    Audrey Thomas 8 days ago


  • Fatina Gharbia
    Fatina Gharbia 8 days ago


  • CaramelQueen Gaming

    You graduate last year, and you don't remember 11th grade.

  • Kristine Ballinger
    Kristine Ballinger 8 days ago

    What's the song she played at the end

  • shotgunwxdding -
    shotgunwxdding - 8 days ago

    everything wrong with austin jones 😂😂

  • alexis_music555
    alexis_music555 8 days ago

    i was a bagger a few months ago....i quit in three months it was awful lol

  • ThatRandom
    ThatRandom 8 days ago

    i h8 u

  • Kaavya Balasubramanian

    the face you used at 0:40 is the face i have for you in my mind :'D hahaha no hate i love your channel!!

  • That's not Me
    That's not Me 8 days ago

    4 YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL????? Thats deadly 💀thanks god for not making me born in the usa

  • amazinglyanna4
    amazinglyanna4 8 days ago


  • Miglė Linkevičiūtė

    i actually screamed when i heard outro of this video. i love the neighbourhood so much

  • TwentyOneRoses
    TwentyOneRoses 8 days ago


  • Silvermoon Therian
    Silvermoon Therian 8 days ago

    Everything wrong with Sorsha please!

  • MoonFaze
    MoonFaze 8 days ago

    Yes the NBHD :D

  • hopeanyway
    hopeanyway 8 days ago

    Instantly liked when I heard the NBHD at the end

  • Paige Sucks
    Paige Sucks 8 days ago

    the neighbourhood !!!!

  • Alexander Taveras
    Alexander Taveras 8 days ago

    LMAOOOOOOO I REMEMBER AP European History😭🤦🏻‍♂️. Never did I read from that textbook

  • Jaime N
    Jaime N 8 days ago

    Are you the only child? Do you have friends? Theres a lot missing lol

  • Jackyeombumtrash
    Jackyeombumtrash 8 days ago

    Wires was a perfect ending

  • Mariya Alyokhina
    Mariya Alyokhina 8 days ago

    i got intense goosebumps when The Neighbourhood started playing in the end.

    LEMON QUEEN 8 days ago

    you should do a video on riverdale

    LEMON QUEEN 8 days ago

    what was that song at the end?

  • Vile Bot
    Vile Bot 8 days ago

    I just wanna see your face😭

  • Maria Tsavali
    Maria Tsavali 8 days ago

    do everything wrong with kylie/kendall jenner

  • KiwiCake
    KiwiCake 8 days ago

    How do you quit a job? Just say "I quit!" To your boss? 🤔

    I would not come for an entire month 😋

  • chlomoney boi
    chlomoney boi 8 days ago

    when you watch this video without audio its really confusing

  • Victoria Mmz
    Victoria Mmz 8 days ago

    I fucking love this because at one point of the video I related to it so much I almost thought she was talking about my life. But at the same time... it's kinda sad lmao 😭

  • Pharmaceutical Potatoes


  • Pharmaceutical Potatoes

    everything wrong with SORSHA. so much. too much.

  • Lena De Brabandere
    Lena De Brabandere 9 days ago

    God... I love this channel

  • Kk Beach
    Kk Beach 9 days ago

    is that all you know about your life?

  • Alex Maldonado
    Alex Maldonado 9 days ago

    Totally irrelevant comment but i just found the coincidence to be huge. Today i realized a video i liked a long time ago was deleted. I couldn't access the uploaders channel or see the full title of the deleted video but i did remember it to be a video that contained a song i liked but didnt recall the title, singer/band, or even the lyrics. i recalled a single sentence and i googled it but found nothing. an hour and a half later, all of a sudden i started spouting out random lyrics and quickly googled them and finally found the song. It was Wires. the song you used in your outro. the sentence i used to try to find it wasnt even in the song XD if only i waited. i would have recognized it once i watched this video.

  • K fileto
    K fileto 9 days ago

    I worked at toys r us too, it sucked

    LOPEA 9 days ago

    Do everything wrong with Mali Trevejo.

  • ravioli dab
    ravioli dab 9 days ago

    dose she live in Minnesota cuz thats where i live ...

  • Olivia Overbeek
    Olivia Overbeek 9 days ago

    Please do a face reveal! You sound beautiful and so empowering and I would love to see who is behind all of these amazing videos

  • Inventive Potato2177

    I love your channel 😂😂😂😍😍

  • Laia Johnson
    Laia Johnson 9 days ago

    Bruh I had a super controlling "friend" in elementary too I always look back and feel bad for myself....tmi

  • PlutoIsMahBae :3
    PlutoIsMahBae :3 9 days ago

    Everything wrong with fucking mine craft gaming channels. I swear those people are like 42 year old men

  • Santa Chi
    Santa Chi 9 days ago

    Do everything wrong with Jake Paul/team 10 pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Fit Bre
    Just Fit Bre 9 days ago

    Everything wrong with Malu Trevejo

  • Nikki gaming
    Nikki gaming 9 days ago

    bro she kinda sounds like karina Garcia

  • kenzy mcEvoy
    kenzy mcEvoy 9 days ago

    ayy, I'm from st Paul Minnesota

  • Random TV
    Random TV 9 days ago

    searched 'wires - the neighbourhood' and i ended up in here!

  • lowkey savage
    lowkey savage 9 days ago

    basically my life is on my phone. rip

  • Tuty Shitz
    Tuty Shitz 9 days ago

    Did she say Minnesota SOUTHERN MINNESOTA .....that's we're I live

  • hannah m
    hannah m 9 days ago

    everything wrong with instagram "comedians" like lele pons and that group

  • Nugroho Pangestu
    Nugroho Pangestu 9 days ago

    well, that was kind a short

  • alternative submarine

    WIRES! ilysm

  • xenia mix
    xenia mix 9 days ago

    her life is her deciding she doesn't like anything at all (no hate girl love your videos but you don't like maaaany things)

  • umjohnson1
    umjohnson1 9 days ago


  • What Is My Channel
    What Is My Channel 9 days ago


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