Spider Man Homecoming Trailer Breakdown

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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome 21 day ago

    Let me know what you guys think of new *Spider Man Homecoming* and what's going to happen with him and Iron Man before Infinity War! Posting a new *Wonder Woman* Trailer video next in a few hours :)

    • TSG BenignoStar
      TSG BenignoStar 19 days ago

      no...Im not

    • Juan Pablo Cadena Aguilar
      Juan Pablo Cadena Aguilar 19 days ago

      You're the Spider-Man?

    • TSG BenignoStar
      TSG BenignoStar 19 days ago

      Spiderman does what a spider can
      I like him
      I cant wait
      For his MCU movie
      and now....Here comes the spiderman (movie)

    • Oleg Dobra
      Oleg Dobra 20 days ago

      Hey, what is about Sokovia accords. Does Spidey breaks the law by helping people?

    • Draw With Michael Art Studios
      Draw With Michael Art Studios 20 days ago

      I love how ned is just so terrible at trying to actually keeping a secret. It would be funny if someone like tortured him and he just spills it all out.

  • SuperNova Gaming
    SuperNova Gaming 3 days ago

    I want hobgoblin

  • SuperNova Gaming
    SuperNova Gaming 3 days ago

    Kid you earned your an avenger now go fucking fight crime

  • TheEvil Ninja183
    TheEvil Ninja183 5 days ago

    I think after his suit is taken away by Stark and Spider-Man goes after Vulture that stark will help fight vulture after Spider-Man gets beaten up by vulture

  • Misho Papava
    Misho Papava 8 days ago

    It's cool to shoot!
    I also want to participate :(
    I was joking:)
    I do not know who it is impossible :(
    Good luck to you and your work

  • Todd Bradbury
    Todd Bradbury 11 days ago

    You are Awesome your Emergency Awesome

  • Nakoda Hoksina
    Nakoda Hoksina 12 days ago

    in the comics spider man also had a disagreement with Stark and was almost beaten to death but saved by Punisher ... maybe this spider man movie is just pushing another way around that . Told in another way ? 😏

  • Gavin Nicholls
    Gavin Nicholls 13 days ago

    I've always seen the hob goblin as the main spiderman villian. And the best

  • Gavin Nicholls
    Gavin Nicholls 13 days ago

    emergency awesome rocks dude! let's high five!

  • el jefe
    el jefe 13 days ago

    The Vulture will drive Peter and Tony apart. He's taking work form him

  • Titus Franco
    Titus Franco 13 days ago

    this movie looks amazing

  • Gary Avants
    Gary Avants 13 days ago

    Always love your stuff. Thanks.

  • PsJpeglolsss
    PsJpeglolsss 13 days ago

    Check the trailer I made for my version of spiderman homecoming on my channel

  • babymatrix559
    babymatrix559 14 days ago

    Spider-Man! Can't wait!

  • Marvel Advanced DC Comics Heroes

    Can Kevin foggy want to introduce the new character is wolverine in the Marvel cinematic universe

  • Marvel Advanced DC Comics Heroes

    Thank you ,Charlie ,I'm big fan of you and Spiderman in MCU ,and contact me in comments down below ,Charlie

  • Marvel Advanced DC Comics Heroes

    Peter Parker as Spiderman is my favorite character in marvel universe

  • Marvel Advanced DC Comics Heroes

    Then after Spiderman coming of age sequel ,the next villain is will be Doc Ock and Venom ,the lizard

  • Marvel Advanced DC Comics Heroes

    He gonna give him new Spiderman suit upgrade and black symbiote suit was in safe code avengers tower

  • andrulV2
    andrulV2 15 days ago

    in the comics Peter Parker split away from Iron Man to join the resistance so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in the MCU as well. The fight scene was great in that they reminded everyone that Peter is a genius level intellect. Stark shut down Peter's suit and asked him if Peter'd really thought Stark would hand over a multi-million dollar suit without a way to shut it down. Peter's response was to ask if Stark really thought he could give a science nerd such a suit without him digging into the o/s, finding and nullifying the shut down command.

  • Just Ricky!
    Just Ricky! 16 days ago

    Kraven the Hunter has to be the next Spider-Man villain, right? I remember reading an article a couple years ago how Kraven can make a crossover happen between Spiderman and Black Panther too. I think Kraven is an interesting choice...

  • Exo-_-Gaming_SA
    Exo-_-Gaming_SA 16 days ago

    cant wait :D

  • Aran Buzzas
    Aran Buzzas 17 days ago

    Love that shirt!

  • Sanzeev Dahal
    Sanzeev Dahal 17 days ago

    we already knew satr wars exist in MCU from civil war. spiderman talks about empire strike back movie. how did you not remember that.

  • Stephen McTowelie
    Stephen McTowelie 17 days ago

    love the shirt Charlie super cool...whats this one from..."bad robot" ...cheers

  • Echo Noir
    Echo Noir 17 days ago

    I loved that opening bit

  • cuntohaire
    cuntohaire 17 days ago

    star wars (empire) was referenced in civil war.

  • Ja'Son Bolden
    Ja'Son Bolden 17 days ago

    I think when the blue spider Man suit shoots and shoots again in the same area the web turns into unbreakable ice.

  • Eddy Jay
    Eddy Jay 17 days ago


  • William McDermott
    William McDermott 18 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the picture of Howard Stark on the wall of Peter's school???

  • Meriis
    Meriis 18 days ago

    How did tony stark find out about peter being spider-man

  • Joshua Eberhardt
    Joshua Eberhardt 18 days ago

    great video

  • Craig Orton
    Craig Orton 18 days ago

    I'm glad they didn't go stranger things with this. I'm hyped

  • Kevin Reynart
    Kevin Reynart 18 days ago

    That shirt you're wearing is cool, Charlie.

  • Cool dog Animation
    Cool dog Animation 18 days ago

    Iorn Spider

  • Cool dog Animation
    Cool dog Animation 18 days ago

    I love Spider-man

  • mohseneman asim
    mohseneman asim 18 days ago

    Man the expression on his Face "What are you hiding peter" as though he really is spiderman....................THAT IS AWESOME

  • Russell Burch
    Russell Burch 18 days ago

    WOW now star wars is in the MCU is great.

  • RegularGuyReacts
    RegularGuyReacts 18 days ago

    Kraven!! Can't wait for this movie

  • J Brink
    J Brink 18 days ago

    Is she definitely the love interest? Does there even have to be a love interest yet?

  • Priyanshu Juneja
    Priyanshu Juneja 19 days ago

    iron man become his father figure

  • Kire Ilieski
    Kire Ilieski 19 days ago

    the fannyes trailer

  • Blitzwinger's Number One Fan

    Spiderman is a big star wars fan obviously

  • domdom6465
    domdom6465 19 days ago

    thank god she aint mary jane.

  • Will Hewson
    Will Hewson 19 days ago

    spider figs spider figs I want me some spider figs! :D

  • Drhives
    Drhives 19 days ago

    I think mysterio would be an amazing villain for the sequel....
    villain with potential who has never been used? check.
    magic illusions powers which can provide 3d eye candy? what other ideas you guys got? love to hear it.

  • Liam Macadam
    Liam Macadam 19 days ago

    if they keep introducing villains for Spidey will marvel go down the track of sinister 6 I really hope so

  • Drhives
    Drhives 19 days ago

    got a trailer for wonder woman..... wut?

  • Louie Poison Musyc
    Louie Poison Musyc 19 days ago

    I'd really like to see them do the Rhino next. i thought the previous idea was awesome. So modern and realistic. a tank suit, basically.

    Then id like to see a bit of story with peter having issues with someone that introduces us to a revised sandman. but ends with a venom.

    then a venom movie. Then a movie in which venom gets locked up with cletus. which opens up a movie for carnage - a 2 part movie. with the 2nd part being MAXIMUM carnage in which venom AND spidey must befriend each other to take down carnage.

    then id be fine with retiring spidey from MCU ... OR maybe THEN a Mysterio and wrap it up with a scene with petey marrying mary jane until civil war -- OH! wait! .. i forgot... they already done that :/

  • Nicholas Hodson
    Nicholas Hodson 19 days ago

    I think mysterio would be cool.

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill 19 days ago

    I just had a thought... no I lost it

  • GypsyBubba718
    GypsyBubba718 19 days ago

    Tom Holland is a perfect fit the Spider-Man but I do not like the rest of the cast it looks like they just don't fit

    • GypsyBubba718
      GypsyBubba718 19 days ago

      that's just my opinion!
      The villains are good but Peter Parker's friends are stupid looking they don't look like they fit in the movie

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 19 days ago

    a comment on this video

  • Clifford Bellinger
    Clifford Bellinger 19 days ago

    Awesome !!!

  • William Rhan Renger
    William Rhan Renger 19 days ago

    Oh Yeaaaah!!!

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 19 days ago

    wait, which Spidey comic cause I wanna catch up?

  • Thorondor
    Thorondor 19 days ago

    Star Wars and Star Trek were already both confirmed to exist: right after the Running Scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (visible in Captain America's notebook).

  • alienzen
    alienzen 19 days ago

    Iron Man is going to die in AVengers 4, that's why the relationship won't go anywhere.

  • no one
    no one 19 days ago

    Love your vids Charlie!

  • Bloodstone Pisces
    Bloodstone Pisces 19 days ago

    I am Spider-man, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Robert Pham
    Robert Pham 19 days ago

    This movie should make some throwaway line about a Spider-Man pig.

  • Sidney Westcomb
    Sidney Westcomb 19 days ago

    i want craven the hunter but i know they wouldn't do that to dark lol

  • Kevin Guenther
    Kevin Guenther 19 days ago

    I would LOVE to see Kraven the hunter make an appearance. The Kraven's Last Hunt storyline in particular.

  • Steven Fenton
    Steven Fenton 19 days ago

    In Captain America The Winter Soldier Cap's notebook had Star Wars/Trek written in it. So Star Wars does exist in the MCU. But this shows physical proof.

  • Blacklily Orchard
    Blacklily Orchard 19 days ago

    which studio owns Spider-Woman?

  • Hibberty
    Hibberty 19 days ago

    Wait how did Peter get startled by Ned? surely his spider senses would go off?

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer 19 days ago

    I want spidey to get the symboite in infinity war and have it in the homecoming sequel.

  • Victor Córdova
    Victor Córdova 19 days ago

    I'd love it if they included Mysterio in some future movie

  • Albert Martinez
    Albert Martinez 19 days ago

    I want to see Kingpin with Alistair Smythe, maybe Kraven as a secondary villain they hire...

  • Patrick Patton
    Patrick Patton 19 days ago

    they already referenced empire strikes back in civil war

  • aikimark1955
    aikimark1955 19 days ago

    I think the fact that Tony Stark plays so cavalierly with Peter's high-tech suit will be the wedge. This is the consequence of Tony's snap judgement.

  • David Lonergan
    David Lonergan 19 days ago

    Electro and Kraven are dangerous in different ways--I'd like to see both of them in following films.

  • Ray medamiedo
    Ray medamiedo 19 days ago

    *Toy technician:* We had a problem with the production line... the Spider-Man figurines came out blue.
    *Hasbro Directive:* It doesn't matter, just label them as Tech Suit and sell'em like that.

  • fazal jabbar
    fazal jabbar 19 days ago


  • dyladino
    dyladino 19 days ago

    i dont think the blue suit is actually a thing in the mcu

  • dyladino
    dyladino 19 days ago

    starwars was already confirmed to exist in civil war

  • Martin Sinclair
    Martin Sinclair 19 days ago

    this should've been the first trailer.

    the first trailer gave away far too much of the movie imo

  • Scouty
    Scouty 19 days ago

    wait i just realized why didn't his spider senses react

  • Ian Brittain
    Ian Brittain 19 days ago

    Because the blatantly obvious Empire Strikes Back reference in Civil War meant Star Wars didn't exist in this universe.....

    A.S. PRANKS 20 days ago

    The scene is cool but what about his spider sense though

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 20 days ago

    Wouldn't Spider-man have to reveal his identity if he wanted to be an Avenger now?

    • Alex Anderson
      Alex Anderson 20 days ago

      Danny Jones only to the government I'm pretty sure

  • Harsh
    Harsh 20 days ago

    Deadpool Spiderman Movie would be amazing!

  • CraigJ
    CraigJ 20 days ago

    If Homecoming becomes a trilogy, they gotta go Sinister Six. I want to see
    Doc Ock, Vulture, Shocker, Mysterio, Scorpion, and maybe Molten Man?? (spectacular version)

  • Pvd24
    Pvd24 20 days ago

    Wait, the death star is what make you think start wars exist in the MCU?, not the reference to it during the main fight in in Civil War?... wondering.

  • Aditya Ghoshal
    Aditya Ghoshal 20 days ago

    Zendaya tho

  • ishmoose1
    ishmoose1 20 days ago

    So cool

  • Arnab Das
    Arnab Das 20 days ago

    It would be wonderful if he got the black costume during Infinity War

  • Devansh Arya
    Devansh Arya 20 days ago

    Who else wants Andrew Garfield to return as Spider-Man?

  • Devansh Arya
    Devansh Arya 20 days ago

    Science Bitch!! Hilarious

  • Ociel Martinez
    Ociel Martinez 20 days ago


  • Haroon Pimentel
    Haroon Pimentel 20 days ago

    looking to win pls

  • Harry Poole
    Harry Poole 20 days ago


  • Tommy X Lourdes
    Tommy X Lourdes 20 days ago

    8:50 calling all FE theorists!

  • Nathaniel Sheehan
    Nathaniel Sheehan 20 days ago

    Has Superhero reflexes...
    ...Can't save 1000+ piece Lego death-star

  • Majestic Moose
    Majestic Moose 20 days ago

    I'd love the iron spider

  • William Felipe
    William Felipe 20 days ago

    Yee yee

  • Jimson Josy
    Jimson Josy 20 days ago

    #ironman suit it's 😍😍😍😍😍😉😉 I'm in love. I'm thiniking When the movie end Peters like can I keep the suit? I'm avenger now?
    Stark like no your not.um suit. let's just say how about new one

  • André
    André 20 days ago

    I wanna see Mysterio in Homecoming 2 !!!

  • Im The Real Tammy gonna

    He's so adorable lol

  • Saro Danadian
    Saro Danadian 20 days ago

    If star wars exists in the mcu who played Mace Windu in the prequels? that must have really confused the crap out of Captain America

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