The BEST planted aquarium collection with TWINSTAR!

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Comments: 73

  • jonas gl
    jonas gl 1 month ago

    whats the second song?

  • Iqqo Elsa
    Iqqo Elsa 1 month ago


  • Ronald Evans
    Ronald Evans 2 months ago

    your tanks are really nice to look at and I would like to no how you get the planet's to grow like that in your tanks and what kind of plants do you use? you have very pretty fish tanks please get back to me and let me know what kind of plants she use and how to make my tank like yours. thank you and keep up the good work.

  • No Name
    No Name 2 months ago

    what name song?

  • arnold may II
    arnold may II 2 months ago


  • C K
    C K 2 months ago

    what airstone is that or where can i get it from ?

    • Twinstar Iberica
      Twinstar Iberica 2 months ago

      It's our Twinstar Sterilizer and you can get it from us. Free shipping.

  • mot gnay
    mot gnay 3 months ago

    Beautiful tank. Sorry I posted a comment three month ago asking for the name of the first song. Can you please reply, I really like the song but don't know the name, if you can tell me the name of the song or the composer that'll be great, thank.

    • Twinstar Iberica
      Twinstar Iberica 2 months ago

      별의 바다 (Sea Of Stars) - 로맨틱브리즈

    • mot gnay
      mot gnay 2 months ago

      Hugh li Hey thank a lot. I never heard of purple pine before, and I'm liking what I see so far. Anyway thank, appreciate the reply, God bless.

    • Hugh li
      Hugh li 2 months ago

      Romantic Breeze - Sea Of Stars (PurplePine Entertainment)

    • mot gnay
      mot gnay 3 months ago

      Thank but that's the name of the second song, I know Joe his a is hi already great composer, but I don't know the name of the first song, could be possible that he composed the song too but I don't know. Anyway if you can find out what the name of the first song is thrilled great.

    • Twinstar Iberica
      Twinstar Iberica 3 months ago

      This one? Summer - Joe Hisaishi

  • Candii
    Candii 3 months ago

    Where can I order the nano?

    • Twinstar Iberica
      Twinstar Iberica 2 months ago

      I'm sorry for our late reply. Please send us an email, you can find more information here

      Thank you.

    • Candii
      Candii 3 months ago

      Twinstar Iberica I tried to look it up to order but I can not find it. Can you send me a link to a website I can go to please. Thank you

    • Twinstar Iberica
      Twinstar Iberica 3 months ago

      You can order directly with us, we ship worldwide and sometimes for free.

  • Nick Tovey
    Nick Tovey 3 months ago

    To be honest. I can see a few ADA designs here.

  • Monica Warden
    Monica Warden 3 months ago

    so beautiful :)

  • Epic Travels
    Epic Travels 5 months ago


  • Олег Новокшонов

    What is the name of the plant on the all left side of tank at 2:35?

  • Nick Callaghan
    Nick Callaghan 6 months ago

    Is it safe to say all of these tanks would run CO2 ?

  • mot gnay
    mot gnay 6 months ago

    Can u give me the name of the first song please it's so beautiful compose, the second song's name is call Summer I think, by the famous composer Joe Hisaishi forbthose that are wondering.

    • Hugh li
      Hugh li 2 months ago

      Romantic Breeze - Sea Of Stars (PurplePine Entertainment)

    • Shahrukh houssaini
      Shahrukh houssaini 4 months ago

      Chanthong Yang thank you so much 👍😊

  • RR26
    RR26 6 months ago

    Don't like the white color of Twinstar. Should be transparent.

  • Sabine Jost
    Sabine Jost 6 months ago

    Its Beautiful TANK YOU !

  • ospreys48
    ospreys48 7 months ago

    Why don't fresh water aquarist attempt to hide equipment? Tanks are so nice but equipment really detracts from the beauty

    • devilhimself1974
      devilhimself1974 6 months ago

      ospreys48 other equipment can be hidden in a sump. However if you inject co2 into a sump instead of directly into a tank there is a possible degassing issue.

  • I Rate Your Comments
    I Rate Your Comments 7 months ago

    Beautiful tanks! The twinstar looks awesome! But what is the song that starts at 1:50 ? It's so familiar I can almost name it but I can't quite figure it out. It's driving me crazy!

  • senseipokomoko
    senseipokomoko 7 months ago

    amazing 😊

  • serchmarc
    serchmarc 8 months ago

    how much is the maintenance monthly?

  • Nature's Finest
    Nature's Finest 8 months ago

    so what if i did the same thing but above water with the same plants? would it look the same minus the fish?

  • Allie Fettig
    Allie Fettig 8 months ago

    3:04 That Lord of the Rings tank is the best.

  • Cycnoches2012
    Cycnoches2012 9 months ago

    fabulous living art work!!

  • Roy alton
    Roy alton 9 months ago

    can i ask for the list of the song ??

  • NPSH
    NPSH 9 months ago

    this is SICK aquascape i wonder if i had one OMG

  • youtmeme
    youtmeme 11 months ago

    gorgeous aquariums, but they are only designed for small fry? any such aquariums for larger fish?

  • lee04p
    lee04p 1 year ago

    what kind of diffuser is that?

    • Twinstar Iberica
      Twinstar Iberica 8 months ago

      Dear lee04p this is a Twinstar, and this model is used to inhibit green algae and promote plant growth

  • lee04p
    lee04p 1 year ago

    what kind of diffuser is that?

    • Twinstar Iberica
      Twinstar Iberica 9 months ago

      In the video you can see many different models of TWINSTAR. Some are Twinstar Nano Plus, Nano, M5 and so on, used to help on green algae inhibition and promote plant growth.

  • visualkeirockstar
    visualkeirockstar 1 year ago

    whats the first song?

  • Zhongshuo Guo
    Zhongshuo Guo 1 year ago


  • Tee Johnson
    Tee Johnson 1 year ago

    Don't want to sound dumb , but what is that white stuff being released into the water ?

  • leeka lo
    leeka lo 1 year ago

    very nice

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