North Korea: US bombers pushing crisis close to nuclear war

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  • The growing US military presence on the Korean peninsula has North Korea making new threats of nuclear war. CNN's Barbara Starr reports
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  • Edgar Casiano
    Edgar Casiano 6 days ago

    나는 한국인이 아니며이 언어를 말하거나 쓰지 않습니다. 나는 상징이 멋지다고 생각한다!

  • g MaytaR
    g MaytaR 1 month ago

    Dangerous times. Eventually tensions will exaulate. Does thevBible have anything to say about End times.

  • Garry Dupuis
    Garry Dupuis 1 month ago

    tell me who cares about what you have to say j macain you are just a rat and a big time looser you have fail big time when you turn on your fellow brothers that was held prisoners during the war you were in. I'm not empress with you and I'm not the only person that feels this way. why don't you get out of politics and go grow mushrooms you will do well in doing this because you are full of BULL SHIT.

  • Jhon Mark Bluza
    Jhon Mark Bluza 1 month ago

  • Lizzy Kat
    Lizzy Kat 1 month ago

    fake news!!

  • Bushrod
    Bushrod 1 month ago

    China knows what's at stake so we need to stop talking about putting pressure on them. In the end North Korea will do what they want regardless of any additional pressure. President Trump did the right thing making that statement to meet with the North Korean leader. It shows the U.S is willing to keep ALL options on the table. CNN - what's up with with the title of this video? Looks to me like you're trying once again to make the Trump Administration look bad. War with North Korea does not necessarily mean it will go nuclear. You need to be more honest and unbiased in your reporting. No wonder people are calling you FAKE news.

  • Amit  Kandpal
    Amit Kandpal 1 month ago

    Don't kill earth by your stupidity USA and Korea.

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 1 month ago

    *I say we let North Korea Bomb CNN.*

  • Sosume 1
    Sosume 1 1 month ago

    I believe CNN is exaggerating the issues, and I do not believe CNN.

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 1 month ago

    Jew-infested US on a neocolonialism-spree. The world is not enough.

  • vlad767
    vlad767 1 month ago

    My god, so many warmongers here. Everybody who wants invasion in North Korea, can you anwser the question: are you ready to sacrifice 26 million Seul, your military bases and perhaps other South Korean and Japanese cities? Just because you want to look cool and show your power.

  • Fel Ani
    Fel Ani 1 month ago

    Sorry Mr. President, Kim Jung Un won't be able to make it to America. We can't find a cargo plane big enough.

  • ASS Licker for life
    ASS Licker for life 1 month ago

    we should all send trump supporters with there guns to fight north Korea send them to the front lines

  • Victorbrine
    Victorbrine 1 month ago

    Those B2 bombers are damn sexy

  • Peaceforallman kind
    Peaceforallman kind 1 month ago

    This is just playing with fire. At this moment the only adult is China.
    Only China can drum sense into these two comparing dick sizes.

  • Retired ModelMaker
    Retired ModelMaker 1 month ago

    Are there any liberals here willing to fly to N Korea and talk some sense into Kim Jong Un about threatening nuclear war on the world? ...... that was a rhetorical question by the way but nonetheless go ahead and give it a try .... send me a post card from the prison camp you'll be working in .... that's if your lucky enough to be alive

  • Mary B
    Mary B 1 month ago

    North Korea and this little jerk do NOT want to go there.

  • Dante war
    Dante war 1 month ago

    Look at how Mccain's calling North Koreas leader a dishonorable person. lol atleast Kim isn't dealing with ISIS like Mccain got caught in a pic with Al baghdadi.

  • jabs69
    jabs69 1 month ago

    The NeoCons and NeoLiberals pull the strings at CNN.

  • jabs69
    jabs69 1 month ago

    The mainstream media is colluding with un-elected folks to push WW3. CNN has knowingly reported falsehood and propaganda for 3-4 years about what is going on in Syria in hopes of getting foggy-brained Americans to support furthering a conflict there. You are either lying about N.Korea or exaggerating to stir the masses. You are garbage and those who follow you are pathetic.

  • Mazjan
    Mazjan 1 month ago

    It is not about N. Korea its about Chine to be "slaped" in face. Pentagon is playing a dengerous game to "save the face" what can turn into disaster for America !

  • J Me
    J Me 1 month ago

    I thought Trump supporters were saying Hillary was the one that wanted to start WW3

  • Spiro Mentos
    Spiro Mentos 1 month ago

    CNN. Cocksuckers News Network

  • Donald Trump's Secretary of Deportation

    Finish what 'they' started. Communism must be erased from existence. Even in Isolation, they're dangerous.

  • MSM Fake news
    MSM Fake news 1 month ago

    Very fake news

  • Vijaya Kumar
    Vijaya Kumar 1 month ago

    fuck NORTH KOREA

  • 김윤태유튜브
    김윤태유튜브 1 month ago

    Hello me I'm from South korean NORTH KOREN KING KIM JUNG UN FUCKING ! ! ! USA♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • laveran bresh
    laveran bresh 1 month ago

    America knows that this not the 50s or 60s when NK was reduced to zero and they didn't have any nuclear weapons. America can easily fuck them up now still ..but they will cause far more damage than ISIS before they all die.

  • Emanuel Martinez
    Emanuel Martinez 1 month ago

    i hope Kim Jong-un in gets a united airlines ticket

  • 이봉두
    이봉두 1 month ago

    2days ago Mr Trump said, the North Korean cheiftain Kim is a smart cookie. What's mean? Is Mr. Trump dumbbell?

  • jimmy jon
    jimmy jon 1 month ago

    PLEASE DESTROY AND LIBERATE NKOREA. thankyou mr trump. you make America Great again

  • LastCynicStanding
    LastCynicStanding 1 month ago

    CNN hates the POTUS so much they are literally trying to make the DPRK the victim here.
    I am glad you guys are hemorrhaging money. The end could not come soon enough for you Orwellian traitors.

  • Control The Universum

    Trump is so stupid, oh oh oh... Make Mike Pence President en kick Trump out!!

  • Mr Mail
    Mr Mail 1 month ago

    North Korea has made China angry now. The Chinese may just cut his lifeline COMPLETELY.

  • Julian Sloop
    Julian Sloop 1 month ago

    Good God, You guys at CNN just can't let go. I'm not saying Trump is perfect, but you always are spinning the news around his presidency in a negative light. North Korea has threatened to wipe America off the map... If we just keep ignoring them like we have been then one day they will get that capability. We need to show strength and initiative to North Korea and the world so that nobody thinks that threats to America will be tolerated. Meeting with Kim was stated to only be an option if the circumstances were right. What if reunification or nuclear disarmament were the circumstances Trump was talking about? Your coverage is so bias, and this goes for most mainstream media regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, that it is no longer news but opinion. If just one outlet decided to start presenting true honest news then they would take over the media landscape, but at this point narrative is more important than even success for you tools.

  • Ryan Gunnip
    Ryan Gunnip 1 month ago

    I can't fucking believe we are going into another war, BUT WITH A COUNTRY THAT HATES US ANNNNNND HAS THE MEANS TO WIPE US OUT. THEY HAVE NUKES. FUUUUUUCK!

  • Impending revile
    Impending revile 1 month ago

    At this rate Trump will have to get really serious and call Kim a sincerely honorable cookie.

  • karma
    karma 1 month ago

    N korea is threat usa since kim father and now korea got more power,we cant let them get more cause we going to regret it.Usa always show fear only the fuck with the islam,cause they dont have power.But now trump wan to talk,fucking chicken.

  • Cliff Lister
    Cliff Lister 1 month ago


  • Дядя Федя
    Дядя Федя 1 month ago

    Sure, ask Terrorist insane Mccain for advice

  • dronetalk 316
    dronetalk 316 1 month ago

    We need obama back fast !!

  • Brian Mead
    Brian Mead 1 month ago

    False Flag Attack Imminent!

  • Michael Lion
    Michael Lion 1 month ago

    Cannot wait until we start drafting the liberal college campuses to fight. At least they will serve America by being names on a memorial.

  • Anthony Roberts
    Anthony Roberts 1 month ago

    No, it's the jews who are positioning their puppet leaders to start ww3. Lusitania, pearl harbor, gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, 9/11, wmd. The jews have form in "unfortunate" false flags that just happen to help their cause. This final conflict has been planned for decades. Wake up White people!

  • ZeleKnez
    ZeleKnez 1 month ago

    USA is always pushing for wars. The vampire has to feed with blood. Even Hitlers Nazi Germany didnt killed so many people and invaded so many countries as USA. Hitler is an amateur towards USA.

  • Sonny Salvador
    Sonny Salvador 1 month ago

    US must stop provoking nations around the world, and they ask why nations like North Korea are pissed.

  • ElSmusso
    ElSmusso 1 month ago

    Start a war and the Russia collusion is gone...
    Better buy some tin cans and bury in the garden... Trump is an old man who wants collective suicide. USA has become Jonestown.

  • lighty805
    lighty805 1 month ago

    fake news how can nk threat us with nukes if they dont even have the right icbm

  • Marius Snow
    Marius Snow 1 month ago

    and when the war starts trump will say: who knew that war could be so deadly xD

  • galactic beer co.
    galactic beer co. 1 month ago

    2 months from today, Kim Jung-Un will be publicly hanged on USA soil if war breaks out.

  • Armand Lyon
    Armand Lyon 1 month ago

    Liberals will become dinner after a nuclear holocaust.

  • Prophetess  of MeoW
    Prophetess of MeoW 1 month ago

    Practice makes perfect with our bombers. If Kim Jong un refuses talks, we will go in and finish this war for good. It will not be pretty. Yet the madman is Kim Jong un. Don't confuse roles do to political bias.

  • justicepartyuk
    justicepartyuk 1 month ago

    start of world war 3

  • Buck Futter
    Buck Futter 1 month ago

    war mongerer CNN

  • Brittney privette
    Brittney privette 1 month ago

    The little bitch is crying now,,,Bye Fatboy!

  • Stalin
    Stalin 1 month ago

    Trump will destroy North Korea

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 1 month ago

    Impeach Agent Orange before it's too late!!!

  • Prophetess  of MeoW
    Prophetess of MeoW 1 month ago

    North Korea is threatening nukes and they have escalated nuclear activity. N Korean launch sites show activity. China evacuated or "gave a tour" to a very overcrowded ferry of Pyongyang refugees. I hope they save poor refugees as well.

  • I Really Do It
    I Really Do It 1 month ago

    For all you pussies who blame Trump for North Korea's threats click on link below this shits been going on way before Trump was in the picture.

  • David browson
    David browson 1 month ago

    I really understand north korea.

  • Mario Shuman
    Mario Shuman 1 month ago

    wipe this bitch out trump

  • trap3400
    trap3400 1 month ago

    *bring it on USA*

  • killerboypoor
    killerboypoor 1 month ago

    i support that trump have somewhat intention to diplomatically solve this

  • Raoul Radio
    Raoul Radio 1 month ago

    The future of humanity is in the hands of misguided "leaders" who lack the intellect to avoid saber rattling and war. Sad for humanity.

  • Tahir Rana
    Tahir Rana 1 month ago

    Nukes are a Jewish hoax just like the fraud called Albert Einstein. Einstein fled Germany in 1933 , Jews love the numbers !!!

  • feelsgoodman
    feelsgoodman 1 month ago

    US should watch out with those missile tests so close to china

  • Rick G
    Rick G 1 month ago

    fuck that they been threatening us for a long time Trump just has the balls to call their bluff. if they Wana do this we won't back down

  • Conner Chaney
    Conner Chaney 1 month ago

    Will you idiots stop trying to scare people

  • mritachi15
    mritachi15 1 month ago

    north Korea attack first so we can see your country get vaporized

  • Cute Little Suzie
    Cute Little Suzie 1 month ago

    Fake and misleading news. They did not fly over North Korea just South Korea. This was simply part of a drill - the US and South Korea have war games each and every year.

    CNN - Shame on you you little FAKE NEWS bitches!!!

  • Leroy D. Griffin
    Leroy D. Griffin 1 month ago

    It's CNN... why would you watch this crap?

    • Peter
      Peter 1 month ago

      Been there done that, hoping one day you'll learn how to use the internet, seems like youtube is too advanced for you right now

    • Leroy D. Griffin
      Leroy D. Griffin 1 month ago

      +Peter As I said," it's way over your head." One day when you grow up.

    • Peter
      Peter 1 month ago

      Actually I'm not out of mind to click on youtube videos with the intention of not watching them LOL see ya ;)

    • Leroy D. Griffin
      Leroy D. Griffin 1 month ago

      +Peter I see this is way over your head.. have a good one...

    • Peter
      Peter 1 month ago

      Still doesn't make sense, never heard of anyone intentionally clicking on a video NOT to watch it LOL Whatever dude....

  • QuickBeam15
    QuickBeam15 1 month ago

    You liberals and your legacy media sure are stupid. This is a result of Obama's inaction, period. Now kindly Fuck off you globalist trash and let the men do the leading while you do the cowering.

  • Adolf Hitler Jr
    Adolf Hitler Jr 1 month ago

    Bomb those brainwashed pieces of shit already

  • victor m
    victor m 1 month ago

    Fuck kim jong un and Fuck the Chinese, we will make an omelet.

  • RandomRoulette
    RandomRoulette 1 month ago

    What would Hollywood do?

  • ClarkRobbinsVanTilBahnsen ClarkVanTil


  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 1 month ago

    china doesn't care about north korea ,for then is like a wall if attack by USA

  • Terry Harris
    Terry Harris 1 month ago

    einstein said, " I don't know what kind of weapons will be used in WW III, but WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones".

  • TheDarknessOfGames
    TheDarknessOfGames 1 month ago

    Yolo nuke it

  • Semaj Kcirtap
    Semaj Kcirtap 1 month ago

    I'm ready to fight for my country,let me know when you need us Mr.President.🇺🇸

  • Lemmon Grabs
    Lemmon Grabs 1 month ago

    There just trolling xD

  • Otie Brown
    Otie Brown 1 month ago

    CNN fake news. The plane DID NOT FLY OVER N. KOREA. CNN implied it did!!

    IPLAYGAMES 1 month ago

    pussies pussies and saltiness everywhere on this comment section you idiotd do realize were not dealong with russia here but nk right nk is a country thats still stuck in the soviet era and hell all thier nukes and missiles keep failing and plus ever heard of a damn missile defense system jesus Christ

  • CrazyMonkey1208
    CrazyMonkey1208 1 month ago

    LOL laughing at all of the dopes blaming Trump/USA..maybeif baby huey didn't test rockets and act so aggressive toward S. Korea other countries wouldn't feel that they have to defend themselves.

    I will agree that the USA shouldn't look for another international confrontation after hell the middle east occupation brought on us and Europe.

  • Ibrahim Abd Wahab
    Ibrahim Abd Wahab 1 month ago


  • Tina Brock
    Tina Brock 1 month ago

    Lord Jesus is about to make his return America needs to wake up

  • Ger -
    Ger - 1 month ago

    Them Americans need to start minding their own business

  • Hallking78
    Hallking78 1 month ago

    John McCain called somebody dishonorable! now that's rich!!! roflmao

  • donald barnes
    donald barnes 1 month ago

    America runs to its own death. Russia and China have set America up but the Lord is using them to bring judgrment on that paedophile haunted, abortion loving, transgender benighted land. It will be a mercy killing for the sake of the world.

  • Jemiah DaPap
    Jemiah DaPap 1 month ago

    North Korea would be very dumb to do anything other than run their mouth. Bitch, bitch, bitch, nuclear weapons. Quite a jump.

  • President Donald J. Trump

    All of you uneducated pricks should know that a North Korean "nuke" can't reach us.

  • David Foster
    David Foster 1 month ago

    The most interesting thing about all this is that we're probably closer to a nuclear crisis at this moment than at any time during the cold war; while the public, for the most part, is completely disinterested. Historically, that's the point at which things start to go really bad.

  • evil pimp
    evil pimp 1 month ago

    i really hope this corrupt government gets burned for not minding their own fkn business and actually work focus on our own countries well being instead of looking to risk troops/innocent lives for their own agenda.

  • Delightful Douschebaggery

    More made up news by CNN (Clinton news network)
    I won't explain it to you because of you disagree, you are ignorant.

  • cava 1919
    cava 1919 1 month ago

    it will not happen..full stop

  • WuTang Gyarados
    WuTang Gyarados 1 month ago

    North Korea is a joke. We will crush them like soggy cookie.

  • nicolas chen
    nicolas chen 1 month ago


  • Toby Li
    Toby Li 1 month ago

    US just don't understand North Korea

  • Arcaneus Umbra
    Arcaneus Umbra 1 month ago

    boy I sure wish people in other countries would get it through their skulls that it's not us US citizens that want war. it's the government. I know the North Korean citizens certainly don't want war, it's their government. I thought you people from the UK were supposed to be smart.

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