tamil tigers attack the airport

part one

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Video Courtesy, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation


Author thibaut pey (1 year)
YOU tamil tigers almost killed me on march 2009 by colombo airport, luckily
airforce base guns shot down your plane and it explode in front of me. My
colleagues were crying to death. And for the first time, I did say I love
you to my parents. Until today I got tears remembering this event. Nobody
killing people deserve any tribulation! In the name of what can people kill
others! Nobody will be forgive for killing others innocents!

Author aidan21 (3 years)
@pulikutty007 you are a fucking dickhead, i want to smash your face in now
but i bet your in some shitty place miles away so i cant, you need to be
less judgemental about others and establish that people are the same, what
ever race, colour....

Author thivakar (5 years)
i thinkk we should bomb in mahinda rat-shi-eater house. and all other
sinhalese pussies house.

Author tashkent2807 (5 years)
fuck this tiggers

Author Tamilonthestreet (5 years)
We ARE waiting to see the mass suicide planned by the big boss PRAHAHARAN
ON THE BEACHES OFMULLATIVU ! Grand Show ! $1000 per ticket ! Special
Charter flights on Black Tiger Air Power ! Bring Spare under Pants ! You
will shit your selves !

Author sunethamiss (5 years)
u mother fucker sut the hell up or i fuckin bang u up . dont talk about
ltte and about tamil peaople

Author Gabsy2k7 (5 years)
oh yh but we do have to stop this shit otherwise the whole country will
blow up sum day

Author bakia raj (4 years)
you guys are not Buddhist. true Buddhist never kill anyone, anything .your
peoples are so fake its not abt tamilian r Sinhalese, there is other view
that's humanity. innocent peoples are dying there and u guys are enjoying
to watch that ha! cool! keep enjoying . lord Buddha never forgive
srilankans. SINLANKA.

Author nura loh (5 years)
If people here were to research, the sinhalese were the losers who started
all this hatred. Because they are stupid and unable to speak english or
beat the tamils to enter universities, they discriminate the tamil.
Sinhalese are utter losers. That's coming from an unbias singaporean

Author iVisionAfrica (5 years)
Hey idiot, I dont know how to put this into you stone head. You sound like
you dont have any better things to do? I did not say I am Tamil or for that
matter Sri Lankan? I answered your stupid and low class comments when I saw
it on this video.

Author Urmiye=Kurdistan (5 years)
very goddd. i sopurt tamil kurdish from KURDISTAN..long live
tamiland....i hate serilanka terorist and fashist govrement... longe live
tamil tigerss fith for freedom..fuck terorist and fashist serilanka
GVE....go ute in the tamilland..fuck u monky serilanka

Author thivakar (4 years)
ya now tehse singalese are killing eachothers and we can sit bakc see these
dogs bite eachothers

Author aidan21 (3 years)
your all fucking idiots who fight and create war, which destroys any chance
of yourselves having a decent life/family

Author Randima Sir (5 years)
go to a class for better english first.. you surely a tamil donkey who has
never gone to a school..

Author redripper44 (3 years)
I love youtube shit talkers, you guys never show your face when us tamils
come out eh, Why are sinhalese people such pussies :/ . Keep talking behind
a screen its going to get you really far in life don't worry

Author clitterrr (1 year)
really, well we killed all your pussy army with your fat faggot leader. the
real story of us capturing him is soo true. your leader suffer a lot, he
begged like a baby to let him live. his wife and daughter the army made
sure tey were raped like no other.. big mouth redripper.. - sund lie a
faggot who ill lways sckon his mums breast.. hahah... come to lanka and
show yoru face.. thnwe will seee who is hiding like mouse/

Author janojjan (5 years)
i want my money back....ur moms pussy is to loose

go and fuck your leader prabakaran

Author averredude101 (2 years)
those fucking tamil tiger islams can suck on my big dick or give their
leader a blowjob. What the fuck do they even want? Son of a bitches turning
a beautiful tourist destination to a terror

Author RockStudioLive (3 years)
How crazy are Canadians? we're importing these bastards and paying $1000 a
day for each of them! See ezra levant dot com No spaces and replace dot
with a . Right?

Author Steven Fernando (1 year)
hahahahaha fuck u LTTE shitheads! ur dream of eelam is either burried in a
grave or locked up in jail! fuck all of u demala pakaya! Sinhalese will
always he victorious!

Author gibenj (5 years)
bend over and fuck ur selves tamil cunts.....all u bastards are dark
stinking and wonder in the ancient days ul were brought to clean
toilets buy the british....soon wel kill all of em motherfuckers in the
north..then wel start with the rest of you...hw can ul fuck sinhalese women
when u aint got a dick...anyway we rape the hell out of ur bitches in the
north....its gonna be more and nothing less....

Author hyder83ify (3 years)
avalappisasugal singalarhal.. kattunayakkavil vaithu kanakku theerthargal

Author Brendenn Princely (1 year)
god i hate racist lankans and tamils accept the fact ur sri lankan and move
on bitches

Author Frenzykila (3 years)
buddah ahahahahahhahahahhahah! fake!

Author thivakar (5 years)
no actiually we are going to bang ur mom.

Author TheEuphony69 (4 years)
@vexx26 Tamil people start crap where ever they go. They fight in Lanka and
create nuisance in India

Author Randima Sir (5 years)
i paid doubled the amount she asked cos to clean in it up using pinol....
they are anyways sakkilis..

Author Kusira Malaika (2 years)

Author laktony2 (2 years)
@chefbaki i'm born "christian" now "atheists" & not all sinhalese are
"buddhists" & lord buddha never said "someone coming to kill you just let
them do it" & for your information lord buddha not watching humans unlike
your god who hidding in the clouds/ toilets ..buddhism is philosophy &
greater than any other you guys kill our people and we kill yours thats the
simple theory you do the same thing if you have greater power now tamils
handicapped that's why crying for peace ..hope we kill all

Author SAFCJIMBOB (5 years)
Iam neutral being English..

Author starcraftweed (3 years)
aiii man nanga pulli not pussies

Author Randima Sir (5 years)
stop barking he said, you dont have a land, try on maldives
area... hope fully you'll survive.. you know what will happen to you
exactly if you come face to face.. so kindly fuckofffffff...... pulihalin
thaaham fuckofff.... tamileela taayaham fuck off...

Author udith25 (4 years)
ama in 2001-2003 nee poringa noway from katunayaka

Author rusha1265 (5 years)
i hope u burn in hell ur mother, father, sis/bro ah fuck this i hope all u
sinhalese haters get whipped and be put in salt water.... i hope gotabaya
and mahinda get stampeded by a pack of elephants and u hater, stick thorn
up ur ass u bloody hater

Author ghtyu354 (5 years)
Well its not that the west cant beat you its more or less they dont want to
wipe you off the face of the planet..... there tryign to get specific
people not the entire country if they really did they would just carpet
bomb you..... But no there just trying to get the murderers which requires
time and care ......

Author Suloch (6 years)
now tamils find a way to hide.... hooooo.... heeeeee..... tamil bloody

Author Viduranga Yapa (5 years)
we gonna kill all you tamil cunts.

Author sajithsl84 (5 years)
fuck off. u jack ass.

Author Shamil Perera (3 years)
NO Ellam sorry it's just a useless dream a futile cause,if u want to help,
then raise money for development in north east. 30 years of war got us
nowhere.It's time for rebuilding Sri Lanka,the miracle of Asia. PROUD TO BE

Author gibenj (5 years)
brownsquadz.....dude are u sure ya from canada...cos u seem to be bit rusty
with ya words..u illiterate shit...oh ya i forgot u are one of those ugly
faced tamil cunts with refugee fuck off shit face...i bet ur
dogs poop looks better than ur face...die and hope that u are born better

Author Cakap Pun Takda Guna la Kesian (5 years)
mahindra son of bitch. Malaysian want to fuck mahindra family. ha..ha..ha..
Malaysia tamilian support always for tamil eelam and cap.prabakaran. Tamil
tigers is a real heroes.. Ask mahindra fucker, fuck own mother.

Author Gihan De Alwis (3 years)
yo where the FUCK is ur LTTE nw???

Author kajan inchanted (5 years)
wat a puss* ur da biggest puss* i ever seen haha talkin like this on
youtube i bet even my dog wud mess u up anyday be a man for once lol nd yo
ur ppl are puss* dey were doing some protest in nd when da sri lankan
cricket team came to canada to play cricket we messd them up lol fukin
puss* then come on youtube nd start talkin shyt.

Author gibenj (5 years)
rusha 1265...well u had to send me a private message...i would like to
inform u that i wouldn mind my dogs fucking ur mom and sis....well ur dad
and brother im sure my dogs wouldn wana fuck either...well all u tamils are
fucked...ul dont have a mother land any where in this world..ul are ugly as
hell and well hope that ul die and be born in another race...TAMILS ARE THE

Author Ellalan .T (1 year)
liv wid ur dream bitch.soo u wil lose ur head.den ul know pusyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Author rusha1265 (5 years)
how the hell do u knw hes fat u faggot, why? is that the best u can come up
with? ltte rocks

Author vroomvroom333 (5 years)
You muslim dirtbag, guttertrash piece of shit. You fuckking terrorist. Go
work in an explosive factory you hairy worthless unathletic fuckface. Your
terrorist kind should be vanished totally. Fuck you. Fucking Terrorist
bombing buildings. Your brother is probably bin laden. Fuck your mother

Author hardyboy650 (4 years)
fuki g timals

Author DersimTolhildan (3 years)
tamil tigers are the best

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