Purano Prem Ft Santosh Sitaula,Spaz,K.C & NG-B

Purano Prem By Underground Artists.Its Juz a simple video Hope you guyz'll like it .Video edited by Nepzsmiler nd me.Source:Video Taken from Korean Song!

Check it out !! edit by nepzsmiler

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 4:31
Comments: 73

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Author Ashshahas Akatsuki (2 months)
What is the movie of this cover vedio ?

Author boo bay (8 months)
Still a big hit on youtube!
Missing those old days..
Tagged Nep-G-RuleZ

Author kimchz x (8 months)
what movie is this anyway?

Author Mishu Shrestha (1 year)

Author Santosh Gurung (5 years)
chorus is the best part! =]

Author sarange1 (6 years)
like both songs n video ...........made me cry without knowing............
evetime i watch

Author Sushant Bajracharya (2 years)
this is the first nepalii hip hop song i listened to and i became a biggggg

Author uffsabiina (5 years)
this version is better thann the koreann one) x

Author Santosh Sitaula (5 years)

Author ChimseNg (5 years)
sharingon15 this one is for ya.. wanna be korean hoina..this vid suits with
da song

Author nepja36 (3 years)
Santos wanna record a song wid u mann

Author ketch705 (3 years)
anyone who's gonn post lyrics of this song from first to
last..................... will be thank ful

Author sepmang (5 years)
kasam yaaarrrr..... over babaal song n rap yaaarrrrrr..........!!!!

Author pamin dahal (1 year)
i also feeel it

Author Theskinuser (4 years)
Very Very touchable words included in this song..I luv this song very much.

Author iProuD2bNepali (5 years)
whats ur mail add ill send u

Author devend (5 years)
wats the orginal song of this video huh??

Author ghaleboi (4 years)
i m single nd miss purano prem...lop this song

Author dsycomonk monk (5 years)
koreans must b really happie that they hab got so many wannabe koreans like
indo,thai,malay,jap,even the whites ...n the nepalese...

Author Santosh Sitaula (1 year)
We will do the video for this soon soon. Thank you for liking this track.

Author agurung010 (3 years)
yooo B...fuck this video man...u peeps shud create ur own video...dats
where we nepalese video!!!nepali music video chai jahile pani
k napuge napuge justo huncha...fucking nepalese video is funny so u got
deep tune aite lyrics if u guys can make ur own video this music might
sell!!!me talking abt making paper mann....u can sell this song in nepal
any day nd get paid lol!!!

Author punkhazard87 (6 years)
laaa i'm sure i've heard an english song that's very similar to this
song..sounds lyke a rip off....ani yo geet ma nepali ra chai khatte..second
half ko english rap ta atleast tolerable..ani main chorous pani singer ko
voice chai ali vayena tara still got a catchy tune...ali ramro sanga feri
ramrai studio mai gayera record gare ta dammi nai huncha jasto cha...

Author Santosh Sitaula (1 year)
Mc Cannibal, I appreciate your support. THANK YOU!!

Author Santosh subba (1 year)
share me the link or email me if possible to fb accnt Jack Oggy Rai II

Author DeesertDawn (5 years)
I totally feel in love with the song! Does anybody has mp3 of the song?
I've been looking for it but I can't find it anywhere -_-

Author Santosh Sitaula (3 years)
Purano Prem Purano Prem Ko Yaad Aayi Rahanchha Mann Roi Rahanchha
Samjhanama... Nisthuri Maya Ko Yaad Aayi Rahanchha Mann Royi Rahanchha
Kalpana ma...

Author rakesh gurung (3 years)
this song is too gud..i like the most...just wanna see the original video
thats what i m still waiting for and also waiting for the other music from
you guys... !!!

Author Saurav Rana (6 years)
I love the chorus. Wonderful music. Never gets old!!!

Author feminitydef (4 years)
Hey can you please send me the song as well... so underground artists you
guys haven't released it in Nepal yet? This song is awesome... if there
should be a nepali vdo shuld be similar to this one how appropriate..
Koutos guys!

Author DjBazUltra (4 years)
Song chai dammi cha tara vid chai kina yesto chinki/kor ko rakheko, ali
milena k yeto racist people ko vid hamro nep geet ma srry

Author magarnagar (5 years)
fuk proud to be nepali channel is not in youtube anymore mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Author Santosh Sitaula (1 year)
Thank you Shristi

Author NEPGRULEZ (5 years)
lol... he has new account now.. chek it ,, iproud2bnepali

Author razz rai (2 years)
Wow so touchable

Author Santosh Sitaula (1 year)
Santosh, Big THANK You for liking our song. Keep listening Nepali music.
Thank you,

Author DB Shrestha (5 years)
Number1 Nephop Tune Ever

Author NEPGRULEZ (6 years)
I Miss you NG-B bro...:x

Author Santosh Sitaula (4 years)
thank you all for listenin it, i hab ma site santoshsitaula. com please

Author ishwOOr (4 years)
mero lyfe ma bhai rako jastai cha yaar yo lyrics........freakin tru feelings

Author thindolung (5 years)
damn dis songz gud...but wid be betta if u had an original vid...niways it

Author ALPEREN EREN (2 years)
good song man

Author Santosh Sitaula (4 years)
@kshitijgurung I personally love being underground because we get the real
recognition and honest love from people like you. We hope to provide you
all more music. Had I been a mainstream artist, I would not even reply to
your thread. But this is the beauty of underground art. It is all real and
very pure.

Author MsPrashant12 (3 years)
Great guys ..... Nice song lyked it

Author DevilishAngel60 (3 years)
oppaaa... love ds song.... n d video too :p

Author TheNarmada89 (3 years)
i love this song

Author Santosh Sitaula (5 years)
Sure, I will take your words and improve next time. I am the one who sang
the chorus. Again, Thanks for the comment.

Author Shristi Shrestha (2 years)
lovely it......

Author Nepz Kale (3 years)
@agurung010 of my bro is part of nepgrulez and i am also saying
them to publish songs to store

Author babygarl101 (4 years)
i really love this song..lyrics pani man chune cha i really love
it....thnks for the song(nepgrulez)

Author khanal subas (2 years)
Heart touching song and lovely video, the video matches the song . Hats off
to the singers and the video makers though this video has been uploaded to
various musics which is unmatched.

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