Mojiza in London! - Zuljanah Shows Respect! Imamia Mission

Date: 10th Muharram - 8th January 2009
Location: Imamia Mission, Forest Gate, London
Jaloos: Ashura

The Zuljanah (Shabi-e-Murtajiz) bows down when "As-Salaam-e-Sahib-uz-Zaman" is said during ziyarat... Some people don't bow down to their masters. This just goes to show that an animal, who loves its Master, has more sense and respect for their master than a ordinary man!

If you would like this on a disc alongside with the zanjeer zani video then please contact me asap for details. Please use formal english when sending a message thank you.

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Author AsMa ZaInAb (4 months)
Zuljana is so cute i love all zuljana

Author Pervez Ali (1 month)

Author KHYAM SYED (6 months)

Author mugz636 (5 years)
Mashallah ! .... ALI (AS) HAQ !!!

Author AGHANorthampton (4 years)
Europe's Markazi Majlis e Aza / Matam Dari 23rd May 2010 10am, Allama Nasir
Talhara, Dr.Zameer Akhtar Naqvi, Zakir Qazi Waseem, Zakir Zagham Shah,
Zakir Naveeed Ashiq BA, Aqeel Moshin Naqvi, Meer Hassan Meer, Allama Fazal
Abbas and Shokat Raza Shokat will recite.Venue: Caroline Chisholm School,
Wooldale Road, Wootton, Northampton NN4 6TP (Organiser, AGHA Tel

Author ahlbayt313 (3 years)
a salam alayaka ya sahib al asr o zaman (aj)

Author ali shah (2 years)
ye noha konsa hay?? mjhay samajh ni aa rahi plzz guide karen

Author syedfarhan912 (3 years)
subhan Allah

Author foryouwithlove2008 (4 years)
Jazzakallah thanks 4 uploading

Author Sabahat Alia Zafar (4 years)
I'm really interested in Shia Islam! This is a beautiful video!

Author ali shah (2 years)
bhai yeh back ground mau\in konsa nohaa hay????? naam tow btaen mjhay
samajh ni aarahi lakin acha lg raha hay,

Author neelyshah (5 years)

Author SHIABADSHAH110 (5 years)

Author Syedda Zehra (4 years)
@5syed1214 are yu sure that's what its called cuz I can't find it!

Author saleempeshorei (2 years)
laanat ho oun par jo theek Immam-e-Mazloom ki shahadat kay waqt apnay photo
sesion main musroof hayin.........................

Author Sahil Alaracu (6 years)
I was there too and I have also recorded a video aswell will be uploading
it soon. Masaallah Very good Unbelievable.

Author ahsanshah110 (4 years)

Author neelyshah (5 years)
@ maylaynium " its not necessary "

Author ali12moh14 (5 years)

Author Desi Playa (4 years)
can any tell me da name of the nouha what they r riciting here please

Author Khalifa Al-Khattab (5 years)
Ibrar Shah is looking good.

Author shabehijar (6 years)
omg mashalla...

Author shahj101 (4 years)
shows tha horse has more sense than tha people there.. the people i saw
didnt even bow!!!

Author notorius999 (5 years)
talk about zuljenah bowing during ziaarat and at 3:00 we have some people
busy drinking juice even in ziaarat...... tch tch

Author Lapita Rai (4 years)
@shuja6666 i hve been there as well while it was prepared... he ate your
wooden fence.. lol

Author 110chadereyzainab92 (5 years)
jio!! mashallah! ZAWARI PAAK A.S looks soo beutiful! sada salamat raho!

Author SAYED ALI ABBAS NAQVI (3 years)

Author shuja6666 (6 years)
786 92 110 Salaams & Ya Ali (a.s.) Madad Thanx 4 sharing ! Mashallah ! I've
been fortunate to have 'Sher Ali' prepared in my garden for the past 3yrs
in the Birmingham Juloos e Aza ! Beautiful & disciplined Zuljenah ! Sher
Ali Zindabaad !

Author toli55555 (3 years)

Author rezazadha (5 years)

Author karrarshah1 (3 years)
salam ya hussain salam ya imam syed karrar haider shah khanewal punjab
pakistan cell#92-300-6894511

Author toli55555 (3 years)

Author Yaseen Hasan (4 years)
Masha Allah, YA ALI MADAD

Author Miqdad baloch (5 years)
which country is this plz tell video was amazing mashallah

Author talalpasha (5 years)
nice very gud im sunni but its very gud

Author TACOUSA87 (4 years)
mashallah jazak allah naice

Author Jawad Naqvi (6 years)

Author Ali shan Nasir (4 years)
Yaaaaaaaaaaaa ALIIII(AS) Madaddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Author TheQasimabbas (5 years)

Author misspinkicecube (2 years)
wow,at this moment i have had the fortune to have the flag that was on top
of the roof in which he was buried (red) wrapped around me,the fragrant is
inbearabley sweet and pure and it cant seem to fade away....mashallah:)

Author babygirlthebest (6 years)
wooow MashAllahAli.. haq Ya Ali as ...this is our Zuljana shair Ali 4m
slough.. we love him.. OMG I love HIM shair Ali zindabad ........dar r soo
many other mojzas off shair Ali...

Author MrKamran1214 (4 years)
one of the most beautiful Ziarat everseen and mojza is superb. YA Hussain
teray chahnay walon ki khair

Author amir mahmood Razvi (3 years)
ya hussain

Author shehzadi shah (6 years)
Hy its me ur cuzin frm Birmngham......!! mashALLAH VERY NICE MOJEZA n
zuljanaaaa labaik ya HUSSAIN as

Author ehsan16 (4 years)
Ya ali mashallah what a mojiza!

Author 1karbalai (5 years)
MALIK HUSSAIN k azadaro ko mera salam

Author queenz illest (5 years)
wow its true and its right around 3:55 so dont miss it

Author syedabbashassan (4 years)
Bhai I need a help, Can anyone help and tell me the name of noha which is
playing from 00:00 to 00:24,kinldy help me because I couldnt find.

Author Asif Malik (4 years)
Mashallah shias Bow their heads when they recite salam on last imam who
will appear soon by the order of Allah and revive Islam all of the world
His name is Muhammad Mehdi and he is known as IMAM MEHDI A.S.This video is
amazing zuljana is bowing his head n feet as respect.Shia is the only true
religious group in the world.Mashallah

Author n0infoprovided786 (6 years)
3:50 to 4:00

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