Federal Budget: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Donald Trump's federal budget plan proposes large funding cuts with largely negative consequences. John Oliver examines the troubling priorities of the new administration.

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Author Emma Cloud ( ago)
Y'all I know we're laughing at his stupidity, but this is growing into something genuinely terrifying...

Author Fake News ( ago)

Author kingwindie ( ago)
In all honesty Trump barely makes sense, i always laugh when he's been interviewed.

Author Ladifour ( ago)
Man, the ghostwriter of the Art of the Deal can deliver good quotes...

Author Reereez4795 ( ago)
We can leave a little bit of the environment... cause it's not like we depend on plants for oxygen or anything important like that...

Author Edith Jaimez ( ago)
I'm retired military, and the budget will benefit the veterans, but to cut away budget from all other agencies is not right. All these other agencies are just as important.

Author Volts Wagon ( ago)
He has such a knack for putting things into simple reasoning! Thoroughly entertaining :D "took a little longer than would have been ideal but they're getting there" :D :D :D

Author jeff ghant ( ago)
Trump is right. We have to start shrinking the gov't. We can start by removing the staff in the White House from the top to the bottom.

Author markman manmark ( ago)
there all mobster ,going to hell , john a shill .

Author Save the USA ( ago)
All these cuts to pay for the tax breaks given to the rich.

Author RQ.Awkward ( ago)
My piano teacher is a farmer (Agricultural has one of the biggest cuts) and was happy wanting him to cut it all 🤦🏽‍♀️

Author Caridad Ortiz ( ago)
This man is going to destroy this country!

Author Dominic Roeder ( ago)
I'm sorry but Samantha Bee doesn't have shit on John Oliver and Last week tonight

Author Blake Digma ( ago)
What were they laughing at before?!?!?

Author Robert Duncan ( ago)
you do realize that cutting things like public broadcasting allows those to become privatized which allows for healthier competition which means not only do we get a better product but that will also fuel the economy and create jobs. there are just certain things that the government doesnt need to be involved in

Author Robert Duncan ( ago)
John Oliver should stay out of politics he's far too biased

Author XxXVideoVeiwerXxX ( ago)
I wish obama was under this much scrutiny when he was in office...but i guess being charming and black gave him a pass.

I can only hope the person after trump will be scrutinized just as much....but, I doubt it. Since they won't be as obscene as trump. They will be smart enough to stay composed and quiet. That way people don't look at them so closely...sigh.

Author Harrison Kinsley ( ago)
Rather than dissing the cuts, could you even begin to propose better cuts that are practical?

Easy to cherry pick specific cuts and ridicule them, but this is a seriously challenging task. The bottom line is that we need cuts, period. Even if we taxed people who make more than 1million a year 100% of their income, that accounts for 600 billion, and our budget is over 3 trillion.

We *must* cut. Period. Yes it's unfortunate and sad we don't have infinite money, but it's a reality. It sucks, but it's the situation that we can't have everything want.

Author Celestino Miguel Neves Portela ( ago)
I have no doubt that with Hillary we would be having more wars, with Trump I sincerely doubt that.

Author Big Lenny Persin ( ago)
John Oliver = European cuck trying to promote his European cuckery in America

Author Etienne Balon ( ago)
This is hilarious as a foreigner, but I am wondering if Americans laugh that much :s

Author Jordan Wildman ( ago)
they scroll like the end credits of America... savage

Author Kck1870 ( ago)
Where's the comedy? How are you on TV?

Author fatpatMC ( ago)
only a trailer trash kingpin is stupid nuff to cut NASA

Author Stephen Ruland ( ago)
i hate trump but the epa is a bunch of crooks

Author Ross Marshall ( ago)
Step 1: make people believe the gov. doesn't work.
Step 2: Pour money into defense budget.
Step 3: When things get worse, blame it on Muslims and start a war.

Author John Thompson ( ago)
I can usually laugh all the way through these videos but this time I just sat there from 6 minutes on with a disgusted look on my face, even through the jokes because I honestly can't believe this is becoming a reality and seeing exactly how these atrocious ideas are gonna affect real Americans in their day to day lives. He wants to increase defense for our people and protect them from potential conflicts which he says will reduce after the increase, which just sounds like a cold war part 2 tbh. But in doing so he's destroying essential parts of our lives anyways so I'm not seeing what he's accomplishing or at least trying to accomplish here.

Author Jacob Johnston ( ago)
Trump supporters like the budget, I personally don't think it goes far enough. The items being cut are things the Government can not constitutionally be doing and have been breaking the law doing them. This budget cuts the Government money laundering and miss management. Needs to cut more

Author William Henning ( ago)
I didn't know NASA had a budget to be cut anymore...

Author Locke ( ago)
The amount of airtime you devote to trump these days is absolutely ludicrous.

He seems to be the central underpinning for most of your discussions.

You're gonna burn your audience out. They will be totally numb to any discussion of Trump. They just won't care.

You can even see it now. They aren't virtue signaling or booing as hard as they were even a month ago.

Reality is settling in. The world isn't ending. They're going on with their lives.

*insert boy who cried wolf here*

Author Jusbert Meza ( ago)
Rex Tillerson i guess sees the future cause he thinks that there someone will be less US conflicts and at the sametime trump increases the military budget by 56 billion dollars

Author Dilton X ( ago)
When he said make America great he meant "great war" great.

Author J Flow ( ago)
Trump is ridiculous. To all who did not vote: you are responsible for this mess.

Author Robert Smith ( ago)
In Trump's book, The Art of the Deal it states quite clearly that his father was a slum lord. Not in those words, but read the book, his father with US government loans, built low income slums for white only people. And it does make clear he was a "slum lord"!

Author Ambrose Myrrdin Aurelianus ( ago)
he makes scary funny!!!!

Author lightning ( ago)
Well I believe we could have done without the military spending increases, ideally lower their budget, as well as not fucking with the EPA but In general this budget does deliver on basic conservative principles and hopefully can do even more to cut entitlements and things that are not economically sustainable like that day care stuff. If you guys feel so bad for them you can take your tax cuts and donate them lol

Author simonsuescun ( ago)
Why did they cut the zebra segment? Why? Why?

Author Amanda Johnson ( ago)
Our defense budget is already at 612 Billion dollars. We have the largest military defense budget in the world, the second largest is Russia's at 76.6 billion. We could cut our budget in half and still have the biggest defense budget in the world, why are we adding more?!

Author Fuzzydoom ( ago)
Just admit it already Hilary and Trump were 2 sides of the same coin, whoever got elected would've meant disaster, one would've led us into war with Russia, the other is running the nation like its a business. If all Trump supporters are bigoted idiots, all Hilary supporters are naive Sjw's with no sense of reality.

Author kol's life ( ago)
Jon you have become very inflamatory

Author Siddharth Jaiswal ( ago)
Americans will handle their President . I am sure American will make him do the work which helps everyone in America, The reporter talent assures me that.

Author Kitsune Arashi/ LunarLord11 ( ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that he swore a lot less?

Author Tomas Kuli ( ago)
Like his bankrupt companies?

Author Daniel Bro ( ago)
we are in trouble if the president says "tippiy toppy "

Author Bill Cooley ( ago)

Author Andrew Taylor ( ago)
Jon oliver is amazing!!

Author Vitaly Broshchak ( ago)
Defense from who and what? America is the largest terror organization.

Author Jacob Johnston ( ago)
Yet the debt keeps rising rapidly, Need to find ways to cut out more waste and reform welfare programs and many other Non-Constitutional responsibilities to cut down on debt wich is becoming a national security crisis

Author Ingo from Earth ( ago)
Mr. Oliver is an agitated Englishman with no talent for sports whatsoever. Sad.

Author Isaac Byrd ( ago)
I am legitimately scared for the future of my country. I'd like to do great things in America when I get older, but the way things are headed don't seem too good for America and I feel like on the path we're on now I won't be able to live here any longer. I'm probably overthinking it but It's a little worrying for me.

Author Keith Lorenz ( ago)
Well...I really love your style of reporting/programming, but I just can't take your opinion and soap box of a Trump episode each week. BT, (before Trump) you never focused on one single person so vehemently every week and I enjoyed how you used your segments to bring to light some really very important issues, honestly I watch you with vigor. I get it, you hate the man , or at least that is how I take you because you bash him so much. I support him and to continually hear you focus your point at him is just too much for me. One viewer lost.

Author Jεε¥☯ñG ( ago)
Tippy Top from what I hear

Author Jared Brandt ( ago)
John your show is epic but just slamming Trump and picking away with petty stuff isn't very entertaining. Your network is clearly Democratic, so we get it, but most of this just sounds like whining. Most of us want to see America do better and our leaders certainly have flaws, but being a constant antagonist just isn't the answer.

Author 3munchenman ( ago)
The bottom line is the US needs to start cutting spending. An overbearing amount of federal spending is being paid for on foreign loans. As a result the US is approaching $20 trillion in the hole. In 2016, 6% of spending was on interest alone. That means for every tax dollar you pay, more than 10% goes to a foreign corporation or government.

In reality this means the US needs to cut entitlement spending (medicaid, medicare, social security) and the military because those two components make up more than 75% of federal spending. Unfortunately, Trump's proposal cuts all of the other important areas. Trump's proposal will only serve to increase the national debt as it increases an already bloated military while making small cuts to small government services.

Oliver's rhetoric is either uninformed, misdirected, or, more likely, liberal propaganda.

Author Joe Smith ( ago)
soooo your never not gonna cover Trump hu?

Author Randy Bussell ( ago)
I think you, your producers and crew should look at the OPM. Bring some things to light that has gone on for a while.

Author Michelle Burgess ( ago)
The US spends so much money on military and yet those funds are never appropriated in such a way that we can take care of our soldiers and Veterans. It all goes to research and development to go into wars we start and and paranoia over things we cannot control. We fail in education compared to the rest of the world which is why we rely on so much outsourced talent. The SBA encourages small business, which are becoming more stable than those bog department stores. PBS never had money to begin with and is ALWAYS asking for donations, DESPITE the fact that is is a government funded business. You're making cuts in programs that make up less than 25% of our spending ALL TOGETHER> it's like saying, "I'll save money but cutting down on how much alcohol I buy" when you don't even drink. I'm mostly worried about the EPA. It's been seen time and time again that when left to their own devices, people WILL ignore environmental concerns or will be unaware of the damages until it's too late. By which they will say "oops" get a fine, and go on their merry way leaving neighborhoods and communities devastated. Two words should convince you to keep the EPA. FLINT MICHIGAN! the EPA protects us from not only big companies but also negligence when someone tries to install a sewage system too close to the drinking water or tear down a national park for fracking. The EPA supports energy alternatives as well, something big businesses like to strike down. HUD will become even more useless as houses and apartments go up and no one can afford them. and the list goes on. I'm not saying all these programs are useful, but they are y far useless. Trump is preparing himself for a war of his own making as he continues to run this country by the seat of his pants.

Author gajustempus ( ago)
taking this IMMENSE spending in military makes me wonder:

The U.S. currently receives quite some cash from NATO and UN for providing military forces. And as the other members don't have a military as strong as they should have, the U.S. has a stronger military and receives more money from other members.

Right now Trump demands the other members to increase their spending on military and increase troops. Sure, it's expensive, but most of those are both able and willing to do so.

But, if the other members increase their military participation, the U.S. no longer need to provide as many troops, will therefore receive less payment from NATO and UN. But instead of reducing military, Trump is INCREASING military spending even further. What's on his agenda? Does he prepare for a zombie invasion or war or what? Because all of his demands and all of the planning will lead in a MASSIVE loss in cash for the U.S....

Author panic ( ago)
John Oliver could be my king and I'd laugh all day

Author Korey Yearwood ( ago)
i dont speak fluent toddler psycopath lol

Author MKG176 ( ago)
Here's the grim truth:

So picture this is Civ 5. We have won the cultural influence / world leader victory in say by year 1990. Because at this point, we are seeing the sharp decline of the USSR, American cultural foreign influence at its height, the American dollar as the unquestioned reserve currency (and objectors' regimes are systematically destabilized), and our military is powerful, ubiquitous, and most importantly, MUCH farther along the tech tree. The F16 unquestionably rules the skies worldwide.

But much of this was the result of the previous golden age which dawned after WW2, foreign industry was destroyed and imperialistic tactics after the war solidified our influence for decades in many of the "city states." We are part of a generation which was born into this golden age, world wide american influence to us is like an unwritten "rule" of the world: "America is untouchable."

BUT if you have ever been curious and *continued* to play Civ, you might notice that in the far future (say, year 2100) that once the other nations have advanced in tech, that your military is no longer that threatening. So you as a larger country increase the spending, if you cant have the most advanced army you'll have the strongest, right? But then what happens to your economy? Your gold per turn starts to drop and eventually hit the negative.

So in response, you build banks, stock exchanges, wonders, manipulate the work force, every little trick you can think of to maximize gold output to support this ever growing army. Soon you're replacing farms and mills with trading posts, and the only specialists which matter in cities are ones who produce gold. Then you reach the inevitable point of understanding, "the support of this military is crippling me, I need to do something to smash these other large civs who now also have jets and icbms and dont seem to really be afraid to sacrifice their prosperity to become stronger than me. The only option I have with this military is to...*use it*.

Now tell me, how much of that sounds similar to our own country? But the most frightening thing is, I can see something like that over the course of a few hours in a computer game, learn, and restart. There is no "resetting" this game. At some point, a country is going to feel pushed into using the huge money sink that is their military, and in turn it will set off a chain reaction of those seeking the same. Since there is no way to make everyone stop playing this game, I don't see how else this could play out.

Author Kevin Krueger ( ago)
I am a BTK amputee in a wheelchair who uses Meals On Wheels. If Trump literally takes food out of my mouth, I am personally rolling all the way to DC to punch this walking orange toilet in the nuts. I'll do it. Don't push me. Just sayin'.

Author GordonTurnerpark ( ago)
I support all of the cuts, but also support actually giving the money BACK to the people instead of reallocating funds to the military. People have NO right to claim moral superiority above others when they charge the government with stealing money from others at the point of a gun. PBS? Endowment for the Arts? I do not want to pay for it. I don't care HOW small the "donation" is. Also, I don't want to pay for anymore killing machines or stupid security that gets us one step closer to a damn police state. Taxation is theft.

Author Star Gould ( ago)
I'm a college grad who happen to be working in shitty job but I always knew that there were economic hierarchies & exercise of CEO-level greed 'cause these ppl don't have passion for any studies but just fucking money & more sex in their brains. Now my question is, which of the liberals should one side for, betting that one of those in that very elite group turns out to be dependable? Don't tell me that I'm being aggressively pessimistic since I'm not Michael Moore.

Author AC/DC.4.LIFE ! ( ago)
HBO & This Marble Mouth Suck

Author C Jersey ( ago)
If you voted for this wealth insulated social misfit I just want to say FUCK YOU. You should be prohibited from having children if you find this insecure, petty asshole worthy of leading anything. Again, Fuck You.

Author Scott Simon ( ago)
Trump is not ending the social programs, he is just reducing their budgets & will demand more efficiency & accountability. There is a lot of waste in government progrms that politicians ignore. He's already saved the goernment billions in defesnse contracts.

Author lula balcha ( ago)
The defense gave us the internet and many other technologies!! GO TRUMP

Author ignacio delgado ( ago)
Any regret from trump supporters yet?

Author googleboyny ( ago)
Trump wants to build up the military to fight an enemy that does not exist.

Author logan511962 ( ago)
The GOP and Trump administration is nothing but a death panel!

Author Donnie Nehls ( ago)
you people who get your news from this idiotic goofball John Oliver sicken me. he's a comedian and he knows nothing and he's convincing you brainless idiots to believe what he's saying with his over confidence and disgusting accent.

Author watchinyoulol ( ago)
I can't stop starring at your forehead. I'm getting stary.

Author Guille Heraldo S12 Valdeón ( ago)
I just do not understand why no one has noticed that the budget proposed by trump eliminating pbc is a clear conflict of interests as he owns private shows.

Author Ellisha Julia ( ago)
I Love Their Bold Topics. specially on Donald TRUMP

Author daniel meehan ( ago)
This shit nowadays we call comedy.

Author Alexaerive Em ( ago)
"We can leave a little bit" DWLLLLL America your President is a straight eeeediat.

Author Christopher Hughes ( ago)
Fuck Hollywood is what Trump is saying By defunding the ARTS ! I love it also everytime he has a so called rally he really is just having another victory lap repeating over and over again I WON IWON sending all the haters back on their meds again LOL

Author Bisexual is Ogay ( ago)
Peter Barker, weird sounds familiar.

Author mr jama ( ago)
I don't think we'll ever have a president like Trump. Have to enjoy every minute of this clown fiesta.

Author TrickWithAKnife ( ago)
Fuck you, America.

You care more about your ability to kill than taking care of your own people.

Author joel0joel0 ( ago)
you know the time where we were scared about ai took over and saved us from our self? Now we cant wait that it actually get started.

Author Wes Inman ( ago)
People actually watch this idiot? Wow, talk about being hard up for entertainment.

Author Vecheslav Novikov ( ago)
Oh hey, look, the VA is getting a much needed budget increase!

Author Anvesh Shaw ( ago)
"As time goes by, there will be fewer military conflicts that the US will be *directly* engaged in."

He meant, the US will ramp up indirect military engagement so that while (the US government makes sure) the World burns, Americans will be safe, enjoying a barbecue.

Author Erik Raudr ( ago)
Have fun screwing yourself :D Who else saw this coming ? God i'm glad to be european now :)

Author Sprite Drinker ( ago)
The best thing about rachel maddow being a lesbian is that she will NOT reproduce offspring! Have a nice day!

Author Jane Doe ( ago)
This is not exclusive to Trump. The argument that right-wing policies most adversely affect the voting base of Republicans is hardly new. What is not taken into account is that these policies are never hidden from these voters and often are apart of why they voted "right". These people voted intentionally. They do not agree with these programs on an ideological level. They have not been fooled, this is what they asked for. Raising military spending and cutting other programs is a populist message on the right. This is Trump delivering on campaign promises, not him playing a con.

I do not agree at all with Trump's budget plan. I did not vote for Trump. But the narrative in this video is very narrow.

Author Pro Removalists Melbourne ( ago)
Great to see the real scenario!

Author Junaed Kabir ( ago)
Of course there will be budget cuts on education it's the only way an idiot like you can stay in power Trump.

Author Clive Blanston ( ago)
This is an ironic episode of Last Week indeed. Had Bill Clinton not fucked the Rust-belt over as thoroughly as he did with those delightful global *free!* trade deals, the Rust Belt would have voted for Hillary and, at least in the world of John Oliver...all would be sunshine and puppy dogs. ...Although to be fair, had Hillary not cheated Bernie Sanders out of his chance, maybe things would be better still...

Author Keeping Calm ( ago)
Ahem... where are the guys that 'won' the election ?!

Author Mendy Peters ( ago)
the least popular boy @ vampire school ...D best

Author Zack Barkley ( ago)
Yeah, you were whining it was fiscally irressonbile for Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders to support college tuition by quantitative easing (80 billion, or about 1/9th of the defense budget), which isn't a real cost since it pays for itselv (7x over 560 billion in terms of economic output according to the GI bill study). Now you have to eat your words. Trump is exploding the defense budget by that same amount to make bombs to kill more brown people, destablilize the world more, and at best be another hole to throw away money, and at worst (and likely) cost the world a lot of economic output by causing mayhem. Yeah, really fiscally responsible that is.

Author Brian Marsh ( ago)
most people under 50 today are complete idiots

Author To Blank ( ago)
Not going after credibility here but man would it be awesome if you posted sources linked with these videos. I mean, common that would be pretty fkn cool. Could make it more of a one stop shop kind of deal. Just sayin.

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