Federal Budget: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Donald Trump's federal budget plan proposes large funding cuts with largely negative consequences. John Oliver examines the troubling priorities of the new administration.

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  • Runtime: 12:5
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Comments: 8 760

  • Name not Found
    Name not Found 3 hours ago

    This cocksucker has to be stopped. Sadly, people would have to get up off their asses and out of their houses in order for that to occur. The future does not bode well for America.

  • The Chaos
    The Chaos 15 hours ago

    Idiots! You voted Trump over Sanders. What did you expect would happen.

  • TheGlaswegianGlalie

    Oh my god what have they done to Bob!?!?!?

  • Dexter Washington

    When there is no air, trees or animals you wont need the EPA anyway. So this policy could be a well thought out forward looking proposal.

  • Fearofthemonster
    Fearofthemonster 1 day ago

    Half of the people on the internet used to say hillary is worse than trump while the other half said trump is worse. If it is obvious that both of them sucks this much why the hell you didn't go for another candidate?

  • cobainzlady
    cobainzlady 2 days ago

    it takes a really stupid person, to not realize , that 1.2%x10 = 12% THAT is how you penny-ante those cuts to make it count. I suppose you all let scammers NICKEL AND DIME you to death. About your speed. (Now do i agree with all the cuts proposed by repubs? NO. we need to take good care of our poor and disabled. BUT that doesn't make YOU any smarter.)

  • Masky The proxie
    Masky The proxie 2 days ago

    "The cookies will be thrown away & the grandma will be put down" DAMN that felt like a bullet to the chest

  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse 2 days ago

    To be honest, I like your long hair more, John.

  • Elio Lopez
    Elio Lopez 2 days ago

    Mulvaney is a blood sucking asshole.

  • crowtservo
    crowtservo 2 days ago

    Um, most of the airports in fly over country are entirely too expensive to use. I will drive to Milwaukee or Chicago rather than use the local airport. Why? Because it costs up to $300 or $400 more per person to fly out of small rural airports like the one about three miles from my house, no matter how early you book the flight. Why spend $500 per person to fly when you can drive to Milwaukee and park there for $7 a day and then fly out of there for $200 per person? Our local airport is mostly just a toy for the rich and the business community. If they want to have a local airport, have them pay for it.

    Furthermore, if it cuts one dollar out of my taxes to not pay for "public tv" and Mapplethorpe Exhibits, all the better. Of course it doesn't hurt a tv millionaire like Jon Oliver to pay a little more in taxes. It's all the rest of us middle class people it really hurts.

  • Ferris Welker
    Ferris Welker 2 days ago

    part of me thinks Trump voters deserve this. But not everyone there voted for him.

  • Tibor Nemcok
    Tibor Nemcok 2 days ago

    Trump´s badget seems to point to more "militaristic police state" approach...

  • Kieran Hynes
    Kieran Hynes 2 days ago


  • kwhatten
    kwhatten 2 days ago

    I hope all those morons who stand behind Trump get screwed by cuts to programs that have directly benefited THEM.

  • Arturo Meuniot
    Arturo Meuniot 2 days ago

    Perfect! love it! ignore leftist theatrics. Those paying finally get represented.

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 3 days ago

    Massive cuts, Massive cunts.

  • Louise Hyder-Darlington

    this is brilliant

  • Alexis Render
    Alexis Render 4 days ago

    I feel like there should be an social expirement with republicans and trump administration where we cut off all of there financial assets for 6 months and give them minimwage paychecks. And show them how the working class live because it like they don't understand shit until it happens to them. It would be fun to see what kinda life they are living on 7.25 a hour.

  • Alex Turlais
    Alex Turlais 4 days ago

    Tillerson admitted the world is moving towards more peace, so you spend more on military spending?!

  • Deborah B
    Deborah B 4 days ago

    "Putin is doing nuclear" it is "tippy top" holy fucking shit God help us with this guy. What the high holy hell? we can leave a little bit what the fuck? That was in reference to the environment?!?!? Holy shit. I retired from the military and am in school now to become a conservation biologist. I cannot wait to fight this guy's policies if he is still in office, but seriously we need all of the help in the world and the heavens if Pence becomes our president. I do not understand how this even happened, I mean I do but my soul is sick.

  • dj GRobG
    dj GRobG 4 days ago

    its over for GOP thank you for waking us up.

  • John Ishmael
    John Ishmael 6 days ago

    They should pass the budget cuts cuz I wanna see America BURN! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

    Nah jk but what I said actually has the same mentality as the Trumptards that voted for him and the Republican house. THEY'RE BATSHIT INSANE!

  • vivaparenzo
    vivaparenzo 6 days ago

    In an environment of money supply inflation, government gets fewer purchasing power trough taxation, so it needs to focus on core business - military protection. Same as any other company confronted with drying revenue. Inflated money goes to financial casino, to save the gambling economy. So in a way Gov. added third business to military and welfare-state - big scale gambling at the expense of welfare-state. Work ethics will increase, personal responsibility will increase, in the lower and middle class, but decline in top classes of gamblers.

  • Simon Dewitt
    Simon Dewitt 7 days ago

    Tennessee deserves that shit, first state called on election night was Tennessee for Trump with I think the highest percentage of Trump voters (that is with 0 research just remembering how quickly they called it so the percentage must have been high).

    That's why that state was on fire right after the election, karma...

    Just like all the dumbasses who voted for Trump and are getting their properties taken away for his dumb fence.

  • Tanner Bennett
    Tanner Bennett 7 days ago

    Why'd u bitch about the increase in nuclear funding when you did a whole episode about that before, don't get me wrong I love the show but this seems a little hypocritical.

  • Anikoko
    Anikoko 8 days ago

    U.S. doesn't need more fricken funding for military! Putin probably won't do shit with his nuclear weapons, just give the money to scientific research -_-

  • the last wild one
    the last wild one 9 days ago

    When they finely bust his fat orange ass and we get to see all the crooked shit he's been up to. The reich wingers will say SEE what you democrats made our daddy do

  • Alexander Castillo
    Alexander Castillo 12 days ago

    Fed up with Trump's bullshit.

  • Joel Ressell
    Joel Ressell 12 days ago

    Boring.... I thought this was going to be about how wasteful the budget is. I was very wrong. More propaganda.

  • Jason Burke
    Jason Burke 13 days ago

    wait..didint john Oliver want a increase to nuclear security in his episode talking about it? he wanted the silos to be upgraded and if im right at least some of that money would go to that

  • Ruswa Ronald
    Ruswa Ronald 13 days ago

    Pliz Like and share

  • Brandon Turpin
    Brandon Turpin 13 days ago

    I wish Oliver would go into what he thinks would be good budget cuts?!? I do not agree with the defense increase but I do think our government needs massive cuts to prevent our debt from defaulting our country. Some of those cuts are going to be hard.

  • jon moore
    jon moore 13 days ago

    we should cut funding from welfare go threw and if their not elderly or a vet they get cut also start taxing churches they rake in a shit load of money but we need cuts it part of a budget

  • crafters minecraft
    crafters minecraft 14 days ago

    I'm not from America, I'm not even of the age to vote, but I can tell you with absolute certainty, Trump is the most likely person to topple every single developed country on Earth.

  • 2Scribble
    2Scribble 15 days ago

    Vampire school? I dunno... he looks more like he who must not be named to me

  • Jade Harris
    Jade Harris 16 days ago

    I like your old hair more now that you do the side by side.

  • Jade Harris
    Jade Harris 16 days ago

    I hope one of these videos addresses why all these uploads got region locked for a month. I'm Canadian. We love you. You can't embrace us for our election and then ghost us for the new season. You've been a bad neighbour.

  • Drayenlol
    Drayenlol 16 days ago

    Would've liked if you pointed out that the military budget of the USA is already #1 in the world, bigger than #2 to #13 combined. Why do they need 54B more? If anything it should go down.

  • Saoirse del Tufo
    Saoirse del Tufo 18 days ago

    As an Irish person living in England, that little Mick Mulvaney joke was much funnier than the audience realised

  • contingent exe
    contingent exe 19 days ago

    So... we are getting ready for nuke wars?

  • Officially Satan
    Officially Satan 20 days ago

    Holy shit bob the builder's re-design looks nightmarish

  • Link Lonk
    Link Lonk 21 day ago

    NASA and the EPA are getting cut? Is he targeting any other of the future careers I want?

  • Sacrain
    Sacrain 21 day ago

    I want to see the End credits of America now!

  • Just a Manatee
    Just a Manatee 21 day ago

    Why does trump want more nukes? After a certain point you have enough.

  • Max Afriyie
    Max Afriyie 21 day ago

    Trump's Scottish mum definitely taught him a few British crèche.
    Make your head spin, smart cookie, on your bike, tippy top etc.

  • Ranger52
    Ranger52 23 days ago

    Just watching this train wreck from Britain.

  • PogoBox
    PogoBox 23 days ago

    Geez. And here I though our (Australia's) 2014 Federal Budget was a disaster.

  • Lillian Mills
    Lillian Mills 23 days ago

    Republicans call Democrats who disagree with them stupid. Democrats call Republicans who disagree with them monstrous.

    Neither party is ideal. Both are corrupt. Bleh.

  • Kris Bailey
    Kris Bailey 25 days ago

    John Oliver ....total fucking cuck .. totally one sided . .total fucking scab on the slashed ACL of unbiased reporting.... so many of these guys are all the fucking same...the only way to keep afloat as these guys is to completely polarize, because that guarantees a certain percentage of the sheep

  • Abraham Giradin
    Abraham Giradin 25 days ago

    Sure our nuclear arsenal could blow up earth but wouldn't it be better if it could also blow up the moon?

  • GoodISnipr
    GoodISnipr 26 days ago

    Why can't the lawmakers and those in seats of power realize that the problem is that there is a single source of money asking for $1.10 back for every $1 created?

    LIGER ZERO 26 days ago

    This show was funny, until it became a 24/7 hit piece on Donald Trump. Heck it was even funny when they attacked Trump...but now it's just getting sad.

    It's like they know no other way to be comedic anymore.

  • Unklebillybob
    Unklebillybob 26 days ago

    This Crapola is all a diversion! 100 Days into the Trump Administration and the; RINOs, Democrats and Independents are at it again. It appears that everything Trump put forth as his fiscal agenda are being IGNORED. Please, call these numbers and tell OUR PRESIDENT to VETO THIS STUPID SPENDING PACKAGE.. NO NO NO!! 202-456-1111 WH number ...CALL Also Ryan at 1-888-909-Ryan or to leave him a message 202-225-0600..option 6...leave ring untill answers...calling W.H now also ! We need to be heard!

  • Andrew Daniels
    Andrew Daniels 26 days ago

    "Tippy Top": The little engine that thought he could reduce budget spending.

  • 5Oblivion
    5Oblivion 26 days ago

    May I remind everyone that last time a Republican passed a budget with massive cuts, we had the second worst economic crisis in human history. Trickle-down economics is bullshit and until we realise that, this will keep happening.

  • Dave G
    Dave G 27 days ago

    we are in debt 6 quadrillion dollars fuk the gov let it shut down

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 27 days ago

    I had hoped that Trump would at least get into office and run the place like a business, extending to make a good budget. Clearly, like all of my other hopes that he wouldn't be *that* bad, I was wrong. This is why I chose competence and character over the wild card who spouts misogynistic, racist, xenophobic crap.

    And for the record, after he won and I got over the initial shock, I did not immediately say doom and gloom! I gave him a chance. He's ruined like 150 chances at this point. He's kept none of his promises, and he's basically another rich GOP politician. Now we're on the brink of a war no one but the people like Trump want. Jesus Mary and Joseph...

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 27 days ago

    Yup, I knew it right from the beginning, Trump is an incredibly talented Conman, but his con-artistry will soon fall apart.

  • cody collins
    cody collins 27 days ago

    crash into country

  • jetpack42
    jetpack42 28 days ago

    Let's be honest. NEA is garbage.

  • Stephanie Buckman
    Stephanie Buckman 29 days ago

    why are these videos available in Australia?

  • Trickster
    Trickster 29 days ago

    Why do people still make Bill Cosby jokes? Weren't the accusations false? Pls don't rape me

  • tang roro
    tang roro 29 days ago

    3:53 "I know words, I have the best words."

  • Grizlerber
    Grizlerber 29 days ago

    I used to love little bill and now it's ruined.

  • Xx AdoXx
    Xx AdoXx 1 month ago

    I still don't believe he's president

  • Sluging
    Sluging 1 month ago

    More money for weapons of mass destruction. More money on surveillance on citizens. More money for social security admin which means more people being hired to find a cut people from welfare. Holy fuck. What's the point in breathing? I mean jesus fucking christ this shit is fucked

  • HowToBe
    HowToBe 1 month ago

    WTF happened to Bob the Builder?!?!?!?!

  • Kenny Pow
    Kenny Pow 1 month ago

    John Oliver: you and your staff are killing it. Keep up the good work

  • Jonathan Corrigan
    Jonathan Corrigan 1 month ago

    Johnny cuck Oliver

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy 1 month ago

    slash it slash it!

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy 1 month ago

    since when do democrats care about the economy? #Austinpetersen

  • Freedom InManyForms
    Freedom InManyForms 1 month ago


  • Minhaj Uddin
    Minhaj Uddin 1 month ago

    More money for war, less money for the people....

  • Tom Wells
    Tom Wells 1 month ago

    Excellent, thank you John.

  • Dallas Mann
    Dallas Mann 1 month ago

    I feel like what presidents claim to intend during their campaign should be more contractual and some motives and positions be made clear by mandatory. Any meathead can say one thing and do the absolute opposite on a whim.

    Surely I'm not the only one who can't help but scream Bullshit at these vague political games?

  • Lee McDonald
    Lee McDonald 1 month ago

    americans only had two truly sub humans to pick from. this is what happened change how parties work. i feel sorry for us but not much better in oz

  • Guts The Berserker
    Guts The Berserker 1 month ago

    Oliver actually looks good with long hair so the self roasting is kinda weird. With short hair you just look like everyone else, so I guess if you don't like standing out from your peers then go ahead.

  • Mafer Sevilla
    Mafer Sevilla 1 month ago

    Hahahahahahaha... of course we can live a little bit on the environment... who needs it to... i don't know... SURVIVE! hahahah

  • Flying Squirrel
    Flying Squirrel 1 month ago

    6:20 Especially when you know that he almost started a war with north korea just a few weeks after 😂😂

  • Inkshooter
    Inkshooter 1 month ago

    I liked John's old hair. :/

  • Nonamearisto
    Nonamearisto 1 month ago

    A few budget cuts is not the "end of America." It may be a sign of the end of left-wing control over the media narrative, however. The end of social justice warriors. The end of cultural Marxism. The end of left-wing comedian-propagandists. The end of John Oliver. Or at least, his ratings.

  • Marko Periškić
    Marko Periškić 1 month ago

    Tipi fkin top USA............................

  • Michael Cabus
    Michael Cabus 1 month ago

    "The cookies will be thrown away, the grandmother put down" Yes, heartless...

  • Kareem El-Baradie
    Kareem El-Baradie 1 month ago

    If this passes... He's getting impeached

  • Avichal Mishra
    Avichal Mishra 1 month ago

    john pls make a video on Bhopal gas tragedy and DOW

  • Jaxgem
    Jaxgem 1 month ago

    member when Canadians could access new videos? i member.

  • Mariana M. Browne
    Mariana M. Browne 1 month ago

    John, nobody describes Trump as well as you. Nobody.

  • Cupavi Kurcic
    Cupavi Kurcic 1 month ago

    The dreck that voted for this despicable cunt of a President are either thick as pig shit or incredibly malicious and insidious.

    The only solution for them is a hollow point to their temple.

  • Persona
    Persona 1 month ago

    After that, make the votes actually count instead of voting for fucking delegates. They shouldn't decide who is going to be president.

  • Fernando Cabadas
    Fernando Cabadas 1 month ago

    Facts are present here.

  • Shelby Hansen
    Shelby Hansen 1 month ago

    Thanks Trump for leaving a bit of crabgrass in my home state Utah, us avid outdoors people will love to see that instead of our 5 national parks...

  • Parmeet Singh
    Parmeet Singh 1 month ago

    as a non U.S citizen, I just want to see cool military stuff because that is what they are known for internatially. Since the U.S army support a large part of the world this budget helps others showing that the U.S cares more about its allies than its own People. Good enough for me : )

  • Razordreamz
    Razordreamz 1 month ago

    So anti-trump. I'm not even in the USA but still I find this very one sided.Would be nice to hear something else besides this topic.

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 1 month ago

    increasing military spending is idiotic

    • Alonzo Aldaba
      Alonzo Aldaba 1 month ago

      Joshua Gonzalez they already have a strong army, so why make it bigger?

  • HighFlyingBird82
    HighFlyingBird82 1 month ago

    3:41 to 3:56 yes America, well done. THIS is the dipshit you voted in. You morons.

  • Maxwell Hammond
    Maxwell Hammond 1 month ago

    He cut Meals On Wheels funding because "it wasn't getting results." What the heck kind of results are you looking for with Meals on Wheels?

  • William Christie
    William Christie 1 month ago

    I think that everybody knew Trump was speaking to the environmental protection agency when he said "we can leave a little bit". Might have made for an easy joke but I think that those types of obvious manipulation only gives Trump supporters and populist mote ammo to discredit main stream media.

  • Mere
    Mere 1 month ago


  • gamenut112
    gamenut112 1 month ago

    good god! ...enough with the fuckin' defence spending...you guys have enough military shit as it is...I don't think you need more. toss it into something like NASA or SpaceX or something...something that's actually useful. (yes you need country-wide defence, but you guys have 8400 Abrams tanks. or like roughly the same number of apache attack helicopters (last I checked anyway.) and like 10 super carriers (I think thats what they are called? I know some military stuff but not a lot...) and also the fact that you guys have like a million active servicemen and women....like god....I think you have enough! no ones gonna challenge you, cause if they do, they're probably going to get stomped on. but if you fund something like NASA you could probably kickstart another space race, which would in turn kickstart a technological advancement generation and we could actually start leaving or alleviating the planetary stress on the earth, but this is all probably just wishful thinking on my part, because the majority of the world leaders are toddlers. (and I know its not easy to run a country and try to keep everyone happy, but eventually we're just gonna die if we don't take care of it.)

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