Vavi speaks at People’s March

PRETORIA, 07 April 2017 - Zwelinzima Vavi said some of President Zuma’s supporters are trying to divide South Africans along racial lines. The Former Cosatu general secretary was speaking ahead of a protest march to the Union Buildings.​

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Author Dr plastic ( ago)
vavi is very hungry.he doors are all shut.raping a married woman in his office.futzekee nawe futzekee

Author Nicholas Vörster ( ago)
I watched this with tears in my eyes.

Author Red Carded ( ago)
very sad that, even the home-wrecking corrupt people have hitched a ride on the 'zuma must fall' side show to parade themselves as less corrupt, vavi is corrupt, his wife and by extension him got corruptly go government tenders from the corrupt anc regime, he even used his position as secretary general of cosatu, and slept with junior colleague (married woman) to whom he gave her job in exchange for sexual favours, so for him to be standing there and speaking and having people following and applauding him, means that we are a morally compromised nation. Down with sex for jobs vavi. you and zuma are cut from the same corrupt cloth.

Author John Roodt ( ago)
What did this morning,s march tell me? 1st and foremost, it was a march against President Zuma and not against the ANC. There are a lot of honest hardworking people within the ANC who somehow got outsmarted by Zuma. It is going to be a hard road , but Zuma and his cronies need to realise the people at the end of the day will always rule. South Africa is also becoming a country divided less and less on colour lines. We are maturing as a nation.

Author christian mbatha ( ago)
Hau where is Vavi coming from now with his statistics, was he gonna do this if he wasn't kicked out, we can be together but not with whites, whites just decide to wake up in the morning and call black people Monkeys can we forget about that? they bulling blacks in restaurant, they putting our black brothers in COFFINS if they want to, they pulling black people with their cars can we forget about that? they shooting black people and decide to say "I THOUGHT IT WAS A BABOON" CAN WE FORGET ABOUT THAT? WE CAN BE TOGETHER BUT NOT WITH WHITES, I SEE US RUNNING BACK TO APARTHEID ERROR BECAUSE NO ONE IS NOT CORRUPT WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICIANS, WE HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS IN SA THAN THIS IYOOH

Author Hussnain Chaudry ( ago)
go nawaz go

Author Katlego Trudy ( ago)
zuma must fall

Author Roger Lecucq ( ago)
Where can I get such a nice colorful SA-shirt here in Germany/Europe (SA expat)? Anybody has an idea or an internet address of a manufacturer??Information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Author Jesus MyAuthor ( ago)
My oh my!!! So this is what SA can be when we actually decide to put differences aside.👌

Author Wara Kibho ( ago)
well spoken

Author Neo Matrix ( ago)
The vast majority of South Africans still support Zuma and will keep supporting him. Look at Zimbabwe, it will go the same way. No matter what Zuma does, he will always still have his followers that will vote him in.

Author Ntombenhle Majola ( ago)
we are together

Author Ntombenhle Majola ( ago)
we are together

Author PHIKELA ZWANE ( ago)

Author MPB ( ago)
Vavi is just bitter for he is no longer in he "gravy train",besides he raped a married woman?so he should shut up!

Author Michelle Ward ( ago)
When you have even one tyrant you have victims. Jacob Zuma must go and never be replaced by another tyrant. This is not in just one country, this is a global problem.

Author Jeff Sabili ( ago)
oh shame,"black and white we are 2gether" but u are busy killin fellow blacks.

Author @pearlie_D pearl ( ago)
aw inxeba la vavi al'hlekwa #Professor'sVoice

Author thabo thabo ( ago)
"futsek mantse ngokungabinamqolo vutsek"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Jafer Essop ( ago)
viva vavi viva

Author Jafer Essop ( ago)
well said vavi

Author Nyameko Matshayana ( ago)
politician are liars ngamamenemene niyafana nonke niyazityela apho nithetha kamnandi ngathi nikhwele ngasemva ehagwini

Author angelina makhene ( ago)
Thank u, what a mistake.

Author Malachie Tshikala ( ago)
well said Mr vavi congratulations South Africans brave people

Author Pamela Matiso ( ago)
Lol hayini bethuna kumandi emzantsi stru

Author Fikile Ngcani ( ago)
I want Zuma to implement his Radical Socio Economic Transformation then ke he can go

Author Shelton Moyo ( ago)
Vavi idiot

Author Xhan Rhili ( ago)
10 years later, they fight the man they put in Power..yerrr

Author Daytona dream ( ago)
great man vavi.u admitted how wrong you and others were in 2007.its hard to find any politician in this day and age saying they made a mistake,well done.

Author Nokwanda Hlophe ( ago)
The time when you were eating your mouth was shut, you are not speaking but hunger is. futsek nawe

Author Pocxman Underground ( ago)
Tutu ndini phumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaahhahahahaha

Author Sabelo Mabuya ( ago)
y were they searching the security guard.....hahahahha shit....

Author Melisizwe Diba ( ago)
kikikikiki hahahaahaha...foetsek Gwede Mantashe ngokungabi namqolo kwakho foetsek!

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